Sex in Public 31

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Now that I'm a certified hero, I guess I hafta at least acknowledge my adoring public, or at least that part of it that's still horny or desperate enough to keep reading this crap. But after Richie went to all that fucking trouble to push my product in his Bible Boy stories, now I feel guilty, which is a pretty fucking foreign feeling to a guy who has sucked as much cock as me.

So we have this video store/sex shop in town and it has a back room with just a row of gloryhole booths, maybe 12, and some have holes, some don't, some just peepholes, others cut out pretty large. It's where Marty and me were, and where I met Gary and a few of the other adventures took place. It's been remodeled now into fewer, larger cubicles, but frankly I don't see much advantage to that. I mean, it does facilitate more socializing inside the booth, but then they have signs that tell you not to ever, ever do that, so it's a little puzzling. And I do have one little story about the new configuration, when I was there a few months ago and some young kid was sitting in the last booth with the door slightly ajar, just openly beating off. And some older guy came out of the very same booth before I mosied down the hall, leaving the door open, but the video was still on, so I just peeked in and saw the kid jacking off. Pretty fucking big cock, too. Just has his jeans down around his ankles, leaning back on the bench, stroking a 9 or so cock that was thick and floppy. Lots of untamed pubic hair all around his meat, but otherwise not much body hair, except a scraggly little beard, and long uncombed hair kinda hiding his face. Clothes look dirty and old, bad shoes. Nothing really attractive about this except that huge dick, but even it's not hard, and I think maybe he just blew a load into the old guy. But I'm practically inside the booth and he doesn't even look up from the screen, just keeps jacking this cock pretty fast. Now, I could go on in and suck him, which is a major temptation. But, I dunno. There's nothing else really interesting about this kid, who just looks like he's homeless or something, maybe a druggie, I dunno. No real response, either, and I'm not sure I wanna get my head down between his legs and let him do something unpleasant to me. So I haul out my cock for some reason (maybe just the sight of that big hog of his), stroke it a few times, and then he looks over at my cock. Looks back at the screen, back to my cock, licks his lips, still stroking. The booth door is still open and I'm about halfway into it with my cock sticking out of my jeans, big but not really stiff. Then the kid just suddenly cums. No warning, no grunts, moans, gasps. Cock still flopping and not hard at all, but he is jacking it off enthusiastically, and big liquid spurts of cum just pour out of it onto the floor between his legs, probably getting on his jeans around his ankles, but frankly, it didn't look like his tailor was really gonna care about that.

Well. I have actually cum a few times in my life when I was not even close to hard, so I know it can be done, but at least for me, it took one hell of a lot of work and a huge fantasy. Like that time I was duty bound to fuck my chick cuz I had promised, but then I made the mistake (from her point of view) of having already cum 4 times that afternoon in the tearoom. So I just could not get hard for her, even when she flipped over and stuck her cute butt in my crotch and wiggled her cunt all over it and reached down and pulled my balls and stuff. But I am laying beside her and reaching around and tuning her tits and shoving my kinda soft dick up against her cunt from behind and leaning way back so maybe I can see myself getting inside her, cock begins to get at least a little strength, and she is wet enough, that she just crams my cockhead into her pussy and manually stuffs the rest in and starts fucking herself on it. So that helps somewhat, and she is a chick who is very much into her own orgasm and has them quite easily, so she cums over and over with her hand both keeping my cock from falling out and rubbing her clit at the same time, and I get my thumb in her asshole a little, so that helps, but she keeps fucking me like this for a really long time, cums repeatedly, even more than when I'm rocked up hard inside her, and finally, I just start cumming, more out of exhaustion than anything else, but she's got lots of friction on my cockhead and I just shoot into her and fall back and fall asleep. It's like when a pinball game ends: Cum Over. You're welcome. Don't ever fucking do that again.

