Sex in Public 24

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well, except for a killer cute kid in Austin, mostly guys have quit writing to me about SPS, so I either have to shut up, or change the title. And the guy in Austin sent me a pic and it turns out he is THE most fuckable man in Texas, and he just broke up with his boyfriend, which made me think his BF must have stopped taking his prozac or something, so I was booking my flight to Austin, when I realized he might not actually think I'm all that cute, so I didn't go, but I would. But I figure I'm only about half way through the things I was starting out to tell about, and then there's new stuff happening lots of times, so I dunno, maybe my writing style just turned shitty or something. One guy wrote me and said, even though he liked SPS, it would never win a Pulitzer Prize, and I thought, hmmm, Pulitzer, eh? Maybe if I use Spell Check . . .

But then I got kinda turned off myself on writing about cruising, after that little problem I was having with my former friends who just didn't give a shit about my feelings, so I decided, fuck it, why bother, you know? And then my international fan club seemed to be having a little recruitment problem, so I thought fuck it again, I'll just sulk here and pout and mope and stuff and feel sorry for myself and just go back to cruising and not telling anyone. And that seemed like a pretty fucking good idea, so I was just putting this little global plan into effect when another goddamn cock jumped in and just fucking ruined everything. So now I have to tell about that.

OK, I was at the arcade watching some art films and keeping my cock on edge as usual, and it was pretty motherfucking dark in there for some reason, not a whole lot going on, so I was moving around, sometimes watching, sometimes loitering around outside. So I'm standing there by the pinball machine, but it's really dark even in the hallway outside the booths, and I'm wearing some kinda loose fitting shorts, golf shirt and nikes, nothing else. Cock hanging, but still fairly firm and would have been showing a very nice package if there was enough light to see it.

So in comes this tall young black guy with broad shoulders, long dark pants of some kind, dark tee, and this isn't racist or anything, but he really was pretty hard to see in that dark fucking hallway with all his dark skin and dark clothing, and I could tell there was a person coming, but could just not see any details, and I thought my eyes were used to the dark. But it turns out this guy can see in the dark, cuz he just comes right up to me and just when I can smell his faint cologne, I suddenly feel him squeezing my cock. He's quite a bit bigger than me, right in my face now, his right hand on my cock and his left behind me pulling my butt into him (but I wasn't worried about my wallet this time cuz I left it in the car). So my cock stiffens up pretty fast and I start feeling this guy's chest and searching out his cock by smoothing my hand down from his belt, and I still can't see a fucking thing. No cock. I mean there was just no fucking package there, but he's got me real close to him and there's no room between us for my hands to navigate his crotch really at all. And this guy is really aggressive with my ass and has my cock now stuck out sideways across my thigh grabbing it hard and squeezing and giving it short powerful strokes while he's digging through the material of my shorts poking around my asshole. But, as I have said, I'm not all that much into having my asshole invited to the party, so I kinda dismount from that hand and swat it away, and he murmurs this little whisper thing right in my face, Wanna see a movie? Well, . . . OK. Still have not found the opposing dick, but it's kinda fun to be cruised this hard and heavy, and we get in this little fucking booth together and there's this metal folding chair we have to fold up and put against the wall to make room, and that covers up the gloryhole behind me, but, hey, some sacrifices have to be made.

So we both put a few tokens in and something comes on the screen which I don't even fucking remember, but it does give some light, so I can see the guy much better. Tall, really tall, good looking, real dark skin but very smooth and clear, really short hair, almost shaved, and just beautiful eyes that are soft in his face but sparkle anyway and he smiles in the light from the video screen and just looks happy. So I have to look up at him, I mean he's a good 8 or 10 inches taller than me, and I smile up at him and say the stupidest thing cruisers say, Whaddya like? And that sounds so dumb I just wanna kick myself, but he leans way over and puts his hand on my shoulder and says, Suck my cock. OK, I can do that, but up to now, I really hadn't proven to my satisfaction that he even had one. But what the fuck, I fumble around with his belt and button and zipper, pull his pants down a little, and he's got these really loose fitting briefs on, like maybe they are too big or something, i dunno, but the waistband was the right size for his waist. But anyway his tummy just runs flat on down into them, still no package showing. I'm facing him and I slowly begin to squat in front of him, but his legs are long and his crotch level is really not that far down for me, so I can't get on my knees, or else I'd be way below his dick, if it turns out he has one. So I get the pants further down, hook my fingers over the waist of the briefs and slide them down slowly. And his cock, which was apparently waiting in ambush between his legs, jumps out, all right.

It fucking jumps out from where he had it pointed down between his legs, maybe tickling his own asshole, I don't know, and when I get the briefs far enough down looking for the goddamn thing, it springs up like a mousetrap and hits me hard on the chin. And this spring-gun cock is a major piece of meat, and just fucking awesome. Long and really thick and just massive and hard from head to base, and even though it surprised me when it slapped up and hit me, it has a long downward curve to it that just screams SUCK ME! Dark black skin, uncut, but his cockhead is exposed and dark pink and the whole thing looks like a cock molded from semi-sweet chocolate, with a throat-fitting curve to it that makes you wonder how cocks this suckable could have been produced by natural selection. I mean that downward curved cock HAS to be sucked, it is just not shaped for fucking pussy, so reproduction by cocks like that would be contra-indicated, you know? Well, I probably was not really applying Darwinian theory at the moment, I was only interested in proving that it fit my throat, so I did.

