Sex in Public 19

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well, if I don't stop going over to the college, I'll never fucking get to the gloryholes. But I had another first time experience there early this afternoon, so what the fuck? Why not tell about that? Hell, it's my fucking story.

OK, so I go into my favorite mensroom and kinda get settled there in the handicap stall, and guys are coming and going as usual. One kinda heavy guy cruises me a little from across the way, but I just have a rather flaccid feeling about him, so I just keep reading some literature. An adorable little blond kid shows up in those real long shorts and comes right over to the urinal right beside this stall, unbuckling as he goes, so I think there may be a chance he's going to show me his cock, but he doesn't, just pisses, but before he leaves the room, he's at the sinks and staring at my stall in the mirror, which I can see through the door cracks. So I'm trying to be encouraging, sorta giving my legs an obvious spread, shuffling my feet, looking back at him through the crack, etc. And he is just being fucking cute, and watching me back, and I think, shit, I should get up and follow this guy, but before I can reach down for my slacks, he's gone. A story about the one that got away.

So, anyway, I'm only there another five minutes or so when Marvin arrives. That's his name, Marvin. Kinda unusual for a young guy these days. But I met him at the riverfront park some time ago and I gave him a ride back into town after we had a little mutual jackoff session. Marvin is a tiny guy. He's only about 5'4" tall, and probably weighs maybe 120 or so, but most of that is dick, and he's in his mid twenties. Not cute, really, but OK to look at, and he's got an ass I have personally lusted for in my heart. Marvin cruises by the stall, changes course over to the urinals, backs up, maneuvers around by the sinks, changes gears, pays the right side stall a visit, exits, motors on over to the other sinks, passes the stall again, and finally pulls up beside the door crack and fingers his cock inside his shorts. While all this backing and filling is going on, I'm watching his little butt pretty close and letting him see anything I've got if he wants to, which I guess he does. So now we have established a mutual interest, made contact, and I'm about to get up and seal the deal, when some other guy walks in. He and Marvin must know each other, cuz they have a brief little chat and the other guys just washes his hands and leaves. OK. He was a regular size unit, little beard, but student age and not bad looking. So then I do get up, pull up my slacks, and exit, to join Marvin at the sinks, where he's trying to find his cock from the outside of his shorts, but of course that's not the way to do it, so I reach over and show him where it is by squeezing the hard shaft that is laying out sideways across his leg. Actually, it wasn't too difficult to find, since his cock and balls belong on a much larger person, I don't know how Marvin acquired them, but it was probably perfectly legal. So I select a toss up question, like, Want me to blow that for you? And he says, Sure. So I tell him to meet me upstairs. Just as I leave the room, the second guy comes back in and I just about run in to him. But Marvin follows me immediately, and I kinda let him get in front so I can look at his butt as we go upstairs, and I'd have to say, his butt was still killer bee.

We go into the little head, both right into the stall there, and his cock is out of his shorts, poking me in the thigh, before I can even get all the way in. I drop my slacks and free my cock, and Marvin slides back to the corner by the stool. Well, this is not where I wanted him, which was going to be in front of me while I sat on the stool, but his little body fits in there, so I think, fuck it, and I just sit down on the front of the stool facing him and the plumbing, take his thick cock and start sucking. Marvin's cock is very suckable, but it is unremarkable except for being thick and looking huge on his little body, and I really have no trouble getting it all in. But his little tummy and his perfect fucking butt are just fucking intoxicating. So his dick is pretty wide and suckable, and his balls are large and pullable, and his ass is very grabbable, and his tummy is quite rubbable. So I do. And then the other guy comes in the door. So we quit for a minute cuz we don't know what the fuck is going to happen, I mean I still have not thought up a good back up story for being caught with another guy in a bathroom stall. And the guy goes to the urinals, but does not pee. Turns out he's not there to pee. He's there to get his cock sucked. Cool.

So I am just stalling (hey, that's a good word for it), pulling a couple sets of balls, waiting on this guy to piss or leave or something, and Marvin leans way the fuck over and peeks out at the guy, and says, It's OK, I know this guy, and he unlatches the stall door. So the other guy moves in, Marvin moves out around in front of me, and the third guy just hauls his cock out of his fly. And the stall door is open cuz he's standing there. Even I have never had two other guys in a stall before, so this could be extremely cool, but I pull the new kid in so the door can close, and his cock, about the same size as Marvin's but a whole lot harder, is just sprouting out of his fly, no balls, no tummy, nothing to hold on to, but shit, I suck it all they way down anyway. Now this kid is a talker, and he's telling me how he wants it sucked, and how he's planning to shoot his cum into me, which again is O fucking K with me, and Marvin's jacking off and squirming around, so I reach over and pull his boxers down farther, reach around his slim hips and pull him close by the butt, while I'm searching for the other guy's balls, which I never fucking found becuz he wouldn't open his pants at all.

