Sex in Public 22

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well I decided to start eating my own cum again. OK, so it's not like starting a novel or becoming a Republican or something, but it was fun. I used to lick it up sometimes when there was just nothing else to do with it, like that time on the airplane with Marty, but mostly I just wiped it up and got rid of it somehow. Sometimes it would shoot into my mouth, but not really all that often, not becuz of the distance, hell I can shoot cum up to the ceiling, but my aim is just not that good, and cocks are generally not equipped with telescopic sights, I mean they are designed to be extremely close range weapons. Plus, they still do not have my clone finished yet and I just cannot fucking reach my own dick. (But making that cataclysmic decision reminded me of the middle aged lady who went to her first NOW meeting and came home all charged up and told her husband she was a new woman, gonna be politically active and not let men push her around, and she ripped off her bra and threw it into the fireplace. And he says, Baby, you look great. She says, Thanks, I feel good. No, Baby, I mean you look fucking fantastic. Well, . . . it's just a new way of seeing my role in life, you know. He says, No, Baby, I meant when you took that bra off, your tits hit your knees and took all the wrinkles out of your face. I got a million of em.)

So anyway, I was chatting with a 19 year old guy that I will do just anything to fuck, or even just be friends with, and jacking off and trying not to hit the keyboard with my load, so it's shooting out nicely into my cupped palm (even though the second shot kinda skipped over the little pool of cum already there and hopped over my thumb and hit the fucking keyboard anyway), so I feel pretty good, I mean why the fuck not? I'm pumping out a very nice wad of cum and this kid seems to be having fun too. Anyway, I just decided to eat it, so I did. Tasted pretty good, too, if I say so myself. So I did it again. Now I think I'll just eat it all the time, but then I won't get to see it launching out into the wild blue yonder. Maybe I can train myself to catch it on the way back down, like tossing grapes up and catching them in your mouth. Course grapes don't get in your eyes if you miss.

So, sir, just What In The Red Hell does that have to do with public sex? Nothing. Not a fucking thing. But I am gonna do it, anyway.

OK, so this part is about the train stations in St. Louis and D.C. Only the Union Station in St. Louis I don't know if it really has any trains. Maybe, but it's mainly just a huge shopping place there and they have some tearooms, and the place is huge so it took me a while to find them, but they are there, and the best one was upstairs by the front of the building behind some kind of fucked up little cafe. So you enter and it's a long narrow room, sinks on the same wall as the urinals and stalls, all in a row. And the room itself is tucked away and not real obvious, but it sure seemed like there were a whole bunches of guys using it, and I had to wait for a fucking stall. But I finally got one and sat down in it and the two guys in the next stall are fucking. And they are not being fucking quiet about it either. They way their shoes are lined up, it looks like one guy is facing the stool, kinda straddling it, and the other guy is fucking him from behind. And these guys really don't say anything, but the slapping of hips against ass is very plain, and the guy getting fucked is beating off with enough energy to launch the space shuttle and whipping his cock so loud you coulda heard it down by the Arch. He's getting his butt fucked pretty fast, but he's making more noise jacking off than the guy fucking him is making. So that's good, I guess.

So I wasn't really familiar with the local rules, you know? But open tearoom fucking just isn't that common in my experience. I've seen and done it in other kinda of cruising venues, but just not often in tearooms, and when it did happen, we didn't just slap bellies, I mean it was hot and intense and we tried to stay quiet. Why? I dunno, we just did, like get your cock all ready to cum with sucking and jacking and stuff and then slide it in and blow your load right at the end. But not these guys. They fucked away for quite some time, and they knew there were other guys in the room, shit they could see my shoes just by looking down, and you know they both had to be looking down at least some of the time. It is a fact that a guy just cannot fuck ass from behind without watching his cock sliding in and out of it, and that means looking down. Fact. You can look it up. And it is pretty motherfucking hard for a guy bent over getting a hard cock slammed into his hole not to look down just generally, and he just about has to watch himself get fucked between his legs. So, by this impenetrable argument, I have proved that they saw my shoes. OK.

