Sex in Public 23

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Hey, I put an outline of the various parts of this series up on the archive site, mainly so I could find where the fuck I wrote about something, cause a lot of guys ask me about shit when they e-mail or ICQ me, and I think, I already told about that, but I can't fucking remember which part it was in. So now I can maybe find it, and readers can too if they want. Maybe. And another thing. Once in a while some chick or another creeps into the story and I really don't mean to offend any guys who are hardliners about that sort of thing, but, well, I did chicks too, and sometimes in more or less public places, and the ones I tell about here mostly fit in with the other stuff for that reason. And it turns out for some reason chicks are liked by a lot of guys too, which I call "tuna helpers."

Anyway, I wanted to tell about stuff that happened in college and at the college after I graduated. So at that school, like most of them I suppose, they have some really old buildings and some pretty new ones, and the cruising was mainly in the old buildings where the tearooms were just all different shapes and sizes. Like the student union had one on the ground floor in the back that was pretty standard with two stalls across from two, urinals on both sides, sinks flanking the door in the middle of the wall facing the stalls. And even before I actually made any contact there, I was cruised very heavily several times. Plus there was a lot of graffiti on the walls and drawings of big cummy cocks and cum shooting into guy's mouths and stuff, so that was always entertaining. And in a strange way, it gave me a little crash course in gay sex, I mean what guys wanted was pretty much right there on the wall, either in the drawings or in the messages that were left, and I gradually realized that guys actually do that shit, not just talk about it.

So I'm in there one day furthering my education and the guy directly across from me is making a big fucking deal out of cruising me. I am not really responding to him, cause that was before I really did that sort of thing, but he's leaning forward and looking out at me, tapping a hole in the floor, slapping his meat real loud, just advertising pretty heavy that he's jacking off. And I'm watching, too, I mean seeing another guy jack off was still pretty new and interesting, shit it's still cool now, but when I was 17, it was really something different. And he knows I'm watching, but it must have been frustrating to him cause I'm not really reacting. So I see him under the door push his jeans and briefs ALL THE WAY DOWN to the floor, and that lets his legs fly open and then he opens his door, which swings inward. He starts just swinging it open a little bit, looks out, checks my sixty, closes, opens wider, and so forth, until finally he's got it just about all the way open and he's sitting at the front edge of the stool, legs splayed apart, leaning back kinda sideways, so he can control the door, I guess, and he's making a big show of stroking the reddest cock I've ever encountered. Man it is pretty fucking big, I mean he could get both hands and more on it, but it's just apple red, and he has a pretty fair skin tone otherwise, so it looks even redder. And the guy has real short hair and is built and has a kinda sneer on his face like he's real tough or something. Now this looks pretty fucking cool to me, and I'm stroking my cock, too, but in those days I would keep it pointed down into the bowl when I jacked off. Which, by the way, can feel pretty good too, I mean bending your cock straight down at the base and cumming while it's down between your thighs. I had some extremely intense orgasms that way, and sometimes I just could not remain quiet when I shot my load into the bowl like that, so I don't suppose I was fooling anybody, but I had fun anyway.

