'My sauna buddy'{Mike Salac}( MM group )

Another episode of my sauna experiences! Every word is true, I love the visits, if you’re a frequenter of the places, you’ll know that sometimes nothing happens, but when things ‘click’, then some great times can be had. I like to think I play carefully, hope you enjoy the read, mail me if it touches the spot! mike_salac@hotmail.com

I arrived around 2.30 in the afternoon with the prospect of being able to stay for a good two hours. I picked up my crisp, white towel and went to undress, feeling like an old hand now, knowing my way around. I went straight upstairs to the steam room, everywhere seemed pretty busy - I sat in there for a while, just unwinding. After about ten minutes, I was aware of a familiar face - it was the guy from the first time, the one who had laid beside me and tweaked my nipple. He wears glasses, takes them off and lays them beside him - he touched my leg and immediately took my swelling cock in his hand. We seemed to click together, he swivelled round, put one leg astride me so I was sitting between his legs, we were both rock hard by now. I whispered that I’d just arrived - he said he had too, I didn’t want to cum straight away and he respected that.

This guy really seems to be ‘into’ me - he strokes my face, really seems to love my cock and body, and smiles gently at me, it’s really a fun thing with him. At one point he laid back one the tiled bench, beckoned me into his arms, I leaned forward and ended up lying on top of him. I humped against him for a while, knowing that we must have looked good to the twenty or so other guys sitting in there. My smooth ass was clenching and moving up and down as I slid my smooth cock against his, and I can imagine what a horny sight it must have been.

I sat up again - conscious of the eyes on us but not caring, enjoying the thought that cocks were hardening and being stroked at the sight of us together. I pumped his cock and he spurted his cum up over his chest, the milky white lines vivid in the dim light. Enough for now, I smiled and stood up, not wrapping my towel around me until I’d exited the room - I seem to be much more relaxed now about walking around with the towel perhaps around my shoulders, or draped from my hand.

I showered, and walked around to the jacuzzi. There were a couple of guys in there, I stepped slowly down into the warm, bubbling water, and sat down. One of them caught my eye, and slowly, I became aware of that first touch under the water. He moved his hand up my thigh to my cock and started to gently stroke it. I had my arms out of the water, along the back of the jacuzzi, I lay back, closed my eyes and revelled in the feelings. My legs were stretched right out across the pool - he had one hand under my ass, playing with my crack, while the other gently pumped me. There was no way I was going to cum in the water although I’m sure others do - should that worry me? Several times I had to stop him, I reciprocated by holding his cock which was hard as steel, I could feel his precum on his smooth cock-head as it welled out of his slit - even under the water.

Eventually, he stood up and stepped out, his cock ramrod straight in front of him. He looked behind at me - but I didn’t want to follow. I stayed in the water, alone now for a while, just enjoying the relaxation, and waiting for my cock to soften! This guy looked around the corner a couple of times to see if I was coming, but I stayed.

A while followed of walking around, looking into the cubicles, all sorts of sights there, one guy lying there with a rubber hood on, rubbing an enormous cock - a lot of courage needed to step inside one of these small spaces! I suppose my only criticism is that the video room isn’t very cosy - Sailor’s is much more conducive to group sessions - Chariots is too well lit and the layout isn’t good.

I went back to the steam room several times, interesting watching the action in there - plenty of sucking and hard cocks.... I felt I needed to go back into the jacuzzi - it was empty so I laid back, legs stretched out onto the seat opposite, my head resting on the rim. After a while, my ‘friend’ with the glasses walked past, saw me in there, turned, hung his towel up and stepped in. He sat beside me and we immediately started to stroke each other. He again swivelled round and had his legs either side of me, I turned as well and we were linked tight together - this was a really erotic, horny sensation and we were both really luxuriating in each other’s bodies. Another guy came in and sat the other side of me - he started to stroke my thighs and ass, I turned to welcome his touches, held his fat cock which grew and hardened in my hand - although he was young, his face I didn’t find attractive - but his touch was superb!

We were like this for a good twenty minutes - self control really cumming to the fore!!! At last I had to stop - we laughed at each other, I stood up, proud of my smooth, hard, straight cock as I stepped up out of the water.

Walked around some more, then back into the steam room. This time it was packed. I hate it when I walk in, it’s OK when you’ve been in there for a while and your eyes are used to the dim light, but to try and find a seat and not look uncertain and hesitant, is difficult. I knew that the top seat wasn’t usually full, and walked to the back, sure enough there was a space against the side wall. I stepped around the guys on the lower seat, removed my towel and sat down.

There were four guys sitting on the seat along the wall away from me, looking at each other’s cocks. The furthest guy, with short bleached hair, leaned over his neighbour and took his cock deep into his mouth - the guy arched his back to get more of his meat into his lover’s mouth. The noises from them were superb - the guy being sucked eventually stood up and pumped his cock into the blond’s mouth, he came noisily as the sound of at least twenty to thirty hot, hard, cocks being jacked up and down filled the room. You could tell there was going to be plenty of action......

I was aware that along from me were two lovers, facing each other, legs wrapped around, one lay back and let the other jack him off, then watched as his lover knelt up and sprayed his sperm over his body, their seed mingling together. Below them in the corner, were three guys close together and along from them, another group of four watching each other. At my feet was a row of seven or eight, in various stages of stroking thighs, slowly leaning over each other to take a cock deep in their mouth.

I slid down off my seat to take the place of one of the first four who had left, and sat next to the one who had stroked me whilst I was in the jacuzzi with my ‘friend’. He started to stroke my leg, and tickled my smooth balls. By this time I was so horny and wanton, I lay back and allowed it to happen, my towel screwed up in a ball somewhere in the corner. I was aware of someone changing position to come over to me, it was my friend again! He squeezed into the corner beside me, we started immediately, he stretched out one leg along the seat, we hugged tight, our bodies slick now with the steam and precum. I realised that he was touching another guy with his foot, he beckoned him to join us. This third guy was pretty good looking - but also - joy of joys, was shaved completely smooth!

Straight away he and I appreciated the feel and touch of each other’s cock and balls. I smeared his precum over his skin, couldn’t get enough of it, it felt wonderful - I understood now why guys seem to catch their breath when they lay hands on me.... The three of us couldn’t seem to get close enough to each other. I lifted my leg and threaded it between the other two so I was astride the ‘smooth’ guy. I had my left arm around him, with the first guy’s cock in the crook of my arm, pulling it down from his stomach. The smooth guy was pumping both our cocks. The fourth guy behind me - the one from the jacuzzi, was stroking my ass, slipping his finger into me as I lifted myself for him, and the other side of him, the blond was reaching over to touch my cock as well......

So - five of us in a hot, horny frenzy of excitement. The smooth one pumped both our cocks, my ‘friend’ came pretty soon, the second time I’d seen him shoot his load, it jetted over my forearm and his stomach, hot nectar, then it was my turn, there was no way on earth I was going to hold back any longer. I leaned back against the slippery, sperm covered stomach and chest beside me, and just allowed the willing hands to take me over the edge - I came gallons of cum, the hands made sure I didn’t have a drop left in me as my cock and balls were massaged to drain every last drop. An exquisite, earth shattering moment - the only way it could have been better, was perhaps if a hot mouth had been clamped around my cock at the end!!!

The smooth guy didn’t want to cum, so he squeezed me a final time and left - I lay back against my friend for five or ten minutes, utterly spent. We just caressed each other as we both relaxed totally. At last I got up, he squeezed my ass goodbye, and I went to shower.

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