So I guess all that means it's OK to watch, right? So I do. I can't see anything under the wall, just the fucking feet positions and their legs moving their hips back and forth, so I get up to look over the top of the wall, and I hafta stand on the stool, so that means the guy on the other side of me knows what I'M doing, but, I guess, who the fuck cares? And I look over and yes, they are indeed fucking, and they are both fully clothed, although their jeans are down on the floor mostly. The guy bending over I couldn't see very well, of course, but maybe he was Mexican or something, kinda dark complexion, a little heavy, and just from the sound, I'd say uncut, I mean there was a LOT of skin being moved there. But the other guy doing the fucking was kinda tall and cute, younger looking, had a backwards ball cap on, holding his friend by the hips and leaning way back and watching his cock go to fucking town on this guy's asshole. So I was right, you do have to watch your cock while fucking ass from behind. But then he looks up at me and sorta frowns and jerks his head back a little, like Hey! Fuckhead! Don't bother us while we're fucking. So I let them alone, cuz I just fucking hate it when cruising bystanders BOTHER you while you are having sex. But at least I know that maybe this place is considered fairly safe to lose a few loads in, or maybe they just had to fuck and didn't care about that, I don't know, but they seem to be getting away with it. Then there was some gasping, and the jacking/slapping kinda stopped, then fit-started a few times, then quit, and the fucking slowed down to some hard slams and pauses, so it seemed like they both had fun, and they just pulled up their jeans and left. No goodbyes or anything. Nobody offered to do my cock, which was being slapped fairly hard by its owner. So I waited.

Then the guy on the other side just dropped to his knees and shoved his cock under the wall and it started spraying my stall with his load and I didn't even get a chance to touch it, let alone drink his load. And he gets up fast. I don't even know if he was done cumming, maybe he fired a couple of afterthought volleys into his shorts, but then he was gone. So I was alone in there for a really long time, and got kinda bored, so I decided to go out to the cafe and maybe get a drink and just watch who went in. So I did. And then a short dark haired guy and a tall cute dirty blond guy came up and went inside, so I got up and followed them. But they were not together. When I got inside, the dark guy musta been in one of the stalls or hiding behind the trash can or something, cuz he wasn't there, and the cute blond was standing at the sink, with both hands down the front of his jogging shorts, adjusting his jockstrap. Hmmm. So I take a little stroll down to the last stall, just checking for the other guy, and man, I never did find him. I don't fucking know what did happen to that guy, maybe he crawled out the window or ducked behind the cafe bar before he even went in or something, but I come back, and the blond is still adjusting. So I go up and pretend to wash my hands, and he turns and faces me, still adjusting. And this guy needs some fucking help. So I'm like, Man, do I have to do everything myself? Can't these jock guys figure out a fucking jockstrap? So I turn towards him and move just way too fucking close for anything else to happen, and he adjusts himself right out of the jockstrap, and his whole package just flops out from the top of his shorts, and I have to reach out and catch it to keep it from hitting the floor. Big soft floppy meat, two of the biggest lowest hanging balls I've ever seen, just lots and lots of cockmeat and stuff moving all around and both of us are trying to get this machinery under control, but it just keeps flopping around. Not even really getting hard, just lots to hold on to. So I put several wrestling holds on this thing but he keeps getting points for escape, and I think maybe I could get a better grip on his balls if I temporarily park his cock in my mouth. So I do. Some of it anyway, and it's still soft and rubbery, not really suckable, cuz I can't get any resistance on it, I mean when I put suction on it, it just moves into me, but doesn't get any harder, and then it moves back out, and I feel like maybe I oughtta chew it a little or bite it just to kill it so it quits moving around. And he can't really start facefucking me cuz it's not stiff enough to thrust into me. But at least I did get a couple handfuls of balls.

Well, this time things just did not work out very well. That kid never did get hard, and I hope it wasn't my sucking, I don't think it was. But after some time doing all this, he pulls out and kinda flips all that meat back into his jock, like flipping an omelete in a pan, but this time I guess he's had all the adjustment he needs for the day, he just smiles and walks out. Now you may have noticed that Mike did not cum. No, he did not. This is bad. And I did not get to cum there, either, at least not with anybody else. I pumped a load on the wall between the urinals later, had a couple of drinks at the cafe, and left.

