Sex in Public 29

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

The Nifty Archive guy told me that he didn't keep accurate figures on how many hits on these stories there are, but I have a "very large following" and he says there is typically up to 50,000 hits on one of these stories when it is posted. So I told my trusted lackeys to figure out what that means. Whoa, step back, man, cuz it means there is a potential for 195 gallons of cum per story posting. Now that is a lot of cum. That's about three and a half 55 gallon drums of the stuff. And for all of SPS, that's about 96 barrels. Too bad there's no futures market in cum. If we could just establish a collection route, we could sell it by the barrel, like crude. Oil, I mean, not manners. Well this little exercise has been pretty fucking educational, but the image of 96 barrels of cum lined up on some loading dock somewhere is a fucking trip, man. It also means that 49,995 of you cocksuckers forgot to write me. Well, fuck that nonsense, back to sex.

So I motored on over to the college again this afternoon to further my education and I was sitting there in the library reading my literature and sorta taking a dump and just hanging around for something to happen. And it did, eventually. An older looking student guy takes the right hand stall, but I didn't get a really close look at him going in cuz he came in when there were quite a few guys coming and going, but when the smoke clears, he's putting a pretty heavy cruise on me, even to the point of standing up and jacking off sideways to the door crack. But I sorta fucked myself, cuz right at that time I was actually reading the newspaper instead of the literature, and just not paying that much attention or even really in the mood to, since I really wasn't sure about this guy. Which doesn't really make much sense, I mean I've done dozens of cocks when I never saw their owners at all, but I guess sometimes when you do see the guy, if he doesn't turn you on, it's easy to drop the entire argument, you know? Eventually he just leaves, and I do see him better, and he's got glasses and sorts medium length curly dark hair, beard, slightly overweight but nothing gross, older, like maybe late 20s, and he just looks like a T.A. or something, maybe a graduate student. Well, what the fuck difference does it make cuz he's leaving.

Not really, though, he comes right back in and takes the left hand stall, and now he's really aggressive, standing up, jacking off hard and load. Then I give him a little peek at The Show, so he can see my cock, which is nicely hard, but not really one of those painful erections, and he opens the door to his stall, showing a pretty large cock in his hand. Well, this of course bears a closer look, so I get my stuff together, leave my cock out the fly of my 501s, and take a little stroll which happens to pass pretty fucking close to his stall and cock. So I was so close in fact that I could almost reach out and grab it. So I did. And the guy was just an average guy, but his cock was very nice. About as long as mine, or real close, but even thicker than me, by quite a bit. And I guess I sound like my cock would stop up a toilet or something, but I have only seen a few cocks that are noticeably thicker, but this one was, and when I grabbed it, that motherfucker was one hard son of a bitch. So hard you just wanna squeeze it and see if it will start shooting right away. So I say, Thick hard fucking cock, man. And he says, Not as big as yours. Which would be nice to hear most times, but now I'm wondering if he's legally blind or something, cuz his cock is quite a bit thicker than me, or else maybe he was just saying that to exhibit good manners, I dunno. But then I have already decided that I wanna suck this cock, cuz it is a very hard, cut, thick meal, and even though it's kinda pale, it is nicely shaped and very well proportioned. No balls anywhere in sight, I guess they are stashed away somewhere with his cock sticking out the fly. So I invite him upstairs to the little head.

But it's full. There is some fucking conference going on or something, and these guys are all taking craps at the same time. And we kinda loiter around, but there no movement there except I guess the one in the guy's bowels, so after a bit we return downstairs, and now THAT fucker is all occupied. Man. So we hang around for maybe 20 minutes, and things have finally cleared out. But I don't like to suck cock in the stalls of the downstairs head, cuz even though the door makes a lot of noise, it's only 2 steps from the door to being completely in the room, just not enough time to get up off the floor. So instead of going into the stalls, we go over by the sinks and the urinals, unleash our cocks, and start some mutual jackoff. And this guy gets just a few strokes onto my cock when he says, Great cock, man, and just swoops down on it and crams the whole thing into his mouth, clear up to my cockring, just all at once. Cool. Obviously this guy has had practice. I've been sucked by a number of guys who could take it all, but it's usually a gradual process, except for this guy and Tony. They both just fucking inhaled my meat like it was not that impressive a feat. But anyway, I had fun.

So I guess this guy is really feeling hot or something, cuz he's all over my meat with his tongue and lips and sucking it in hard and bobbing his head, jacking it at the base (where I noticed a wedding ring on his left hand), and really giving a pretty good blowjob, I'd hafta agree. And I have the lube out so I get his cock all slippery and that is making him excited, and occasionally he pops up so I can get to his cock, which I jack and suck as far in as his pants allow. For some reason he's not taking his balls out of the fly and I just find it hard to get my hands into the action when there are no nuts to play with and you can't get your hand into his butt cuz of the pants. But he likes me sucking him, too. So I get up and say, Wanna feed me your load? And he says, Wanna stick your big cock in my ass? Choices, choices. Well, I guess it might be fun to fuck him, I dunno, but we can't do that here, that's for sure, and then it just all seems like that would be one hell of a lot of trouble with so many people nearby and everything, so I just say nothing and go back to sucking, which we continue to alternate doing.

