Sex in Public 10

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

So sometimes I wonder how come I seem to cum so violently compared to most of the guys I have been able to watch blow their wads. I mean I don't get to see all of them, cuz I'm really not all that introspective and a bunch of those guys shot off straight down my throat. But I like to see guys cum, too, and that's another interesting thing, how come it's fun to see OTHER guys' cocks cumming? It's hot and all, but why? Some sort of identification thing or some psycho babble like that? I dunno. Anyway, backing up, launching cum a long way seems to impress lots of guys, and it sure as shit is fun to do, but I really don't know that my orgasm really feels any different to me than some other guy who ejaculates just down the shaft of his cock feels to him. Does it? I just don't fucking know. I mean whatever those muscles are that do it must move pretty much the same, and I imagine the sensitivity on the cock is about the same. And I've had orgasms that weren't so impressive (like number 4 in a row or something), but they still seem to go pretty far (when I get to see them), but those fucking muscles are still clamping down on that little prostate fucker just as hard as ever, I just don't think there's maybe that much cum left as ammunition. One time I was in a tearoom stall in a student union and some guy had drawn a bulls eye target on the door with instructions on how to play, which I thought was pretty fucking funny, but like I said, my cock is an inaccurate weapon at best, and I would never fire that fucker at anything I couldn't afford to miss. Speaking of graffiti, there was another message on the wall there that made me laugh. It said, Star Date 2037.1. Spock and I beam down to take a shit.

Man that physiology shit has just about worn me slick. And what the fuck difference does it make? Guys just fucking like to watch cocks shoot cum, man, just live with it and forget it. Jesus. OK, so I'm in the student union mensroom in the left side stall and some student body is in the right side stall, but there's no GH or anything, and the setup really doesn't give a lot of warning against getting caught. But, guess what, the center wall stops like an inch or so from the back wall, and the wall is lined with real shiny black tile! Just like it was fucking planned, or something, and it's just a mirror back there practically, so both of us can just turn a little and maybe lean back from the dividing wall a little, and see the other guy's reflection. And guys who think this is a fucking restroom or something won't pay any attention to that, so you would just see the back of their shirt, but cruisers don't need to bother with that shit, you just turn around and show it hard. So I did. And he did. And this young guy has a big uncut cock that he's stroking, of course, and he's kinda cute, but he looks a little European or something, I can't quite name it (but his name turns out to be Maurice, so I don't know if that confirms anything). So he grins a little at me, and we can see each other easily and he says, Turn around some more so I can see your cock. So I do and this guy licks his lips. Well, I guess this isn't entrapment or something bad, so I suggest we go upstairs to the little head (which is my apt nickname for the one-holer there), and Maurice shows up pretty much right behind me and we stand there and jack off.

I think Maurice just likes to watch, cuz he doesn't offer to touch, or suck, or bend over, or anything, and I take his meat and help him with it, but he's not comfortable. I'm trying to open his pants some more and get his fucking underwear out of the way of the view, but this guy is just not helping. He just won't let me do much of anything with the decorations, much less the furniture. So I think maybe I can lead by example, like they told me in boy scouts, or maybe it was cub scouts (where some of us had a pretty good fucking time), so I have my jeans spread open and I let them slide down my legs, no underwear of course, steel cockring (man I ought to have those things engraved or something. I'd hate to have one stolen). Big thick cock waiving out there and I give it room by arching back and thrusting my hips out and pressing the cockring down, which always seems to add another inch to the actual length of my cock. And this guy is just watching and stroking his dick. Man, WE NEED SOME FUCKING INTERACTION, HERE, MAN! So I take his hand and just fucking put it on my cock, and I hate to do that becuz it seems so greedy, but what the fuck, I am greedy, so it fits. He's got these really soft hands, which don't really do that much for me, and he puts a real light grip on my cock, and I'm thinking fuck, man, this is going to take all fucking day, do I have to do everything myself? And I'm like trying all kinds of little touchy things, like sliding a hand up his tummy to his tits, working one down the back of his underwear, and shit, but he doesn't let any of these ventures get very far.