There are a couple of tearooms at the DC Union Station, one is very busy right down by where the trains come in, but busy or not, guy are having sex in there all the fucking time. Mostly just side by side jackoffs into the urinals, from what I've seen, but I must have seen that happening every time I've been there, and that means dozens. Sometimes a quick suck if the traffic lets up. Lots of black guys, some hustlers, but lots and lots of big cocks. All you have to do is stand there and play with your cock a little, and some guy will ALWAYS come up to the next one and show you his cock. And if you like it, show yours. Get em hard, stroke each other's cock some, spread your legs a little, stroke some more, and then tell him you're gonna cum. Lots of times I've had those guys just swoop down on my cock at the last second and suck down my load. That way they are only actually sucking my cock for a few seconds and there's much less chance of getting caught, and no one ever gets down on their knees. Even though I like that, I never took any of their loads that way. For me, it was just too fucking busy in there and I was not comfortable even bending down to suck. Also, most of the guys were really not that cute, and the guys I certainly would have sucked were obviously hustlers, so I didn't get the chance anyway. I never saw any sex in the stalls there. It was always out in front of the urinals. Fast, easy, relatively safe. Anyway, I had fun.

So the guys fucking in the stall in St. Louis made me think of the times I have fucked in tearooms. And the first time was with a girl. In college, in one of the same places I cruise now. She was a cute, hot, very fuckable coed and we used to fuck like bunnies and she got really heated up one day and was just pawing my crotch all through the chemistry lecture, and we left there and she pulled me into the mensroom and into a stall right by the door and just demanded to be fucked right then. So I did. She was wearing jeans and a baggy shirt and had her hair up and really didn't look female if you just glanced at her, so I don't think anyone noticed that she was in the mensroom. And we kissed and stuff and she got my cock out and just spun around and dropped her jeans and guided my cock into her cunt from behind. And she came almost immediately, and I came while watching my cock spread her cunt open (which proves my point again, sorta) and just jammed it in as hard and deep as fucking possible and pumped my load while pulling her hips hard onto my cock and jammed into her and sliding my hips sideways so the base of my cock was buried as deep as it would fucking go, pressing my thumb onto her tiny little asshole. Then she cleaned up real fast, and I took a little scouting sortie to see if she would be noticed, cuz we were suddenly a lot more careful getting out of there than we were going in, and we left. Cool. She was also the first person to tell me I was hung. And I didn't even know what she meant. One afternoon we parked in her car on a dirt road somewhere and I was fucking her in the front passenger seat with my back to the windshield and she says, Hey, here comes a tractor. But I couldn't stop fucking right then cuz I was cumming, so I thought, shit, it's just a guy on a tractor and he's probably not a virgin or something, so I keep hunching my cock into her, and she starts pushing me off of her and then she's laughing out loud and I'm still shooting, even though when they start laughing during a fuck it tends to spoil the moment, and I look over at the guy going past us on the tractor, and he's pulling a farm wagon with about 15 guys on it. And they're all shouting and laughing and pointing at us. Oh well, I had fun.