After a few minutes, I'm pretty close to cumming and I'm about to warn him but he just stood up right before I'm ready to blow, so I ended up just jacking my own load out onto the floor. I turn slightly, say, I'm gonna cum, and the guy starts going, Ooooh, and the first shot launches itself like a human cannonball, flies way up in a huge big arc and goes clear over to the sink wall, and the rest of the hostages follow that in pretty rapid shots of fairly forceful cum, and the guy is just stunned, I guess, he goes, Shit! a few times and kinda curls his upper body down toward the two cocks there a little while he's beating off really fast, and then he cums too. And this fucker cums a fucking lot. Not real forceful, but big, big wads of very liquid cum go gushing out of that thick fucker, just pouring onto the floor in front of him, and even I was impressed by the amount of cum. I thought I had painted the stall pretty well the last time I mentioned in Part 27, but between this guy's wad and the water pistol blasts I was laying down across to the sinks, we had one big fucking messy space. And we came almost together, me just a little bit ahead, and both still jacking out the final spurts when somebody comes in.

So we step apart really fast, I swivel to face the urinals, he turns the other way to work the towel dispenser, cocks still hanging out of our pants, but at least mine is supposed to be out if I'm taking a leak, I dunno what story the other guy was planning on. But the newcomer just takes a stall and we leave. The guys goes on off, but I decide to return and see if there is any fucking cruising still to be had, but there's not, although I do repeat my previous performance and jack off yet another load on the stall door, wall, floor. Fun. I ended up not getting to swallow this guy's load, or inject mine into his butt, but as the timing turned out, with that new guy coming in when he did, it was probably for the best. Trying to get up off your knees in a hurry with a big thick cock spurting big sloppy wads of cum in your mouth is just not that easy, and if you pull off due to intrusions instead of just wanting it blown all over your face, then you are likely to get some on your shirt. Which is not that bad, I mean it's just cum for Christ sake, but it is conspicuous on your shirt.

Had to spend several days in Washington, D.C., and I knew there has to be some cocks there that demanded to be sucked and probably have just been waiting and wondering when the fuck I am gonna finally get my ass over here and do them, and I would hate to disappoint anyone, so I went. Man, I should not have forgotten my kneepads.

OK, first, a friend from Virginia meets me there and we have some fun also, but that part would have just been private if it hadn't happened in front of Billy, who was probably a little offended, I guess, but, well, fuck it, you know? And that's what my friend did and he has a cock that is just really hard and that fucker hurt, and I'm just now getting back to normal, but anyway, you know how I NEVER discuss private sex cuz that's not the name of this story.

So anyway, I go down to La Cage to watch some naked young guys, and I'd have to say, there WERE some naked young guys there, and lots of them were really cute or handsome (but not all of them), and one other patron actually came over and asked me when he could expect to see me on the bar dancing, and I said I'd do it when I could be guaranteed more than 50 cents in tips, and I cruised another couple of guys there but just did not make much progress, and I spent a lot of money on scotch and soda and a little on putting dollar bills into the guys' socks, looking up at their cocks and chests. And they have maybe 3 or 4 guys dancing on the 2 bars at a time, and they are fully nude there, except for the socks, which they wear just to hold the tips and maybe some lube, and they do get hard if they can. So one little guy with a very sizeable cock is just beating the red hell out of it all through the set, then he gets back up in 15 minutes and whacks it summore. So I am taking my usual scientific interest in this and go over and donate a little and say, Don't you guys get sore from all that jacking off and not cumming? And he says, Not me. Cuz I'm not circumcised. Oh. Well, this is a piece of information I just had not fucking heard before, that uncut guys can beat off forever. But I said, Nice dick, anyway and moved around, beginning to wonder where the fuck I'm going next.

