Sex in Public 26

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Matthew. The guy in NYC I could not remember his name. It's Matthew. So if you know a guy who has a big, left hand turn cock, went to J's frequently, lived in Long Island, and was just fucking hot, then have that hot little fucker get in touch with me, cause I wanna do him again. Or if it's you and you remember that time with Marty and me, get in touch, man, cause I wanna know if you got that thing stuck in Marty's butt and maybe had to call for the Jaws of Life to get it out. Which reminds me a gynecologist friend once told me about being called to the emergency room cause they brought in a couple and the man's cock was stuck in this young girl's cunt and he couldn't get it out. Just imagine THAT 911 call. He also I guess was on call when they brought in some guy who got his cock stuck in a vacuum cleaner hose. Weird. I just think I would have waited one hell of a long time before I went to the hospital for stuff like that.

Anyway, finally remembering Matthew's name makes me think that there is at least a slight possibility that some of the guys I mention here may recognize themselves. Well, it could happen. I mean they may not remember me all the time, but they might remember the scene we had, and if I knew his name, it's here. So, write me you motherfuckers, or else I just won't like you anymore. And I just think out of all the guys I have cruised, maybe one of them would see himself in here somewhere. And that's a kinda interesting thought.

And now, back to sex. Or else maybe not, because SPSauthor had a little personal tragedy when he felt really betrayed by what used to be a good friend. And he seduced a kid I REALLY LIKED, so that put me out of the loop. So that was bad, and I'm having a little bit of a problem about that, so I decided to tell about some of the times I've been disappointed in cruising.

I went to a gay bar in Denver when I was there on business, and it turns out to be almost like a club, I mean the first floor had a bar and stuff, but it also had little hallways and cubicles and gloryholes and stuff, and guys were doing what comes naturally there. And there was some kinda deal on drinks if you take your shirt off. And a number of guys who really probably should not have did anyway and some of that just was not that attractive. Well, I didn't do that, but I cruised around and explored a little and stuff, and there's a downstairs part that had another littler bar and was pretty dark, with guys groping and kissing and stuff. So anyway, I start following a cute young guy around. And he's teasing me, looking back and making sure I don't lose contact with him, but still just staying out of reach and not letting me get close enough to talk to him. And sometimes I had to break off the chase to get another drink or piss or something, but he was always hanging around when I was armed and dangerous again. Then he took off his shirt and his cute abs and chest and lithe tight body is just a fucking turn on and my cock is responding in a way I usually find supportive. Then the little fucker gets out on the dance floor and he is just amazing in tight black jeans, no shirt, popping that outstanding butt, moving his torso, nice package showing. And I reach down and pick my jaw up and refasten it and I kinda go out there to see if I can get him to dance with me or just let me suck his cock right there if that's possible, I don't know. Something had to be done. But he moves off again and goes downstairs. Now I'm feeling pretty foolish, I mean most guys would probably have given up, like I must just not be his type, I guess. But he is just so fucking hot and beautiful and I coulda killed those fuckers for getting guys to take their shirts off and making me want this kid so much. Then I find myself downstairs too and it's pretty dark, and it seems like I lost him in the crowd.

Shit. What kinda idiot am I anyway? But he really didn't seem to be there with anyone else, and he certainly was cockteasing me on purpose, which is sorta fun in a way. Too dark, I still can't find him. So I decide to just leave, nobody else there is really interesting after seeing this amazing kid (especially those two really heavy guys hanging on each other with no shirts), so I head for the stairs. And there he is, leaning against the wall a few steps up around the landing under the lightbulb, with his shirt stuffed in the back waistband of his jeans and his hips bumped out and his cock is pretty plain down the right leg and he's standing there with an empty beer, rubbing his flat hard tummy. So I didn't expect this and I'm a little surprised and just did not have a good pick up line ready. Didn't need one. He speaks first and says, Hey. Wanna buy me a beer? Yes. Yes, I fucking do wanna buy you a beer. And then he says, Hey man, you seem cool and everything, but I have a boyfriend. I just want a beer. Oh. OK. Jesus. Fucked again. What the fuck are you cruising for, shithead? Well I bought him the goddamn beer anyway, but he just took it and said thanks and walked off, and I went back to my hotel and not a fucking thing happened. But the truth is that most cruising is like that. I spend a lot of time watching and waiting and cruising guys, but more often than not, nothing happens.

