Sex in Public 27

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

A productive little afternoon at the college yesterday, if I say so myself. I get myself situated in the handicap stall (I expect to see some kinda memorial bronze plaque dedicated to me there someday, sorta like they have for Arnold Palmer at Augusta), and get some lube and some literature and start getting warmed up. A few guys come and go, but its mostly quiet. Before anything could happen, I find myself jacking off the first load, and I hafta stand and salute that fucker as I pump cum all over the door and the wall and the floor from a very hard cock which happens to be dressed in a shiny new cockring. A tall, older looking student takes the left hand stall across the room. He's maybe 25 or so, not bad looking, and he cruises me too, but it's early, so I wait, and eventually he leaves. After a bit a really cute young guy wearing sandals takes the same stall, peeks out a couple of times, but soon leaves. Then nothing for a while, so I get up and take a stroll around outside, and I go upstairs just for the hell of it, and the cute guy is sitting in a lounge chair outside the little head, doing homework. OK. So I go down the hall, sit down, read something myself, watch the guy, get up, go meaningfully into the little head and wait. Nothing. So I go back outside, and the kid is gone. Not good.

So I go back to the main tearoom and get back in the handicap stall, and the kid is already back in the left hand stall, and some other guy is in the right hand stall. Course I didn't see him go in, but he's wearing docksiders and shorts, has smooth slim legs, and everything looks cool. So I watch for just a bit, but before I can makes any moves, the new guy gets up and leaves, and of course I can see him exit the stall, and he's a young blond guy, kinda rugged, but attractive, compact build. He just walks out. Now I can move on the cute kid. No, I can't. He gets up immediately and also leaves. Neither one is bothering to wipe and flush and stuff, so it's rather obvious that they have decided to go upstairs to the little head. Maybe there will be an opportunity for Mike upstairs. So I also leave and go up to the little head, and I'm close enough behind the cute guy that I didn't see him go in, but I heard the door close. But now I have second thoughts about following these guys, I mean you know I don't BOTHER guys having sex, and they sure as shit did not invite me, when they could have if they wanted, so just as I'm about to turn the door latch, I stop. And I think, is there any way I could go in there and see if I would be welcome without pissing these guys off? No, I can't think of any, so I stay outside and just listen a bit. And in about 10 seconds, someone is clearly getting blown. Loud slurping sounds and some whispered Oh yeah sounds and stuff. Well, I guess they started without me, so I listen for just a bit, but I don't wanna be seen with my ear to a mensroom door (how would I explain that?), so I just give up and return to the handicap stall.

Five minutes. That's all it takes those guys, and the blond guy returns downstairs to the right hand stall across from me. And now he's cruising me, so that's good, and I give him plenty to look at, cock big and hard and lubed and stroking and pulling my balls, pushing the cockring down, legs spread, wiggling my ass on the seat, making sure my cock is centered in the door gap. No mistake possible there. And he's obviously watching with interest, when suddenly the first older guy comes back in and takes the other stall. And he doesn't even bother to take a seat, just drops his shorts, faces the rear wall sorta sideways, and starts stroking his cock. Well, this is so he can be seen in the reflection off the black shiny tiles by the blond guy, and now he's fucking responding to the older guy. He get's up, also faces the back wall at little, and starts beating off too. Shit. I did all the groundwork, and now this guy comes in and poaches my rabbit. Goddamn it. You can't just come in and steal the guy I've spent all this time cruising, can you? I mean isn't there some law or ordinance or regulation or Aesop's fable or something here? So I am thinking about some remedy to this little fucking problem, when the blond guy suddenly just comes out of the stall, walks quickly over to the urinal next to my stall, hauls out his cock and starts beating off beside me. Well. This is an unexpectedly happy fucking turn of events. And he can see my cock through the crack, and I can see his, and it checks out to my satisfaction, so I whisper, Wanna blow job? He says, Huh? (man, I can't make up dialogue this witty, I wonder if this is how Neil Simon got started). I say, Lemme take your load, man. Sure. So I get up and exit, go over to the sinks where he's standing., and some other guy comes in, so I give a little head jerk upstairs, and leave, go up to the little head, and wait.