So anyhow, the red cock guy is taking real long strokes and waiving that cock at me and watching me sideways, and a couple of times during this someone comes in and he quickly closes the door until they leave, but each time he opens up again and checks me out. But all I did was watch. Hey, I know it was a fucking mistake, don't beat me up about it. I was just a kid myself. Nowadays, I'd zoom over next to him and teach that red cock a lesson, but then, I was doing the learning. So eventually he gets fed up with my act and starts beating off for real, and I could see he's just decided to go ahead and cum, fuck that guy across the way. So he does, holding the door open, sitting on the front edge of the stool, he's stroking it and staring at his cock, and his head goes back and he grits his teeth and sprays his load out in front of him. And there seem to be quite a few spurts, but they really don't shoot very far, and most of it lands on the student newspaper that's laying on the floor. He gives me a couple of long looks, closes the door, packs up and leaves, but he wanders over near my stall on the way out, and my cock is still down in the bowl being stroked with a pretty fucking tight grip, but intermittently, so I keep stopping myself from cumming. The he leaves. So I get up, pull my jeans up and make a quick dash over to the stall he was in, where the cummy newspaper is still on the floor. And I pick it up and just admire all that fucking cum in big splashes and puddles and streaks all over it, and there turned out to be a lot of fucking cum. But I didn't lick it or anything, just kinda sized up his load and got a good smell of that bleachy aroma, and I folded it up and threw it away later on the way out. I dropped my load into the bowl in my then favorite method of straight down jackoff. And it is not always easy to get a stiff 17 year old cock to point straight down, either. Which reminds me of the definition of "torque." It's when you wake up with a blue steel hardon and you go in to piss and it won't go down so you're bending that fucker down to point at the bowl and kinda fighting it and pushing and shit, and then your feet fly back out from under you. Torque. I got a million of 'em.

So there was another old science building on campus that had a mensroom sort of oddly wrapped around partly inside a turret part of the front of the building, and there seemed to be quite a lot going on in there, cause you had to make a lot of noise on the old wooden door to get in, then walk around this curved wall to get to the fixtures, and it gave a lot of warning to anyone in there. I never spent a lot of time there, cause it was a one holer, plus urinal and sink (and as the class remembers, that can make it a three holer under proper conditions). But one time I went in and the stall was taken, so I just pissed and really didn't notice anyone except that the occupant seemed to be jacking off, just by the looks of his trouser motion and his belt buckle and stuff, maybe there was some stroking noise, too, I can't remember. But I washed my hands and left, and was kinda waiting by the little half flight of stairs between the tearoom and the front door, getting my bookbag rearranged and stuff, and a professor guy comes out of the restroom and just goes on into the building. And then a kid my age ALSO comes out of the restroom and heads out the door. Hmmm. Earning his grade? I dunno, I didn't notice that there were two guys in the stall, maybe the kid was getting fucked on the man's lap, or maybe he managed to hide his feet on the other side or something while he was getting blown, all I saw was the guy's trousers and shoes. But it made me think that they better see if the coast is clear before they just walk out like that in front of someone who was just in there. I'm really not sure what else they could do, but it just seemed too obvious to me.

I was able to watch quite a few guys jack off solo into the urinals in the engineering building. It was not a high traffic building and old fashioned, like 1940's architecture, institutional type building but not well lighted, and the tearooms were just pretty fucking dark all the time. But I could sit in the stall next to the urinals and through the gloryhole watch guys shoot their cum into the pissers. That's what I'd call the hole now, but I didn't know then. It really was just a peephole, though, not big enough for most cocks. But anyway, kids would just unzip, haul out, beat off and shoot it into the urinals, shake it, squeeze it off, pack up and leave. I dunno why they were so horny over there. Is there something about engineering we all need to learn more about? The cocks themselves were not particularly memorable, just the numbers of times it would happen. Sometimes older guys did the same thing, and one professor type came over and stood by the hole, sorta sideways to the urinal facing me, just to make a big fucking show about it, and he shot his wad partly in the porcelain, partly on the stall wall. So that was cool. But I never participated with any of those guys, and I imagine most of them were probably straight, but just didn't care about being watched losing their load. Weird.

Course there were lots of other tearooms on campus, but only two more to describe. One was in the music building, and man, it had the tiniest fucking stalls I have ever fucking seen, and the doors opened inward, so you had to move back practically to the wall to get in and close it, and then your feet were almost sticking out under the door in front when you sat down, and there probably wasn't 6 inches of clearance between your butt and the side walls. Jesus, it's like they just didn't want any cocksucking going on in there or something. But the walls were covered with sexual graffiti, which was fun to bone up on. The weirdest thing there was when I saw my own girlfriend's phone number posted on the wall. Ooops. Not good. I didn't do it, and I dunno who would have done it, either, I mean at the time, I thought she was just fucking me. Maybe she pissed somebody off or something. I scratched it out, but at least one guy called her, cause she later asked me if I had put her number on the mensroom wall. Fucking weird.