But anyway, that was just one of those little digressions where a chick creeps into the story again, so if you don't like it, then I'm not gonna share my Nobel Prize with you. So the kid cums soft, but I really don't know his background or his parents or anything, so I'm not really in a position to say if maybe that's the way he cums all the time. But shit, now he's done, I have not been sucked, the video shuts off, there is no reason to stay, so I pack up and leave, and the kid just sorta glides out and out of the store and off down the street. Oh well, fucked again.

So before they changed it in there, I spent quite a bit of time there cruising and getting actually quite a lot of gloryhole fun. Like John, who I have mentioned before, a guy with an enormous cock, probably the biggest white cock in this town that I have seen, anyway. He is tall, maybe not everyone's idea of a cute guy, and he is really skinny on top of that, but he has some major meat and is just a fucking trip to suck off. He sucks cock, too, and does a very nice job himself, but with that huge thing swinging between his legs, the main event is stuffing that thick hose into my throat. And one time I am in the booth that happened to have about a 5 inch perfectly round hole cut in it, right at John's cock level. I suspect him of owning a holesaw. So I am in the booth and he enters next door. I don't know who it is at first, but I can tell he's tall and thin, but there's lots of guys who meet that description. Wearing jeans, tee shirt. Puts some coins in. I bend over a bit to watch him and he opens his jeans, turns a bit to face me sorta, but not all the way, and drops his jeans slowly, and he's wearing a jock. A really old, worn out jockstrap with almost nothing left in the pouch elastic, and it is just fucking stuffed with his cock and balls, and then I know for sure who it is. Nobody else has that kind of equipment, and when I am cruising locally, running into John just fucking makes my day, cuz I just love sucking his cock so much. There used to be a porn guy who went by the name of Lee Ryder. Just gorgeous and a huge perfectly proportioned cock and just enormous balls, flat hard tummy and one of my all time favorite porno guys, and his cock was just like Johns. If anything, John's was thicker.

So, there I am on my knees in a video booth staring at this packed jockstrap, knowing there is one of the town's finest fucksticks inside, so I just lean forward a lick my lips and John pulls the edge of that frayed pouch aside, and this coil of cock and balls comes tumbling out and starts falling onto the floor, hits the end of its length, snaps back up and just bounces there. Jesus. I am just so fucking horny for this meat I can't stand myself, and John thankfully does not tease me but just moves to the hole and I serve myself. I am in cocksucking Nirvana, man, I just adore this huge cock and he gets hard and is fucking my throat. I get it down inside pretty deeply, not too much trouble, and we are just in fucking synch, man. A great cock and a great cocksucker, I'm thinking, like we are just fucking communicating like this and understand each other perfectly. And I have wondered why sometimes I can deepthroat even really huge cocks, and other times I sometimes gag on just average ones. Why is that? I dunno. Maybe Kinsey or one of those assholes has done a study on this and won a Nobel Prize of their own, but my theory is simple hornosity. I mean when you just fucking love the cock you are sucking (the cock, not necessarily the owner), or when maybe you do love the owner and are willing to do anything at all to please it or him, then somehow something makes you capable of stuff you will find more difficult when the hormones are not running so high. So the word for all this is nothing very scientific. It's easy: hot. I'm hot, John is hot, it's a huge big cock I am deepthroating through a gloryhole and it is just fucking hot.

So John fucks my mouth with pretty long strokes and his big nuts are slapping against my chin and I breathe quickly on every third stroke or so, balls swinging, cock throbbing. Got my own dick out and stroking it some. Hot. John pulls back, which is usually a sign that the guy wants to switch. So I stand up and he just vacuums my cock into his mouth. He's a good cocksucker. I am super hard, and he has it all inside him and I can just fire some scud missiles into him any second, so I pull back to switch again. In comes that enormous motherfucker, sliding hard down my throat, face fucking me, and he's not gonna stop again. I can hear him breathing in hard through his nose, hunching his giant meat into me in short little hard fuck thrusts, buries it deeply and unloads. Got my tongue out, jaw dropped, throat as open as humanly possible, taking his spurting load straight down into me. He's got his hips slammed up against the hole, balls and all pertinent equipment thrown into my side of the hole, swiveling his hips to jam his cumming cock as deep as he can. And I just fucking love this. I am trying to crawl through the hole to get down to his pubes, he's trying to crawl through from the other side to do the same thing, pumping his juice with his cock plugged into my throat. Well anyway, I had fun.

