Sex in Public 21

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Christ I just can't fucking believe there are 21 parts to this thing already. I don't know if I've even got to the good parts yet. Anyway, I had to get some emergency lube the other day when I got caught without my little travel bag. And I couldn't get the KY Liquid I prefer, so I got a little bottle of something else, and it turns out to smell like coconuts. Which brings me to the topic of lube. Now this is some pretty scientific fucking shit, so pay close attention.

Man I just hate it when some guy reaches under to jack me off and he's using Vaseline. This is unacceptable jack off facilitator. You just cannot get it off cuz it's not water soluble, even though it feels OK when you're using it. Then there's a bunch of guys who use hand lotion, and the problem with that shit is the fragrances they put in it, and it tastes like shit (to repeat, this is just an expression, I don't really know what shit tastes like), and that's bad becuz every jackoff session potentially matriculates into a blow job (I know some other big fucking words, too. It's just hard to work them into the conversation). Plus you really don't want your tearoom to smell like a fucking boudoir or something. I mean regular guy sex smells can be absolutely ruined by fancy perfumes. So I prefer the KY (but not the gel in the tube) or Wet Light, although the Wet is pretty syrupy, even the so-called "light," and the regular Wet is just plain thick, and it may be OK for fucking, but for jacking off it's just too heavy and sticky. Astroglide is OK, but hard to find outside of sex shops. The KY is light, water soluble, comes in small pocket size squeeze bottles, not too expensive, and seems to be available almost everywhere they sell condoms and shit. And it slicks up your cockshaft very nicely and has virtually no taste in case you hafta shove that slick motherfucker into some guy's mouth in an emergency.

OK, so this brings me to the pharmacy guy. I'm cruising the arcade one night and I just happen to be in one booth that had a standard gloryhole on one side and a little peephole only on the other, so I'm in there kinda warming up, flipping through the channels, dick pretty hard but I just keep it that way with some occasional jacking and squeezing and stuff, cuz I'm hoping for something in the GH, but it's just not happening. Then I hear the door on the peephole side open and some coins drop and so does a zipper, so that sounds about right and I have to kneel down to see, and this really young looking preppy guy is in there with his average size cock out stroking it. Well, that's a good sign, isn't it? So I do the same, and stand up to stroke some, and he gets down to watch me. So I show off for him a little, then I get down to watch, so he stands up, strokes for a while, kneels down, I stand up, etc. We're like those little flamingoes that bob up and down to the water or something. But it's just really not getting us anywhere and the hole is too small for any known cock, so I just exit the booth and wait in the hall. Then this college guy finally comes out and he is Fucking Fine. He's blond and cute and a little short, but slim and preppy and his pants are sticking out at the fly, and that, as we have learned, is good. So I smile at him and he smiles back, but he's really shy and nervous acting, so I just step back against the wall where all the people violating the No Loitering sign hang out, and he kinda looks around a little, then, just as he's passing by me to leave, he says, Wanna go get a beer or something? FUCKIN A! So I do. Go with him, I mean.

And we go outside to his car, which is a fucked up little yellow station wagon, but who cares?, and get in and we do not go to get any beer. We drive out along the river, then way the fuck up north somewhere and I don't even know where the fuck we are anymore, and it's my fucking town. But he parks behind some construction machinery type place and kills the engine. Not much conversation so far. So I say, What would you like to do now? And he says, The same thing we were doing before. Huh? There's no fucking glory holes out here, kid. So I just say Oh. and wait for the next part, and he says, You know, jack off. OK, so we both take our cocks out and of course we are watching each other's cock pretty closely, and his was nice, but sorta average, cut, but smooth with a nice head like mine. And he's just fucking staring at my cock, which is sizing itself on up there pretty fast, and he reaches into his pocket and gets out a little sample thing of hand lotion, like in a little packet you tear open, and puts this fucking lotion on his dick and strokes it. Well, it probably felt good, but it just fucking stinks of perfume, and when he offers me another little packet, I say no, thanks, but that leaves me dry jacking and him wet jacking and he is just getting ahead of my act real fucking fast. Hmmm.

