Sex in Public 20

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Jesus Christ, I just typed that title and it says "20." Man, I really don't have that much to tell, it just takes a lot of space to tell it, I guess. But anyway, I heard from some guy in China on ICQ who read some of this story. Hell, I didn't even know they have cocks in China, but I guess they do, and there's at least one guy there who sucks 'em, so our fucking horizons have been fucking broadened, haven't they? And it's a useful little piece of information in case I'm ever kidnaped, tied up, taken away and held for ransom in Shanghai or someplace like that. Maybe that's where the term "shanghaied" comes from. Gee, I bet it is. This little exercise is pretty goddamn educational.

But back to sex. OK. I stayed home today, so I did not allow any huge young cocks to interfere with my sanity, and I decided to tell about some other times when I've been traveling, and getting some strange cock was even stranger than usual. Airports have not been particularly kind to my cruising for some reason, maybe becuz they're all about guys in a fucking hurry to be someplace other than where they are, and of course lots of times the mensrooms there are pretty high traffic, although I've received mail from guys who seem to have much better luck cruising airports than I have. Personally, I think it's those pilot guys again, who just cannot see their way clear to allowing some discrete cocksucking on board their fucking airplanes, and maybe they just decided to nip that sort of thing at the point of origin, which tearooms pretty much are, I guess. (But this reminds me of the time I was on a flight to Europe and the attendants in those days were wearing a popular eye makeup that kinda glittered. So we're landing in a big storm and it's pretty rough inside the plane and we bounce on the runway a couple of times and stuff, but finally it's ok, and so I'm disembarking and the pilot comes out to say goodbye and thank the passengers, and he's got glitters all over the front of his pants. Hmmm. Would you call that "aerofellatio?")

But I really don't have a hardon for pilot guys, I guess they are just like everybody else, but I don't know if they have big dicks or not. I mean I've always heard that black guys have big cocks, and I can confirm that, at least from my experience. But I've never really heard that cocks can be reliably ranked by profession. Although someone once told me that postmen have huge cocks, so I got to watching their baskets, and you know, they do have big dicks. So whaddya know about that?

But anyway, I did have a little fun at Dulles once, where I noticed that it's no fucking wonder that DC is full of crime, cuz all the cops are at the fucking airport. Fourteen overweight security guys are manning 2 security gates. Jesus. Anyway, I go in to the large open area inside there and sit down for a sandwich and a beer. So pretty soon, I notice a cute dark haired married looking guy sitting alone (I dunno why he looked married, he just did) reading a book, but he's looking up and around himself quite a bit, also. Then along comes a kinda punk looking guy, but nothing severe, just some piercings and hair a little far out, and he is quite obviously cruising, at least it's obvious to those of us who do it ourselves, and he's scoping out me and the married guy and several other prospects. So I think, maybe he's a hustler or something, although he looks really fit and trim and all, just a cunt hair over on the freaky side. But he doesn't choose me, instead he homes in on the married guy, and it was kinda interesting to watch somebody else be cruised. So the punk has the other guy's attention, but now he's playing him. He starts strolling away from the little cafe, but not really leaving, just making sure the guy is watching him, and he looks in shop windows, or maybe examines a menu up some where, or looks at the flights or something, but always glancing back at the guy, who pretty soon is openly following this punks itinerary. After making sure the hook is set, the punk saunters over to the mensroom door, looks around pretty hard towards the guy, and disappears. So now I'm watching the guy, who was watching the kid, and finally, he gets up and puts some money on the table, grabs some kind of little briefcase or something, and heads on over to the bathroom. Very predictable, I'd say. But, what the fuck difference does it make to me? Quite a bit, actually, cuz I'm not fucking done with my beer and I haven't paid for it, and I'M MISSING ALL THE ACTION IN THE MENSROOM! So I finally get the goddamn waitress (why don't they just have cute waiters?), pay up, and motor on over. And when I get inside, these two guys are standing at urinals next to each other. There's about fifty fucking urinals in there (Christ, are they expecting troop convoys or something?) And I'm at about Pisser No. 4, and these guys are at Pisser No. 18 and 19, respectively. But I really can't see much going on, although all three of us are obviously not flushing anything. And I look over meaningfully, and the punk guy notices and gives just a tiny nod, but the other guy does nothing. So I act like I'm done and give the punk guy a pretty good opportunity to see my cock as I turn, button up slowly, with a big show of stuffing my cock down the leg of my jeans, and head over to the sinks, where I can see these guys in the mirror.

