Sex in Public 16

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

The names of the guys in my stories are all their real names, at least the names they gave to me, except for that Tom guy in New York. I just can't fucking remember his name so I just gave him one. I think it was Kyle, or Kevin, maybe. He was a really cool guy with an enormous dick that I personally found to be highly suckable.

OK, so I put my ICQ number up and a number of guys have contacted me there, so that's cool. And I have some more e-mails from some guys too. But I'm stringing these stories out a little for the archivist's sake, so that's getting me fucked up cuz I can't remember whether I already posted something or it's waiting to be submitted, and then some guy writes me something about it, and I'm like, Whoa! Shit, how did he know that? But I guess I just killed way too fucking many brain cells thinking about why guys like big cocks or something, cuz this really isn't all that deep.

OK, so I guess we're still in the hotel basement (man, what could I have made of myself if I hadn't spent so fucking much time down there?) One of the guys there was one of those assholes who tried to take my wallet, but I'm over that now and have completely forgotten it. And there were always notes from guys staying in the hotel with their room numbers and stuff, and I met a couple of them too, but that's pretty hit and miss, I mean, maybe somebody else checked into that room since the message was posted. That would be bad.

OK, so I'm sitting there one night and some pretty well dressed guy comes in and takes the center stall and gives me some taps, so I respond and he just gets up and comes around outside. Well, I guess that's OK, I mean, I get to see what he looks like through the door crack, and he's fairly good looking, late thirties, maybe, small build but nicely dressed. And he's grabbing the crotch of his slacks and gripping the base of his cock so it sticks out sideways, and it looks pretty big, but you know that can be a little deceiving, but I stand up so he can see my cock better and maybe he'll know if it's on his shopping list, and I guess it is cuz he wants in. OK, that's cool, so I open the door and he comes in and takes my favorite corner behind the stool, and just stands there like, doing nothing. Well he's been pretty aggressive so far, as tearoom cruisers go, so this is a little bit strange, but I guess maybe he is trade or something and just wants me to do him. I can do that. So I unbuckle his belt for starters and start in on his slacks, and it's like a fucking chastity belt or something, I mean this guy has more snaps and buttons and fasteners and zippers, and I'm like a high school kid trying to unhook his first fucking bra, I mean what oughta be a simple peripheral motion turns out to be a fucking enterprise, plus I'm doing it all facing him, which is backwards for me of course, so I have to use both hands and I'm unscrewing these fucking buttons and shit. And he just stands there, and I think, Hey! Get your own fucking pants open, dipshit! But I'm horny enough to let these little obstacles go on by, and then I get to his underwear. Boxers? Briefs? Fuck no. Nothing simple, these fuckers are imported from Uganda or someplace and they are like a fucking defense contractor designed them. Shit THEY have buttons and double flys and god knows what all, and I think, man how does this guy piss? He'd have to have a big head start on it cuz the storage provisions for this cock are mighty complicated. At one point, I tried to just pull these fuckers down, but no, they have some kind of tailored waist or or maybe have a drawstring or hooked up to suspenders or something I've never seen before, and finally, I just sit back and study the problem. How can I get out of this? If it wasn't for that big cock sticking sideways under all that drapery, I'd have just given fucking up. But I regroup and try a different plan of attack, and eventually I get these things open. So now his cock flops out, and it is pretty big, about like mine, and it's good looking, too, not too much hair, smooth balls but not shaved, cut, springing out pretty aggressively. Very suckable. So I do, and his cock is hard but still a little bit flexible, you know, perfect for sucking, so I think maybe all that entry work might be worth it, and my cock, unattended through all this pre-suck preparation, comes back to fairly hard, and I spread my legs and hunch my butt up so it sticks up and out and my cock just looks pretty fucking huge, and my cockring outlines the base and just makes it look awesome, I think anyway, but this guy just ignores it. Well, OK, so I'll just blow him and jack off later or something, I guess I can handle that, shit, I've done it a hundred times before. But it's not like I'm disappointed or anything, I mean sucking big cocks is worthwhile all by itself, and I'm having a pretty good time swallowing his big cock and it is curving down my throat perfectly, and my hands on his ass are encouraging him to hunch his cock into me in little short fucking thrusts, which get the big cockhead down bit by bit deeper into my throat, so that's gotta be good. But, even though tradey cocks can be fun, I'm hoping for a little interaction, you know?

