Sex in Public 15

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

OK, I'm back, I guess. I mentioned smelling the wine waiter's body, and I've noticed that a lot of guys don't seem to have a very good sense of smell. Maybe it's becuz I don't smoke, but I can really smell lots of different and distinct smells, and most guys seem to have their own aroma, and some of them aren't even aware of it, which maybe is not surprising since they are fucking in it all the time. But like that waiter stud in Omaha, I wasn't referring to his cologne or his deodorant or something, but HIM, I mean his body, and it smelled like pepper. It was probably something very faint to most people or even unnoticeable, but I could smell this sharp almost tangy thing that's not a food smell or something on his hands or breath, but maybe a faint sweat or something. These smells are very erotic and guys should really pay more attention to them. I mean it's easy to smell cum and crotch sweat and stuff, and that's hot too, but just body odor (I don't mean just slob stink, but the natural smell of a clean man) is a fucking turn on.

Well, wasn't that interesting? No, sir, it really was not. Oh well, fuck it. Back to sex. The hotel basement used to be a must stop for cruising here, and there were certain times of the day when you should just fucking drop what you're doing and zoom over there, like shift change at the nearby manufacturer, when several of those guys were regulars at the tearoom, and 11:00 at night for some fucking reason, maybe by mutual consent, or maybe there was a notice in the newspaper, I don't know, but there was action then. So a few stories about that place.

First of all, I met the flower guy there for the first time. He left a message on the wall, and it was kind of intriguing, so I called him and we arranged to meet there one afternoon, and I did. There wasn't much to the meeting, until I started sucking his big cock for the first time and it just seemed enormous, and I couldn't really deep throat that big hose at that time, but I learned that he loved to force it into my throat, and he stood there over me sitting on the stool just fucking his cock hard into my mouth and trying just to cum fast down my throat, which turned out to be pretty much fun for me too. He didn't really say much when he came, but he has a habit of sucking in short gasps of air through his teeth when he starts to cum, which I didn't know then until he started doing it. Then he pumped his load into my mouth and I swallowed it and he moved around to the side of the stool beside the wall and watched me jack off, and he grabbed my cock and stroked it really hard and fast, but that's not my favorite way to get really hard and blow, so I just took it back over and shot my cum out towards to door, but up in the air really high, so it just splattered on the floor of the stall. It was fun. We met there again a few times, and he would suck my cock, too, but if I started to cum he'd pull off and just watch the spurts fly out, and if he got any cum in his mouth by accident, he'd spit it out on the floor. Well, I guess I can't blame him, I mean swallowing is a personal thing, I guess, but most guys wanna get the cocksucker to take their load and swallow it, maybe it's part of the commitment, or maybe it's just plain fucking hot, I don't know, but I feel the same way. I want my load swallowed, but I don't get pissed or anything, and I've fucking jacked off many loads into the open air.

Then I'm there one time at a shift change, and there's this kid in the last stall being pretty aggressive with his cruising, but for some reason I was being cautious, I mean kinda nervous. I can't really put my finger on it, but sometimes I just get a sense of danger, like maybe it's a cop, or a fag basher or something (I mean a bad sense of danger, not the kind of danger tearoom cruisers expect), like he's not being as cautious as a real cruiser would normally be, you know? So, it turned out I didn't have any reason to be alarmed, but I was just going slow, until he finally puts his hand down and he's holding a gay porno magazine that's sorta softcore, like Blueboy or something, only unmistakable, and he offers it to me to look at. Now I'm being polite, so I take it and leaf through it and it was nothing special, but OK, and I hand it back, but of course now we both know what's going to happen, but then some other guy comes in and takes the third stall and just sits there. So my little sense of worry comes back, and I eventually just left the room without doing anything. So I hang around for a while and go up and have a drink or something, then go back, and now the third guy has moved to the center stall, so I think, fuck it, and I take the end stall and stroke my cock. Then the center guy gets up and leaves and we can hear the door close and the first guy bends down and looks at my shoes and starts talking to me. So he's saying things like, I wanna suck your cock, which is of course good, but hell my jeans are down and my cock is up and I'm working up my load, so I just stay there and wait for him. Then he comes out of the stall and quietly walks over and looks through the crack of the door at me leaning way back with my butt right on the edge of the stool so my cock is bumped up and I must say even to me it looked like it was about 10 fucking inches long. And this guy turns out to have a strawberry blond short beard and he's peeking in real close and going, Oh yeah. Great cock, man, lemme suck it. Cumon lemme suck it. So I'm teasing him just a little bit, holding my cock with just two fingers at the base and waiving it sideways, and it is just fucking huge and throbbing and I spread my knees apart as far as possible so it seems like I am just ALL COCK and he's breathing really hard and I say This cock? You mean you want to suck THIS cock? Is this the cock you mean? This big fucking cock? And he's going, Yeah man, I wanna suck that cock, lemme have your cock. So this repartee is going fairly well, I think, and I decide to get out and join him at the urinals where I did the dancer, and he is already over there when I open the door with my cock sticking out of my open jeans like a bowsprit or something, and THE THIRD GUY IS JUST STANDING THERE GRINNING AT ME! Hey! Fuckhead! I thought he had left! But he didn't, I guess he just faked the door thing and was hiding behind the partition or somewhere, I don't think the bearded guy knew he was there either. And worse, he's a troll and this is not fucking fun at all, and my cock is not easy to hide under those circumstances, but I just force it back into my jeans and fucking button up and say Asshole kinda under my breath and I just leave and I'm mad as hell and just not in the mood anymore. Shithead.

