Sex in Public 11

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well, I heard from some other guys who read this stuff and some of them actually GOT OFF on it, can you believe that shit? I mean, I'm not writing porn, really, this is just stuff that's fucking happened, but hey, I guess we've already agreed that hard cocks and cumming are good under almost any circumstances, so if it makes some guy blow his load, I'm all for it. I guess there's no way I make him blow it on me, so I'll just have to fantasize about that, or maybe I'll think it over and find some way. Yeah. I'll do that.

So then I was thinking about what these guys might be like, cuz one of them says he is black, and I don't know why but a lot of really hot guys I've met are too, so I thought I should maybe say something about guys that really turn me on and stuff. Cuz some of the words I use are pretty vague, and I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea, like I'm a fucking PERVERT or something. I mean, sometimes even I go into a mensroom just to take a leak. Like I call some guys Kid. Well, I am not talking about children, man I am just not interested at all in underage boys. They're too small, too skinny, got tiny dicks, but most of all, they are just children and they don't fucking know what they are doing, I mean they are not responsible for themselves and it's too easy to take advantage of that by an adult, and I like children but I would never touch one and they are just not part of my sexual interest. So if you're into boy love and shit, sorry, I am just not. Plus it is fucking against the law and it should be. And sometimes I say something about my own cock size, like it's really big and stuff. Well, it's not just huge, and I've seen dozens of cocks that are bigger, but a whole lot more that aren't, so it's relative, I guess. I mean I have handled hundreds of cocks one way or another, and just in my experience, I'd say the average is around 5 inches plus. Course this is a sampling of guys who are willing to let you see their hard cock in the first place, and maybe it leaves out a lot of guys who are smaller, I don't know. And really long cocks lots of times are pretty slender, so when you see a thick 8 inch plus cock, I'd have to say that's among the top 5% or so. The truly huge meat of 10 inch plus is pretty fucking rare, just as far as I have run across cockmeat. So mine is a minimum hard usable cock of 7, and those blue steelers get on up to just about 8, so I'm not complaining, really, but who would turn down another two inches? (Which reminds me of the story of the guy who went to the doctor to cure his stuttering and the doc examines him and says, Sir, your cock is 12 inches long and just so big that it's putting an imbalance on your neck and vocal chords. So he offers to cure him for free, and the guy agrees to surgery to correct this and goes back a few months later and says, Doc, that operation stopped the stuttering, but you know, I really miss that extra two inches on my cock and I think I'd like to have it back. And the doc says, N-n-no w-w-way. A d-d-deal is a d-d-deal. I got a million of em.) Course when my cock is so hard a cat can't scratch it, it usually doesn't stay that way waiting for me to find a fucking tape measure, I mean that motherfucker is ready to cum and it isn't interested in science.

My steel cockrings are not fancy shit you buy in some fucking sex shop that cost like $8.95. I buy them at the hardware store for 89 cents, and they are just heavy steel rings you find in around the chains and the hooks and gate latches and shit, usually galvanized. And after you wear them in your crotch for a while, they get kinda salty and sweaty and nasty, and the galvanization wears off pretty fast, and you can just clean them up with an SOS pad or some steel wool or something, and then they are bright and shiny again. And even though they come cheap from a hardware store, a shiny steel ring to me is a fucking turn on, and it's just like understated power, just a perfect circular frame for your equipment that just seems like it is barely containing the raw power of a cock. It' kinda classy cuz it's simple (course, we're talking cockrings here, so again, classy is a relative term). I wear one practically all the time anymore, and it pulls your balls out away from your legs a little and makes your cock kinda arch up and out, so your package looks pretty cool in like 501's or even slacks. So I have spare cockrings in the car, and home and work and stuff, not cuz they break down (what could go wrong? I mean, you don't hear about cockrings gone amok), but just in case I'm somewhere I couldn't wear one when I got dressed, but need one for cruising. But I've also got just a leather strap, and it's classy too, but I like the steel. I'd really like to have one of those wide chrome plated cockrings I've seen in movies, and I might be willing to pay more to have one, but I've never seen one in a shop. So send me some and I will test drive them for you.