So the kid nudges the guy and they both turn a little to look at me, and the kid steps around suddenly and just flashes his cock at me in the mirror, and it looks big enough from what I can see, and it's either hard or nearly hard. But the other guy just stands there facing the urinal. So now what? It's gonna look mighty weird for three guys to just line up next to each other when you've got enough urinals to pay Kohler's overhead for a year, but they're not coming over, so fuck it, I go over there and unlatch things just about 5 slots down from them. Now we're all openly jacking our cocks, and the kid is helping the other guy quite a bit, and it's kinda fun to watch, but there's no social interaction here, know what I mean? And the kid seems interested in more company, but the other guy doesn't, and you know how I hate to BOTHER guys having sex. So the guy is staring to cum, I guess, cuz he takes his cock back from the kid and starts jacking it really hard and scoots closer to the basin, and I really did not see him shoot, but I'm pretty sure when a guy says I'm cumming, that he probably is. And the kid, who's on my side of the guy, also jacking his cock and watching the guy shoot his load, is whipping his own meat pretty fast and wheels around, shooting cum into the urinal. So I'm watching this, looks pretty cool, I say "cool," the kid starts walking toward me, shooting cum towards the urinals as he comes. Well, it's only a few steps, but I can't remember anybody cumming on the move like that before, I mean most guys seem kinda frozen in place when they cum, or are maybe fucking their cock hard into somebody, but usually they aren't ambulatory at the time. And the kid is just having a fucking blast, I mean his eyes are closed and his head is back and his neck is stiff and it just looks like he's shivering while his cock is just unloading all over the Kohlers.

Well. This takes longer to tell than it took to happen probably. So I suppose we were all pretty exposed to somebody walking in, but really it was all over pretty fast. And before I could reach out and grab his cock, he just stops, I guess done cumming, cuz he just stuffs his hard dick back into his pants (and I don't think he'd emptied his magazine into the porcelain yet), gives me a little grin and just walks out. The other guy took a little more time dressing and stuff, but he just left, too. So I'm kinda crying to myself, like whining, I wanna cum, too. So I just think, fuck it, I'll have another load ready later, let's just free the hostages right here into the urinals. So I do, and I'm beating off pretty intensely and about to cum, and the picture of the kid walking toward me shooting boyjuice sideways is in my mind (of fucking course), and I'm still alone, so, why not? Now I feel the cum trigger and I turn a little sideways with my back to the doorway, and the first bolt fires up my cockshaft pretty hard, goes flying on down past several pissers, and I start following it, I mean walking toward my cum, and this is a weird sensation, man. I just don't ever remember feeling my legs working past my balls like that before. So I'm strolling down the row of urinals, shooting cum ahead of me as I go, and watching it take off like it's trying to outrun me, and this feels pretty fucking good, and it is one intense motherfucking orgasm, and I just keep fucking going and just about walk right into the fucking wall at the end of the row, but I put my hand out to stop me from hitting it, squeeze out a few vestiges of semen on the tiles there, take a few really deep breaths, and I look back and see I passed like 8 of these fucking urinals while I was launching those little swimming fuckers into thin air ahead of me. Fuckin A!

Well, that was fun. And I guess when you think about it, there really aren't maybe that many places where a guy can just go marching off chasing his own cum, you know, due to the circumstances, or the size of the room or having somebody see you or something. But it is pretty fucking fun.

Once I went to the University of Nebraska (where the big red N stands for Knowledge) for some fucked up meeting or something, and I had some time, so I strolled on over from Devaney, which is way the fuck out by the fairgrounds, up to the student union there. And I snooped around a little and located most of the mensrooms there, but I finally found the right one, I guess, although it was not the biggest or anything, but it was on the second floor and you enter facing some sinks, take a right and there are three or four stalls on the right side. And for some fucking reason, only the first one had a door on it. I guess the others are for cornhusking, I don't know. But there is a guy sitting in the middle, so I sorta saunter past like I'm headed for the end stall, and it's a young man, college age or so, jeans down on the floor, some red briefs down to his shoes, long sleeve shirt, backwards ball cap, knees apart, beating off. So he looks up and makes a little hide-my-dick move and I go sit down next to him. So I'm quite aware that this kid is jacking off and I move my foot over little by little, and he's doing the same towards me, and his belt end is flapping in time to his stroking and stuff, and our feet touch briefly and the fucking door opens. Shit. Or maybe not. The next guy does the same thing I did and walks past both of us to the end stall, checking us out as he walks past. He's a bit older, kinda Italian looking maybe, at least with dark skin and hair. And he sits down and starts tap dancing. So now I'm between these guys, and I'd have to say I really would rather do the kid, but I have nothing against Italian cocks, either. What to do, what to do? I have actually been in a similar situation before, when I was in the middle stall with potential meat on both sides, and when I got down to suck the cock on the right under the wall, the guy on the left thought that I was offering my ass to him to fuck, which was really just a minor faux pas on my part, and I had to keep swatting his cock away from my ass while trying to suck the right hand kid, and I found this rather distracting.

