Sex in Public 13

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

I've had a couple of interesting times with guys connected with entertainment (not counting that guy at Wet), even though I really am not in the business at all, but you'll see. We lived for a while with my gay uncle who was then a well-known actor, and he had his boyfriends around quite a bit (and I saw them having sex a few times, and once he made sure I saw him "asleep" nude with a hard dick - seemed fucking huge to me then - but we never did anything), so I learned that there's a very high percentage of gay boys in the theater, at least then and there. Even though he had one particular boyfriend named Bill, who really was cute and turned out to have a very big cock for a white guy, it seemed like he had naps with just about every guy in the three show repertoire, but I also saw that a lot of those guys are really good looking and young and can dance and act and really have talent. And they were all really nice to me and flirted with me and a couple made passes at me and stuff, and it was just fun to be around, and I was allowed to go backstage whenever I wanted and hang out with the cast and crew and stuff, even though I was only about 12. So I've just been kinda interested in the theater and the guys in it, even though I'm not in the business or anything.

So, anyway, that wasn't really background for anything, but maybe it tells why I go to live theater (not really community theater, but touring companies mainly) just to see the cute guys and flirt with them when they have open receptions and shit. So one time the Broadway touring company of Cats comes to town, and you know some of those costumes are pretty tight and they wear tights and stuff, which is fun, and I see a lot of potential meat there, but they're just strangers. But, I find out where they are staying, so I go over to the hotel and there's this mensroom in the basement that has really been sorta Cruise Central for some time (I'll tell about that later), so I go there. It's a three stall thing past a couple of urinals on the same wall, separated from the sinks on the same wall by partition, and the door's right by the sinks. No gloryholes, but the walls are pretty much just sex bulletin boards, and when I get there, there's someone in the last stall, so I take the middle one. It was after the show, so musta been around midnight or half past or so. And there was nothing special about this guy's shoes or legs or anything that I could see, he's just got some sneakers and blue jeans on.

So we sit there for a bit and there's no normal take-a-shit stuff going on, and it is fucking midnight in a hotel basement, so I'm a little perky anyway. But I'm watching things and he shuffles around a bit and kinda spreads his knees apart so that makes his jeans slide further down his legs as his ankles come a little bit together. So now things are low enough that I can see his underwear that was covered by his jeans, and it's stretched between his calves, and it's a dance belt, which I've seen before from being backstage a lot. It's like a jockstrap, only very brief and small and tight (so they don't show inside tights, but they don't let your dick show either, just makes a nice bulge out of your equipment). Well, nobody buys those for comfort, and this is the right hotel, so I'm wondering if a little "meow" might get things rolling. But I'm not that fucking idiotic, hell it was just a thought. So I was kinda waiting for him to make a move, but when I saw his dance belt, I decide, fuck it, he's staying at this fucking hotel and if he needed to take a shit he'd have done it in his room, so I give a couple of strong foot taps, get an immediate positive response, and I motion him to put it under the stall. So he gets up, turns to face me and backs clear up to the far wall practically, drops his jeans to his ankles and kneels down. And he's got the longest fucking legs I have ever fucking seen, man they just spread out like wings from his crotch as he does this amazing splits on the floor facing me and his knees and hips are practically in a straight horizontal line and he's just lightly bouncing his hips up and down with his knees like levers, and his jeans are back behind him somewhere. These legs are just breathtaking, man they are slim and powerful and smooth, and they really don't show a lot of muscle definition, but the muscle mass is there, and I can see the skin is just painted on them and there's no fucking fat or looseness at all. So these legs are quite an asset.