So I've about had it with this guy, who is just not FOLLOWING THE FUCKING RULES, and I look down at his cock where he's still sliding his foreskin up and down over the head of his big dick, and I have to admit that fucker looks pretty well gone and it is just enormous and hard as a shovel and he begins to gasp. Ut oh. Is this little shit going to blow his load and I didn't even get a fucking taste? So I make like I'm going to get this kid's load somehow, and he just takes his arm and pushes me to the side a little, like outta the way or something. And he pulls down really hard and tight to the base of his cock and lets out that rush of air and his cum . . . well, it comes fucking out all right. And it is the hardest first shot I have ever fucking seen. Man it's like there's an air compressor in there or something, the cum blasts out of the cock in a long first stream that was probably like two feet long as it flew away and it just fucking kept going. On past the urinal and the stall and the sink and the little entryway in front of the door and it hits the door with a loud splashy sound like he'd pissed on it. I'm following that thing with my eyes like it's a lightning bolt all the way to the fucking door, and I am one impressed motherfucker. And the guy kinda hitches up his cock while he's just squeezing it practically off at the root, and more of this amazing cum fires out in rapid bursts that maybe don't have as much volume as the first, but they are fucking moving. Now I'm just a bystander at this point, and I'm just too fucking amazed to say anything. I am just struck stupid by this kid's hard cumming cock. Now I usually shoot a pretty big load and it's normally pretty forceful, but I am not in this guy's league. He shouldn't even be allowed to play with this thing, man it's a very dangerous instrument in the wrong hands. Maybe they license those kinda cocks in France or wherever this kid is from, or maybe he's a Conehead or something, cuz I have never fucking seen or even imagined such forceful cum. So by the time he finally moves his fist back up the shaft, which is apparently like the end of the show, he's just made a fucking mess in this tearoom, from the back wall to the door, and I don't know if I can navigate that shit on the floor without losing my footing and falling down in it. Man we are going to have to call a custodian with a mop or firehose or something. Well, shit. I can't compete with that. He's making me feel inadequate or something, and this is a new one for me. So I just fucking give up, there's no fucking way I going to shoot my wad on top of that and let this kid get that big a load out of just jacking off. But my cock is really hard, see, cuz like I said, it is fun to watch another guy blow his load. So I briefly thought maybe I'd challenge him on his second load, but then I though, Jesus, what if he is a Conehead and maybe the second load is even bigger? And what if he aims it at me and knocks me down? It could happen.

So I didn't. I stuffed my cock back in the 501's and buttoned up, while I'm just staring at this unbelievable cock and the incredibly huge volume of semen he's gotten airborne, and I say, Fucking Cool. And he just grins a little, packs up and just leaves. I don't know why he didn't fall down on the cum, maybe he had special shoes, or maybe Coneheads just have excellent balance or something. I had to work my way past it, thinking maybe I can meet a more normal guy back downstairs. So I guess I was a little bit jealous, cuz I am usually not ashamed to jack off for somebody. I thought the next time I see this guy, I will FUCKING CUM FIRST, and then if I have to I can point his cock the other way and get out before he hunts me down with that fucking cum. Shit, I'd have swallowed it, or some of it anyway, as much as I could under the circumstances, but I guess they just don't do it that way in France.

Well I did see Maurice again on another day, but he would not go upstairs for some reason and he wanted to just jack off in the stall, and just watch each other in the reflection. So we do, but I have already decided I am going to cum first and then see what happens, so before he can get going much, shit, I am ready to blow, and I'm stroking my thick cock with the KY Liquid (my favorite lube) and pulling my own fucking balls, which I usually don't do to myself for some reason, and my eyes roll back and I cum. So I look down on about shot number 2 or 3, and it is certainly a load for the diary, just hosing down the center wall and the back tiles, very copious, very forceful, very white, thick cum. Nice. I should figure out how I can do that every time. Course it doesn't go real far cuz it hits the walls, but these are really hard shots anyway. And I look up and Maurice is looking over the top of the stall (musta been standing on the stool), grinning. And this time he says, Fucking Cool. So I forgave him for the last time. But then I see cum hitting the floor from the bottom of the center wall, and it's running off his side of the bottom of the wall in streams, so he just shot his load on the wall while he was watching me, I guess, and let it run down. Which had the advantage of puddling it up all more or less in one place, so the custodian was probably grateful for that. Well, one day we may have the rubber match (hey, another useful expression).

