Sex in Public 28

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

OK, an 18 year old lesbian named Rachel emailed me and it was a fucking trip, man. She says she gets off on SPS and it's much better than the "lesbian crap" that's out there. Pretty fucking cool. I thought, anyway. I mean it's OK with me if you wanna turn even your grandma on to SPS, it's just not what I was really expecting, you know? Cool.

But anyway, back to sex. Back at the college in fact, when a blond student takes the right hand stall. And he's pretty cute, maybe a little heavy, but still very do-able, and he sits down and starts jacking off almost right away, and it's pretty obvious, I mean I can see his shorts jumping around and the reflection of his arm beating his cock is on the wall and stuff, so I give him the show like I have described before, center my thick meat in the door crack, long slow strokes from below my balls to past the head, push the cockring down, spread legs wide and stuff, lean way back, and the kid just cannot miss it. But I guess he did, cuz he keeps peeking out, but no action.

So then a REALLY CUTE young guy takes the other stall. Slim, not very tall, wearing a book backpack and ball cap, glasses, black hair, sandals. And I can't see him actually stroking, but he peeks out from time to time, and of course The Show is going on in my direction, so he can't really mistake it either. But these guys are probably going to be attracted to each other more than me, I'd guess, and as it happens, neither one of them seems to be doing any interacting with anyone. Fucking waste, if you ask me. And one of the urinals is stuck with an open valve, so there's lots of water noise in the room, and I can't hear much or even make any quiet suggestions from where I am. Should I get up and saunter on over? Maybe write 'I suck cock' on my shoe and stroll past the stalls over there? Knock on the fucking door? Maybe I should have them paged, I dunno. I just can't seem to get these kids into it, even though they are both watching me, and at least the blond is jacking off. Hmmm.

Then in comes another student who I have sucked quite a number of times, but I don't know his name, but he keeps wanting me to go home with him and do his uncut boyfriend. Anyway, he goes over to the urinals beside these kids and starts beating off, sometimes turning towards me and checking out The Show and stuff. So I get just a little tired of cruising those kids, and I know the other guy is good for some immediate sex, so I pack up my stuff, pull up my pants, but leave my cock out where it can be seen while I fiddle around with my stuff, then slip it inside my fly and exit the stall. Both kids are watching me move across the room to the other guy. So when I get to him beside the urinals, he turns a little and leans back on the sink counter, jacking his cock which is sticking out the front of his fly. I take mine out and do the same, but I have a zipper fly in these slacks, so my balls and cockring get out too, but he's got on 501's and just his cock is sticking out. Now this guy has an unusual jack off method. He is left-handed, and he holds just the end of his cock with what I would call a backwards grip, with his thumb facing his body, and he uses just short little strokes on the head of his cock. I don't. I take that thick fucker with my entire hand along the shaft and stroke all the way up and down, and my fingers really don't touch around it when it's really hard. But this guy has a fairly slender dick, maybe 3+ inches around, and just average length, so there is no fucking room on the perch for two birds, and I just cannot get my hand on his cock while he's jacking it. Plus, he won't stop. Plus, he hasn't even got his balls out of the fly, so it's like a lot of denim between the base of his cock and his hand, which is really kinda pissing me off. I mean he is just not giving me access.

But the good part is that he reaches out and strokes my cock pretty fast, and it feels OK. Every so often he bends down and peeks under the stall wall to see if the kids next door are interacting, I guess, but they do not seem to be, and during one of those little reconnaissance missions, he's bending over, beating off, stroking my cock, peeking under, and he just turns his head a little bit, and presto, there's my cock, so he puts it in his mouth. Feels really warm for some reason, more than usual, but he just puts about 3 inches in and just leaves it there. Nice and tight, but no suction and no movement. It's just in there. So I put my hand around the back of his head and give a couple of tiny thrusts, you know, sending a little message, but nothing happens. He just moves his head with my thrusts, so I guess he's not interested in face fucking. Maybe he's afraid I'll cum in his mouth or something. But that doesn't last long. He gets up and I go down on his cock right away just to show this kid how to suck cock.

