Sex Club Dickfest

It’s great to be a good-looking guy. It means that when you go to a club—particularly a sex club, you get a lot of attention. The first thing I did when I got to the club—after taking off my clothes and donning a skimpy white towel, was shower off. At this club, they put the showers in front of the hot tub; nothing like sitting in the bubbly water with a hard on, watching the shower scene in front of you. Six showers; usually at least two cute guys rubbing their dicks, shoving soap up their ass cracks---well, the hot tub gets pretty hot.

I thought that I’d take a shower—it was my first time there and I didn’t know if I’d get in trouble for going straight into the tub from the outside world—so I dropped my towel and stood next to them. Minutes later, the six guys were still lathering their hard pecks, tossing back their hair, and making sure all of the dirty things they’d done were safely down the drain and off their packages. I had turned into a seventh piece of the show; without a shower (all the other guys in line had their towels on). Discovering this, I turned slightly towards the hot tub and thought about how all of them were looking at me. A shower later, and I was in the hot tub.

The hot tub was nice, but there wasn’t really any action on in there, nor any young, cute guys. There was a cute older guy—by older I mean in his 30s—I talked to him and he was nice, but I wanted to explore the club some more. I did some laps past the rooms: there were all sorts of guys in them. There were old guys, a couple young hot guys (though I suspected more lay behind the closed doors), and a lot of guys just looking to get fucked.

I ended up in the maze; it’s your typical dark maze/play area. I tried to find a cute guy, but it’s hard in the dark. I guess that’s the point, eh? Well, I finally found one, gropped his dick to make sure it was big enough, and pulled him to a dark area. We were in this tunnel, pretty out of the way. We pinched each other’s nipples, grabbed each other’s cocks, and eventually started kissing. Fuck yeah.

Eventually, three other guys started over. I ignored them; they could make their own moves—I was having fun making out with this cute guy and pressing my dick hard into his abdomen. A couple of minutes later, I felt a warm mouth descend onto my nice, 6.5” pole. My dick may not be the hugest dick ever—though it certainly holds its own. What it is, is nice. Like me, my dick is a really good-looking piece of equipment: bulbous head (but not too much), and perfectly symmetrical. Add that to my lean figure, intense green eyes and dark, curly hair, well, it’s no wonder people were trying to suck my dick left and right that night.

Dude, this guy gave a good blowjob…I wanted to ram my pole harder and harder down his throat. Poor guy; as I was making out with this other guy fiendishly, he had to take my bucking cock down his throat. But he was loving it; he was worshiping it. He was down their for awhile, and it was heaven. I’d just smoked a nice bowl in the car before I’d arrived, so not only was I furiously making out with a cute guy and getting my dick sucked by a random pro, but I was high as a kite, too.

Eventually, the cocksucker stopped and came up for air. Actually, he wanted to be part of the action, too. I went in to suck on his tounge to thank him for slurping down my hot cock while I got it on with the other dude, and he responded. I ended up making out with the cocksucker for over twenty minutes. The guy was as good of a face-fucker as he was a cocksucker. We pulled each other’s tongue’s into our mouths; we bit each other’s lips; we were fuckin’ horny and it was great making out.

About five minutes into making out—sometime after the cocksucker and I had pressed against the wall and fucked each other’s dicks into our abdomens, forcefully, I felt yet another mouth at my cock. It was my fucking lucky night. I pulled hard on the cocksucker’s tongue as I felt mouth two lick the head of my dick. Why wasn’t this guy going down? Fuck, I was so horny and kissing the cocksucker so hard; I wanted him to go down. So I pushed him hard onto my dick and got the desired result: a warm throat on my dick as I fucked the cocksucker’s face-pussy with my tongue.

This second blowjob wasn’t to last too long, because I discovered that this dude was the guy from the hot tub: the cute older guy. What I now knew was that he had a fucking nice, thick piece of meat. I wanted it so badly, I was wiling to stop getting a blow job. I dived down onto his dick. It felt so good on my lips, as I rubbed it against my face. I was drunk with horniness and this dick was the holy grail. I licked the bottom of it, tentatively; I wanted to be the cocktease that he was to me. But at the same time, I wanted his fat dick down my face so badly that eventually I lost my willpower and I was no longer a cocktease: I was a desperate cocksucker, aching to have his meat down my throat.

Uh, there’s nothing like taking a fat dick down your throat. Just knowing you’ve got a beautiful piece in your mouth, that there are five guys watching you in a crowded, sweaty tunnel, and that his dick is yours—it’s a good feeling. The original cocksucker was also pretty horny—he wanted his dick in my mouth, too. It was only fair. Thankfully, his dick was way smaller…it was a good break from the challenge at hand.

I took his strong fuck tool in my hand and began to descend on it; fuck, he had wanted me this whole time since the hot tub, and now he had me sucking his dick. Lucky me. I went down hard—your throat is the best place for lube. After I came back up, his dick was covered in my throat slime, and I grabbed some and started to jack the cocksucker behind me off as I bobbed on the big dick at hand. I began to flick the guy’s balls as I looked straight up to see the two dicks I was working on kissing and about three other guys jacking off around us, watching me suck the two dicks.

I turned around and took the other guy totally down my throat; it was easy. I just left it there and let him fuck my throat; he got the idea. He began to thrust pretty hard; it felt great, since it wasn’t a challenge at all. But really, how could I spend too much time there, when I had that fuckin’ nice thick piece of meat that I desperately wanted back down my throat. I decided to really go porno, to give some of the guys around us a show, so I slapped both dicks on my extended tongue. I circled the big one with my tongue, tickled his balls with my wet instrument, and then sucked both dicks at the same time, best I could. My mouth was getting a little tired from all the cocksucking I’d been doing, so I went back up.

I ended up kissing both guys, back and forth, for several minutes. I was getting a nice hand-job at any one time by one of three guys. It was hot. The kissing was amazing. More hands on my body than I could really keep track of. My hands nearly always jacking the two dicks to my right and left: huge and average. My mind reeling due to all of the sex and weed going through my head—and the big dick my left hand and about half my brain power was going to. Probably a good twenty minutes later, as I had a several fingers up my ass, two on my shoulders, a different hand at my cock, and my tongue violently kissing one of the two guys, I came, long strands of ropy cum all over myself and the huge dick to my right. I almost fell down; it was an intense orgasm. Three of the neighboring guys then also came…it must’ve been in the air. Cum was everywhere, and bodies were sticking together as they’d been for twenty minutes—this time, with cum added to the mix. It was hotter than hell, and after I’d dumped my load and cleaned off the guys next to me, I headed back to the hot tub for some time off.