So I'm sorta responding to both guys now, I mean it would just not be polite to ignore one of them, and the fucking door opens again and another guy comes in! So now there's a full house in amongst the stall crowd, and he takes the one with the door. Then pretty soon MY kid in the middle is getting stolen by the new guy, and I'm like, HEY! SHITHEAD! UNHAND THAT COCK! And this is a bad fucking turn of events, shit, I'm about to lose that young guy's cock to some guy who didn't even buy a ticket. Man, I had to do something, so I did. I get up, pull my stuff up enough, and just walk out of the open stall and face the kid, cock just jumping there in enthusiastic greeting. And the other guy of course can see me do this becuz there are no fucking doors on crappers in Nebraska, and he's leaning way the fuck out to watch, I guess, and the kid just stares at my cock, looks up at me briefly, and then, like in slow motion, just falls forward off the stool and pulls my stiff meat into his mouth in one motion. He's kneeling on the floor, mostly outside the stall, beating off and sucking my cock with his ball cap on backwards, which I thought showed a little forethought had gone into this for him, cuz of course you can't suck cocks very well with the bill of a baseball cap standing out in front of you. Now that I think of it, is that backwards ball cap style kids wear now actually some sort of cocksucking signal, like advertising or something? Probably not. Oh well, it was just a fucking thought.

Back to the big red N. OK, I don't get to keep this kid to myself, of course, cuz the other two guys are out there with me in about two strokes of this kid's cock, and they both have their dicks out and they move over to get some of my guy's mouth. Well, fuck them. I'm not sharing. So I keep my hands on the kid's head (actually on the cap) and make sure he stays on MY fucking cock, and the other guys can just wait their fucking turn. But those greedy bastards (who's a greedy bastard? Hey, that's MISTER Greedy Bastard to you) just are not going to stand there stroking their own cocks while this young guy sucks mine right in front of them, and they are moving close, so the kid takes these two cocks in each hand (no, no, I mean he took one in each hand), and is jacking them while I refuse to let him stop slobbering up my cock, and the two guys are grabbing my ass, the kid's head, you name it, trying to be a part of this blowjob, I guess. And they are reaching in and pulling my balls and caressing the kid's neck (which reminds me that it seems like a lot of guys like to do that when they have their cock in your throat, like they're trying to feel their dick in your mouth or throat from the outside or something. And it's not too bad, really. Kinda hot, actually). Then the Italian, who turns out to have an uncut dick, but not very big, drops to the floor and starts sucking the kid's cock, which I just can't remember what it looked like, but I think it was nice, but just another young cock.

So we are like this for quite a while, but you have to remember that time is really compressed in tearoom cruising, I mean when I say "quite a while" I mean maybe a couple of minutes. You don't take your time in these places, at least not when you are in flagrante delicto. So the guy sticking his hand into my blowjob finally just shoots his wad out behind the kid somewhere, and packs up and leaves in a big hurry. Then that makes the Italian guy stand up and he's jacking off pretty fast and pointing that fucker at the kids mouth, which happens to STILL be on my cock (fuckin A!) And something makes me think I just don't want it pumping his cum on my blowjob. I don't know why I thought that then. I don't now. Now I think it would have been fucking hot. But I take his cock and jack his load out of it for him and point it the other way. Kid still sucking, now he's beating off again. So his sucking is OK, nothing remarkable, but I'm pretty hard and horny, and it's fun to see his cute face with his young lips stretched around my thick cock, and even if it's not world class technique, he's very sincere and seems to enjoy it. So the Italian also leaves, I guess they were afraid of intruders, which I was too, but hey, I'm getting blown and I just can't worry about that right now, can I? So the kid shoots his load between my legs, and I take my cock out of his mouth and jack off another volley of pretty hard serves onto his cute face as he's kneeling there with his eyes closed and just feeling great from his own orgasm. He doesn't even react to warm cum hitting his skin, he's just humming, almost like he was stoned or something. So when I quit cumming, I bend down to lick some of it off his face, and then he does react and pulls back from my tongue. He does NOT want to be kissed. Well, OK. So I pack up and he does too, and just before I leave I say, Is there a bus around here that goes down to Devaney? And he says, How the fuck should I know? I don't go here. Oh.

Well, I'm still taking e-mails. But I don't get many except after a new Part of the SPS series gets posted. So I'm a little pouty about that. Oh, well. Fucked Again. ICQ 28871283