I just had to pull his own hand off of it, and then just suck it all the way in. It's not difficult to suck at all, even all the way to the base (except he still hasn't got it all out of his pants), and I give it a pretty sincere blowjob, long wet deep tight strokes, reach around his butt and drive it in to me, squeeze the crotch of his jeans. I'm making a lot of noise on purpose, so maybe the Hardy Boys in the stalls will finally get the message and join us, but that fucking urinal is still making a racket, and I'm not sure anything short of an M-80 is gonna pry those guys out. So the guy and I take turns sucking, but his method doesn't change at all, even though I keep setting a good example at no extra charge. Then someone else comes in.

Of course we are up and 'pissing' immediately, and suddenly the blond kid just leaves. Well, I decide to follow, just in case he needs some directions or something, but when I get outside, he's gone. Maybe he's upstairs in the little head. Nope. Shit. So I go back, and my guy is still jacking off, cute kid still in the stall, and the guy and I decide to go upstairs. So we do, and he keeps up this silly jack off at the urinals there, so I just fucking drop down and suck his cock all the way down. This time, at least, he's got his jeans open and his briefs hooked underneath his balls, so all the equipment is available. And this guy has little balls, so it's really easy to suck them into my mouth, both at once, and they are smooth, either shaved or just no hair, I dunno, but kinda neat in a way, and I can even get them in while his cock is in my mouth, so there is just a lot of action going on here.

And he's feeling pretty fucking good about it, moaning, catching his breath, saying Oh, yeah, a lot, starting to thrust. And really, it's not a very difficult blowjob, and I can easily feel the head of his cock against the roof of my mouth at the back with every stroke. But he won't use his hands on me or really start face fucking or anything. Still, it's a fun blow, it's easy, he's about to cum, I'm getting pretty hot myself, I'm on my knees in a tearoom in front of the urinals, sucking cock, good looking young student, god is in his heaven and all is right with the world. Then the guy starts cumming. He jams his meat in deep, moans some apt expression, and spurts a few wads against the back of my mouth, but it's not much volume. Easy to swallow. Easy to suck all the cum out with the clean up strokes. Easy. Nice blowjob. He packs up and leaves.

So I do too. And then I go back downstairs where everyone has cleared out. Shit. So I sit there a while, and some maintenance guy comes in and fixes the run-on urinal. Then the cute guy comes back and takes the same stall. Then he leaves. So I leave. But he just heads on out and away. Shit again. So I go back, read some literature, work up a pretty major cum, and blow it all over the stall again. Well, at least that was fun.

So that made me think about the times I have been cruising there when the black guy with the rough tongue came in. Don't see him much anymore now, but he used to come in pretty much every time I was there and have sex. And he had a lot of fucking sex. He would suck any cock, any time, anywhere. And when the small balls guy and I were bending down to check out the kids in the stalls, it reminded me of the rough tongue black guy, cuz that was pretty much his m.o. He would just get down on the fucking floor out in the mensroom and look under, and it was fucking obvious what he was doing, but he didn't seem to have any qualms (Christ, what kinda word is that?) about it, and if you wanted your cock sucked, hey, there he is. No fucking questions. Give him any sign at all, he comes over or into the stall, whatever you want, and just sucks as hard as he can as fast as he can until you pop a load into his mouth. He would even get down on his stomach OUTSIDE the stall to do me kneeling down inside. Sucked really hard, lots of suction, and had that rough tongue I never did figure out. It was almost scary to get sucked by this kid, I mean it was like your cock was gonna be sanded down to a stub when he got done. But he was one enthusiastic son of a bitch, man, he just fucking LOVED sucking cock, and guys who cruise can tell the difference between cocksuckers who love cock and cocksuckers who just tolerate it. And of all the black guys I have tricked with, he's one of the only ones who wanted to suck my cock. All the others I either sucked off, or jacked off, or they wanted to get fucked. Sometimes there was some sucking before a fuck, but they really just wanted to turn their butts up and get em pounded. So I did.

Like Gary. He was a short little black guy with wire rim glasses I cruised in the arcade one night, and he was playing pinball outside the booths. Nicely dressed, maybe 20 or so, short hair under a ball cap, baggy jeans, cute in a black preppy sorta way, and he kept looking over at me, cruising also, I guess, but nothing overt. So I would go in and watch a movie for a bit, come out, watch him play pinball, scout around, take a different booth. And so on. Finally, I happen to take one with a gloryhole in it, and before I get the door closed, he's in the one next door. So I guess he was just waiting for me to get to the gloryhole, but that's OK, so we both unzip and my screen is showing something so there's some light, but his is dark, so I can't see real well through the hole, and the hole itself was kinda small for what I like, and off center in the wall for some reason, so I almost hafta stand with my back to the screen to look through it, but it turns out the view is worth the trouble. Gary has on plain white briefs, and he faces the hole and hooks his thumbs on the waistband in front and just slowly lowers them down past his cock. It's cut, not real hard, kinda floppy, but very, very long and really slender, and it arches out and down gracefully over his balls when he gets the briefs down far enough, and he is very plainly just showing me what he's got. So I reciprocate, haul my stuff out through the fly and give my cock a few strokes to get it up to strength so he can look the horse in the mouth, then slowly sink to my knees and just stare at this kid's cock through the hole.