Takes quite a bit of lubrication, though, cuz it's thick and long, so sucking it into my throat is a process of ever deeper strokes into my mouth, in between lots of licking and slobbering it up. But then I went all the way down on my knees, and that helped, cuz now I'm looking straight up at him with my head tilted way back, both hands on his dick, pulling it into my mouth. And it really didn't take all that long to get him to the point where I'm just an open throat for him to fuck. So he does. And he's bouncing up and down on his flexing legs, pushing into me really deeply, ass sorta oddly arched up away from me, and this takes some concentration on my part. I mean, it would not work to start blocking my throat or gagging, but I also have to breathe at the right time, and still I have to have him face fuck me, which he seems to be doing a fine job of, cuz there's almost no problem for either one of us, we are coordinated on this blowjob very nicely. But I couldn't get my cock out cuz both hands are guiding this black hose into me. And the guy doesn't know what to do with his hands, they move from his hips to the wall behind him to leaning over me with his hands on the wall behind me, to my head (STAY FUCKING THERE MAN), to just hanging there. But his cock is hard, even though it swings pretty freely from the base, so he can swivel it around and down into my face from lots of little shallow angles, which he is doing very aggressively.

Not long after he started to deep fuck my mouth, his stomach muscles tighten up and he snorts in lots of air thought his nose and drives that big cock down deep into me and unloads the first few shots of his load. So I have to pull back a little to breathe, and more cum pours into me, but I just didn't feel his cock pulsing or anything, it's just uniformly hard with cum almost continuously gushing out of it. And I get it almost out to my lips to breathe, and get a good deep breath and he grabs my head and crams it back down my throat, just hosing me down all the time, and my throat just seems like it's open, I don't remember swallowing his load, I guess it just slid down my throat in front of his cockhead fucking itself into me. No moaning and groaning, just those loud breath noises, and of course the slurping and sucking sounds. I read stories about how much cum guys think they swallow, but I can never tell how big the load itself is when it's getting injected into me, although I can usually feel the separate shots, but not this time. His cock does not really pulse. And I only got some of his load on my tongue, but it was certainly pouring out. Then he just stopped moving his cock into me, and he's wiggling his butt, like he's trying to squirm his cock sideways into my throat, right? Well, no. Something different than that.

There's this long delay in the blowjob, but he's done cumming, and I slowly slide it up and out of me, but he's still wiggling and then he seems to have his ass cocked up and back, with his big hose still pretty firm and dangling there between his legs, sorta bending forward from the waist. I look up at him and smile a little, swipe my hand across my mouth, and he pulls me up toward him by my head. Now my cock is on another blue steel hardon, still inside my shorts sticking sideways, which actually hurts a little, and I'm hoping to get a jack off or something out of this. But he whispers, thanks, bumps his hips forward and swoops up his briefs and pants in one motion while his cock is on a little downswing between his legs, and then suddenly he's dressed. And he says thanks again, something about how hot it was, and I must look a little disappointed, cuz he says thanks again, and then says, Hey, man, your turn.

And he steps sideways toward the door and turns a little toward the screen, and it turns out THERE'S ANOTHER FUCKING GLORYHOLE BEHIND HIM AND SOME GUY'S GOT HIS TONGUE THROUGH IT AND HE'S BEEN RIMMING MY GUY THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME! Jesus. What will they think of next? So my guy gives the gloryhole a little waive, like a magician saying "viola" and he leaves and my cock goes directly into that sucking mouth, all the way down, tight to the wall and my cockring, all in one hard deep stroke. So I'm slammed up against the wall, my guy has left and shut the door, and some guy next door who was sucking that black butt wile I was charming his cock and didn't even know about the rim job, is now swallowing my cock with no fucking trouble at all. And he just is demanding my load, and I'm in no position to delay. I mean I just finished blowing a major piece of meat all the fucking way into my throat, with the guy's cum still in my mouth and spit and sweat all over my face, my cock at it's hardest, stuffed to the fucking hilt into a gloryhole, cockring banging the plywood, deepthroat cocksucker taking me in long, warm moist strokes, and the image of that secret rim job going through my brain and just making me fucking crazy. Just thinking about him getting his ass licked and sucked and maybe a tongue up his hole while I was sucking him off just turns me fucking on, and this guy gets my load in just a few strokes. And I jam that thick motherfucker hard and tight against the hole and flex the shaft up hard and stiff as it will go and start pumping cum into him in really fast, hard spurts of forceful cum. He's moaning those little positive "mmm hmmm" sounds, down hard on my cock, squeezing my balls on his side of the wall. My entire load jets directly into his throat, and my cock softens pretty quickly when I'm done with one of those orgasms, so he gives it the farewell strokes, I pull back, pack up and leave. Well. That was fun. Thank you. Thank you very much.

So I felt a little like Caesar in this little excursion. You know, Vidi, Vici, Veni. In that order. But I had fun, anyway, and I wondered just when my guy knew his ass was up against that GH, and just when the rimming got started during my blowjob, cuz I really never noticed the hole until he moved away from it, and the chair covered the one I did know about, and he never said anything during the whole time. But it sure as hell would have been fun to be getting blown and then feel some guy start licking your asshole.

But anyway, I dunno if I'll keep writing or not, cuz I really didn't hear from too many guys after 22 got posted, and maybe that's cuz that chick creeped into the story, or maybe it was just a shitty story anyway. And 23 had some sorta boring parts too, even though fucking Tony has got to be a privilege for just about anyone. And fucking John in Georgia would probably be the same, but that opporfuckingtunity seems lost now. But maybe things will change, and I do have lots of friends now who have read SPS in Canada and lots of other places, and there's this extremely cool kid in Indiana who I have decided has to be rimmed, even though I really have not done that before, but it's like mining coal. It's a dark and dirty job, but SOMEBODY has to do it. And he is a cute little fucker and I am just gonna hafta do it for him. It's probably not gonna hurt my reputation any.

So, lemme have some feedback, 'K? ICQ 28871283.