Sex in Public 12

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

OK, so a little more road sex. Man I should have been arrested for that stupid stunt with Marty. But I wasn't, so that's good, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Plus Marty's cum was good and sucking his big young cock is always fun. I don't know how he managed to steer and pump his meat down my throat at the same time, and I really wasn't watching since my head was crammed down his cock into his crotch, but, what the hell, it was fun. And I came too, so that's ALWAYS good.

I've noticed that some cum stays in your mouth a lot longer than others. I mean, you let some guys blow their load in your mouth and you are spitting cum for an hour later, but with others, like one swallow takes care of it. I'm talking more about the consistency than the taste. Like the flower guy has pretty big loads and it's like you never get it completely swallowed, it's just hanging around in the back of your mouth. But Marty's cum just slides down my throat and it's gone, no aftertaste. So you can take a quick load from his cock in the parking lot, and go inside a bar without anyone smelling cum on your breath (not that anyone's ever complained about my cummy breath, but it could happen). I can't think of any way to explain that away.

So there are rest stops all along the Interstate as I suppose there are all over the country, and if I can, I stop at nearly every one, read the walls, maybe get some ideas, you know. Sometimes there is some guy with the same ideas, but not very often. On the Interstate stops, one thing that happened to me was when I was driving through Kansas and saw a note about a guy who was staying at some motel in a town there and was looking for company. So it was the right time of day and the fucking motel was on my way, so I pulled in, and I found this guy's room facing the parking lot and he had a towel rolled up on the window ledge, but the curtains were drawn, mostly, but with like an inch or so open in the middle. I guess the towel is some kind of signal, like putting a necktie on your doorknob, and the curtain thing was no mistake, either, so, of course I look in. There's some young looking guy laying on the bed, fully clothed, like he's watching tv, and there's a bigger guy moving around the room in a just a bathtowel, and he kinda moves over to the other guy, back to window, and there's some commotion and stuff, and then the first guy seems to be blowing the other guy, but they are facing away from me. Now I'm standing outside peeking in this fucking window in the middle of a parking lot. So I finally realize I look like an asshole doing this, so I went back to my car and waited a bit, and a few minutes later, the young guy comes out and drives away. And the other guy comes to the door and looks out, like, Next? but when I see him, I'm really not that turned on, and I'm a little ashamed that I looked in the room, even though I think he set it up that way, but I'm not sure I wanna be sucking this guy's cock with the motel housekeepers passing by the open curtains, so I drove away.

But I did have some fun in a rest stop on an old state highway once. It was an old outhouse type structure, and there was a little walled corral on one side where you just walk in and piss in the open air urinals, but also a fairly large room where the stool was. Just one stool, but a room about the size of a small garage. And, presto, there's a gloryhole in the wall between the corral and the room, and man, this fucking place is just covered with graffiti, and it's not Save Ferris either, I mean there's cum spurting cocks, cocks in asses, pussies, tits, drawing of every kind, enough phone numbers for a small town and enough times and dates to keep one's social calendar quite challenging. I have to say that some of the cock drawings were pretty fucking good, I mean with shading and a lot of realism, and these good ones seemed to be by the same artist, cuz they were just enormous, of course, and most of them had cockrings drawn on them, and they all had REALLY LITTLE BALLS! I mean there was a little circle thing under there to sorta suggest balls, but this guy was obviously strictly a cock man. Maybe he has no balls himself, or never was able to find his balls, I don't know. Then there's a lot of little stories, and of course invitations and want ads and shit, and it takes me quite a while to read all this shit, inside and out, so I'm there for maybe 30 minutes or more, taking a couple of notes, and I happen to be in the room when a car pulls in to the stop, and someone gets out, goes in to the corral and just slides his cock though the hole. No tapping or dancing around or wasting time, just put that fucking hog through and see what happens, I guess. Well it comes into my side of the wall, and I can't say I'm really surprised, but it is a very, very fine cock. And extremely suckable, and, guess what, there's a lot of banging around the rim of the hole where his cockring is hitting it! Yes! This does appear to be on my dance card, so I take this meat and it's maybe about 6 or 7 inches long and thick but not really more than average, but it just looks neat. I mean it's clean, cut, pubes shaved back a little, nice heavy looking curve to it, and it's at the suckable stage when it's not fully hard, and this is the kind of cock I will just go on autopilot for. So I've got it worked down my throat, and it goes in pretty easy cuz it's not too long, and I'm getting pretty worked up blowing this anonymous cock through the gloryhole. I kinda lose it a bit and just go to fucking town on this dick and I am giving some pretty sincere head here. The guy has obviously been around, cuz his balls and stuff are shaved and cared for, and after all he's wearing a fucking cockring, and he's groaning REALLY loud, but there's not a lot of talk, just more nice noises.