So I lean back on the stool a little and take his cock with me cuz it is fucking buried in my body and he just can't pull it out cuz I've got it plugged past the gag point and my tongue and lips are all fucking over it and I don't know anyone who would take his dick out of my A game blowjob. So while I'm leaning back a little, and my legs are wide fucking open and he's standing between them and I curl my butt up and my hips rise up a little and I use one hand to press my cockring down making my cock pop up, and it's coming up off the seat and just sticking out in front of me and it's about 3 feet long and taking up all the air in that fucking stall. And now I've got him leaning over a little to keep his cock buried, and he can't help but grab my cock, if only to move it out of the fucking way. So this actually works, and he reaches down and grabs my big thick shaft with his left hand, and FINALLY grabs the back of my head with his other hand, maybe just to keep both of us from falling backwards off the stool or something, but now he's jacking that big fucker and pulling my head onto his cock, where it pretty well already was, but I just get fucking OFF on guys fucking their cock into my mouth with their hands pulling my head all the way down their shaft.

The handjob is nothing special, but the facefuck is, and we're both into this thing now, and his open pants and whatever the fuck that underwear thing is are closing around the sides of my face as he just crams his crotch into my mouth and he's bending over me farther and farther as we go, but then he lets go of my cock and wraps both arms around my head, which is good, and rears back while thrusting his hips forcefully against my mouth, and my upper jaw is forced against his pubic bone hard (gee, my teeth must have hurt on that fucker), but I have my tongue stuck out so I can feel his cum pumping up his stalk, and he just freezes there until those involuntary muscles start contracting and he's forcing shots of semen into my throat. And with us not moving at all, I can feel each shot power its way up his cumtube, from the very bottom of his cock all they way to the head and into me, and it is fucking cool. And I'm making these little soft moaning sounds just loving this cumming cock, and he's holding my head tight against him while he fills me up with maybe 5 or 6 wads before he slowly takes it out so I can breathe, which I do strong through my nose so I don't have to let go of this cock. And I milk it pretty good with my tongue to make sure I have all the cum I can get, and it softens really fast, I mean like one second it's a two by four swelling thicker in my throat with each wad, and the next it's just a little straw at the tip of my tongue. And then he pulls out and starts this elaborate predressing routine with that fucking underwear. HEY! SHITHEAD! SEE THIS HUGE FUCKING COCK? WHAT ARE WE GONNA TO DO ABOUT IT? Nothing, I guess. He smiles and says thanks, and starts out the door, and I'm like halfway lying on the stool with my legs wide apart and my cock sticking up like the handle on a pullcart, and then he turns around and says, in this real cultivated voice, Would you like to come have a drink? Yes. Yes, I fucking would. So I pull myself up, get my cock wedged inside my jeans, and follow him up to the bar upstairs, where he buys us a few drinks and we talk and stuff, and really had a pretty good time, even though there was no funny business there in the bar. So I thought, well, this was nice, I guess, for both of us, even though I would liked to have shot a load or two somewhere in close proximity to this guy's face, but it was fun in the bar anyway.

So it's pretty late, and I tell him I'd better get back, and I mean home, but I guess he thought I mean the basement, so he says I'll join you. Well, that's just about as good as Let's go, so we go back to the head, and I not sure what I think about this, I mean I would do this cock anytime and anywhere, but man, it's my fucking turn to cum, you know? So we go back to the same stall and I'm in first and unbuckle as I'm turning around to sit down and he just lifts me up off the stool and says, My turn. YES! YES, IT FUCKING IS YOUR TURN! And I'm just the guy to give it to you. And he doesn't take his cock out, but kneels down in front of me and pops the buttons on the 501s fast by just ripping out and down from the top, and my meat just springs out and directly into his mouth. So I put my hands behind his head like I like to have done to me, and start a pretty serious facefuck. But this guy is not a deepthroat artist and my dick gets blocked at the back of his mouth, which means I don't get that much length into him, but he grabs the base of my dick and jacks it while he's sucking, so overall, I'd say my cock was responding positively. And pretty soon, I tell him to get ready, which is just a polite way to say if he doesn't eat cum, he'd better pull off, but he stays down on my cock, and he's sucking pretty hard, which I like, and I start gasping and the first shot escapes from my cock without any warning, even to me, I mean it's like I didn't feel the trigger first, it just was, like, Up periscope let's have a look around, but then the regular cumming contractions and stuff kick in and I blow 7 or 8 wads into his mouth. So that was good. And he just takes my load without complaining or anything and swallows it and licks off my cock and pulls it out of his mouth and just looks at it like he's judging a rose or something, and sorta hands it back to me and says, Thanks man, I've never done that before. Hmmm. Never? Well, if that's true, it was a rookie of the year blowjob. And he didn't even take his cock out (but that would have been quite a project, I guess), we just get up and leave, and he's staying at the hotel, and I went home and never saw him again, of course, but I had fun anyway.

So, lemme know if you wanna read any more stuff.