Sex in Public 3

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

OK, back again. This part is about having sex in public parks. It's a lot of fun when it happens, but to me it seems like it's more dangerous than, say, tearooms, in terms of getting caught. I don't really know why, just seems like it's easier for the bad guys to sneak up on you or something.

In my town there's a large city park where cruising was invented, I think, whenever it was a long time ago. Like most of these places, I suppose, there are established sections where you go for cock and others where you leave the family types alone. There's one corner just filled with bushes and kinda wild flora and fauna and shit, with some little trails running through it. I used to take Marty there to suck a quick load from his cock. You could just hop out of the car, walk about 15 feet into the shrubs, blow him and get back. You could even leave the engine running. Sometimes we hurried so much he couldn't get his big still hard cock back in his jeans and it was still sticking out, flopping out there in front while we got back to the car. In this particular area, I really only met one other guy I did anything with. He was probably about 30, reddish blond hair, biggish curved cock, and he liked to take pictures. Really. He wanted to take a photograph of all the cocks he sucked so he could jack off when he got home. Weird, huh? But he did ask permission, so I thought, why not? So he poses me, like kinda directing how he wants the cock shot to look, like he doesn't want any hands or face showing, that kind of stuff. Well, it didn't do anything for me, but I am a Good Samaritan, so I helped him out. Plus, he also liked the feeling of forcing his big dick into your throat, which I also like, so that was good.

There are two other drive around places where night time cruising is very heavy, one by a pond and one by a small wood. Lots of cock available in both. Once at night I went to the pond and a guy who had blown me before is there talking to some absolute hunk. Not too tall, but good looking, about 28 or so, built. Married. He's talking about his wife and kids and these guys are neighbors or something so they seem to know each other. But they are stalling around waiting for me to leave, I guess. I know the first guy wants cock as much as I do, but hell, the married guy might be straight as far as I know. I guess I should have left them alone, maybe I violated a cruising rule of etiquette or something (but my cock is MUCH bigger then the first guy's). So I say things like nice weather we're having, ain't it, and shit, but nothing is happening. Time passes. The hunk suddenly says, fuck it, and just hauls 8" of cut cock out and starts shoving the other guy down on his knees, right in front of me. Impatient, I suppose. But I pull mine out anyway, and the hunk reaches for it, and there we are in a three way, taking turns sucking and jacking each other off, and we all shoot our loads into the pond, which looks pretty funny, so I started laughing, while I'm cumming. Never had that happen before, or since. This was actually pretty hot, which normally doesn't strike me as funny, so when I was laughing, it kinda lost the moment. Anyway, two of us say something like, thanks, man, hot, or something, and the hunk was the first guy I ever heard who's parting line was, The pleasure was all mine. Cool.

There was a really tall, big guy about 35 or so (also married, I think), who had one of the biggest fucking white cocks I've ever sucked, or even seen. He just had to unreel that thing from his pants. It was one of those power cocks that are wide in the shaft and the head, long and curved, and just look like they could survive on their own for quite a while. It was one hard motherfucker, too. It was so fucking hard that you couldn't even feel it pulse or anything. Almost like a dildo, only it was real enough to spray 11 blasts of cum all over my face and my jacket. I bitched about the jacket. I met him again another time in the woods where he was just openly jacking his joint with his pants down. I hurried over to him to make sure there wasn't any accidental explosion or anything and just inhaled his cock, amazing even myself how I could get this massive cock into my mouth, but I guess he wasn't completely hard, and he fucked my face and grabbed my head and just fucking unloaded gushes of warm cum directly down my throat. This big guy had these little sissy red underpants on that were hooked under his balls, and I thought, weird, man, get a jock or something. If you want guys sucking your cock, don't insult them with stupid underwear. I think he sucked me a little that time. Maybe I did cum, but I've forgotten that part.

But I do remember a time in the same woods when there were four guys standing around reading license plates or something, like no one would know what they were doing there at night in the woods. So I went up to help them get in the mood. One was an overweight college kid who turned out to have an embarrassingly little dick, but all he wanted to do was get fucked, so I guess it didn't matter to him. What could he do about it, anyway? The others were older guys, but hell, they were horny bastards, and one had a big cock, too. But when I hauled my cock out for the kid to suck, one of them said, Jesus, Ted, commere and look at this guy's cock. So they all did. And then they're just staring at my meat and kinda jacking their own and this fat kid is sucking, and I really wasn't all that turned on by this time, but it was cool that they thought I had a really big cock. But the kid wasn't very good and he kept looking up asking me if I wanted him to be my bitch and fuck him and stuff, which I didn't. So I retrieved my cock and jacked it off on his face while I was holding the big cock and jacking it off, and just kinda fantasizing until I blew my load. So that was weird, dreaming of having sex someplace else when you are someplace else already.

There are lots of stories about that place, but most are just quickies and stuff. I remember being parked in my car on the street not far from the parking lot next to the woods late one night, and there's a van in the lot, when a cop pulls into the parking lot. The next thing that happened made me bust out laughing. As the cop nears the van, a young naked guy bolts out of the back doors and goes running off into the woods, like right in front of the cop! Makes me laugh even now. So the cop turns on his car searchlight and is scanning the woods for this guy, I guess, and I'm saying, what the fuck did he do that for? Man, just put your clothes back on in the van or something. How are you going to get back to it now? Maybe there was at least another guy in the van. Anyway, the cop is just sitting there with all these fucking lights on and I suddenly realized he might notice my car, which would not be good, so I left.

Next time I can tell about a riverfront park in a nearby town where there's lots, I mean fucking lots, of cocksucking. Write me.