But he's bouncing his fucking hips so that his 12" monster cock is slapping on the floor, and it is much more of an asset. This cock is the biggest white cock I have ever seen, man it is a powerful working tool like it's got hydraulic assist or something. It just springs out of his groin in a huge long arc that lays out and down like a ski jump, maybe from the sheer mass of it, and I'm thinking this thing is big enough to affect the tides and shit. It is another power cock, you know the kind that are just massive and wide shafted with a wide flat cockhead and the cumtube is kinda slung underneath, and it would have a long huge upward curve like a rhino horn, except the goddamn thing is so fucking heavy it is hitting the ground. And it is so massive it looks like it's got callouses. This guy's balls are big, but not quite big enough for that cock, and they're in a sack that looks as tough as leather. So I size this all up and consider my options carefully, which takes about 1.23 seconds, and I am on the fucking floor with my hands all over this cock and I'm squirming around so I can get my legs behind me maybe into the third stall and get some part of this thing, any part, into my throat. But my jeans are down and my feet are all tangled up and I'm flopping around in there not wanting to let go of this creature to use my hands to help myself (and I actually used his cock to hold onto and kinda pull myself around). So I'm making a commotion in this goddamn stall and I am just fucking singleminded now and the fucking Mayor coulda walked in and I'd keep sucking that cock. Gimme! Gimme that huge fucking cock, man! I am gonna HAVE THAT COCK AS FAR FUCKING INTO MY BODY AS IT CAN GO! Cumon! I pull it into my stall and now the guy is gripping the bottom of the stall wall and shoving that hose into my mouth and flexing his legs and his ass I suppose and going Oh yeah, real softly. But shit, I'm doing a terrible job on this cock, it's so fucking big it's like reaching halfway across my stall and backing me up to get it into my mouth, and THERE IS NOT ENOUGH FUCKING ROOM FOR THIS! Man, you gotta give this to me in sections, or take a running start, or something, man I just cannot handle it all at once, and it's not like I don't know how.

So it's obvious I just cannot get my head in line with this thing, and I'm making a lot of noise trying, so finally the guy says, Let's go. No shit. This is like my favorite thing, and I'm wondering if all these guys got together in a cruising seminar somewhere and settled on this line, but that can't be true cuz I would have been at the same seminar. So I get up, and shit, it wasn't easy either, I just about fell in the john, but the guy just springs right up from the floor and his huge rod didn't even hit the bottom of the wall, which I know would have left a dent in the wall, and we both pull up and exit, so now I can see him. Nothing. Total stranger. I mean of course I didn't recognize him, and I thought, what was I thinking about this guy, and then I realized, shit, they all wear so much fucking makeup in that show there's no way you could possibly recognize any of the dancers, even by their face, let alone their cocks. Looking back, I kinda wonder how he got that thing packed into his dance belt, even soft, and during the show I had not noticed any bulges that foretold this thing, but I guess he's a professional and maybe he wraps it around by his asshole or something. But he was reasonably good looking, and about as young as me, tall and graceful, like you'd expect in a dancer, I guess. So I think we're going to his room. No, we are not going to his room.

He leads me over to the urinals, where we stand facing each other and he excavates his meat from his jeans and just shakes it at me. But I really don't need any signals, I'm on my knees before it flops back down from the first shake, and I start to get it wet all along the shaft. A hose like this takes some preparation. Normally I'll just get cocks I'm sucking wet enough to jam down my throat by sucking them farther and farther into my mouth, wetting them along the way. But I can't seem to do that with power cocks, I just can't get the whole shaft wet enough cuz I have to breathe around it and it is taking up a lot of fucking room in my mouth, and the thickness alone just doesn't let me get my tongue and spit working all over it. So I am licking it trying to get some generous spit on it as lube, and still sucking the head into my mouth as I'm moving from one side to the other, holding on to the base and those leathery balls. And this cock doesn't really swivel much from the base, it's like it's in concrete footings in his ass or something, it just sprouts from under his pubic bone and stands there rigid.

