Sex in Public 30

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Man if this keeps up there's gonna be more SPS stories than I have birthdays, and there's been a lot of fucking birthdays. And those barrels of cum are gonna hafta be stacked up somewhere until we figure out what good they are, cuz I have a feeling the supply exceeds the demand, even for a horny bunch of cumpigs like you guys. But there's no fucking way we are gonna curtail production, no matter what price the November contracts fetch.

So believe it or not, Wil, the kid from La Cage, has been in touch with me, so that's cool. I now have a very hot Asian number on ICQ, two other guys from (guess where?) Canada, of course, and a bunch of guys still using E-mail have also contacted me, and one of them wrote me a nomination speech for the Nobel, so I'm guessing that's pretty much a done deal once those cockhungry Swedish guys get a hold of that. But I could fucking keep this little column going for an annoyingly long time just retelling the stories guys tell me. I am just fucking amazed at how shy I am compared to some of those guys. One guy in South Africa has pulled back enough dick to fill those cum barrels all by himself, and I think that little field trip Rich and I took to Follies in D.C. probably seemed like a pretty sissy thing to do for this guy. But anyway, I had fun. And that's what you're in it for, isn't it? Yes, it fucking is.

Well, fuck that shit. I almost forgot to tell about Rock Creek in D.C., which I have told about before, but I went back there this time too, so it's all new stuff this time. And I guess this place is called the P Street Beach by the locals. But for some reason it took a long fucking time to cruise anyone there, and I had read on cruisingforsex that there have been some raids and arrests and stuff, and maybe cops were using REALLY young looking guys as jailbait, and I was a little bit worried, but like I said, I have never really been hassled by cops, and I have seen some guys I thought were cops, so I kinda trusted my instincts. Actually, I just followed my cock, but it sounds more intellectual the other way.

OK. Nothing at all happened the first afternoon, where I wasted 3 hours hiking. Then I went and got some scotch and cheered myself up. But the next time, after a long time hiking, I am walking along the lower trail by the creek and approach a large tree, get really close to it and suddenly a cute young guy in a ball cap and goatee looks up from behind it sorta fast and startled, and I had a fleeting thought of cruising him but as I keep going around the trail to the left of the tree, it turns out there is another guy already there, sitting on a log or something behind the tree, so they were having fun I guess, and nobody said anything to me so I kept on going. Both guys were in casual shorts and tees with backpacks, and this was at the end near the M Street bridge to Georgetown, so I assumed they were students. The seated guy was Asian, but I don't know the differences in nationalities enough to say what country his DNA leads to, but he sure looked Chinese to me. For some reason I figured these guys were boyfriends, but I dunno why, maybe just because they seemed the same age student types. But I move on down the trail almost to the bridge that passes overhead and stop, turn around and watch the kids playing. They can see me very plainly, but it doesn't seem to bother them. Ball cap jacks off China, Ball cap drops his shorts, turns around and sits on China's lap, China wraps his arms around and plays with Ball cap's chest. Ball cap bobs up and down in China's lap, jumps up, whips around and sucks China's cock and bobs up and down on that, then they kiss and hug and rub each other and shit, then pull their shorts up and go different directions. China comes toward me, and he seems really cute, tall, very Asian features, but a large angular head on his slim frame. But seems like he's going back to school or something.

Meanwhile, two black kids have descended from street level and are lurking around near me, cruising me. But I was watching the Pan Pacific games over by the tree, so I was not paying that much attention to them, although one of them was quite do-able and if he came over close enough he would just hafta cancel his trip to the sperm bank. But by the time I'm done watching Ball cap do China, they are gone. Oh well, fucked again.

So I go away feeling sorry for myself, and wondering just what the fuck a guy with a cock like mine hasta do to get some attention from these guys (I mean, other than change my face and body into something attractive), cuz I must say that it does show pretty well in my jeans and my cockring keeps it situated in the right leg very obviously, and it's half hard all the time and cannot be missed by anyone who even glances at it. So I hike around for a while, and then, guess what, here comes the Chinese kid back! And he's strolling around cruising summore, so we find my cock following this kid pretty openly, and said cock pretty much has my approval in this little pursuit. Alas, this kid walks a whole hell of a lot faster than either me or my cock can comfortably go, so I start falling behind pretty fucking fast, and this is not supposed to be a goddamn 400 meters, I mean it's supposed to be cruising, and you don't just fucking outrun things. But maybe he's just not interested in me, I mean he could have had me with a grope or a smile or almost anything when he passed by after the Games earlier. And, after all, there have been a triple shitload of guys who have not been interested in me. So he loses me. Oh well, fucked again.

