'Crowded Sauna Booth'{Mike Salac}( MM group )

Another episode of my sauna experiences! Every word is true, I love the visits, if you’re a frequenter of the places, you’ll know that sometimes nothing happens, but when things ‘click’, then some great times can be had. I like to think I play carefully, hope you enjoy the read, mail me if it touches the spot! mike_salac@hotmail.com

Another Sailor’s visit, Limehouse, London - this time a really incredible experience, the thing that dreams are made of

Stopped in the City for a drink to give me some courage, and arrived at the sauna at around 2.30. Quite a change there now in the reception area and it really seems to be becoming a relaxing, friendly place to be - highly recommended. I changed in the basement changing room, walked through the video lounge and noticed that the large screen has been taken out of the adjoining room, and the smaller tv is now back in the video room - a great improvement, although they really need to sort out the seating to make it more comfortable.

The shower area near the jacuzzi and new steam room is just a recess with two shower heads, very public and somewhere I have felt quite exposed before - more about this later! I walked into the steam room to come across five guys already heavily into each other! There were four sitting in a row beside each other, and another standing in front of them. There were arms intermingled, people reaching over each other to fondle the various cocks on offer. The guy standing, a big guy, thick cock, with great hanging balls, shaved smooth underneath, was pumping his cock for all to see.

I sat beside the last guy on the row, immediately took off my towel. The guy beside me, an American as it turned out, took hold of me and spread my ready precum over my smoothness. It was pretty good, with a choice of five erect cocks to touch and hold, lots of bodies to rub your hands over. Everyone was smiling at the situation, occasionally one or other would leave to shower and cool down a little but would return to the game! At one point I felt like lying across the laps of these guys, there was just so much skin touching - the American guy said it was wonderful, just so much bare male flesh. Nobody came, it was just a great moment.

I couldn’t take the heat any more, and went out to have a shower. The American was in the shower recess, I said hello as I turned the other shower on. He took a handful of shower gel from the dispenser and walked over to me, he soaped my willing body, all over. It was great, it didn’t matter that there was the occasional guy walking past - we were in full view. I slid my body against him, turned my back and pushed my ass cheeks against his hard cock. It slid downwards, I reached behind me and pointed it upwards in my crack and pushed back harder - it felt horny and sexy - I felt like putting my hands against the wall and bending forward so he could take me there and then...... He laughed as we enjoyed the feel of each other. I asked where he was from - turned out he teaches at a University very near to my home town so it was for sure time to move the conversation on! After a couple more minutes - we went into the jacuzzi together.

I’ve always thought of the jacuzzi in Sailor’s as being a place where sexual thoughts are to be avoided so that walking back up the steps with a raging erection, with your cock passing within inches of other guy’s faces, was to be avoided. Not today! Here was the big guy, sat up on the corner of the bath against the new steam room screen - pumping his big cock for all to see and admire! A couple of the other guys from the steam room were there, enjoying the warm water. Me and the American sat opposite each other, stretched out our legs and intertwined them, rubbing them gently against each other’s.

The big guy was taking himself to the brink over and over, but held back. Finally, he got up and walked to the steps, his monster right in front of me, I lifted my leg up and playfully stroked it with my foot as he passed, he laughed, this afternoon was turning out to be a fun, stress free time with guys happy to be in each other’s company.

Really relaxed now, I went for a stroll around the building. No builders in today, not many cubicles on the top floor occupied, I dropped into the sauna, and there was the big guy again, chatting to someone. I sat down and joined in, small talk about the various saunas we knew, but all the time, the big guy was gently stroking his cock. After a while, the other guy left, and the two of us reached for each other. It felt great as the sweat and precum slid over our bodies. The heat really built up and from the noises he was making, an eruption of cum was very near! Neither of us seemed to want to reach that climax - and he stood up and went for a shower to cool off. A couple of minutes later, the thought of showering with him came to mind so I went out and joined him, but just too late as he had finished. We touched each other as we passed, him on his way back to the sauna.

I stood under the spray for a while, desperately trying to cool off - things had got pretty heated for a while. By the time I walked back into the sauna, there was the big guy, deeply sucking on a younger, goodlooker sitting on the upper level of benches. He broke off a looked over at me and smiled. I hadn’t bothered to put my towel around me, and immediately joined in, holding big guys cock and stroking ‘Brian’s’ body. The three of us were really enjoying each other - there was a lot of position changing, climbing up and down on the two levels of seats to get close to various parts of each others’ bodies.