Pretty soon the blond comes in where I am in the one holer stall, and goes right up to the urinal beside it, leans back a bit to look through he door crack, where I've got my cock out hard and stroking, and I'm about to open the door when the older guy walks in and goes right up to the urinals. Still trying to steal my suckee. But they stand there for just a second or two, and the blond just leans back and says, Still gonna blow me? Yup. Open the door and he steps right in. Pulls his cotton shorts down and he's not wearing anything underneath. Cock just semihard, not large, average at best, but nicely shaped, and real low hanging balls. So I start sucking, sitting there on the stool, blond standing there offering his cock, tall guy outside waiting his turn, I guess. But the kid's cock is easy to suck, I don't have to get it down my throat to get clear to the base, and I'm beating off with my right hand and holding the kids balls with my left and pulling them and twisting them and stuff. And it's easy to do a lot with this kid's balls cuz they hang so low. I put plenty of suction on his cock and lots of tongue and spit and long strokes. But he's just standing there, so I reach behind him and pull his ass in, and he gets the message and starts to fuck. MUCH BETTER. Now he's face fucking me, and his cock is suddenly super hard. He holds his shirt up with both hands, and I couldn't look up at him very well from that position sitting there, but I felt pretty sure that the other guy was watching over the top of the door, and the blond and I were putting on a show. So I did.

I give this kid my A game blowjob, lots of loud sucking, slurping, licking, moaning and heavy breathing, he's rapidly fucking my face with lots of Oh yeah, and, Suck it man, type classics, and a couple of times I pull off for a little rest and pull his balls down hard with one hand and jack him off fast with the other, and then while I'm doing this he says, Oh yeah, I'm close. So that means jam it back in my mouth, right? So I do, and he keeps fucking me, but nothing happens, but he was close before when I was jacking him, so I take it out and do the same thing again, only this time when he says he's close, I keep jacking him off, aiming his cock at my face like I'm gonna have him spray me with his load. He's still thrusting at me, even while I'm stroking him fast, pulling and twisting his balls, and then he says, I'm cumming. Which was the whole fucking point, now wasn't it? NOW, I stuff him back into my mouth, and he fucks into me twice and jams his cock into me tight and unloads. Well, I forgot to get my tongue out so I could feel his cum rushing up his cockshaft from the base, so I missed my favorite part of eating a guy's load, but still I could feel his shaft swell and pulse with each shot, and for some reason I gag a little bit, but his cum is really not that hard to take, and it tastes fine, and it is after all a nice young cock on a young student guy, pumping wads of young cum into my mouth, and we seem to have an audience, so everything is pretty much O fucking K with this picture. I swallow the cum in one gulp and he backs off a little, so I lean over and take some more squeezy sucks, give the nuts a couple more pulls, and just to make him feel good, I say, Great cock, man, nice load, hot. So he says, Thanks, man. And pulls up his shorts, but leaves them hooked under his balls so I can admire his cock some more while he finished adjusting his shirt and stuff, then flips them up with his meat just dangling inside there, and leaves.

Then the tall guy thinks it's his turn. He just immediately comes in, kinda has to squeeze past the blond to get inside the stall, drops his shorts, and he's wearing stupid underwear. Some little bikini briefs things with cartoon characters on them. Oh my god, can't men find decent underwear somewhere? Jesus. So I'm really having some second thoughts about doing this guy, I mean I had already decided not to cruise him, I was not that interested in his cock, which turned out to be quite short, with balls in one of those ill defined sacks that just seem to go from leg to leg without any real hanging feature to them, and he's got insulting underwear. And I don't mean to sound like I won't do small cocks, cuz I will, but mine is just enormous compared to this guy, and nobody's sucked me off today, and maybe he should at least have to do me first or something. But he says, Please suck me man, you are one hell of a cocksucker. Please. So I still have a few doubts whether I want to do this, but then that one thought comes to me, like, Man, this is what you like to do. You suck cocks. You love it. You want his load. Why turn down a cock that's right in front of your face? So I don't.