Or not, cuz he musta bounced off of something down the trail and rebounds and comes loping back toward me at a pretty good clip, only he's on a little detour trail that winds down below my level maybe 10 feet lower down the hillside and maybe 20 feet away. And I'm just standing there breathing real hard (hey, I'm in shape. Sorta.) and watching him come along and he pulls up by a tree directly below me, slams on the brakes, and suddenly he's put the whole thing in Park right there below me looking up. Hmmm. Well, OK, I'm watching, kid. Whaddya gonna do now? So he starts outlining his cock in his shorts by pressing the fabric down all around it and just making his stiff dick obvious stretching out across his left thigh. Looking up and smiling. Good, good. My cock is already obvious, so we look at each other a while and then he makes this little motion with his hands, like he's making some kinda butterfly sign or something right in front of his crotch, and even though I have not seen that before, it's not difficult to understand that he wants me to open my pants, so I do. Haul out the meat and let it hang there for a bit. He smiles. He pulls out his dick. Not that easy to get a good look at it, but it is indeed a dick. So I stash mine for a bit, go left, take a right and another right, and now we are both parked in front of the tree. And I, the International Charming Motherfucker, say, Hey. The guy just smiles and reaches for my cock. Very direct, these Chinese. I didn't think this was inscrutable at all. And I get his cock in my hand too. A very nice cock. Not large or thick, but extremely smooth, velvety skin, very hard young dick, with a sorta tubular head that just encases the end of his dick without flaring out much, very blunt cockhead.

So I don't know if this kid speaks English, hell he may have been born and raised in Nebraska for all I know, but he has very oriental looks, but I don't wanna insult him, so I just assume he does speak the vernacular, and I say, Have another load for me? Or did the other guy get it all? And he says in good but not practiced English, Did not cum. Huh? You mean the Games back there were not the real McCoy? Sure looked to me like the first kid must have produced a favorable reaction of some kind, shit, he was so fucking cute I'd have shot a wad in my jeans if it was me, but I recover enough to keep the treaty talks going with, Huh? That kid didn't get your load? He says, Save for you. What! Saved for me? You dumb fuck! Wahddya make me chase your ass all over the fucking countryside at high speed for? You testing my fucking gene pool or something? Jesus. I was ready to break that fucking piggy bank a long fucking time and about 3 fucking miles ago. But I just say, Man, lemme have it then. And I bend over and suck his baby smooth cock in. No trouble, it's very easy to suck and the texture is just wonderful and he grabs my head and face fucks me a little (COOL), and we exchange positions a few time, although he cannot get my cock very far into his mouth, or maybe just doesn't want to, but he does seem to be fascinated with it, I dunno why, cuz I know it's not the first Western cock he's ever seen. And even though his cock was hard and suckable and everything, I just never did sense him getting near to cumming until he just did, no warning, nothing. No gasping, moaning, grunting, thrusting. I'm just about ready to get back down on it and I have it in my hand and he just gushes out several big absolutely white shots really fast onto the ground, too fast and unexpected for me to even get it in my mouth. Well, it was fun to watch, but I'm not gonna lick it up off the forest floor, so it's gone forever, and then he's done, lost interest, packs up and lopes off to his next footrace, I guess. What's wrong with this picture? You are correct, yours truly has not cum.

But it turns out the P Street Beach is a very cosmopolitan little place. I keep walking and witness several blowjobs in progress, but not close up. Still, I don't think a guy on his knees in front of another guy who had his hands on the kneeling guy's shoulders, can mean much of anything else. Maybe there are just a lot of loose shoelaces there and many Good Samaritans, I don't know, but I don't think I'm wrong. But then I'm being cruised by a cute kid with a mildly dark complexion, although I can't be sure what nationality he is. Could be Hispanic, even Indian, possible South American. Who the fuck cares? Turns out he watched me and the Chinese kid and has been cruising me ever since. OK, we are motoring along at one point in opposite directions and both just slow up and pull up and stop right beside each other, and suddenly I am suspicious. The guy seems young, EXTREMELY good looking, nice smile, and has one of those little fanny pack things, just big enough to hold a gun and a badge, you know? So I am probably wrong about this, and it turned out I was, but I just put the brakes on the whole thing. I am NOT gonna make any overt move here.

