Sex in Public 18

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well, when that kid at orientation seemed nervous, but followed me upstairs and into the stall anyway, it made me think about getting caught. I mean, having sex in public places naturally entails the risk of being seen and perhaps caught by some asshole in authority, like a cop or something, and that is certainly a bummer. So I have not been caught by anyone like that, but there have been a few interesting situations.

Like Marty and I were in a poolhall/bar one night and shooting pool, which we are both pretty good at, and kicking ass most of the time, and having some drinks and stuff and it's pretty much fun, but having to stand around there and watch his tight little ass bending over the pool table and stretching and stuff is just bothering me a little, and I'm feeling more "anxious" all the time, if you know what I mean, so eventually we adjourn to the mensroom, which is just a twoholer, with a stool and a separate urinal, but no partitions at all, and I swoop down on his cock and kinda working it up as fast as possible, but some guy came in cuz we forgot to lock the fucking door. Well, I stood up, of course, and I had not dropped to my knees, so I guess it wasn't that obvious, but most people would certainly have known what we were doing, although this guy didn't seem to react, maybe he was drunk or something, plus he kinda weaved around and ended up pissing in the sink while Marty and I stood in front of the fixtures pretending to piss. I guess the sink made it a threeholer, but I just had not fucking thought of that before. That reminds me of a guy at work who was telling me about his small hometown bar where the sinks were installed five feet off the floor. Now that is some careful planning.

Then we were in the gloryhole arcade and we were both pretty faced, and Marty just does not like sticking his cock through a hole. He's scared something bad will happen to it on the other side, and probably we all don't want that to happen, but really I have never had any problem, so I say, shit, man, I'll get on the other side, and that's just about gotta be good, right? So I do. And this turns out to be like his first time and he just flies off the fucking handle, man he is apeshit over this GH action, even though he knows it's just me on the other side. Course, being "just me" is pretty fucking awesome when it comes to sucking cocks through GHs. And then he's slamming his hips against the wall and just fucking this goddamn hole like it was a sheep or something. And I thought, Jesus, man, this has to hurt his balls, just banging them hard against some plywood, but they were his balls, not mine, so, fuck it. And his big young cock is running down my throat like usual, and this is pretty fucking fun, I mean, knowing it's Marty's first GH and he's really getting off on it, and hell, I am into gloryholes in a major way anyway, even though I know it's Marty's meat, but it's a great cock anyway, and I can make that motherfucker cum just about at will, cuz I know it so well and he knows my mouth so well, and they just fucking FIT together. But Marty is fucking yelling as he gets into his blowjob, and he's pounding the fucking wall and just raising fucking hell in there, and I am trying to be discrete (as least as much as a gloryhole arcade demands), and he's just yelling at me to suck his cock and eat his cum and take his huge load, and on and on, and this is just not favored GH etiquette. I mean, you are supposed to keep fucking quiet and just unload, but he's making a big production out of it, and then the store guy comes in.

This is the guy who mans the front counter, and although they always leave you alone in the arcade, he fucking comes back to see who's tearing down the fucking walls and of course it's Marty. And I guess it would not have bothered me if Marty got kicked out of a GH arcade, but in this case, I'M THE GUY ON THE OTHER END OF HIS COCK! And I really don't think it would be dignified as befits my stature to be thrown out of a fucking gloryhole arcade. So this guy knocks on the booth door and tells Marty, something like, I know you guys are having a good time, but don't punch any new holes in there or I'll have to ask you to leave. So Marty says OK, and I'm still sucking his cock while this is going on, I mean, why the fuck not? If I'm gonna get thrown out, I may as well eat a load first. But anyway, the guy leaves without putting us in handcuffs or anything, and Marty returns to facefucking me through the hole and now he's just concentrating on the feeling of getting his cock all the way into me, cuz of course you can't see your cock being sucked like this, so it forces your attention on how it feels and whatever your brain is telling you. And I can't see what he's doing with his body, but his cock keeps coming through the hole at different angles, so he's gotta be swiveling his hips and arching back and stuff. And I don't think I make too much noise sucking cock, but in those little closets it seems like a lot, but I'm trying to keep it down to maintain the illusion that the arcade is for therapeutic purposes only, and guys really don't actually have sex right there in public or something.

But then Marty is cumming and he yells this whisper out to tell me, I mean you coulda heard that whisper in any of the surrounding states, and he usually doesn't even bother to announce his wad, but this time he does, shithead, but I like his cum so I just stay down on his cock and let him pump it into me, and it's good, as usual. He pulls back fairly soon after his last blast down my throat, stuffs his still huge cock into his jeans, and exits. So do I, not even having let my dick see the light of the video screen, and we get into the arcade area and there's several guys cruising there and they're all grinning at us and staring at Marty's bulging cock in his jeans, and at my cock in my jeans. And a couple of them take the booths we just left.