The campus main library is another big old building that they have added on to, mainly for the stacks. But there is one tearoom there that doesn't really seem like it oughtta be cruisy, but it is. Just 2 stalls, 2 urinals 2 sinks, in a fairly large room. Lots of kids go there to meet and then go elsewhere, I guess. I never saw any sex in the room, but if you sat outside in the reading lounge, you could see lots of guys leaving together, usually headed for the stacks. So I snooped around the stacks quite a bit, and it's really a big place on maybe 8 floors, with study carrels around the perimeters and not very good lighting and just concrete floors and unfinished ceilings. And there were lots of little dead ends and dark corners and shelves of Old French and other shit nobody reads, so some pretty quiet places. And there was cum all over the concrete floors in a lot of those out of the way corners. I jacked off a couple of times in there just for the thrill of doing it more or less in the open like that. Kinda fun just hauling a stiff cock into the open air of the library and blasting a big splashy load on down past the books. I tried to fuck my girlfriend in there, but she was nervous about it and we never actually got cock and cunt together, but we did just about everything else there. And it was really an open secret, I mean lots of couples used it as an emergency motel (and free, too). Now when I go back, I just don't seem to have much luck there, so I usually just stick around the Student Union where it's easier to park. But I hear there's still a lot of action in that mensroom.

OK, so there is another cruising place there that I didn't even fucking know about until years later, and it's a drive around behind one of the museums, but it's a public street, and it turns out that guys cruise there late at night, almost every night. I forgot how I learned this, but I was coming home from a long trip late one night and stopped off there, and shit, kids were crawling all over the fucking place like cockroaches (hey, yet another apt expression). So I get out and do some exploring on foot and it's easy to see guys giving blow jobs in the bushes and mutual jackoffs in the shadows and stuff (although I never saw any fucking). So I think, shit, this is pretty fucking cool, cause most of these guys seem to be college age, and I'm leaning on a stone wall watching some guys sucking cocks below the level I'm on, and a tall blond kid comes up to me in the dark and says Howya doing, or something, and we chit chat for a little while. He's got on kinda baggy tan pants, an open long sleeve shit over a white tee, and about shoulder length waivy hair. Good looking, in an almost nerdy way, like he's probably a musician or something like that, and we're having a pretty good time, both watching the blow jobs going on below and talking and stuff on a beautiful cool evening around midnight. And he says, Jeez, I hope those guys are safe. And I say, Does it matter that much for sucking? And then he says, Hey, I distribute condoms here 3 nights a week. It's my job to keep everybody safe. Well. Condom police. I just never fucking knew we had those. But hell, I have nothing against safe sex, I mean I'm glad this kid is taking that much of an interest in it. I was taking my own kind of interest in those guys too, but I didn't get much of a chance to say anything. We're both leaning on the wall on our arms, sorta bent over it a little, side by side, real close together, and this kid stretches out around almost in front of me and kisses me softly but quickly on the lips. Scared the fucking shit out of me. I was just not thinking of that at all, and I kinda jump back in surprise, and he says, Oh, you don't kiss men? So I said, No, man, it's not that at all. Fuck, I'll kiss you. And more. So we do. And I'd have to say, it was a romantic fucking kiss. I just put my hands on his hips lightly and he pulls me to him and we are just fucking kissing. We are all hugging and caressing and kissing and raking fingers in hair. Some tongue, but nothing obscene, lots of what we used to call "chipping," just little lip clamps and pecking and moving all over his lips and mouth and face.