So this is not very interesting, I guess, but again, it's a fact of cruising that it's just not always very successful. And losing that kid was not as hard as losing my two friends in one fucking argument, but it does piss me off to spend a lot of energy chasing some guy, he uses me, then won't put out. Oh well, fucked again. Well that was pretty fucking boring. I was gonna just tell about lots of times that nothing happened, but that would be fucked up, wouldn't it? Who would wanna read that? I don't even wanna waste time writing about it, but it does happen a lot. Fuck that shit, back to sex.

OK, this is about Tony. Tony is a guitar guy who turns out lives by himself in a large house, and we did some stuff there that is real close to public sex, so maybe I'll get to that in a bit, cause after all, I had fun, and that's the whole fucking point, isn't it? Yes, sir, it is. OK, so one night I'm walking along the jogging path not far from my house and it winds around and along the creek and goes on past a big ballpark with a separate concession/restroom building. So it's dark and deserted and I go up past this little building and Tony is sorta leaning against it, wearing just some blue sweat cutoffs and a gray tee and some tennis shoes. Long hair in a ponytail, pulled back really tight, and he's got a pretty small build, weighs maybe 140 or so, pretty hot looking, even though there really was not much fucking light that night. But there's no real reason to be there at the deserted park and you can't get into the restrooms there at night, so naturally I hafta go on up to the water fountain and get a drink and just see who this guy is.

So he's leaning there and I go up to the fountain and he just says, Hi. And his voice is just a whisper, but it's really soft and mellow, and it turns out he's a singer/guitar in a band, and every time he talked, it sounded like he was just singing real slow. But anyway, I learned most of that later, I mean I really probably didn't get all that much information from the hi. But anyway, I say something like, How ya doin? (Man, I am a charming motherfucker) And he says Nice weather we're havin, ain't it? And I say, Hey, you a cop? Might as well cut the chit chat. No, he's not a cop, so I say, Nice hair. And he just flops his cock out over the top of his little loose cutoffs. Nice cock, too. Very nice. Very hard, and I hadn't noticed because his shorts were so loose, but this little guy has about eight or nine inches of hard cut cock, even though it wasn't that thick, it was a very, very nice cock. So mine is working itself into a state, and I get it outta my fly and open up the top of my shorts, and then suddenly we are just crushed together and he's got his arms around me and nuzzling my neck and grinding our hips, and of course our cocks, together, so I guess this is OK, but we really should have scouted this out better, cause anyone coming along the path can just see this, but I guess we were thinking with the little head. And I reach around and grab his butt, and there's almost no butt there, I mean he's only got about a 27 or 28 inch waist, and just this little killer ass, so it's not too fucking difficult to get it covered by my hands and pull it. So I do.

