Sex in Public 14

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well I wouldn't blame anybody for thinking I made up that 12" cock on the dancer. It's true that I didn't measure it, but I have had a lot of experience with 9 and 10 inch cocks, and I know this one was much bigger, and if it wasn't 12, it was big enough that it really doesn't matter. I know some of this stuff about me trying to stuff gi-normous stiff cocks into my mouth and down the hatch may not be all that interesting, but, tough shit. You know? It sure gets MY attention.

So I was doing a little web surfing today and found some really good porn stories, so I was kinda warming up my cock and got to wiggling my ass a little, which diverted my attention to my asshole, and I thought, man, how come I don't get fucked? Well, I do get fucked, sometimes, but never really out cruising. But the first time I did get fucked was by a guy I met cruising, although we went back to his place and spent the night and stuff, so that became more private sex and I just am not allowed to tell about that, and guys probably don't really want to read all the hot details about my little asshole getting punched. But I guess when I'm cruising I just don't want to spend the time it takes me to get ready to cover cock that way, cuz it does take me quite a while to relax and concentrate enough to backdoor dicks. Still, I keep reading shit about how much it hurts and stuff, but it never really hurt for me, it just takes some more lovemaking type sex instead of the cruisy quicky style, for me at least. So I really don't care much for strangers to try to get fingers in my hole, cuz I'm just not able to do that without some time and preparation, and especially some lube. It's not that I won't reciprocate, cuz I would never demand that someone do something for me I'm not willing to give back, but in cruising, it's not really like that cuz you don't force guys to do anything, and you don't expect anything in return, at least under the rules I was taught. So I guess there will be a pop quiz at the end of the story.

Anyway, I got a nice e-mail from a guy who said he used to live in Omaha, so I told him a couple of quick things I remember from being there before. Like getting sucked in the mensroom at the horse racing track there, AkSarBen. It was really no big deal, just a quick blowjob under the stall wall, but I did get very deep throated there and sprayed the guy's throat with my load, so that was fun. The memorable part was that I met him based on his little graffiti ad from earlier in the day, saying something like, "Losing on the horses? Don't go away broke. I pay $20 to suck cock." And he left a time to meet. Actually I didn't go for the $20, but it turned out he didn't offer it anyway, but it was an interesting come on.

But the really good time I had in Omaha was in a nice cafe/restaurant downtown. I can't remember the fucking name, but they have a kind of "oldtown" district there where there are old warehouses and stuff that have been rehabbed and now (or then at least) had galleries, and shops and stuff like this nice cafe, where they served lunch on Sundays and had nice wines and upscale menus and stuff. So I'm there with straight friends and we're having Sunday brunch and having a pretty good time, and the waitstaff there is mostly young men and they are good fucking looking kids, and I'm having some trouble paying attention to the conversation cuz I keep looking at these guys and watching them wiggle their cute butts and stuff, hell, even the busboys were cute, but they didn't seem gay or anything, just do-able. And I didn't get cruisy looks in return, but then we were a very straight party, so you wouldn't expect much of that. Still, I did catch some of the waiters' eyes every now and then, and I'd nod, or smile, and just give them the look that says I know we saw each other. So I kinda narrowed down the field to a couple of guys I paid attention to, but I only remember one of them. He was killer bee. He's preppy and short and has short black hair and green eyes and probably about 150 pounds and his black slacks are talking to me, like, "Psst, over here. See this ass we're on? Nice, huh? Wanna see us stay on it while this kids moves around? How 'bout we bend over and pick up that spoon?" And I need to answer those smartass slacks in a major way. They just wrap around that cute slim little waist and his adorable flat tummy, and he's serving the wine to people. So that means he must be 21, right? To be able to serve alcohol? Anyway, I am trying to be cool with these people I'm with, but I am also cruising this kid, and I'm pretty sure he knows it, cuz he glances over really quick every time he crosses the room or something, and he seems to be making a lot of trips to tables that make him pass ours. So, fuck, we need some wine here, don't we? Of course we do, so I order some, and it is delivered by my little stud, but he fucking sneaks up on us from behind my back, so it's like, suddenly he's just right there off my left elbow, and I didn't even know it until I hear this clear soft voice say, Pouilly Fuisse, sir? And I turn around quick and look up at him, right in the fucking eyes, and those green fuckers are just laughing and twinkling right at me, but it's just his eyes, the rest of his demeanor is normal, but he's standing REAL CLOSE to my chair. So we do the wine tasting ritual, and he's pouring with his left hand and just rests his other hand on the back of my chair, where I lean on it just about a cunt hair's worth, and he does that stupid traditional cork thing where he offers it to me to smell, and of course we touch fingers in the exchange, and I can't smell anything but this kid's body. So of course the wine is fine (I don't know why we go through that little ritual, shit, I've never sent a bottle back, but maybe it makes them feel good), and the kid starts pouring for the group and I'm watching him up close and those fucking slacks are smirking at me, so I announce in some elegant way that I have to go to the bathroom and get up and excuse myself and go find the head.

So I'm in the head counting the flowers on the wallpaper or something, and guess who comes in? No, it wasn't Ricky Ricardo. It was, presto, my green eyed little waiter stud. And we stand there side by side at the urinals, and he says, like Nice wine you selected, sir, and I say Yeah, nice, but I just wanted you to come over. Well, I guess it was blunt, but I didn't really think the downside of being wrong was too serious, and it sure as shit didn't look like I was wrong. So, happy ending, I was fucking right, and he just puts his hand on my ass and leans over sideways and kisses me. And I kiss him back, and he says this is big trouble for him, but we're reaching for each other's cock anyway, and his dick is just about the same as mine, at least for a quick jackoff, which we do while we are kissing, and I get to hold onto his little bubblebutt while I pump his cock and when he shoots into the urinal, I'm like pushing it out from behind by cramming my hand into his crack, and we cum into the urinals and kiss some more and zip up, and all of this doesn't take more than 2 or 3 minutes, and he goes over to wash his hands and I come up behind him and now I'm smirking at his pants and he sees me in the mirror, and says, What? And I say, Man, your butt is killer bee. Thanks, man. So that was fun. What a cute stud he was. So I left a big tip, but I don't know how much of it the wine guy gets.

OK, so I was somebody's guest at a Kansas City/St. Louis baseball game in Kansas City, and the stadium is packed, and we're drinking beer so I go to the head during the game, and even it is fucking packed, but the urinals are just long troughs where everyone lines up side by side and pisses (and a guy can get a bad case of kidney shyness there). And the game's still going on and they have the radio play by play over the stadium speakers so we're all listening to it, and I'm trying to piss, but it's not happening, so I'm shaking my dick and trying to start something. Then there's a Royals base hit that comes over on the PA, and I'm shaking my pretty floppy dick, everybody in the mensroom cheering briefly and it gets kinda quiet, as I'm standing there and say real loud, Gee thanks, fellas, but I'm really not that huge. And 40 guys start laughing at me, but now I'm pissing, so that was good.

I think maybe some college tearoom stories next time, and there's a bunch to choose from. Or maybe that hotel basement. Write me.