And then I turn around to the other bar and Will is in the middle of it with his long legs spread apart and smoothing his hands down his absolutely flat hard tummy and they just keep going on down his cock and on and on and on, and his cock is just fucking enormous, thick and long and very young and fresh looking, even though it's still a little floppy. His chest is wide and beautiful with little erect nipples, not huge muscle, but very nice, up to wide shoulders on a pretty tall kid, I'd say maybe 6-2, and his face belongs to some major porn star, but I can't think of which one, and he is just fucking gorgeous. Dirty blond hair, beautiful face, nice teeth, very light colored eyes, I think they are blue, maybe gray. Very athletic dancer, man, this kid gets his foot up to touch the ceiling without any strain at all, splits, high kicks, you name it (at least for balancing on top of a bar where the guys under your dick are drinking beer), and I wanna marry this kid RIGHT FUCKING NOW. So now I'm shit for any of the other guys there, cuz Will has all my fucking attention, and I know that's kinda silly, I mean there's no way in hell this beautiful kid is gonna have any interest in me, but I hafta watch him anyway, I mean that's the whole fucking point of those places, isn't it? Sell you expensive drinks, entice you with huge young cocks worked up into busting hardons you know are just gonna start blasting the patrons with boyjuice but never do, attract your tip money and fatherly advice into their socks. Well, I hafta admit I was just blown away by this kid, and Billy and Rich (my Virginia friend) saw him later and maybe they were not as impressed as I was, but I watch this guy for a couple of hours just thinking of some line to say so he will at least talk to me.

So I do. And he does. He dances over me a couple of times like any other guy, and I put some fairly large bills into his socks. And this goes on for a couple of sets, and he counts his money after each one when the boys put their clothes back on and wait for the next set and sorta cruise around and bullshit with guys and their friends and stuff, but I did not push it at all when he was offstage, er, offbar, I guess. But then he is naked again and stroking that huge cock over my head and sucking in air hard between his teeth and I have donated large again and motion him down (and these guys are amazingly good at bending down to talk to guys, shit, my back would be killing me), and I ask his name. Will, he says. I bend down again and say When can we get married, Will? He laughs and says, Well, I am single. And I say, Well, I COULD be. And he laughs again and bends way down and kisses me on the lips. Jesus. Hot. I just can't believe it, and it's a very sincere kiss, no tongues, but pretty long and firm and wet. And this happens several more times. So after his set he comes over to thank me for funding his college education I guess, and we have just a little conversation, but I do ask him if he does any escort work or anything (No. Ooops, not good), but he must have SOME free time this weekend (Yes. HOLY SHIT), but he's working every night and maybe if he sees me there again something will work out. And he quietly reaches down and feels my cock stretched down the leg of my jeans and says, At least something's growing down there. Cool.

So I go back the next night and it's the same story. Gorgeous kid jacking his cock into my face, Me just being stupid about it. I scratch his back between his sets and give him a very sincere massage with him sitting on a barstool with his shirt pulled over his head onto his chest. Will wants his chest played with, and I do, and he says he likes the way I do it and seems to be having a good time and his scholarship fund is building nicely, so things seems pretty OK with this whole thing and then he gives me his phone number. Hmmm. Things seem to be on the upswing for yours truly. So we spend quite a bit of time together there when he's not dancing and I call him the next day (2 hours late), he's busy, but call back at 5:00, so I do and he's watching a movie, so call back at 5:30, so I do and he wants to meet for coffee. So I do, and he actually does show up and we drink coffee out on the sidewalk where he seems to know a lot of guys. Then he invites me to take a walk with him and it turns out we are going to his car and we go to my hotel (where Billy and Rich turn out to be lurking in my room), but they are pretty good guys and we are gonna meet for dinner so they take off, and Will and I do some private things that make me just fucking delirious and dizzy and all fucked up over this kid and he later drops me off at the restraunt. And I just cannot fucking believe he was interested enough in me to do that, even though I know that tipping him heavily probably had a lot to do with it, but on the other hand, I would not insult the boy by making that call for him. So I see him yet again later that night, and Rich shows up too at La Cage, and Will is teasing me some, but seems to want me to call him summore, and then it is closing time so Rich and I go next door.

It's called the Follies, and it is nothing but a front for a huge traveling orgy. The cover was a little high priced, but since I stayed inside for about 3 hours, it worked out to a reasonable rate. There's a little video theater first, a few guys sitting around but no visible action, then you go past some gloryhole booths, which I will get back to, then on into a really small little maze that really seems to have only one place to actually encounter anyone, located in the back corner, and it is pitch black, but there are lots of guys back there. The first guy I bumped into I had to reach out to see where he was, and his back was to me and his shorts were around his ankles with his butt cocked up and out to me, so I felt around it a little, very nice butt, tight feeling, nice trim waist. I reach through underneath to his balls and cock, which were not hard, but still nice, and he reaches back in the dark and opens my zipper front jeans and pulls my cock right into him. So we grind there for a bit and I maneuver around to kinda get past him and he just walks backwards with my cock on into the corner. Now this little corner is hot, I mean temperature wise, and there are guys coming and going all the time in the dark, but once your eyes are right, there is a tiny bit of light, and there's maybe 15 or 20 guys in there at once in the space of a closet. Some of them get real close to me and squeeze my cock and stuff, and of course I reciprocate, and then some heavy black guy has a rubber on and takes the guy I first met, bends him over hard and rams his pretty fat cock up into the guy, who then starts sucking my cock. So I lean way over his back to spread his ass apart for the black guy and try to feel around his hole where his cock is slamming into the guy, and grab the fucker's nuts and stuff.