The reason I mention cockrings is becuz just about every guy I've ever had sex with has said something about it and how cool they are, and several guys I know have started using them after they met me. Like the flower guy, and his cock looks fantastic in a shiny steel ring becuz he shaves his fucking balls every day, and this thing is like a little crown around the base of his big cock. One guy at the riverfront park wanted to know all the technical details, like where I got it, how much, how do I clean it, do I have to put any sealer or polish or shoeshine or something on it and shit, and he's examining this fucking steel ring like he's a diamond cutter or something, and finally I said, Hey, forget the fucking cockring and SUCK MY COCK. So maybe it could be a distraction, too. Some of the tearooms I regularly cruise have graffiti on the walls where guys are looking for the Guy with the big choking cock who wears the cockring, and shit like that, or Leave T & D and wear your cockring. Which I think is cool, cuz it makes me think I've maybe started something around here that lots of other guys think is hot. And when I've got that cock shoved down some guy's throat and he's got his lips pressed against the steel, I think he thinks that's pretty hot too. I know for a fact lots of guys trying to pull cumloads out of my cock enjoy hitting their teeth on the steel. And it's fun to pull and push and turn and shit, and its pretty heavy, so you can just press it down around the base of the cock and it pops the whole cock out from your groin so it just looks a lot bigger. I don't fucking know how you'd get the right size except by trial and error. I started just buying big rubber O rings at a hardware store, and they are really cheap, so you could get a handful of different likely looking sizes and just fucking put em on, but not in the store. They don't have dressing rooms in hardware stores cuz they don't fucking realize they are selling cockrings. And the bluehaired old ladies buying mousetraps just do NOT want to see your cock. When I found the 2 inch O ring fit, I went to the steel in the same size. Last point: if you have not worn a rigid cockring, you put your nuts through first, then kinda bend and stuff your cock through (this is really hard to do in the blue steel stage, so do some preparation before you get there). Some rings I guess are adjustable or open up and stuff, but I am a simple man with simple tastes and I am not into hardware with moving parts.

And maybe it confused some guys about Marty, cuz I said he is a hustler, but I don't pay. Huh? Well, it's not that way, really. I never pay him for sex, but I do have the money and I usually stand for the drinks and entertainment and stuff, and I take him on trips I go on sometimes and stuff, cuz it's fun for me to cruise other cities along with someone I know, and he is a major fuckboy, and we are different so some guys will hit on Marty and others on me. But he still gets paid for it by other guys sometimes, and that doesn't bother me for some reason, I mean I'm not real possessive when it comes to him, we just like each other and have fun together, and lots of fucking sex, so that's good. He says he's been selling his cock since he was 16 or so, but I don't know about that. If he did then he repossessed it cuz he still has it and it has not been depleted becuz it is still a big motherfucker.

So I went on the road, and a lot of this stuff qualifies as public becuz I guess people can see into your car sometimes, but most of them don't bother looking, I guess. But, shit, maybe they should, or maybe I should, cuz I don't think I'm the only guy who's ever cum in a moving car. So there are a couple of parts to this road trip stuff, like divided between car cumming and rest stops. But this part is about Auto Fellatio (a term I just invented). Jacking off while driving is fun, but it's hard to steer and shoot your load in any organized way, so you're likely to get cum all over the fucking instrument panel, and it's hard to clean up, plus you might have some literature to warm up with, and you don't want the pages sticking together later, but highway hardons are fun. You have to plan what to do with the cum, unless you are a trucker or a farmer or something and the cab of your truck is like the inside of that handicap stall with dried boyjuice just sprayed all over it. And I think that would be extremely hot (and it's giving me some ideas right now), but it would look completely out of place in my car. So I need some cumrags or a drink cup or something to contain the windage I have to take into account when my cock starts shooting (man, if it just went straight, I could use a Coke bottle or something). Then you can lick it or drink it or pitch it or whatever you want.

So Marty and I are driving down the Interstate one day, broad daylight, and he's got his jeans pulled down in the passenger seat and his big cock is just rolling there in his lap from side to side, and I'm driving, but feeling him up, like, with my other hand (this is dangerous: we are professionals, do not try this at home), and gave him some of the KY and I'm just talking him into a hardon, like getting him to tell me about guys he's tricked with, and reminding him what big hard cocks feel like and how your asshole clamps down on anything in it when you cum and how he likes me to rub behind his balls when he's slamming his cock into me, and lots of shit like that. And he's sitting there and cars are going past, and sometimes we pass a truck or something, and he's really laid back there in the seat just slowly playing with his hardening dick, watching it real intently, like he's studying it to see if it knows any tricks or what it can do on its own or something. And he starts jacking off while I'm telling him about his boycum and his thick cock, and he's using his usual style of holding his cock just lightly with the tips of a few fingers. Now his cock is hard (but he's never rock hard, just really firm and that kind of cock is just fucking perfect to suck off), and he begins to lose himself in the jackoff. His fingers get into a rhythm of about 5 or 6 real quick strokes just along the upper half of the slick shaft, then he pauses, rolls his head around to look at that big horn sticking out from his crotch, and another series of strokes, pause, admire that fucker, stroke, pause, look, etc.