Then I have two very similar cocks poking me in the face and I'm alternating from one to the other, and these boys are getting fucking OFF on this, watching me blow each other, and the new guy is pretty greedy and kinds gets piqued when I pull off to get Marvin's cock in, and my cock is just sticking up there with no attention whatsoever. This double cocksucking is just fucking turning me on, and both boys are stroking my neck and grabbing my chin to turn it towards their cocks and pulling my head either down on their cock or shoving it down on the other guy's. And it's like, they need to help me suck the other guy's cock, but of course there's not much they can really do, except get their hands and cocks close, so each of them seems to be shoving the back of my head and the other guy's butt together. So hell, I just let them do it. Whoever wants it, gets it. So I'm sucking whichever cock gets shoved into my mouth, and letting the boys decide what they want, and sometimes I'm able to steal a stroke or two on my own cock, plus the new guy is fully clothed so running my hands around behind or through his legs is not as much fun as Marvin, where I can just fucking HAVE his ass all I want.

It has been scientifically proven with high statistical reliability that there is no fucking room in a bathroom stall, so it's not like these guys have to reach out much, but I'm pulling them in to my face a little anyway, and, believe it or not, it gradually dawns on me that these two cocks are both REALLY CLOSE TO MY MOUTH, and it's like slow motion or something, I just pull both cocks in at once and jam them in my mouth. I've got Marvin's ass and the other guy doesn't need any encouragement, he sees this happening and there is just no stopping it now, so both cocks are thrusting into my face at the same time. Well of course I can't suck paired cocks, but the heads are in my mouth and I am giving them a very sincere tongue/lip job, even if it only lasts for a few seconds, but the boys are just fucking wild about this, cramming as much in as possible, talking to me, getting off probably more on the thought of this happening than the actual cocksucking, I don't know, but the new guy finally takes over and announces he's going to cum, so I leave Marvin's cock, deep throat the other guy, and man, his fucking cock is blue steel, one of the hardest cocks I have ever touched, jamming in past the back of my mouth, unloading his cum, talking, Man, I'm cumming, swallow my load, take my fucking load you fucking cocksucker, I'm shooting it down your throat, suck that motherfucking cock, take it man take it. And so forth. So I do. And he's done cumming pretty fast, I mean his pumping was pretty rapid and then he's just finished, and his cum tastes OK, and I swallow it fast, but it's the kind of cum that really doesn't hang around much. And I would suck him again, but he just pulls back and zips up, and by that time, I'm already back on Marvin's dick.

Now I'm writing this at about midnight, and this shit happened at maybe 2:00 this afternoon, and I can still smell Marvin's smells all over my hands, even though I've washed them twice, been out to play cards, ate nasty cheese snacks and pizza and shit, and I've got Marvin's cock and balls and ass all over my fingers, and I kinda wondered what the guys I was playing bridge with thought about the ass smell on my hands, but they didn't seem to notice, or else were just too polite to say anything (but, shit, those guys have never been polite before), or maybe they just never smelled ass before or something, or maybe several decades of smoking has interfered with the ability to smell ass, I don't know. But I can smell it now, and it is fucking high, man, some of the smells I get from these little encounters last as long as any other memory.

So the new guy leaves, kinda hangs around out in the room for a while (I don't know why he didn't just stay there in the stall, nervous, I guess, or something, but later he opened the outer door to actually leave, which is a little alarming to us, which he knows, I guess, cuz he says, Hey, just me, keep going. Now that was polite.

Now I have Marvin and his cute ass to myself, and I'm pulling his cock into me by grabbing both cheeks and trying to get him to facefuck me. So I'm sucking really deeply and sliding my hand behind his balls towards his asshole, which I have to do sideways cuz he's so small my flat hand doesn't fit, and I give his hole some rubbing with the side of my index finger, and I'm homing in on the same place from the rear with my other hand around his hips, thick cock in my mouth, Marvin holding his tee shirt up and his little flat tummy just begging me to rub it too, but hey, I ONLY HAVE TWO FUCKING HANDS, so I just have to keep on keeping on, man. And sucking Marvin turns out to be a multimedia experience, I mean he pulls out, turns around, jacks his cock, wiggles his ass, kinda backs up towards me, reaches around to touch my face and neck, just moving all the time. I have never rimmed anybody before, and I wasn't ready to start then, even in the face of this butt that would look young on a 14 year old (and by the way, he really wasn't, . . . um, . . . well, . . . clean, you know? I was not turned on by the thought of putting my tongue up there right then). So I stood up, and I thought I would just kinda let my cock push up hard between his legs from behind while he's jacking off, I mean this seems to be what he wants. He's jutting his little butt out toward me, leaning on the far wall on one arm, bending over a lot. Well, you get the picture, but at the time, I just did not see that he wanted me to fuck him. I mean, there was no talk about it, the blowjob seemed to be hot, we had no rubbers, no lube (actually I did have some, but I didn't have it out cuz this had not occurred to me), and this little guy is offering his PRIMO ASS to me. So the angel I think probably fell over backwards from my shoulder at this point, and I just lose all reason and shove my cock up to his asshole.