I dunno if John looks for me when he's cruising the way I look for him. Sometimes we have met at the same place and he acts like he's waiting for something better to come along. Once he even told me he had made arrangement to fuck a kid from Ohio that night. Uh huh. But anyway, when we do trick, he at least doesn't act like trade and leave me hanging. He usually does me too, and a lot of guys do not like to reciprocate once they have cum, but that doesn't seem to bother him. So after I have sucked down his load and sucked his softening cock for a while, we switch again. Takes me about 2.7 seconds to blow a hard series of cumblasts into him, and he takes it easily, licks me up, fingers my cockring a bit, and we both just take some deep breaths. My cock is still in the hole after he pulls up off of it, and he strokes it in a friendly way while he re-jocks, re-pants, and leaves. I follow shortly, just fucking happy about this intense motherfucking blowjob, both sides of it, the memory of this beautiful huge cock swelling in my mouth, being so fucking horny, that worn out jockstrap, his balls swinging into my chin, me unloading so fast into John's mouth. One word. Hot.

OK, so another time in the same arcade, I saw a guy named Drew (I later learned) come in and take a booth while I was holding up the wall under the No Smoking/No Loitering/One Person To A Booth sign, and this guy is fucking fine. College age, pretty tall and large, but preppy. Not overly muscled, but sorta like a runner or swimmer might be. Knockout looks, I mean seriously good looks, not pretty, but handsome in a surfer sorta way. He's wearing s tee and some running shells, athletic socks and running shoes. Nice tan wherever I can see it. So suddenly whatever is playing in the booth next to his seems compelling, so I go in to see what the fuck it is. And I am changing the channels minding my own business when I am suddenly distracted by the annoyance of the flickering light coming in through the 1/4 inch peephole between my booth and his. Naturally, I get down to put a stop to this distraction, and, to my utter surprise, I can see Drew in there. It requires quite a bit of gymnastics, but I can see quite a lot of him if I move up and way down and get the best angle through the hole. So Drew has his tee pulled back over his head so it stretches across the back of his neck, but it's still on his arms, so all he did was lift the front up and over his head without taking it off. Now this, of fucking course, exposes his killer chest and abs and Drew is a FUCKING FOX! And he's running his hands slowing up and down his chest, slowly down on into his shells, cupping his meat, back up, down. Fuck, I don't know, it was just fucking intoxicating. I mean it's no fucking secret that I'm watching him. I'm banging my forehead into the wall and my tongue is mopping up the floor and panting and whispering, Jesus! And Drew is performing, teasing, showing the fuck off. Now most times that would piss me off, but this guy needs some attention, and just this time and this time only (or any other time I see him) I am gonna give it to him. But the way he turns towards me and is moving his hips and jutting his basket and shit, it's just fucking obvious, so I get up off the floor in my usual dignified manner, exit, turn the doorknob on his booth and stop, just in case he wants to turn it back to keep me out, but he does not, so I open the door and go in.

So Drew says nothing, but looks at me in a friendly way and I stand there and put my hands on his body. I feel his hard tummy. Then I feel every other inch of that incredible boy, just sliding my hands all over him and his chest and abs and armpits and reach around in back to rub, which pulls us even closer together, and Drew raises his arms clear over his head and just lets me work. So I'm smelling him (one of my favorite things), rubbing him, pulling him towards me, I look up in case he wants to kiss, but his face is turned away. OK, so he doesn't kiss, that's not a deal killer for me, just thought it would have been nice, and I whisper, You are fucking killer. Drew says nothing, but he swings his hips out and grinds his crotch into me a little. So my hands slide down along his iliac crests, hook over his waistband and slowly slide the shell down. Real slow, so he can stop me anytime he wants. No movement to stop. Jockstrap. Hmmm. Could be a problem. Attack from the top waistband, or dig out an edge and just move it aside? What to do, what to do? Once again, we do not need to decide. Drew turns around with his ass towards me, kicks his butt out toward me and lowers his jock with his shells himself, down to just below his butt. OK. At that time I did not rim (but now I do), but I can at least show some appreciation for this magnificent butt in my face, so I rub it and spread it and nuzzle it and then stand up. Drew turns, puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down again and just stabs my mouth with his cock. Average to large cock, nothing really remarkable, but very nice, just a nice young cut cock that wants to be sucked off. So I do.