So I got this kid into this situation and now I'm fucking left out. And he's doing this funny stroke-pause-look thing in the front seat of my fucking car and I just cannot see how I'm going to get that fucker in my mouth while I'm driving. So I reach over and press my hand flat down against his tummy right above his cock, hard down on his pubic bone, and sorta encircle the top of the base of it with my fingers and dig my thumb down towards his balls, and this makes Marty's cock look like its not attached to anything, just floating out there alone like they seem when they come out of a gloryhole, and he's picking up speed in this little routine of his and staring at his own meat like he's thinking, Hey, man this is a pretty fucking cool cock, how come I didn't notice this before? Have you noticed how cool my cock is? And of course I'm saying things like, Cumon, man, lemme see the cum flying outta that big fucking cock, man jack your load all over your chest, stroke it man, jack that cock, and stuff, and it is just so fucking cool to watch him getting ready to blow his load, like his legs start to stiffen and stretch out to the firewall and his hips begin to rise up off the seat, and his other hand goes under his ass to do something there (but I don't know what really), and his fingers are playing this song really fast on the long thick lubed up cockshaft and he's groaning and his head rolls back on the headrest and the cars are going by and this big motherfucking cock is being jacked off in plain view cuz his body is now almost level with the window sill and his legs are straight, hips pushed up as high as he can, his back just supported by his shoulders on the top of the seatback, huge hard rod sticking up and his arm and hand just flying along it. And I'm rubbing his cute belly and hitting the side of my flat hand hard against the tight base of his cock, and his teeth are gritted together and he gasps (cool) and says he's cumming, like I couldn't fucking tell. And this is like the orgasm of the decade for him, cuz he usually doesn't make much sound, other than gasping, but he's going OH FUCKING SHIT, SHIT, MAN, I'M FUCKING CUMMING! and other remarks of a similar nature, and he did. Cum. And there was a fucking lot of Marty cum. Didn't shoot up real far, but a few big shots went a little way and landed on his bellybutton and my hand, and the rest just gushes out of the cockhead down his fingers and around the base of his shaft. A big load by any standards, but huge for Marty, and he opens his eyes half way through this incredible fucking orgasm and stares hard at his own cock spurting these wads of cum and he looks like he's angry at it or something, I mean his jaw is set and his eyes are hard and it seems like he's fighting off this cock or something, while he's stroking it in that same beat and there's cum all over his tummy and our hands.

I'm still driving, but I'm watching this cock and Marty's cute face, and keep glancing at the road and trying to fucking steer and there is nothing I want in the world right now but to slide that big cummy cock down my throat, and bury my lips in the pools of jizz around the base. But I can't, so I don't. And Marty just collapses, I mean his legs give out and his tight little ass hits the carseat and his back un-arches and he just about doubles over, like he's headed down to suck his own cum off his cock, but he flops back in the seat, and now my sticky fingers are grasping his cock and stroking out the last of the semen and Marty is breathing real hard. And he just says, Jesus. So I lick off my hand and reach back over and grab his dick around the base and take a couple of long strokes upward to collect the cum around the circle of my thumb and finger and lick that off, and all Marty can do is watch, and he says, Oh shit man, that was killer. So I reach behind his seat to the pocket back there and get some paper napkins and let him finish up wiping his thick cum cream off his belly.

Well, yours truly hasn't cum yet, has he? No, he has not. So I kinda slide my jeans down and my big cock is hitting the wheel and I pull Marty over by the back of the neck to suck me off. Still driving, cars going by, Marty leaning over to go down on my cock. Maybe that was a little bit obvious to Mr. and Mrs. America going by, but my cock is so fucking hard from watching Marty's big cock blow cum all over him and licking it off, I am just not sensitive to the concerns of others. And he gets about five inches down when the first power jizz hits the back of his throat and he starts to pull off, and I'm still holding the back of his neck and going, Shit man, I'm gonna blow my fucking load in your mouth, get down on that cock, and other useful suggestions, and he really probably could get up, but he just makes some kinda mmffhh sound and takes my load, as hoped for, in his mouth. So that was good, and I didn't get any cum on the instruments.

OK, so we did the same sorta thing lots of times, but that was the Marty Major Meat event, and it was one fucking cool jackoff. I had fun too. I remember one time during a Minor Meat event when Marty had a normal orgasm in the front seat while we were driving along down a city street, and he jacks out his somewhat modest load into his hand, and just flings it out the open window, where it splatters all over the driver's side door of the car beside us. Ooops, not good. There's cum all over this guy's car door. I'm not sure whether I should take evasive maneuvers or what, and Marty's laughing and I think, shit, now we used his cum to piss some guy off instead of feeding me, what a fucking bad turn of events! But the guy must not have noticed, or else maybe he was saving it for his own later consumption, cuz he didn't stop and beat the shit out of us, in fact, he didn't seem to have any reaction at all. So that was good. Another time (Christ, I hope there are no cops reading this cuz I could get in some deep shit for this little scene), I'm driving again and we're bar hopping, going way out to some place where they have some cute boy strippers, and Marty's cock is as big as a house sticking out of his open jeans, and the horndog bites me in the ass and I put the car on cruise and I'm like, fuck it, Marty, you fucking steer. So he reaches over to steer and I flop over and just fucking inhale his big prick and I'm sucking it very sincerely while he's driving from the passenger seat. Stupid, huh? I'll say. But then there's been a lot of things we were just fucking lucky to live through. And I get his load just as fast as I fucking can, for obvious reasons, and I don't think it was that hot for him, but I shot my load in my jeans while sucking him off, and there's one thing for sure, he has never fucking forgotten it.

OK. I don't want to piss the Nifty guy off, but there's plenty more to tell about if you wanna read it, let me know. At least I'M having a good time.