Gary strokes that long fucker a few times, but it never got any longer, just stiffened up, and it is beautiful. When he got it hard, it curved up slightly, perfectly straight forward, and even though it was slender, it was a very fine shape and his balls were big enough to carry the presentation quite nicely. Suckable? Why, yes, I think I will, thank you. So I move close to the hole, and he just gives me the head, he will not feed me the shaft at all. So I suck it in hard, but he still won't fuck my mouth with it, and the little gloryhole is too small for me to use my hands to pull it in, so all I really can do is give the cockhead lots of attention, tongue all around, poke into the hole, suck, lick. It's a little bit frustrating, so I think, maybe he wants to suck me instead, so I stand up and move towards the hole with my cock, but it won't go through. Too thick for the hole. Shit. Fucked again. Back up, give him time to stick his cock back in. Nothing. Then he zips up and exits the booth. So I do too, and he's waiting for me in the little hallway, looking up and smiling at me with his cute big eyes in an awestruck sorta way, and says, Man, you have a beautiful cock. Aw, shucks. Me? So what can I say about his dick that will sound sincere? I finally say, Can I please get that long black cock inside me somehow? He says, Maybe. But I want you to fuck me first. Huh? You mean I get that cute little boy butt? Fuckin A. Let's go.

So we went. He told me that his dad used to take him to the arcade to teach him about sex. Hmmm. He meant sex with women, I guess, but there are no fucking women in the arcade, except in the movies, but I guess you can learn something from that maybe. Anyway, we left there and it turns out he walked there from his place, which is about 4 fucking miles, so I gave him a ride and he got his cock out in the car and we both played with it. But what happened next is not about public sex so I'll just tell about it real fast so it doesn't piss anyone off, but we go inside and he puts on this little leather harness thing across his killer little chest and work boots and a leather cap and says it's his costume for the Stonewall Parade or something he's going to in New York and how do I like it and I say Jesus Christ! and he unsnaps this little codpiece and his long young dick jumps up and he's got this cockring attached to some leather strap that goes up to the harness on his chest and I grab his cock and shove it all the way down to the cockring into my throat and he starts moaning and I start fingering his little butt and rubbing his asshole and he opens my jeans and my cock is about the size and consistency of a Louisville Slugger and he staggers over to the couch with me on my knees slurping on that beautiful black snaky cock and then he lifts his right leg up and over my head and swivels his body around to face away from me and I hafta move underneath him and kinda get on my back to keep his cock in my throat but now he's got one knee on the couch and one leg up on the back of the seat and he's facefucking me and moaning and this position is just not good for me at all but that outstanding little butt is perked up like its daring me to try to get my cock stuffed in without cumming so I get up and push my cock up against his hole and just hold his cute cheeks and hips with his legs splayed apart like that and let him rock back onto my shaft and it slides slowly into his body as thick and big and hard as I can get and flexing and throbbing and trying to not cum before I am seated all the way into this Fine Butt and when I'm all the way in his cock is standing out in front of him hard and twitching and he's bracing himself on the couch and he just clamps his asshole down and pulls both of us onto the couch with my dick buried inside him and I fuck him by just hunching little short hard thrusts into him and he is so fucking cute and his ass is so fucking fine and I unload pretty fucking quick under those circumstances and start gasping and throbbing and cumming and I'm crammed into his ass a good 10 inches and my cock isn't even 8 inches long and then I pull out and turn him over and suck his hose into my mouth and he quickly pulls it out and starts firing absolutely white shots of really thick cum all over my face and into my mouth and on my shirt and I'm all over him and this harness thing and his cockring and his ass and it was one motherfucking good fuck and I'm sorry I had to tell it so fast cuz it wasn't public sex.