Now my memory is not good here, cuz the memorable thing about Drew was his magnificent body, not the blowjob. But I did blow him, and very sincerely, swallowed his load, got my hands on his ass and balls and cock and abs and chest and pits and legs and maybe some places they haven't explored even to this day, and Drew says, Thanks. Succinct, I'd say. And of course I say, The pleasure was all mine. And I ask him his name and he says, Andrew. Call me Drew. OK. I will. There was a little development of this relationship later, but it wasn't public, so nah, nah, na nah, nah, I'm not gonna tell about that.

I actually fucked some guys in there through the gloryholes, but believe it or not, I didn't know I was gonna fuck anybody. I was just responding to a gloryhole come on and put my cock in and suddenly there was an asshole around it. Not really what I would wanna do today, but back then it seemed like a pretty motherfucking good idea. One was a fairly heavy guy I probably would not have been that attracted to in another situation, but one was a tall young kid with an amazing ass that felt so smooth and tight and active there was just no fucking way to pull out. Just let him milk my cock and go ahead and shoot. Almost like I really didn't have anything to say about it. He's got my cock in his ass and now it's his. But it felt better than any pussy I have ever fucked. And that made me wonder why ass can feel better than cunt. I mean chicks can actually control their cunts better than guys can their asses, there's no muscle in there to amount to anything, is there? Just whatever moves your bowels. I dunno. This is probably not one of those papers you can expect to see in Scientific American or something, but it is interesting.

So the last thing about that place was when I was a little drunk one night and went in and it was really dark and I responded to the guy next door, stuck my cock through the hole, got a great blow job with no fucking hint of teeth (which by the way is not necessarily wonderful, I mean, somehow sometimes teeth actually add something to the blowjob), and I pump some major cum into this guy and get ready to leave. And the guy is waiting out in the hallway when I get out. I actually recognize him as the husband of an elected state official. Hmmm. And he says in a really excited way, Thanks, kid, that was great, can we meet again? Me: Uh. Well, maybe (Fuck No). Weird, man. I just wanted to get out of there.

So things are really not going very swimmingly for me on the personal level with those guys I have been trying to do ever since SPS has been running, I mean the level of resistance among my readership is remarkably high. And the little controversy with my former friends was resolved with a total defeat for me, so that was unpleasant. But, on the other hand, the Canadian kid I hafta meet has submitted himself for several dozen orgasms, maybe more if I get to spend the night, and the Montreal kid has decided to come over here where we are more casual about our parents' opinions, and there is yet ANOTHER guy named John in Chicago who has told me all about the Ram and the Steambaths and I am just gonna hafta to meet somebody in Chicago pretty fucking soon, I guess. So I don't get any new guys contacting me while SPS has no current postings, which I think is PRETTY MOTHERFUCKING FUCKED UP, but of course I am too fucking polite to say anything about it. And that Richie kid was nice to mention me in his Bible Boy stories.

And I didn't really wanna end this on an odd number, and hell, there's lots more to tell about, but somehow I'm thinking, shit, those guys have seen my act, time to move on, you know? And now I'm down to no boyfriends here, cuz they are all pissed off at me, so I may hafta go straight (Jesus, is that a bad fucking thought, or a good idea? I dunno). So. See ya. Maybe. ICQ 28871283