Now I know this seems stupid looking back, but I did want to fuck this kid, and I think I probably would have if I could have lasted long enough to force my cock into his asshole. But I got the head of it to his hole and was pushing, and he's saying Just shove it in me, and I give it a few thrusts, but it's not going in, and I'm not sure I'm positioned properly so I say, Put this big motherfucker where you want it man, which both lets me off the hook if I'm wrong about fucking him, as well as lets him guide me into him if that's what he wants, which I think is really hot, I mean having your cock guided by somebody else. So I lean back to maybe get a better angle, put my hands on his hips, look down at this perfect little butt with my cock forcing its way between his legs, and my meat is up against his asshole somewhere close, and I move one hand around to help him hold his cock he's jacking, and I just have to cum RIGHT NOW! So I jerk back and start spurting and then I'm stroking and cum is flying up past his hips and hitting the wall and he turns a little to watch me cum, still bending over, and my left hand goes up his crack and grabs his balls from behind, and I pull them and squeeze around the base of his cock and balls while I'm shooting a big sloppy load on the walls and floor. So Marvin is still jacking off, or maybe he came already or something, I don't know, but everything is over quick. He just says, like, Hot, or something, pulls up his boxers and shorts, and leaves, and I don't even know if he got off or not. There's cum on the wall, so maybe he shot it there while my cock was up his crack, or maybe it was mine, I don't know, and I didn't have any reliable way to test it for cock of origin, so, who knows?

So I'm just standing there kinda cleaning up a little and getting my stuff together, and suddenly the little head is just fucking full of guys, like somebody's selling tickets out in the hall or something, and this is not convenient for washing my cock off at the sink, but at least we weren't disturbed with fellatio interruptus, which would have happened 30 seconds sooner, so that was good. And if anyone had come in while I had both those guys in my mouth, I would never have known it, and it was not something that could be hidden or easily explained. (Which reminds me of the guy who was cruising around down by the warehouses and stuff and a guy comes up and asks him if he wants to make $20, so the guy says yes and he's taken inside and left alone in a dark room with just a tiny spotlight on a chicken. So he's kinda wierded out by this but he thinks, hell, it's just a chicken, and it's dark, why not? So he fucks the chicken and leaves and gets his $20. So the next night he's cruising around again and sees this line of guys at a hole in the wall and a guy is collecting money from them, so he's goes up to see what's up and the guy says, "Hey buddy, only $5 to watch a guy fuck a chicken." I got a million of em.) But I had fun anyway. Fucking Marvin will be mucho fun, but I think a rubber and some lube is called for there, and I think it will be really fun to fuck him on his back, just kinda hunching into him, watching him jack off and just feeling pretty hot. He's wanted me to fuck him a couple of times already, and he keeps telling me how big my cock is and he's not really sure if he can take one that big and stuff (which I don't necessarily believe, but it's fun to hear) and just about got me into him this time, but I can't be had by trickery.

Then I had to drive to Cedar Fucking Rapids the other day and it's about 5,000 miles from here, and those assholes in Iowa keep their rest stops really nice, just like they don't even care that we have to suck cocks in them, so almost nobody does, I guess. I mean, I didn't find anyone there on either side of a cock who was willing to do anything. I cruised one young blond kid coming out of a stall, and he smiled and grabbed his dick, but then he just kept on going out to meet his parents, I suppose. Oh well, fucked again. And another thing. I was gonna go to the gloryhole place I read about on cruisingforsex while I was there, but those jerks in CR have about 4 different 1st Streets and 1st Avenues and stuff, and I think it's just so visitors can't find the fucking gloryholes. And I didn't, either. So if you live there or something, have them put up a big sign somewhere that directs you to the cocksucking. And don't write me all pissed off cuz you or your mother or somebody lives in Iowa or something. I'll do Iowa cocks just as fast as they become available.

OK, I'm still taking mail and I answer all of it, which turns out pretty cool, cuz now I'm getting pics and mpgs and stuff from different guys and talking with them on icq and stuff, and apparently convinced at least one guy to go out to the hardware store and buy a new cockring (man, I hope he was discreet and didn't just ask for the Cockring Department. We don't want the True Value guys putting them behind the counter). Which reminds me of something I forgot to tell about Maurice, the Conehead. He wanted to try on my cockring. He wanted me to take it off and let him put it on, or keep it or something, and I'm like, Well, . . . no. It's my fucking cockring, and while it might look pretty cool on him, I CAN'T FUCKING GET IT OFF WHEN MY DICK IS HARD, asshole, so quit pulling on it like you're gonna get it off, cuz there's a testicle issue here, you know?. So now I sometimes carry another one as sort of a demo I can let guys test drive. ICQ 28871283