So my jeans are open but not really pulled down, but my hard cock is out and guys are filing past constantly, most of them reaching out to feel me, but oddly not seeming to want me to touch them, I mean most of them moved my hand away, which I thought was strange when you think of it. Then lots of stuff began to happen. Some other little black guy turns his ass up and is getting fucked by another guy bareback, so I reach under and feel cock and asshole coming together, jack the kid off (thick but short dick), then someone else shoves his cock into the kid's mouth, and there's just not enough room for me to get down on my knees and suck the kid off at the same time. So somewhere along the way, Rich shows up in there and kinda stands behind me humping my asscrack with his cock, and I'm bending down a lot to suck passers by. Then there's a couple of white guys, young, good looking, with their cocks out, just sorta standing there, so of course I drop to my knees and start sucking. Two quite big cocks in the 7 to 8 range. Very nice. Both wanna be sucked at once. I can do that. So I do. Bring them together, jam both in my mouth, and of course they don't go in very far, but it must seem pretty cool. Then I alternate sucking, and one of the guys starts shooting into me, but I dunno what happened to the other guy. Too dark and I did not get his load. And Rich leans over and says, You love this dontcha? This is where you wanna be. Yup.

Sweat just fucking pouring off of me, on my knees sucking anything they will jam into my mouth, all kinds of guys passing through, lots and lots of cock. Fun. But I can't stay on my knees like that very long anymore, so after a bit I hafta get up. Rich is tired too and waits for me in the car, but I hafta check out the gloryholes. No videos in them, just a couple of sets of maybe a dozen plywood boxes in 2 rows of six or so, large coffee can size hole cut in each wall. Lots of guys are entering and exiting these boxes and I get in a few of them and there is some mouth at the hole immediately, couple of them have more than one guy inside. There is quite a bit more light in there, but no one seems to stay in place very long and there is just a lot of fucking movement in that fraternity. And lots of men not in the stalls are peeking through the rather generous cracks and little finger holes in the doors. Some pretty good cocksucker gets my load while I'm stroking two large cocks poking themselves into my space there, one a long but slender white kid and the other a much thicker uncut black version, and I never saw the guy swallowing my load, but he did not gag or anything on my meat, and just drank down the hard shots of my juice, squeezing my balls and playing with my cockring. So that was fun. The white cock I'm holding shoots pretty forcefully out behind my butt where I have my cock crammed into the gloryhole, so that was fun to watch over my shoulder, but the other guy pulled out and left. And so did I, at 5 a.m., and thankfully Rich was still there napping in his car, so we went back to the hotel and had summore fun later. Then we didn't do much the next day but get ready to fly home and stuff, and Will was gonna be out of town anyway, so all I can do is see if he meant it when he wanted me to keep calling. Maybe not, but I know he did not try to hustle me, and even though the tips were probably pretty nice for him, he certainly did not have to meet me or anything, and he got a little embarrassed at the things I said about him. So, hey, don't forget me, OK?

Well, I heard from a kid who gives all the signs of having too much cock between his legs, that he's thinking of giving up sex cuz the guys he's been with were not his type. Huh? Well, it seems like he allowed himself to be cruised by guys he would not otherwise select cuz he was just horny enough to want to get off, and then the experiences turned out badly and he felt remorse about doing it at all. So what can I do to help? He is exactly my type, trim, young, big cock, but I'm probably not his, so that would just make matters worse. And even if you can get great sex from someone who is not your type, that doesn't help if you can't get past the appearance issue, and who the fuck am I to say that should not be important? Why shouldn't it be, I mean if you need that to get turned on, so what? I mean it's not a sign of moral decay or something.

And speaking of moral decay, I think my own moral half-life is running along pretty fucking fast after that scene in Follies. So I was gonna go back the next day but just could not get there and make my plane. And I was ready for much more cum, but I can't figure out why guys will just glide by in the dark and brush your hand or mouth away from their cocks like that, cuz it's not like you really can choose very carefully in the pitch dark. Maybe that's what the kid who wrote me needs. Just some hot fucking sex without worrying about who the guy is or what he even looks like.

So all those gloryhole boxes reminded me of the farm agent who stopped into the farmer's two holer outhouse to take a dump and a farmboy comes in and pulls his overalls down and takes a shit and gets up to leave and a couple of coins drop of out his pocket into the hole. So he looks down into the hole and reaches for his wallet and takes out a twenty and throws it into the hole. So the agent says, Shit, man, you dumb fuck, whaddya wanna go and do that for? And the kid says, You don't think I'm going down in there for just 35 cents, do ya? I got a million of em. But I'm not gonna tell any of em anymore if my source of friends dries up. Hmmm, maybe that's not much of a threat. ICQ 28871283