But I had fun, anyway. And I had a similar experience with the cute guy who ended up giving me crabs, but I sorta think I would have fucked him even if I knew he had crabs cuz he was so fucking cute and that tight black ass is just irre-fucking-sistable. I mean crabs you can get rid of. Tight boy bubble butts you should not. And I met him in the arcade, too, but he was with some friends and I have no fucking idea why he was interested in me, but it turned out he was one of those guys who truly love getting fucked, I mean that is his sex of choice, and maybe some of those guys just like to see white cocks sliding into their black butts, I dunno, but it was fun. I couldn't really cruise him very well, cuz he was with some pretty big guys who just did not look that friendly, or even interested in cocks, just there to watch some tuna, I think, but he saw me watching him and he got apart from those guys when they went into some booths and came over and walked right up to me with his hands jammed into his back pockets and just looked into my eyes intently and smiled and said Hey. So I put my hands out to his slim hips slowly and he moved up to them slowly and we are staring at each other and I've got my hands on his hips and reaching around to his back and pull him. We start to kiss. He reaches up to my face and puts his hands behind my head and pulls me onto his lips hard. So this kiss in the arcade lasts about 3 seconds and be breaks it and pulls away and says meet me outside. So I leave and wait around the corner on the street and somehow he managed to leave those other guys and come with me. And I fucked him several times at his place, and went back a few days later for more fun, which it was, but again, not public sex, really. I ran into him sometime later at a cafe where it turned out he was a waiter and I was alone so he managed to crush his crotch against me several times, and I quietly suggested a little restroom quickie, but he was too afraid he would be caught and fired, so it didn't happen. But I had fun anyway.

Lots of other shit happened in the arcade or near it. I met Troy there one night, the kid with the huge cock that I mentioned before, and he was cool and loved shoving that thing into me (who wouldn't love shoving a 10 inch cock into almost anything?) But sex with Troy was always private. A tall young kid got into my car one night outside the arcade (of course my car was outside the arcade, you can't park inside the arcade), and we start a little frontseat fun and I'm getting his pants open and doing some preliminary surveying of his meat and he leans back against the seat like he's giving me room to operate down there, and his dick seems to be pretty meaty and potentially large. But then he says in this kinda dreamy voice, I wanna be dominated. So I hafta give a little laugh at that, man I just do not know anything about domination or S&M or any of that shit, and I thought me working on his dick was a form of that somehow, but I hafta warn you, laughing when a guy says he wants to be dominated is just not the correct response. The kid just pulls up his pants and gets out and walks away and I never dominated him or even saw him again. So maybe we should have a school someplace where innocent guys like me can go to learn what we hafta do to dominate somebody, just in case you get in a social situation where good manners dictate that you enslave your partner or something. What do you do? I dunno. Should I have started ordering him around or forcing him down on my cock or something? Or just start calling him filthy names? What the fuck do dominators do? Oh well, fucked again.

Now this Canadian problem is getting out of control. Maybe those guys don't get any real porno up there so SPS is all they have to read. I must have 20 of those guys on my ICQ list. Young, old, top, bottom, all kinds. And a lot of them have sent me pics and I never would have thought about it before, but Canadians are cute motherfuckers. I wonder if they all have big cocks, cuz one of the young guys wrote me and apologized cuz he knew I was into big cocks and he only had 7 inches. Jesus, kid, what the fuck do you think is big, anyway? That's 2 inches more than lots of guys, but, like I said, a d-d-deal is a d-d-deal.

One of those Canadians sent me a smoke signal, so I guess at least they read English. And the kid I fell for in Georgia is about to get blown by a hurricane I guess, which would not be as much fun as getting blown by me, but I suppose he hopes neither one happens. And I also met a kid in Perth, Australia who has got to be the horniest guy I have ever talked to, and I dunno if he gets more sex than Mr. Slut America in Miami, but he is not holding anything back. So anyway, write me or ICQ me or something with some constructive criticism, but if there's anything in SPS you don't like, go fuck yourself, OK? And I have decided to forget those Pulitzer assholes and go for the big one. Those Nobel guys are Swedish and I imagine much more understanding when it comes to hard cumming cocks. And one guy asked me if I have any idea how much cum SPS has been responsible for, and of course I don't, but I maybe could assign a couple of trusted lackeys to research this and take some measurements and stuff. Or else not. Oh, I almost forgot and maybe left some of you guys in a trance from Part 27. So, here goes: three. ICQ 28871283