So I get my jeans down to my knees, spread things out, open up, push down the cockring, take some really looooonnnnggg strokes clear down to my asshole and way up to the end of my cock, swivel things around and I just want him to see what he could be sucking off. And I guess he did, cuz he real slowly, like just slow motion or something, begins to lean over to me in the car, and gets closer and closer to my cock and when his head is about 6 inches away, he takes it over from me, gives it a few slow strokes, and slides about half of it into his mouth in one motion. So now I have this killer kid sucking my cock. Cool, eh? You bet your ass it was, and I'm bumping my butt up towards him a little, but it's cramped in this tiny fucking car so I look in the back to see if we can stretch out, but it's all full of boxes of shit, so I say, Wanna step outside? So we get up and are standing there in this parking lot and he's sucking my cock on his knees. He is so cute and he's having a pretty fucking good time on my cock, even though he can't really deep throat it, but it's fun for me anyway, cuz he is sincerely sucking, and he is so cute I wouldn't care anyway. Then we switch and I suck his cock and get his load pretty fast, but he never lowered his pants, really, just left them open at the top, so I couldn't get around to his cute butt very well, and just had to give him a straight blowjob. And I think I do a pretty good job, and he must have, too, cuz he just acts amazed that I will take his cock all the way down and let him shoot into my mouth, and he gasps and stuff and holds my head a little bit (like he thought he was gonna break it or something), and his cum is good.

The he sucks me a little bit, but a lot of guys are not into reciprocating once they have cum, and I think he's feeling a little of that, so I really didn't want to make him eat my cum or anything, and make him suck me just out of duty, so I asked him if he wanted to see me shoot, just so he could quit sucking if he wanted, and he gets off and up, I think a little bit thankful that he could stop, and I just jackoff onto the parking lot fence a nice load but not one of the spectacular ones. So we get back into the car and I said, Man, that was great. We gotta meet again, but get some new lube, man, that shit tastes like perfume. And he says he gets it free cuz his mother is an Avon lady and that's what all the boxes in the back are. Oh. Well, get some different fucking lube anyway, kid. Turns out he's a pharmacy major and already had a job lined up somewhere in North Carolina or someplace, so I never saw him again. But I did see his car stranded on the interstate a few weeks later, no one was in it, and I left a note on the windshield for him to call me if he needed help fixing it or something, and maybe we could do some discrete sucking or something, but I never heard from him. Oh well, fucked again.

Well, I found myself in KC the other day, so I quite rightly decided to go to the park where I fucked Marty and met the cute little hustler, Steve. But it was again hotter than a festered snatch out there and there really wasn't anyone around except a kinda overweight Mexican wearing way too fucking many clothes for this weather, but I took a little stroll anyway and didn't meet one fucking soul. But I had a sixpack of beer and some literature and some time, so I just sorta sat in the car and scoped things out, maybe drive around a little. So I'm driving past the parking area and on up the hill and I see this small black guy in blue sweats and a white tee taking off his shirt, and he has the sexiest ripped fucking abs I have ever fucking seen. So my head just involuntarily swivels around to watch him walking past as I go by the other way and his head just fucking does the same thing to me, or maybe my car (which is nice), but anyway he's watching me and just as I get too far past to see him, his arm goes up in a waive. So that's good, he's probably a hustler and that tummy is fucking killer. I go up, turn around and come back, but he's talking to some other guys in the parking lot, which does not interest me, so I go on by, down the hill, turn around again and come back and by the time I pull over to park by the curb, here he comes, tee in his hand, just rolling down the hill towards me in that easy gait they have with a big smile. So he thinks I'm a trick, I guess, but maybe that's not all bad, at least I get a close up of that little killer bee belly.

Turns out his name is Lavelle (I think, or maybe La Vel, but I dunno cuz I didn't ask him for his driver's license), and he says, Wassup? And I say, You look hot. Which I thought was kinda nicely vague, given the 100 degree heat, but he says Thanks. Whaddya lookin for? So I say, Are you working? Him: Yeah. Me: Well, I don't pay for it. Him: Hey man, I only need ten. Hmmm. Just ten bucks? For that fucking body? Well, . . . maybe. I dunno, but he's standing out there in the heat and I'm just sitting there in the a/c and thinking this over licking my lips at those hard bumped up abs and his cute little waist, and he's kinda young but not really a kid, not bad looking, just that little cap of short hair, really friendly and not being pushy or anything, and he just looks like he's straight. I mean he's not really showing any basket in those sweats, and he's not really talking hustler shit, and he looks me in the eyes when he smiles. So I go on to step two: How big is it? And he says, 8, sometimes on up to 81/2. So that's good and I hit the unlock button and he gets in. He just looks all happy and big smiles and like he's about to have some fun, kinda punches my leg a little, and says, Hey man, whaddya like? I answer real vague, just still being cautious, and say something like I'm interested in all kinds of things, but repeat that I don't pay for it, and that sorta calms him down, and he says, Aw shit, man, it's only ten bucks, and I go for justabout anything. Whaddya like? Oral? Sumpin more? No, I'm not paying. . . . . . . but I say, I have some beer, want some beer? Help yourself. Him: Yeah, man, that's cool. Let's roll from here, though. Now, that's almost the same as "let's go" isn't it? Where to?