But for each of us, it was just too hot - The big guy (I’ll call him John) asked us if we wanted to go upstairs to a booth, we both agreed and followed him upstairs. So here I was, going into this small, private space with two other horny guys! John was very much the orchestrator of things now. He loved sucking and had no inhibitions at all - we stood together, cocks close and touching, hands on each others asses. I looked down and said, “Just like the picture books!” - Brian said, “Yes, but so much better!”.

John kneeled in front of us and sucked each of us in turn, the one who wasn’t being sucked had his cock jacked off by the other so there was a constant stimulation. there seemed to be gallons of precum and a constant sound of slippery flesh. John lay down, Brian knelt above his head, John bent Brian’s cock down and forced it into his mouth. I sat on John’s cock, revelling in the feel of its size between my ass cheeks, I slid back and forward, riding this monster.

Brian and I stood again to let John suck us together, he put both of our cocks in his mouth - I leaned back against the wall and savoured the view looking down my chest and stomach, over the small patch of hair I’d left, to the shaved base of my cock, and its smooth length disappearing into John’s mouth. Watching as it slid against Brian’s throbbing meat. How John dealt with the precum we both must have been giving him I don’t know, but he lapped up every drop.

Something made me look round, I hadn’t realised but the door hadn’t been locked, and there was a guy standing there in the shadowy corridor watching us - I beckoned him in. He needed no further encouragement and stepped into the small space. He was slim and muscular, cropped hair and a very welcome addition to the party. John looked up with anticipation as a third cock approached his ready mouth! I’ve seen this shot so many times in videos, a guy on his knees (or so often a girl), moving from cock to cock, playing with them, keeping them all ready, taking them to the brink over and over again and here I was, so much a part of it. We were all revelling in it, the touching and feeling of so much flesh, so many cocks to touch, so much precum.

The atmosphere in that room was superb, we were all smiling - even John managed to smile and give the occasional muffled chuckle through the mouthfuls of hot flesh! I’m sure it would have been a great video - John was a really good director, amd we were all happy to take directions from him. I don’t know how long it went on for, we were all covered and dripping in sweat mixed with precum, an aphrodisiacal mixture if ever there was!

At long last, our director could sense that we all close to orgasm, it was a scenario that he’d obviously thought about and a dream he was about to fulfil. He lay back and asked if the three of us would cum over him. I must admit it’s a fantasy I’ve had for years, ever since I saw a video in a gay movie theatre just at the back of Foyles in Tottenham Court Road. There was a guy lying under the springs of a bed, just the frame of the bed, no mattress - the background was black - it was very much a dream sequence. Standing around the bed were ten guys, all jacking off, they started to cum and all this hot sperm jetted over this guy as he lay there, writhing under this beautiful shower, rubbing the nectar into his skin. I’m sure it explains why I’m always going on about ‘slippery’ skin (you’ve noticed?!!!).

So, there’s John laying on his back on the floor of the cubicle, Brian standing besde his head, myself and the newcomer side by side, each with one foot between Johns legs. The three of us started rubbing cocks in earnest - the newcomer and I each had one hand on our own cocks, the other holding a cheek of the other’s ass, occasionally allowing a finger to slip into each other’s hole. My partner said he was near to the brink, then started to jet his hot cum over John, pumping over and over, it was my turn, as he finished I began, releasing what for me was a torrent, I’m sure I could hear it spattering on John’s shiny body. It was real fulfilment, then Brian started spurting from his good looking cock. As the three of us came, so John had been pumping his cock - and while we were squeezing the last drops onto him, he reached his climax. He timed the first spurt to perfection, with a quick final pull, the first pulse of sperm came up to our waist height and landed beside his head! Time after time his long, fat cock spurted gouts of cum until he lay there, spent, a big grin on his face.

He wore all that sperm on his stomach and chest like a decoration - as if all the spots and spatters were a set of medals and ribbons! A really big regret now - I was just ready to lay on him and slide around on all that juice - but took too long for courage. The others started to gather up their towels and we stepped out of the cubicle, one by one. Other guys standing in the cubicle looked on as all four of us stepped out, faces flushed, cocks still hard, the rank smell of sperm surrounding us. We went down to shower - what an experience!

If you liked this, I love hearing from people, and if you were one of the guys, for sure you’ll remember the experience. Mail me, I’d love to see you again in the sauna!