Sex in Public 2

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well, I wrote that piece called Sex in Public about some of the shit I've experienced, but nobody said anything about it. Oh, well, fucked again. I am just gonna tell some more anyway. Let's see.

Every time I go to Chicago, I have to make some arrangements to get to the Bijou and spend a few hours upstairs cruising and sucking cocks. It's a maze of gloryhole booths of all types and sizes, some dark, some under the faint lights, some with clear plastic panels, some big enough for a small orgy. In the back they show fuck flicks in a bigger room with short walled cubicles in front of a dark orgy room. There's a sling there somewhere. The usual trolls, but I have found some major meat there.

I was there with Marty once with his big cock and cute ass, and of course a lot of guys were cruising him cuz you could easily see that meat down the leg of his jeans. Anyway I went downstairs to the head and opened a stall door and saw this killer cute black kid pressed up against the wall and his shorts are down around his feet with his perfect little black butt jutting out like they do. He turns his face around to look at me and flashed the cutest smile and pumps his hips into the big gloryhole there, like he's asking me to watch him getting sucked through the GH. So I say sorry and start to close the door and he pushes it open again. I just can't get enough of this kid, he's so cute and happy and really into his blow job and he loves having me look at his ass and his little waist. I had to go in and help him of course, so I'm kinda half way into the stall kneading his teenage buttcheeks and laying my hand on his flat tight little tummy, and guess what? This black kid's cock is bigger than he is. It's like a tree limb sprouting out from between his slim legs and I just can't believe his hips are strong enough to support that monster. So I reach around him and help him shove that cock into the other guy's throat by putting both hands around the base of his cock and balls. Now he's arching his back and thrusting his hips into the hole (which was just huge - I think guys can crawl through some of the GHs in that place) and he kinda leans his head back on my chest and shoulder while I'm still squeezing that huge equipment and he grins again. He's just so fucking happy! He's got one hand on top of the stall wall and takes the other one and sorta caresses me, so my own cock is hurting me it's so blue steel hard in my jeans. Then he says, Let's go. Let's go! Man, this just can't be happening!

But it did. He scoots back from the GH and bends over to pull up his shorts (and the other guy is like reaching through to pull him back but we just ignore him). And this hard bodied little teenage kid with the 10" cock pulls me upstairs behind him probably so I can watch this adorable butt in his shorts and he leads me to one of the booths with a door, turns around, pops the buttons on my 501s, fast like, and I don't even know what we're going to do before he's got my cock all the way down his throat. He's moaning real load, but it's not just moaning, it's like he's talking to my cock whiles he's sucking it. Hey, kid! I came here to get your cock in MY mouth! Then before I know it he's totally naked and just climbing all over this fucking little closet we're in. He gets all over me, cock in my face, then kissing me, then sucking me, then wiggling his little ass at me, and it's like he's in every possible position and I'm just helpless there while he takes control. Even for good cocksuckers, thick 10" tools take a little work to get fully sucked, and he really never gave me time to do it before he pulls out and dives down on my cock. But eventually he does a little pirouette and raises one leg up high on the wall and pulls me by the cock up to his butt and guides my cockhead up to his asshole. Then he takes his other hand between his legs and shoves my cock the first two inches or so into his ass. I just about pass out. My legs start shaking and I can hardly stand up and he's using both hands, one from the front and one in back, to hold my big thick dick and shove it into his ass at the same time. I arch back so I can get a better view of this big white cock spreading that cute little black ass. God I love fucking cute guys! He's got my balls in his left hand and he's pulling my cockring up to his hole when my entire meat gets buried in his butt, and I'm just holding him there by the hips feeling him working his ring and that hard little body around and along and all over my cock. How'd he do that? We didn't even have any lube. His leg goes up and down on the wall and the feeling in his ass with his leg flexing like that is like I'm getting a Hawaiian jackoff inside his ass. I just can't believe this, and he's still giving me that cute big smile that shows all his teeth.

I didn't mean to fuck him, I just wanted to blow him and spend an hour or so working that huge young dick down my throat, but there we were with his tremendous cock flopping out in front of him and hitting the wall, with my rod buried up his ass. I didn't have to thrust cuz he's using his leg like a pump handle to massage my cock inside him. Man, I can't figure out how to get to his cock while's he's doing this and then he just leans back to my face again and whispers, I'm cumming. He's cumming! Hey! I wanted that load! But I can't pull out of that perfect little butt yet so I kinda twist his around just a little and reach around for his huge hose and sure enough, now he's got both little hands in a death grip baseball style along that big fucker and it's just drenching the wall with huge sprays of cum. It really didn't look all that hard, kinda floppy, but just hosing down the wall up and down and side to side. I'm thinking, oh shit, I'm losing all that cum and my hands are all over him not knowing what to do or where to go next. I put one hand in front of his streams of cum and get it all sticky. The kid is saying something, but it doesn't really make sense, just like, Big fucking cock, cum, fuck, fuck me, cum, cum, yeah, yeah, man, cum, shoot, lookit, cum, fuck. You know how they talk when they cum, and all this time, my cock is crammed up to the cockring into his ass. Of course I start to cum, and now I HAVE to thrust it in and out of his ass, and I pump my load somewhere as far up his cute ass as it will go, holding him by his slim hips and rearing back to look at his back and his butt. I don't remember how we left, but I do remember him kissing me, that cute smile, and then he said, Where's your friend? Huh? Oh, Marty? He wanted Marty next? Well, fuck that.

Lots more shit happened there, like the time I got this college kid to suck my cock in a booth without any GH. He was an Asian kid, not a big dick, and it was like he didn't know how to suck, so, well, I showed him. And I get his cock hard (not real big, though. I've not seen many Asians with really big cocks), and he kinda taps me on the shoulder so I look up at him and he's pointing up behind me. I pull off and look around and some idiot is looking at us over the top of the wall. How'd he get up there? Fuck, now the kid is nervous and I'm afraid he won't take my sperm, and the guy won't go away. But I finally tell him to get lost (man, that's just not cool) and pull the kid onto my cock and just start face fucking him, blow my load on his face, suck his load down my throat fast, and we get out of there. Turns out he lived near the college across from my hotel, so he gave me a ride back. Nice.

Then I cruised a cute young Hispanic looking kid for about three fucking hours until he finally went into one of the booths right in front of me and didn't close the door, so I went in. He just looks at me kinda quizzically, so I ask him to let me suck his cock. Nothing. I take his cock in my hand through his shorts and try to kiss him, but he leans back and does nothing. So I told him he was cute. Still nothing. Man, does this kid speak English? Ooops, maybe not. Not responding to any overt gestures either. Well, just do it. I pull his running shorts down and just lean over to suck. But now, he's jacking off and it's like he doesn't want me to blow him, just maybe watch real close up. Ok, that doesn't do much for me, but I can try to suck his balls or something. His cock's not that big and he refuses to let me get it in my mouth. Maybe there are some warning signs here somewhere, but I guess it didn't matter, cuz he finally blows his load on the wall, instead of my face like I wanted, packs up, pulls up, and wants to get out. And as I'm putting my cock back in my jeans, he says, Thanks, man, that was just what I needed. Perfect English. Go figure.

Well, talk to me at and I can maybe write some more about my public sex.