So Tony starts moaning softly almost right away, and I guess I don't quite feel hot enough to start moaning yet, but he musta been warming up or something before I got there, cause he is just fucking READY, and he quickly sinks down to his knees and sucks my cock just all in, like that was no big deal. And it's almost scary, I mean most guys at least ACT like it's a big cock, even if it maybe isn't, but hell, Tony just sweeps it all into his mouth, like, Is that it? Well, I guess it'll have to do. But maybe it didn't matter anyway, cause Tony is not interested in sucking me off. Just a couple of quick long wet slobbery sucks, and he just falls over to the side and spins around and he's on all fours in front of me on the ground, and somewhere he's lost his shorts, or they are around his feet or something, I don't know what fucking happened to them, but his killer butt is perched up pointing at me and Tony is kissing the ground down on his forearms with this little ass cocked up, and he shakes it a couple of times, so I fuck him. Just drop down to my knees with my huge cock sticking out of my shorts, right there by the goddamn concession stand, and slide it in between his cheeks. So then he kinda lays his head sideways on his right arm and reaches under with his left hand and steers my meat into his hole. Shoves it all in with just a little wiggle and a little hump of his butt up and down to just leverage my cock into him. Well, he was ready, all right, already lubed, I guess, or maybe he just has a slick ass, I dunno, but it just sucks right in, no problem. So now I'm buried inside this boy, cockring just smashed up against his hole, all the fucking way in. Hot, hot, hot, hot. Jesus. So I just give a few hard little short hunches into his ass to make sure that motherfucker is ALL THE WAY IN, and slide my hips sideways to take every little angle into that cute killer ass so I don't waste any cock unfucked or something. And Tony is just lost in this fuck, I mean he's moaning and cocking his ass up to me and giving me lots of little positive signs (as if presenting his killer butt to me wasn't a positive sign), like Please gimme all of that huge cock, man, fuck my little ass, slam me, man. cock, cock, cock, fuck me, lemme have your meat, I wanna feel your balls slam my ass man, get that thick fucker into me, oh yeah, all the way in man, god I love this, slam me with that cockring man. So this helps. But I don't have that much staying power when I'm inside a guy's ass, I mean I have to admit that it just makes me cum pretty fucking fast to see my cock forcing its way into a tight little butt, so I tend to fuck slowly so maybe it will last a little longer, so I start a kinda slow motion fucking, but hard, you know? I mean my cock is rocked up as hard as it gets, and when it slides in all in one slow thrust, I just go as deep and firmly into him as possible, flexing my shaft up tight, swivel it around a little to make sure I get it all in in every stroke, holding his hips and pulling them hard to me, leaning back a little so my cock is standing out in front of me and just leads the way into his ass. And I of course get to watch, which is just a fucking turn on. So he's got a pretty good grip on my balls, pulling on the ring, stroking up from there on his own cock, and his left hand is actively participating in this fuck, man it's just all over his cock, his hole, my cock, my balls, cockring, pretty much patrolling the whole territory down there.

And I say, Man, I just can't take this much more, you should see how hot this looks with my thick cock sliding in and out of your ass. And he says, God I wish I could see it from there. Well, I don't think I can help him out on that one. I ask him if he wants my load and he throws his ass back into me and I just lose it all, buried up to the ring inside his ass. Just like, WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM WHAM, fast hard shots of my load pump into him, many, many shots, my cum trigger just firing off out of control, and both of us are grunting pretty hard. Uh, uh, uh, uh, over and over. So then I just lose all my energy and lean over his back and put my arms out for support on the ground with my cock stuffed up his butt and my head just hanging there, and I begin to think about maybe others can see and hear us pretty fucking easy, but Tony hasn't cum yet. Or did he? I dunno, maybe he did. He says, Jesus, that was the hottest fuck of my life. Well that was nice to hear. It was hot, but I didn't last very long inside him and the whole fuck probably took longer to describe than it did to do, but I reach around to jack him off underneath me, and his cock is already pretty soft, but I milk it out a few strokes anyway and whisper, Didja cum? And he says Yeah, man that was fucking hot. Yes, it was fucking hot. And somehow we get apart and I just wipe my cock off on my shirttail and ask him if he's ok, and he gets up, we both pull up and start to leave. Look around a little, but there doesn't seem to be any squadrons of militia or small children or something watching, so we both get going and he says, Wanna come over? Turns out he lives just about three blocks away. So we go over to his house and have a beer or two and talk and stuff and he tells me about his band and things. And I fucked him again on his living room floor, but that was not what you'd call public, so even though it was pretty hot too, you just have to forget that it even happened.