Other than almost fucking Marvin, the last time I actually got my cock into a guy's butt in a tearoom was with Rick. I met him in my favorite tearoom, and he also showed me his cock by kneeling down with his knees spread, and pointing it under the front of the door. And I thought it looked pretty cool, so I followed up with him, and he turned out to be a little stud. Cute, black hair, fraternity guy, tight hard body. Smallish dick, maybe 5 inches or so, but the whole package was a fucking turn on. And he was not gay acting at all, but he wanted sex and it turned out he wanted to get fucked. So we went up to the little head, same stall. I sat on the stool and sucked his cock very sincerely, and he was getting out a rubber, but I didn't see that until he pulled his cock back and kneeled down in front of me and started rolling this rubber down on my cock. But it didn't fit. I don't know if they come in smaller sizes or what, but this thing was just too fucking small for my cock (which honestly is just not that big, even though it's large), and it was difficult for him to get it on over the cockhead and start rolling it down, and it kept slipping off to one side. So I pitch in, Good Samaritan, and we're both struggling with this fucking condom for a while, and it's just taking a lot of work, but we finally get it pretty much on, although it was shorter than I like. It was only about 5 inches long fully on, and I'm afraid they will slip off if they're not all the way to the base of my cock. But anyway, it was such a triumph getting the goddamn thing on I didn't worry too much about that, but all this time I'm so wrapped up putting it on it didn't even fucking dawn on me that his whole purpose was to get my cock into his strong little butt. I mean, we finally get the fucking insulation on and I lean back and admire the work we've done and look up and am surprised to see him sitting down on my cock! And he just fucking guides it right into his asshole and lets out this long breath and says, Jeeeeeesus. I dunno know about this. Shit! Man . . .ohhhhhh. Goddamn! Big fuckin cock, I dunno . . .. ohhhhh, Jesus, I can't take it, you're too fucking big, God! You know, thesis material. So I'm just sitting there like I'm not really there, just providing a cock and otherwise uninvolved, and he's fucking himself on my cockshaft, and it IS going in, slowly. He grabs it hard and is in complete control of my meat, just fucking himself down on it real slowly, in stages, moaning and practicing defending that thesis, and keeps stuffing more of it in all the time he's telling me it's too fucking big, which I admit is nice to hear. And I'm not really that hard, I mean it's stiff, but not a blue steeler, a little bendable. And once the wide part of the shaft is in, the rest just gets sucked into his ass real fast and suddenly he's all the way down in my lap. And he goes, Oh, Oh, Jesus. a few times, takes a really long rest, then raises up a few inches, resting his arms on his knees and leaning forward just a bit and says, Fuck me, man. OK. I will.

So I do. But this is not that easy in that position. I mean I'm sitting on the stool with my butt out to the front edge, kinda leaning back, and he's just a few inches up with my cock fucking up into his ass, holding still. But his ass is so fine, man it is round and strong and tanned and smooth and I think it was later determined by popular referendum to be the second most fuckable ass in the state. So I give some thrusts with my hips, and I have to lean back on my arms to get any leverage, and I speed it up and my arms are cramping and I just can't hold myself up in the air like that very long. But Rick is jacking his cock and reaching down between his legs to grab my balls and help slam them into his butt, and that pulls my cum trigger fast. I slam up into this kid hard and almost knock him over, and just turn on a hydrant cumming into his cute butt, slamming in with short jabs, and then I fall back down, and he falls down into my lap so my cock stays in him, and he finishes jacking off with me holding his waist and pulling him to me hard by his hard little tummy, and Rick's load flies out in front of him somewhere, but I couldn't really see it. I am exhausted. I just wanna sit there for a minute. Rick slowly pulls up from my cock and it comes out of his ass, and he grabs some toilet paper and wipes his butt and examines it to see if there's any blood, I think, but it's OK, and I ask him if he's OK, and he nods and packs up, pulls up, and says, Did you cum? What! DID I CUM?! Are you fucking kidding me? See this fucking rubber? It's got 3 inches of the end filled up with cum! Did I cum. Jesus! But I just said, Yeah, man, fuckin a. And he told me his name and I told him how cute and hot he is and I wanna fuck him again, and he can fuck me if he wants, and stuff like that, and asked him if he needed a ride and stuff. So that was fun. I actually left a couple of note on the tearoom wall for him, but he's either lost interest in me, or flunked out or something cuz I have not heard from him.

It will be a great comfort for readers to know that I have gone international and now have readers in a number of foreign places, like Australia, Columbia, Philippines, South Africa, Germany, Belgium, China, Hawaii and San Francisco. All places I have never fucking been. But it turns out they suck cocks in those places too, and that information might come in handy some day. And there's a guy in San Fran who contacted me who is pretty fucking hot and when I finally go out there, we are gonna do Buena Vista Park together and find a boy we can both do. So that will be told in about SPS Part 178 or so. But I'm afraid the 19 yo is not gonna work out. I'm gettin long-dicked on that one. Oh well, fucked again. So send me a fucking note or something. ICQ 28871283