Well you don't start chipping and expect to stop short of logging, so we located the precise position of each other's cock inside the pants, and this tall kid did indeed have a large young cock, and everything's pretty loose down there, like he's probably wearing boxers, or maybe nothing at all under his baggy pants, but I've got on 501s and my hard cock is not comfortable jammed into the leg of those fuckers. And I do wanna suck this kid's meat, but I just don't like sucking insulated cocks, and I already know his views on that, and I don't want him to arrest me under his condom police powers or something for swallowing his boyjuice, so this puts me in quite a little fucking quandary, now doesn't it? Plus, I really don't wanna have to suit up for him to blow me, either. What to do, what to do? Nothing. It was not a problem. He's so much into this kissing that he is just not going to let either one of us drop to the cock level, and he hauls his cock out of his fly (boxers, as I suspected) and I get mine out and hang my balls out the button fly too, and we stroke each other's cock while we keep kissing, and squeeze them and jack them and pull on balls and grind them against each other, and pretty soon we're almost laying on the wall and he starts moaning through the kisses and takes his cock back over himself and he whispers something like, Hot, man, oh, shit this is hot. I'm gonna cum, gimme your cock, too. Shit, I just fucking love this. Big fucking cock, man. I'm cumming. Kiss me. So I do, and, you know, I really didn't love this guy, I mean it's just sex, but I take his head softly in both hands, and give him a pretty fucking romantic kiss, rubbing his hair and stuff and moaning with him, and he's breathing real fast little gasps through his nose and beating both of us off, and he catches his breath and starts shooting his load on my cock and balls and pubes and tummy and jeans and the wall and probably those two guys down below. He just fucking hoses down the drive and everything. Well, I started out kissing him because HE wanted it, but then I started really getting into it too, and his orgasm just looks like it feels so fucking great, and what we're doing is fun, and he's jacking me off too, and I break the kiss a little to murmur, I fucking LOVE THIS, man, you are making me fucking CUM! And he presses his leg hard into my crotch, fisting my cock and his too, and then I'm just all over his face with my mouth and just fucking UNLOAD all over him. It's another out of control spray of really hard shots of cum onto his pants and shirt and everything, and this time my eyes are closed, and I'm thinking, man, if I ever do actually love a man, the sex had better be this fucking good.

We didn't even exchange names and I never saw him again. That time I think the sex was so great because it was romantic, which is usually not true in cruising, and actually runs contrary to what most cruisers are looking for. But he was a great kid. You know, I'm kinda feeling the need for some condoms or something. Maybe he's still out there distributing.

OK. A guy in Miami wrote me and I guess he is like Mr. Slut America or something, cause his experiences make me look like the pope. And there's another guy in Seattle who keeps a sex log that made me think we could save a lot of money on the national Census if we could just get a copy. And I tried really hard to be friends with a kid in Georgia named John, who turns out to be much fucking hotter than he thinks. And a lot of older gentlemen have written to me about what they used to do before they got into relationships and stuff, and shit, ALL of that stuff is a hell of a lot more interesting than anything I've ever done. You guys oughtta write your own stories. But then you wouldn't read mine and none of those guys would bother writing to me, so FUCK THAT IDEA. Just keep sending them to me. I answer all of it, and it's fun to talk to guys on ICQ. But one thing somebody said reminded me of a guy Marty and I knew named Jerome, and he just could not get hard, let alone cum, without something jammed up his ass. And he was not particular, he would just use anything handy. Cocks, mops, bottles, flashlights, table legs. So we always gave him a lot of shit about that, like, Have you inventoried your ass lately, Jerome? I'm missing my pool cue. He was always being "stimulated" by seeing cockmeat bulges in guys' jeans, including mine. I never fucked him, though. I didn't wanna be part of the furniture in his ass.

I think my dick is getting shorter. Or maybe my hand is getting bigger. I dunno. Can a dick get shorter? Jesus, what a bad fucking thought that one is. Christ, I may need some help getting this thing back up there. I feel an anxiety attack coming on. ICQ 28871283. Write that fucker down.