Gee, I just read that shit and it sounds like I'm bragging about shooting cum a long way, or maybe that's all I care about. Well, I can't really help it the way I shoot, and it feels good to cum, I guess we would all agree on that, and most of the time it's fun to see other guys getting off watching you cum, so, well, fuck it. It's just cum, man, I mean it's not like it's world peace or something, so just have fucking fun with it no matter how it happens. And I was just kidding about being mad at Maurice for beating my best cumshot, but I was fucking impressed. So if you want to have me watch your cock cum, that's fucking cool with me, but I get off just as much with it shooting down my throat, and I really don't care how far it goes, just as long as it's cock, and we can get it hard, and have fun, and work some cum out of it. And if you don't usually shoot much or very far, who gives a flying fuck anyway, I mean it's not a sign of moral decay or something.

OK, so now I'm back in the main tearoom, only I have decided that, despite the attractive reflective qualities of those tiles, I can get better vantage from the stall across the room that faces them. It's a handicap stall, like they combined two into one, and you can sit there and watch guys play or whatever they do across the room through the cracks in the doors. Now this part is really not funny. I'm sitting there one afternoon with some literature, KY, cockring, you know, all ready, and some guy has been in the right side stall since I came in. And several young guys have come and gone in the left side while we're there, and I could see a couple of them looking out through the cracks, which usually means cruising, and I can see the first guy's foot tapping sometimes, but he's not getting any action. And he's wearing Nike's and seems to be fairly slim, so I'm really not sure what's going on. Time passes. Finally this guy kneels down and spreads his knees wide apart, pointing his cock down hard so I can clearly see it under the door. And from across the room it looks OK, and you certainly can't take this for anything else, so I think, cool, he wants to play. So I get my stuff together, pull up my jeans but leave my hard cock sticking out (I can cover it with my magazine if anyone comes in while I'm outside the stall), and I move across. Now I'm in the left side stall with the reflective tile. And I can see this guy now, and this motherfucker is a hundred and ten years old!

I know old guys have to cum too, and I have done quite a number of older cocks, and fuck, we're all going to be old someday too and then we'll be the trolls, but I think this was false advertising or something, I mean you just can't expect young college guys to want to have really old cocks in their hands and mouths, or even necessarily to get theirs done, either. I mean kids are usually attracted to men their own age or at least not much older, even if it can be scientifically proven by means of diagrams that older men provide better sex. So I think it is unreasonable for a guy like that to be cruising a college tearoom. So I don't mean to piss off older guys, cuz shit, I can do cocks through GH's when I never fucking see the guy, but anyway it just seems like this guy should not have been there with any reasonable expectations. Now at this point in the story I wrote what really happened, but then I thought, man, that's not very much fun, and it makes me look sorta selfish and against older guys, and I don't wanna make stuff up, so I just took all that stuff out of the story. I'll just say I kinda helped the guy get off anyway even though I was not really turned on. Well, anytime you cum I think it has to be considered a success, so he got something out of it.

OK. Just so we don't leave on a downer, I'll tell the story about the guy who went to the whorehouse the first time and the madam told him it would cost $1,000. So the guy is pretty startled by that but he goes up to wait for the girl anyway, but when she comes into the room, he's jacking off on the bed and blowing his load. And she says, Honey, what the fuck are you doing? And he says, For $1,000, lady, you don't think you're gettin the easy one, do ya?. I got a million of em. Write me something cuz there's a whole bunches of stuff to tell about tearooms and gloryholes and some road sex. Cool.