Well, I saw the bearded guy again another day at shift change, and his cock was pretty nice. It was really hard and think, kinda short, but his pubic hair was just kinda all-over, I mean like there was no distinct starting or stopping place for it, it just merged with his other body hair. So I let him suck my cock cuz he asked for it, and he took my cum in his mouth but then spit it out and asked if I sucked dicks. Well, maybe I was just being selfish, or else I was not turned on anymore or something, but I didn't want to suck his meat, it just looked like a lot of work at that moment, so I lied and said no. But that didn't seem to bother him, he just went ahead and jacked off sitting on the stool with me in the corner by the wall, and blew a nice load all over the floor. He seemed like a nice guy and he did suck my cock, but I never saw him again.

Once I went in and sat in the middle stall to cruise the guy in the end stall, and I don't seem to be getting much reaction, but there was a hell of a lot of noise. So I look under a few times, but really didn't see much, and he is just not "talking" to me at all. But he's wearing jeans and sneakers and seems young, just judging by his clothes and slim legs, and he's doing something in there cuz there's just a lot of activity, like clothes moving and shifting around on the stool and the lid on that stool creaks a lot and stuff. So I finally decide that history demands that I find out what the fuck is going on. So I bend WAY over, and guess what? There's another pair of feet in the stall, standing where I usually do in the corner, kinda behind the stool. All is now made clear, and it becomes my chief objective to introduce these guys to a threeway. But I'm not sure if they are paying attention, so I go out and stand in the room across from their door (I mean, I didn't want to BOTHER them), and the kid standing up reaches over and opens the door. So that's cool. But it was not what it seemed. I take a step forward and the door closes. I step back and it opens again. Oh. I'm not invited to join, just to watch. Well . . . OK. So I do. And these guys are really young, like the kind of guys they hire as waiters upstairs (but I don't know their age, they are just fucking young), and they are not exceptionally cute, but they are having a really good time with each other anyway. The kid on the stool is blowing the other kid, of course, but they both have their jeans up and dicks just sticking out the fly, so it's really hard for me to see their young meat, especially when the sucker's long blond hair falls around his face and hides the cock he's sucking. And I could have taught him something about technique, he's just bobbing on that dick and holding it at the base, and his cheeks are puffed out, not sucked in, like he's taking the term blowjob literally. His friend is just standing there looking down, reaching out with one hand to hold the door open and holding his tee shirt up with the other, and he is acting like trade and like he's really just a bystander. So I could show him something too. But from what I can see, both these boys have small dicks, which doesn't mean they can't shoot, and it is kinda cool to see these kids having fun. But the standing guy starts to cum pretty fast and tilts his head up with his eyes closed, biting his lower lip, and he doesn't say anything, but groans a little, and he doesn't even shove his hips forward, just lets the blond kid take his load. Course I don't know that it wasn't the best orgasm of his life, but it didn't look like anything special to me. And you wouldn't think such young guys would be used to an audience all that much, so it ought to be pretty hot for them, right? I dunno. He cums and the door closes, I didn't get to see the other kid cum or if he swallowed the guys sperm or what happened, I guess I ran out of tokens or something cuz the show was over. I slowly left and kinda hung around outside by my car, and I did see these boys come out of the hotel, laughing and kinda punching each other, and they had their baseball caps on backwards like they do and got into some old car and just drove away. Well, it was fun to watch kids have some public sex, even if I didn't get much out of it.

OK, so lemme hear from you guys, OK?