So all my conversation is very ordinary, but still with a few openings if his wants to take them, and man this kid is fucking shy. Almost no conversation at all, just little coy smiles and a few short responses in an accent I still cannot place, but I did find out his name was Ricky, and I did manage to make the point that I am not a cop. So I am sitting on a log most of the time and he is standing there, showing no fucking basket at all, and all the signals I am reading are warning me there is something weird here. And I just decide I am gonna leave and take no chances, so I get up and stretch a bit, and of course my cock is still very visible in my jeans (but they don't arrest you for that do they? Jesus what a bad fucking thought that one is), and I guess I musta lingered just long enough, cuz he suddenly moves RIGHT BESIDE ME, like our legs are touching, and he reaches out a little slowly and caresses the cock bulge in my jeans. So that is reassuring, I would hafta say. And I go, Want it? (Stupid question). He nods. I feel for his cock and have some trouble finding it, but finally do and it's not big, or even very hard, but, what the fuck, it's a cock, right? Yes, sir, you are once again correct. We eventually suck each other, do some mutual jack off, the usual thing. Ricky's cock is average and uncut, but he is gorgeous and when he is ready to cum he says in this mysterious accent, The liquor is cumming. I would have actually laughed at that if his cock wasn't in my mouth, but I stifle that and just suck hard, but then the sonofabitch PULLS OUT and shoots his load on the ground. Fuck. Well, the liquor came and went, I guess. But I stand up and he makes no move to suck me and after this snipe hunt I've been on all fucking afternoon, I am just fucking ready to cum. So I do. Just take that thick motherfucker and lean way back at the hips and hold it out for Ricky to watch me jack off a nice load into the woods. Nice big wads, not one of the major shooting orgasms, but lots of cum jumping out a couple of feet or so, and he's watching and grinning and wiping his own cock off with a handkerchief or something. And I just decided to en-fucking-joy my own cum, so I did. Start grunting, jacking, cumming, out in the woods with a cute kid watching and his cum on the ground and it just feels fucking great and it is one fun cum, even if I had to help myself to it.

So there was some other sex in D.C. that weekend, but I am too much of a gentleman to talk about it (until I start writing Some Private Sex) so all I can say now is that I went home. And it didn't take long before I went to the local college and took the last stall of the four holer, with some guy in the second. And I can tell the guy is cruising me, even from 2 stalls away, so I motor on over to the 1st stall, sit down, the tapping starts immediately, and we kneel down. We do the little knee dance and he starts jacking me off hard and fast and fingering my hole. Neither of these really suits me. I guess I just prefer slower more intense JO, and, like I have said, my asshole is usually a bench warmer in these encounters, so I hafta swat his hand away from there, and rescue my cock from his outrages. So my ankle suddenly starts to cramp and I stand up. This guy gets up on the stool and looks over at me. Hmmm. I don't always care for that either. So far, a number of things about this encounter are unfavorable for me, but the guy does happen to have some pretty hot comments about my cock, and I stroke it very openly for him to watch and then he just jacks his load out somewhere and just gets out of there real fast. Have I cum yet? NO I HAVE FUCKING NOT. Goddamn it. Oh well, fucked again. Then the flower guy actually calls me and wants to meet right away. On the one day of the fucking week I have an appointment I cannot change. Oh well, fucked again.

So I regret to admit that I have had to feed myself, but I rejoice to say it is a very enjoyable meal, if I do say so myself. And now that I have reached a nice even number of episodes, I think I may just retire and wait for those Nobel guys to send me my million dollar prize. And there's lots more stuff to tell about, but I dunno. Maybe it's time to hang it up for a while. Out of 50,000 guys, not a whole fucking lot seem to read this and think it's worthwhile. And nothing I have ever published has brought back the kid in Georgia. ICQ 28871283