A couple of times I've seen rent-a-cops take a quick look into a mensroom I've been in, but those times, at least, I was either alone or not cruising, so it was nothing. BREAK. OK, I took a little break from the computer just now and to my amazement, I found myself in the college tearoom again (how the fuck did I get here?), when in comes the flower guy, just like we had it planned or something. So it takes us about three nanoseconds (since I don't know what those are, it is a convenient measurement) for us to get together in the handicap stall. And he had his cockring, but he had to put it on, so he does while I'm sitting on the stool waiting to get his meat stuffed into my mouth, and my own cock is stretching the inside diameter of that steel fucking cockring, it is so hard and huge, and while the flower guy is suiting up with the cockring I gave him a few months ago, I just have this enormous blue steel hardon out there, so I'm giving it a pretty good display, with the usual spread legs, curled up butt, rising hips, push the ring down, and man, my cock has never looked bigger. It's really less than 8" probably, but it is fucking awesome when I look at it, and I just wanna eat it up, like I could have a clone made and just suck my cock whenever I wanted. That would be cool. But I don't have a clone, and that would be the only way I'm ever going to suck my own cock, so I'm just gripping it tight and giving my cock these tiny little strokes to just keep it right on the fucking edge, while this guy seems to be having trouble counting his balls. I mean he just doesn't seem to know when he's got two of them through there, and then one or more of them keeps popping back through when he tries to stuff his dick in. So he's got maybe one ball and one dick in, or one dick only, or maybe some balls, or something else (but I'm pretty sure there was never more than one dick). And I'm sitting there waiting to blow his cock with mine screaming out for some careful handling, and he can't handle this fucking cockring, and his cock is getting bigger, which doesn't help, and I kinda want to slap his hands away and just fucking do it myself. Man, do I have to do EVERYTHING? And then he squeezes one or more of his balls too hard and gasps from pain and says Oh shit that hurt, and I'm waiting. Maybe it will be pretty fucking cool to just spurt a few cumshots up onto his cock from here, maybe provide a little lubrication for this equipment malfunction. I'm about ready to pursue this plan when FINALLY he's got the steel in place and shuffles over to present his cock to my lips. So I take it and the usual blowjob ensues, but I don't pull his balls since he pretty much already maxed out on that himself. So he's standing in front and there's about 8" of steel pipe rising from the steel ring and getting shoved pretty hard down my throat, which we all know by now is pretty fucking awesome. Then some guy opens the outer door and comes into the mensroom.

Ooops. Now what? The flower guy has been ramming me pretty hard and pretty fast, and I could shoot just anytime I want or even don't want, and there's a third guy about five feet away and we don't know who he is or anything. But when the door opened, of course we reacted instantly, I mean tearoom cruisers have to be ready for that sort of thing. And the flower guy stepped to the wall side of the stool immediately, so maybe his shoes aren't showing, but we don't really know about that. And when he moved, his cock was pulled out and is just waiving there looking really wet and juicy and super hard. Then we waited, no sounds or anything, and the guy goes ahead and pisses, and pisses some more, and keeps on pissing, and we're waiting, and he's pissing, and I'm like, Christ, man, go see a doctor or something. So I think, fuck it, and I grab the cock in front of my face and stuff it back in, even though we're not really in a good position for deep throating, and can't move around much becuz of the noise, but that rigid fucker is there back by my back teeth when it starts spraying my mouth with cum. So now the flower guy is cumming and the other guy is pissing, and I'm just swallowing. But I can grip my meat. So I do. There's some telltale gasping, but he's holding his body absolutely still while he's shooting his load into me, and it's 6 or 7 pretty big pumps and maybe some more, but I don't have any trouble keeping up (man, I just don't know about those stories where the cocksucker can't swallow fast enough. Even huge loads really are not that much liquid, at least in my experience, I mean, no more than a good sized swig of beer or something, and the first bigger shots get swallowed pretty fast. I think it has to do with the cocksucker blocking his throat with his tongue or something, anyway, it's never been a problem for me). And I guess the guy is finished pissing, cuz now the hand drying machine is on and making lots of noise, so I think, fuck it again, I'm gonna cum. So I do, with a big hard cock blowing cum into my mouth, my cock starts blasting the door with these hard shots of my load and now, I do groan a little, I mean this has turned out to be a pretty hot scene for me, and I am fucking ready to cum. But the hand dryer drowned out my noises. And both of us get done cumming and start to calm down a little, and the guy is just standing there somewhere, maybe combing his hair or something, I don't know, but we really can't do much to pack up with him out there, so everybody waits. FINALLY, he starts walking to the door and just before it opens, we hear him say, Cool. That's all, just Cool. Cool.

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