The dancer does not appear interested in preparation, he wants me to fucking start sucking. And I do too, I mean, I've only been doing this a few years, but this meat is a little scary and I don't want to have to go to the hospital with blunt cock trauma to the back of my throat. But I'm sucking it down soon enough, I guess, and the guy is happy and helping by holding my head with both hands (Fuckin A!) and I guess he knows how huge his prick is becuz he's not forcing me, but just keeping a firm pressure on and shoving it in, and this is O fucking K with me. Those balls aren't that attractive in that leathery skin, but I guess maybe it gets that way from overuse or something. It's taking me a long time to deepthroat it so I'm holding on and jacking the leftover shaft with my other hand, and I look up at him with his cock maybe 7" into my throat. Usually I have my eyes closed while I'm sucking cocks, at least up to then, but when I looked up at him, I just went crazy with lust. I see him looking down at me with his huge joint buried in me and he's so horny and happy and feeling so fucking great, it just all shows on his face and he smiles at me and now he's talking TO me, not AT me, you know? And now he's caressing my head and the sides of my face and talking directly to me, softly like, saying things like "yeah man, you are one cool kid, oh yeah take my big cock, you like it? you want it? want my cum, man? shit you are one hell of a great cocksucker, how do you take so much cock so easy? do me, man, just do me, fuck I love getting this big dick off in your mouth." Well, those aren't exact quotes, but pretty close, I mean I was really hearing him talk to me, not just a lot of hot horny talk.

But it sure as fuck made me hot and horny and that sensation of watching him watch me do him was so cool. Nowadays I usually do keep my eyes open, and sometimes it's no big deal, I just watch the rest of the cock or the guy's tummy, or maybe in a 69 I can see that cute little part of his butt that comes together at his asshole and curves down to the tops of the legs. Well, so I learned to watch from this blowjob, so that's cool. Anyway, I'm going really sincere with this suckoff and concentrating really hard to get more of that super hard, wide power cock into my throat. But I just cannot take it all, man, and that is one of the greatest disappointments of my cruising life. I wanted to give this guy the deepest fucking cum he ever had, but I could not get it all in. I don't know if it was the length (although I think I've taken others almost long), or the thickness, or both, or maybe I was tense or just not coping, I don't know, but when he started rolling his head back on his neck and pulling my head onto his cock, I was not down to his pubes, and when he started to pack his cummy wad into my throat, well, I had him past the gag point, but I was still holding some of the base, and then I just had to fucking breathe, and I pulled off just a little, and then he took over, jamming it back into me over and over again. But when he did it, I could not concentrate on keeping open, so I had even less of it inside. But the guy didn't seem to mind, hell I'm swallowing his cum without any problem and he's having a good time and that massive fucker is certainly in my throat, and I'd have to say, I have seldom seen a guy cumming with so much lust and enthusiasm, although the black kid in Chicago was also memorable (speaking of him, I forgot to say I called him "Spidey" cuz of the way he was all over that little closet, man I think he was climbing around on the ceiling for a while).

So he cums for a while, and I'm swallowing and he's cumming and bending over me and wrapping his arms around my head like he's protecting a basketball from a steal, and I'm still swallowing and he's still cumming, and I'm like, should I look at my watch or something, I mean, I have to be home by dawn. And somewhere along the way I guess he musta quit pumping cum into me and just kept fucking his hose into me anyway, so he's getting softer and softer, and I'm just keeping that cock inside me, and he's telling me in that soft voice how much he loved that and what a good job I did and stuff, and right then, I go for it on that massive meat that reached the perfect suckable stage AFTER he came. And I just drop my jaw and force all of it in and stick my tongue out as far as it will go to make my throat wider, and I get my lips and my face crammed against his public bone and his tummy, just for a couple of heartbeats as my cum jumps out of the cock I happen to be beating off between his legs and it goes off on its own somewhere, I wasn't watching. And he's talking to me like we were really lovers, I mean really sincere shit and holding my head gently but like he cares about me, or something. And I have to jump back from the momentary deep suck. And he says, "Man, that was beautiful." So guess what I say? Yup. The pleasure was all mine.

Never learned his name. The last image I have of this guy was watching him wait for his elevator as I was about to leave the hotel, and he looks over at me and gives me a big smile and an air kiss. And I think we had some kind of connection there, like maybe I was just fucked up for not just following him up to his room and saying that's just the way it's gonna fucking be, but he really didn't invite me, and I thought maybe he has a boyfriend or something and that was why he was in the basement cruising instead of in his room and he couldn't have me show up and fuck that up for him. I don't know. But I sure as fuck had fun.

Well, enough for now. I don't think my cruising is unique or anything, a lot of guys probably have better stories to tell than me, but I'm the one fucking telling these, so write me.