Now when you deliver your cock into a GH, you don't have a lot of control over what the other guy does with it, except to pull it back, and when you've got your balls through also, that's not always a fast move, so you gotta depend on the other to get you off, and you gotta trust him, too. This guy has the whole package on my side, and he had to kinda work his balls through to get them there, so I have the benefit of seeing all this hot meat just like it's stuck on the wall, and he's can't really start thrusting cuz his balls are trapped on my side, so I guess the whole show is up to me, right? So it's like a sworn duty or something that I have to make this equipment shoot cockjuice down my throat, so I do. And I'm pulling those fucking balls and have the entire cock completely buried in my mouth with my lips smashed up against the wall, and even though I probably didn't have to deep throat this cock to get it all in, I do anyway to make the guy think his cock is enormous, or maybe he's facefucking a guy with a smaller mouth or something. And of course he can tell it's in my throat and past the gag point, and NOW he starts talking and he's all, Oh fucking shit, take my load man, oh shit my cock's gonna blow, and positive signs like that. So now I'm swiveling my mouth around his cock and I work my whole head gently from side to side with hard suction on my mouthful of dick, and this sorta pulls his cock little by little further through the hole, like when you grind your hips around or sideways to get your cock deeper into an ass, only I'm pulling it, and this is just driving this guy nuts. I know cuz he says so.

Then he just goes into a cumming chant (I guess guys like to announce that they are cumming so the cocksucker can pull of if he wants, or maybe they just like to put it on the record or something, but I have found that almost all of them do it) and he does. This beautiful cock is sucked hard into my throat and his balls are pretty well smashed against the wall by my chin, and I've got his cumtube resting on my lower lip just waiting for the fantastic pulsing spurting feeling when his cum jets up and out into my mouth. So I slowed down all the unnecessary motions just so I can experience this shooting cock, and it is fucking fantastic. He give me maybe 6 hard pumps of cum, and I can just feel every one of them very distinctly and it's like all senses are tuned in to nothing but the cock, the expansion of that tube for each burst, the cockhead swelling again with each one where it's plugged down the back of my mouth, the balls, the whole thing, it's just sensory overfuckingload, man, and knowing I'm taking this guy's cum just cuz I fucking love to eat cum makes me fucking blow. So now I'm having like an out of body experience, at least my cum is, cuz that's where it's going, and I'm spraying it on the wall, and of course I'm lost in my own orgasm with this cock stuffed in my mouth and my hand trying to get around the shaft of my cock, and I can't really see the cum, but the first shot or two blast up and hit me on the neck and chin and even on this guy's balls. This seems to take a long time, and when we are both done cumming, I pull off to just look at the cock I just sucked, and he has to wait a minute cuz his dick is too hard to pull back through the hole with his nuts in it, so I get to watch it just hang there on the wall and slowly, with little soft jerking motions, it begins to droop, and I notice that my cum is on his balls, but I just left it there, maybe he would think that was hot. I did. Then he pulled out and left, and I also left the rest stop, but I got my cock out in the car and jacked off as I drove, with an amazingly intense orgasm I had to waste into my shirttail, just thinking about that GH blowjob. I thought I did a pretty good fucking job. And with most blowjobs I give, I really try to suck the way I'd want mine sucked, although sometimes the owner gives you directions. And I want mine SUCKED, man, not just kissed or something, and it's gotta be somebody who fucking WANTS to make it cum and loves cock.

OK, so a few guys have written to me and I think that's pretty fucking cool, but not many, really, so I guess I ought to write stuff slower so maybe create a demand for it? Somehow I don't think that's going to work. I mean, if there's only a dozen guys in the world interested in my public sex experiences, I don't think not telling about it is going to make any more guys want to read it. But anyway, I got to thinking about how I really am a size queen, and some guys try to make you feel guilty if you like really big cocks, like it means you don't like smaller ones or something. But I can go for smaller cocks too if the guy is cute, or slim, or really funny, or extremely hot, or all kinds of reasons, but I'm not gonna fucking apologize for wanting to stuff huge cocks down my throat, cuz big cocks are still the deal. How come guys like huge dicks?

Ok, I have put to death a fucking LOT of brain cells thinking over this subject, and I have discovered the answer. It's symbolism. Cuz the cock is really the ultimate symbol of male power, see, and symbolically, bigger cocks dominate. That doesn't mean they do in reality, just symbolically. And people respect power, so big cocks are fucking awesome! There, that shut em up, didn't it? And you wanna know why guys go for YOUNG big cocks? Cuz they're FUCKING HOT, that's why. Fuck that symbolism shit.

And another thing. I know there were some other guys cruising Rock Creek that day Bern and I met and blew these enormous loads of cum all over the wildlife there, and I think some of them were watching, I mean it was pretty open to view. So what do you suppose they were thinking? They didn't come up and help, not that we looked like we were accident victims or something, so maybe they were just being polite (man, you know how much I hate bad manners). On the other hand, maybe they were fucking bigots or something, you know? Cuz Bern was black. Well, fuck them. I've done all kinds of guys, even a Conehead, I think, and I couldn't give a flying fuck what their fucking race is. But big cocks are a good way to get things started. And he was a cute fucker with just an amazing tight body and a cock that changed his center of gravity (I mean it was so big it had smaller cocks orbiting around it) and I want it again.

OK, I think next I'll write about my experiences with the entertainment industry. But lemme hear from any of you guys who like to read this stuff.