So he directs me around the park and points out this little side street that goes straight up a steep fucking hill, but there's no curbs or anything, just ditches, (in the middle of fucking Kansas City) and it's so fucking steep you can hardly see over the front of the car, but at the crest of the hill it just goes right fucking back down and he says to pull over. Which is fine, but there's another fucking car right in front, also pulled over, and the driver is obviously getting a blow job. So Lavelle says, Crowded around here, ain't it? But that doesn't seem to stop us, so we get ready. Only we don't. I mean we both slide our pants down, cocks out, but soft and just flopping around, but there's no movement by him to suck my dick. So I watch him for a bit, and look at his cock. Well, it's not really impressive soft. It's uncut, sorta slender, soft. He pulls the foreskin down a few times and the head is so pink it's almost white, and the whole package down there just isn't that attractive and certainly doesn't seem as advertised. So there's this big pause, and we're both stroking not very hard cocks, but it is pretty motherfucking hot outside, and he says, Oh, you want me to do you? Like it's a big surprise to him or something, I guess he thought I was just gonna suck him off, but I say, Yeah, man come on. So we're in this car, windows open, broad daylight, top of a fucking hill, neighbors getting their rocks off right in front, and he leans over to suck my cock, which of course is good.

But it doesn't take very long for me to realize this guy is straight, he just was out looking for some bread. I mean he just DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO SUCK COCK. He's just kissing the head. No sucking, no licking, nothing. Just puts his lips down around the head of my cock and sorta swirls around. Now my cock is not impressive when it is soft, and that fucking cockring can actually fall off when that happens, and I am just not getting hard. Maybe running my hands all over his tight back and cute butt and maybe play a little with his ass would help. No, it does not help. This guy just does not like sucking cock. He asks me if I have a rubber. No. Then he actually tells me he's not used to doing other guys. So I just tell him to sit up and jack off. I think he's a little relieved by that, so I just watch him in the j.o. and rub that tight hard tummy and start hitting the top of his cock with the side of my hand, then go around under his balls (which were really small), squeeze, tickle, encircle everything, palm up the abs, all the time he's stroking. And his cock does get pretty long, maybe 8 (although I'd throw a flag on that if any official rules applied here), firms up a bit, but still floppy, and he says, Do you have any tissues? Tissues? No, I have no fucking tissues. Jesus. It's just cum, for Christ's sake, so I tell him, Man, just shoot your load, let's see it. And then he says, No man, see I really SHOOT. Well, OK, fucking DO IT. Me: Just shoot it on you, man, hit your chest, blow it on your face. And he says

Yuck. Yuck? This guy's a hustler and he says yuck to cum? Am I dealing with a Ph.D. here? It's his own fucking cum and he doesn't want it shooting all over his own chest. And then he tells me he has this "thing" about cum on his body. Holy mary mother of god, a hustler who can't stand the sight of cum. Well, I happen to have a little tiny towel the mechanic left in my car the

other day, so I say, Hey, just shoot it, I'll wipe it up. And he beats off a still not hard cock some more and does cum a few shots that pop up about tit high, but sideways, so some of it gets on my arm, the console, him, and stuff, and he grabs the towel and wipes up. And he's saying things like Oh, no. And I say, Hey man, get a grip. It's just cum. Then I look up and two guys come out from the bushes and get in the car in front where the driver is getting blown and they all drive away. Weird fucking day, man.

So my cock never got hard enough to fucking matter, but it was kinda fun to watch him cum, and it only cost me two beers so far, so I started the car and drove him back to the park, but he decided he wanted to be dropped at the intersection of Armour and Gilliam, which wasn't too far, although it seems to be a mostly black neighborhood, and of course I'm not black, so I'm not sure if I'm being really smart taking a hustler into his own neighborhood, but nothing bad happened. I just dropped him off and he just took off smiling and swinging his tee, says see ya, and he's gone. I'm sure he was straight, just needed some dough or some fun or something. I don't think a guy will make a lot of money hustling when he's afraid of his own cum, but he does have a killer body.

So now I have met quite a few guys who liked this series and that's about as much fun as cumming. Well, no it isn't. But it's fun. And I've traded some porno with some of them, and done a lot of icq stuff with them, including a cool guy named Bryan in Ohio and another cool guy named Brian in San Francisco (hey, maybe they're bothers or cousins or something. No, probably not), and got another guy in Georgia on the phone and got some NetMeeting with some and chat and stuff with others, and a whole fucking lots of guys in Canada, but I don't know how hot they are there, but at least they can read, so maybe I'll keep telling about this stuff if you keep writing me to say so. OK? Cool. Or, I will punish you all by shutting the fuck up. Your call, man. ICQ 28871283