Sex in Public 17

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

OK, back again. Well, I've been talking to lots of guys who read this stuff, and shit, their stories are a lot more interesting than mine, maybe I oughta just copy what they tell me. It would probably get a lot more guys off than anything I tell about. Some of those guys have been cruising since a time whence the memory of man runneth not to the contrary, and they were into some very major scenes, but most of my stuff has just been one or two guys, I think three other guys at most (except for that jackoff club in NYC). Man do I ever have a fucking lot to learn.

OK, this is out of order, I guess, but since there is no fucking order to this, I guess I'm not breaking any federal laws or anything, but I just got back from the college, where I went this afternoon feeling a little "anxious" if you know what I mean, and guess what? It turned out to be freshmen orientation day! Man, I am so fucking happy about this excursion I can hardly stand myself. I just can't fucking tell this fast enough. So the tearooms I usually cruise there are up by where they have some of the hospitality and stuff and it's fairly busy with guys coming and going and stuff, and I'm in the handicap stall getting warmed up. So I look up and out the door crack across to the right side stall across the room, and now there is a pair of sandals in there with dark olive shorts down on the floor around this guy's feet. OK, so I didn't see the guy go into the stall, but I can see that he's leaning over from time to time sideways to look out through his door crack, and that's usually positive for cruising. Lots of guys coming and going, so both of us are watching, I guess, and I'm using some KY and my jeans are down all the way with my knees spread apart and I'm working up a pretty good stiff cock, although the room is pretty hot and it's not just too gi-normous to handle.

So my stall was one that was remodeled from two old ones, and it so happens that the door crack is exactly in front of the stool, so anyone who wants to look from across the room is staring right at my crotch and whatever is sticking up from it. Which it is. My cock, I mean. And I'm kinda putting on a show for this guy, even though I can't really see him, but I can see that he's looking pretty constantly over at me. So I slide my butt down towards the edge of the stool, spread my legs even wider and rock my feet out to the outside edges, and I'm taking long, exaggerated strokes on my cock, like clear up past the head and then way back down to under my balls, plenty of KY, and it's slick, and smooth and just fucking fun to play with. Sometimes I reach around it with my right hand upside down on it, like my thumb is on the bottom of my cock instead of the top, and sometimes I lay it flat against my thigh and up across my leg, and it's just a lewd cocktease I'm putting on, partly becuz there's not much we can do until guys leave, and partly to encourage some interaction, and partly becuz it's just fucking hot to do.

So in maybe 15 minutes of this, the room has cleared out pretty well, and my would-be boyfriend is still there, but I really haven't seen him do anything except watch. So my little show gets a little more aggressive and I'm grabbing the base of my cock down at the cockring and waiving it a little and stuff. FINALLY, this guy stands up and turns about 45 degrees in the stall, and just stands there, but I can't see anything inside his stall or anything, just the position of his feet. Slowly he leans toward the door crack and now I can see his arm moving along his cock, although I can't make out any details, but it's obvious that he's showing me his cock and jacking it off. Which is very, very good. Then I glance up at the top of his door and I can see his eyes, but his feet are still flat on the ground, so this guy is tall. Good looking dark brown hair in a pretty nice haircut, parted kinda high on one side, lots of thick hair, and beautiful dark eyes under even eyebrows. And most of all, YOUNG! I mean this guy looks so young from what I can see that I have just a little moment of worry. I panic just for an instant and think, shit now what? Man I am not looking for jail bait, hell I'm not even interested in it. So I start thinking if there's any way to sort this out before I get committed to it or something, and I notice he's got a student union bookstore bag on the floor of the stall. Every freshman there has one of these bags, like they each got one full of their orientation stuff, so now I'm a little relieved, cuz at least it seems like maybe he's at least 18, 17 minimum (which is legal here, although I still don't go for it). Besides, now I'm pretty fucking horned out, so I decide to pursue it, man I can still back out anytime I need to. So I pack up, leave my cock out of my open jeans again, hidden by my little traveling bag of literature and lube and stuff, and move across to the left side stall, the one with the mirror tiles. And my jaw needs to be rehinged when I see this kid. He is just drop dead gorgeous, tall and slim and fucking beautiful, and he's got on an orange tee and these shorts and sandals and when he leans back to let me see his cock in the reflection, I can only see the end of it, but it's thick. And I let him see mine pretty well in the reflection, and sit on the stool and look under the wall at his feet, and his legs are fucking trembling! They are shaking like mine sometimes do when I'm fucking my rod into some guy as fast and hard as I can, and I'm thinking, ut oh, sure hope he's not losing his load just jacking off, THAT'S MY SPERM KID! LEAVE IT ALONE! So man, I think I have to act fast to save this wad from getting wasted, so I get up and exit, go right in front of his door and look in and say, Wanna blow your load in my mouth? And he says Huh? So I repeat, and he just nods, so I say, Let's go upstairs. He says, Where? Like he didn't hear me or something, so obviously he doesn't know about the little head, the one-holer on the next floor. So I tell him there's a bathroom upstairs, let's go there and I'll suck his cock. And while this little dialogue is happening, I'm just struck stupid by his good young looks, even though he looked quite a bit older than I thought when I could only see his eyes. He's got a short growth of beard all over his face, but he is one hot looking motherfucker. He's young and tall and cute and slim and has round wire rim glasses and his cock still looks nicely thick.