So Tony has a big panel truck I guess they take band equipment around it or something, but the front of it has a pretty big space beside and behind the driver ahead of the partition to the back, and you can stand up in there, and he's got a couple of lawn chairs kinda parked there behind the driver's seat. And he tells me that he likes to drive around with his friends (but I dunno if he meant the other band members) and some of them have sex in the cab there while one guy drives. So that sounds pretty cool, and one night I suddenly found myself outside Tony's house looking for stray cats or something, and he comes outside and we get into the truck sitting there on the street, and he gets all over me and asks me how I want to get off. So I say, Well, you pick. Whaddya wanna do? Tony wants to get fucked. He always wants to get fucked. OK. So we are just in the front of this fucking truck on the street in front of his house, and he turns around and grabs the dash and just says, Fuck me, man. So I kneel down behind him and push my face into his tailbone and slide my hands around in front to undo his belt and I can feel his cock just making a lot of noise out there in front of him. I get his shorts loose, unhook his boxers from over his cock and slide all that down to the floor, still kneeling there, but if he thought I was gonna rim him, then he was disappointed, cause I didn't, I just nuzzled that cute tiny little ass of his, kinda working my cock up with my hand and getting ready to fuck him. So this time he opens the glove box thing and has some lube in there and gets his asshole ready and reaches behind to slick up my cock and then leans forward with his hips cocked up for a standing fuck. So I do it. The head of my cock slides forward between his ass cheeks, and he's a little shorter than me anyway, and my cock curves up a little, so it's poking him pretty forcefully as it is sliding toward his hole. He's wiggling his butt and humping his hips just a little and when the end of my dick reaches his hole it just hooks itself up into the opening and just keeps on sliding in. So Tony exhales this long loud sigh and grunts a few times and keeps moving his fucking hips all around the cab of this truck. I'm holding his hips and trying to concentrate on the fuck so I don't just blow my wad before I even get into his ass. And I know Tony likes to get fucked, so I'm not really being greedy by fucking him, but he never wanted me to suck his cock or anything, even though I CERTAINLY would have loved to do that, but anyway, I think, I'll just jack him off this time and leave my meat buried in him. So I reach around and grab his cock and start working on it with lots of different strokes and turning my hand all around and over and upside down (I mean sometimes grabbing it with my thumb on top and sometimes thumb on the bottom). He lubed it up a little somewhere along the way, cause it's slick and easy to jack off. But I can't possibly fuck him at the same time, man I would just cum immediately. It's tough enough to just leave that thick fucker stuffed in place up his butt. But he's so slim it's no trouble to reach his cock from the back, and I get this weird sensation of almost jacking off my own cock, I guess just because of the fact that my hand is about where it is when I do beat off, since my cock is jammed into his ass, and he's slim, and his cock is in the right place. Weird.

Anyway, with my cock still imbedded in his ass, and I feel his cum muscles squeezing off and his asshole clamping down on me, and Tony sprays his load on the dash, but this doesn't seem to be anything new for him, cause he makes no effort to avoid it, just pumps it out in some big splashy shots while I've got his cock in one hand and pulling his balls with the other, and my stiff fucker is still crammed as deep as possible in his ass, even though I'm trying not to move it. His head comes back around and his eyes are closed and I sorta kiss him a little, but nothing hard, and he really didn't make any noise cumming, but I was holding his dick so I certainly felt it and he tensed up and everything, and I can see his load on the dash and floor and stuff, and seeing that fresh cum I just pumped out of a cock that felt like I was jacking my own dick makes me wanna cum fast. So I just lean back where I can see cock and ass meet again, take some quick hard thrusts into that killer little butt and jam my spurting cock into him, grunting and saying something like, Shit! Pumping my load into you man. Feel that cum spurting into your ass? Feel my cock shooting. Cockring jammed up to your hole, man. Take that fucking load. Goddamn. Hot fucking ass. Hot fucking ass, man. Squeeze that juice outta my cock man. Take my load. So he does.

Well, that was fun. Tony and I got together a few times. Once we had to go outside again and fuck because his dad or someone was visiting and we couldn't do it in the house and his truck was off somewhere, so we just had a quick standing fuck on the front porch, but it was dark, so it was not maybe as obvious as it sounds. And if his dad saw us he never said anything to me and he never sent me a thank you note. Later he musta moved or something, cause I don't ever see his truck and no one is home anymore. Oh well, fucked again. But I had so much fucking fun fucking Tony's little tight butt and playing with his boyish body. I wish I could have sucked down his load. I dunno if I would just cram my cock into some guy like that today, but then, it seemed like a good idea.

So, remembering about Tony makes me feel a little better about that other shit, even though I still wish something could be done about it. But anyway, it's still fun to hear from guys, and now I have a big ICQ list and lots of e-mails and stuff, and friends with guys all over the world. So that's good. So I don't think I'm quite done yet, but get in touch anyway. ICQ 28871283