I take his cock in, and it's not real hard, but very suckable, and pretty short, well under 5 inches, so deepthroating is not even an issue, and I stroke around the base, and his cock just jumps from Def Con 4 to Def Con 1 in no fucking time at all, and I give it a variety of different sucks, some with suction, some just licking or just lips or something, and he's going nuts up there, telling me how great this is and he's never felt anything like it and yes, yes, yes, and shit. Then he takes my head in both hands, and rubs my hair and cheeks and neck and ears and stuff and starts thrusting into me. So I make a hole for him to fuck, and he does. The whole blowjob takes about 2 minutes, and then he's tensing up and practically shouting his cumming announcement (like I need to be told), and blows a very large load into the back of my mouth. I got my tongue out on this one, but truthfully, did not feel the pulsing from the base, his whole cock just was wooden hard and I could not detect the separate shots of his wad. He tells me I'm a fantastic cocksucker, which I think is true. For some reason I say I wish I could have done the kid the blond guy sucked off, too. Then he quickly pulls up and leaves. And it was fun, after all, I mean I did enjoy sucking this guy's cock and getting his load, and it was kinda hot to have guys lined up waiting their turn, then really appreciate what I did for their cocks, and I felt good making him feel good.

My cock is attended only by me, so this part is bad. I go back downstairs, and think maybe there's time to cruise maybe another guy or two, but the literature kinda gets to me, my cock is as big as a house and the way I'm teasing it and stroking and stopping just short of cumming finally pushed me over, and I lean way back on the stool, almost horizontal, pull my feet way back underneath, stick that motherfucker up in the air and take one more long intense fucking tight stroke on it and watch it start to shoot a load that I'd say was pretty fucking large. For some reason it shoots off to the right a little, and the first 2 shots hit the stainless steel door with loud splats, and then four or five more jump out, flying up high and landing with loud echoes on the side wall and floor. And it is a big fucking mess, cuz the mess I left earlier is still there, and these sideways sprays of cum on the door are just all over it, and big drops of semen are on the wall and running down the wall and door, and there are large spots and puddles of the stuff on the floor. And some of the last pumps didn't go that far, but were still large, and got on my hand, so I give it a shake, and cum goes flying off my fingers onto the wall behind the stool, and man, it just looked like there was an orgy in that fucking stall. There's enough cum in there to provision a submarine for a month at sea. And I just pulled up my shorts and left it there. So maybe that offended the next guy. Probably did. Well, I guess I should apologize for that, but I'm not gonna. Maybe it's not polite, but I don't feel the need to clean up cum. And I had fun, anyway.

Well, people tell me I should just get over shit that happens and forget it, so I'm trying to follow that advice, but the kid I lost keeps reminding me that he still wants to be friends, and that just reminds me how fuckable he is, so I feel bad about losing him again, so I have turned my attention to all those fucking Canadians, and I am just fucking amazed at how many cocks in Canada seem to find their way into another guy's ass. And just about all of their owners seem to be contacting me on ICQ and telling me all about it, and then the bottoms start checking in and I'm thinking, Whoa, man, what the fuck is going on in Canada? And it's all over the fucking country, from BC to Newfoundland. We may hafta have some sort of federal investigation or something.

Then I was involved in a little international incident that's probably gonna start a nuclear war or something, cuz I heard from a nice guy in Taiwan who read SPS, so I contacted my kid in Beijing and asked him to leave the guy in Taiwan out of it if they decided to invade or something, and he was not really in a position to promise anything. So it still looks as if SPS probably isn't really bringing the world much closer together like I had always wanted it to, after all. But I had fun, anyway. And even though hardly anybody writes anymore, I'm probably just gonna go ahead and finish telling about this stuff, even if the fucking Pulitzer committee continues to fucking ignore me. Those cocksuckers. ICQ 28871283

Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Listen to the soothing sound of my voice. You are getting sleeeeepy, sleeeeepy. You cannot resist sleep. You are asleep. You are in my power. You will copy that email address. You will send it a message. You will adore and worship the addressee. You will think he has a huge dick. You will read every episode of SPS with irresistable attention. You will jack off. You will feel compelled to do the author. You will not remember these instructions. You will not be able to read this paragraph again. You will awaken on the count of three, feeling refreshed and alert. Ready. One . . . Two . . .