So I go out and kinda lead the way upstairs, although you really can't miss it, and I go on into the one-stall room and he follows me in, but when he gets to the door of the stall, he sorta hesitates, like he doesn't know what to do. I think this is HIS FIRST FUCKING TIME! So I invite him in and I've already got my cock out, so he is standing there facing me and opens his shorts up, pulls down the front of his boxers to just under his dick, not under his balls, and gives his cock a few strokes. But all this time, he's acting really nervous and hesitant, so I decide to sorta reassure him or something, and I reach out and just cover his cock with my hand and pull him toward me with my other hand around on his butt, and I drop down to the stool. He's just taking real short breaths in through his teeth and not really groaning, but more like feeling good whimpering. So I don't want him to bolt or anything, so I just go immediately down on his thick cock. It's as thick as mine, but shorter, maybe 5-1/2 to 6", and it's just a beautiful cut cock on a tall young kid and I start getting it wet as I put more into my mouth with each thrust, which takes only about 4 times to get clear down to the base and just cram my nose up against his public bone, and this kid isn't thrusting or anything, but he doesn't know what to do. I mean he doesn't put his hands anywhere, his hips aren't thrust out or moving, and his muscles are really tight. I got both hands in the waistband of his boxers and pull them down his hips so all of it is well past his balls, and I encircle them with my right hand and pull them down pretty tight, and use my left hand to get behind him and pull his butt in to start slamming my mouth. Man, his ass is just tense and hard like he's just rigid or something, but I put my fingers on his tailbone and start driving it toward me and he just lets it happen, he doesn't really start facefucking me at all.

Now I wouldn't know if he's never been blown before, but from his reaction, I would say he's never been deepthroated before, cuz he's just in awe of this really fairly simple blowjob I'm giving him, and he's just whispering Oh, oh, oh, Jesus, like that, like when you fucked the very first time and weren't really sure what it was going to feel like, and you're just going to shoot your load before you even have a chance to experience it. So it looks like he's having trouble holding back, and he is, cuz he says, Man, I just don't think I can last. So I pull off just to say, Blow it in me, man. And he's incredulous. He says, In your mouth? with that tone of amazement, and I nod. So there are maybe 5 or 6 more thrusts, mostly me bobbing my head down on his cock, and he whispers, I'm gonna cum now. Real polite, like. So I bury his thick dick down my throat and nothing happens. So I take two more long very long toungey sucks up and down his cock with my very most sincere sucking, and I feel my teeth kinda scraping so I pull them back and I am going to have this young cock as deeply into my body as is humanly possible, and that's just the way it's going to fucking be. I'm pulling these young balls down and just taking a little bitty feel up past the base of his cock toward his asshole, and the pubic hair is pretty thick down there. And I am really not having too much trouble getting this thick young cock all the way down and he starts to shoot. He is just standing there with his forceful cock in my mouth, not thrusting or anything, just hard and thick, making his little quiet Oh, oh, sounds, and starts flooding my mouth with cum. So I have my tongue stuck out down to his balls just so I can feel his cockshaft expand and squeeze as his cumpump goes off, and it is one major fucking deal. The base of this kid's cock is like majorly pumping with a huge expansion with every shot and it just feels so fucking cool on my tongue and lips. I don't know how many wads of cum he injected into my mouth, but it took quite a while, relatively speaking, and even though I didn't have any trouble swallowing, I'd say it was a fairly big load. And it really did taste sweet. A lot of stories talk about how young cum tastes sweet, and I suppose it does, but I don't think it's just becuz the guy is young, I think it has more to do with what he's eating and drinking and stuff, and kids bodies just handle that stuff better, I guess. Anyway, it was nice tasting cum.

So he shot into my mouth several times, which is of course always good, and when I think he's done, I am about to pull back and let go of his balls, and I feel the cockroot swelling up again like he's blowing more cum into me, which he fucking does. And that happens a couple more times, so I'm not fucking sure anymore when he's done cumming. Then his little cumming sounds just keep going on and I'm sucking and it just keeps on and I don't know when to fucking stop. So finally I just take a chance, figuring it would probably be OK if he shoots a wad or two on my face, and his cock is as hard as ever, but when I do pull off, I guess he is done. Now the kid's legs are shaking and he's taking these really deep breaths while I'm giving some finishing licks and deep sucks to his cock, give his balls a few squeezes, grab his ass a couple of times, shit like that. Then I stand up.

My cock is not really all that hard, but it is hanging there looking enormous and the kid is staring at it and obviously does not know what to do. He doesn't even pull his boxers up or anything, he's just waiting for me to tell him, I guess. So I take his cock in both hands, squeeze it and pull it with little farewell strokes and ask him if he has another load. And he kinda stutters and says he doesn't think so, but he's just staring at my cock, and reaches over and takes it and jacks it slowly. So I say, Wanna suck my cock? Like to get things going, and he is so cute, he says, I, uh, I don't know, I wasn't . . . Just trails off, but I know kinda what he's saying, so I say, Hey, it's OK, you don't have to. But if you have another load, bring it back here for me, OK? And he nods and pulls up his boxers and shorts and leaves quickly. And I really thought he might be back, so I waited around downstairs for another half hour or more, but no one showed up and I jacked off a pretty nice load of really big, thick drops on the stall door and floor before I left and came home.

This guy was just so sweet and wonderful and young and I know he really liked my blowjob and I treated him nicely and tried to make this a fun thing for him, cuz I know the first time you have another guy blow you, it can be a little scary. So now he's completed his freshman orientation and I got him orientated myself. But I AM going to see this kid around there again if it kills me, and I AM going to swallow as much of his young cum as I possibly can. Oh yes. He will be mine.

So, write me. Maybe next time I'll finally get to the gloryholes, I dunno. If I keep getting distracted by young guys with stiff dicks, maybe not. ICQ 28871283