Sex in Public 32

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Hmmm. This hero stuff really has not helped all that much. I mean it's a great honor and all that, BUT NOBODY IS FUCKING CONTACTING ME. So I'm a little pouty about that. I mean I didn't even get a peep out of SPS 31. Which maybe should tell me how fucked up the whole story was in the first place. Anyway, fuck that shit, back to sex.

Sorta. San Fran Brian finally sent me my new cockring and it is FUCKING KILLER! It is just a half inch wide heavy chromed steel 2" band. Shiny. Elegant. Sophisticated. Suave. Classy. (Hey, it's just a fucking cockring. Get a grip). Anyway, I was so excited about it I had to go right over to the college and inaugurate it. Now get this, cuz this is one of those amazing coincidences of history, kinda like the iceberg and that big boat. Last week I was minding my own business in a stall there and took down an e-mail address of a guy who said he is 20 and was complaining about the absence of action. Well, my altruism kicks in pretty hard at this, so I sent the kid a message, and he responded. Good, good. So he gives me some stats, and I give him some back, and we talk about maybe getting together, but nothing specific. Then a couple days ago, I just sent him a little farewell note, you know, I understand if you have lost interest, that sorta thing. Then today, I get my fabulous new cockring from Brian and I just hafta go cruise, check my email quickly at 4:15, and there's his message. It's dated half an hour earlier and says he's gonna be there in the tearoom from 4:30 to 5:00 and will not wait. JESUS CHRIST! I don't have any fucking time to get there. So I ditch all this fucking paperwork and hit the fucking street and zoom over there and walk in breathing pretty fucking hard at 4:50.

So I open the door, which makes a lot of fucking noise, and go in and a tall kid with his back to me is going into the second stall. Hmmm. Ok, so I go into the first stall and assume the position. I did remember to bring my lube, a little literature just in case, and then we start the foot tap thing. Well, that's a little tedious when you fucking planned to meet there, but oh well, it's not new. I can tell he's beating off by the shadows, and I'm stroking and lubed up and my new cockring is shining there proudly around the base of my cock for anyone to see (but you would hafta be in the stall to see it). So I finally get tired of the tap dance and just whisper, Hey, can I blow it? And there's some back and forth a little and finally he kneels down and sticks his dick under the wall. Nice. Average size, maybe slightly long, nice hair, nice legs, a cute cut cock, very hard and highly suckable. So I do. I hafta get on the floor of course, but he is positioned well enough that I can get down on it without too much trouble, and it is easy to suck. Fits well in my mouth, but I can't get down to the base cuz of the wall, and he's not scooting far enough under the wall to help that. So I suck and jack and suck some more, and finally say, Wanna come over so I can really suck? He says, Yeah! So he gets up and comes over into my stall.

Now this is a significant development. Lots of guys just will not meet you face to face in tearooms for some reason, and a kid that will come into your stall is in need of some sex or is just fucking hot. So he comes in. He's 6-1 and maybe 165. Good looking, with black hair and hazel eyes. He opens his own pants, he's wearing some little white briefs with red trim (for Christ sake. Is there nothing we can do about stupid underwear?), and his cock is laying sideways inside it, hard. He fishes it out and I lean forward and get it all wet and finally just inhale that cute cock. So the kid is just standing there letting me suck his cock. Hot suck job, but nothing remarkable yet. Cock fairly easy to suck all the way to the base. I give it lots of advanced cocksucking treatment, you know the stuff you learn in CS 480 in college, and the kid never says a thing, but he does pull his briefs down farther while I am squeezing his balls to give me better access. OK. This is better. I hafta lean forward quite a ways just to reach his cock where he is standing, and my cock is OUT THERE pretty much cuz I'm just sitting on the stool right on the edge, and my butt slips sideways a bit and the half lid on the stool wedges in my crack and it shoved up against my hole, and actually, this feels kinda good. So I'm rubbing my asshole on the seat (I know, kinda sad, really), and sucking a nice cock, doing a pretty fucking good job, but wanting some interaction. So I reach behind the kid and pull his ass and start bobbing on his cock, pressing his butt in to me in time with the bobbing, and he gets the message. Now pay close attention, cuz this all happens pretty motherfucking fast.

He starts to fuck my face. Excellent. Three, maybe four hard thrusts, the base of his cock, which I am holding with his balls, gives out one of the hardest fucking spasms I have ever felt, like it is coiling up like a shot putter in the circle, and he blows a big wad of cum into my mouth. A few short gasps. Two more lesser shots get loaded in the breech down there and come flying out into my mouth. Then he's done. He pulls out fast. I lean back a little and just admire his cock while he's pulling up his briefs and I say, Nice creamy load man. Nice cock. Thanks. Why am I thanking him? I dunno. Just making polite conversation, I guess. He says nothing. In fact, he acts like he's pissed off or something. I glance up at him and his face is set hard and he's giving a couple of snorts and he just packs up and leaves. Goes down to another stall and cleans up, I guess. Anyway, he's pulling the TP and doing something down there for a while, and then he leaves. Well. Um. Hmmm. I did tell the guy enough about me he would not have been surprised. Maybe he expected something else. I dunno. He did get a very nice blowjob and I took his load and swallowed it and encouraged him to face fuck me and complimented him and was a pretty nice guy, I thought. Oh well, fucked again.

So, guess what? Uh huh. My load is coyly remaining inside me. Not good. Pretty fucking bad, in fact. So I sit there for a bit, and it seems like a lot of fucking guys are coming and going. One cute kid stands in the middle of the room and just stares at my stall. I could do this kid very easily. He goes into a stall a couple down from me, sits there a bit, gets up and leaves. Well, fuck it. My new cockring looks fucking great, I can taste the cum in my mouth, just gave a great blowjob to a good looking student, pretty well lubed up and stroking, lots of graffiti on the walls, I wanna cum. So I do. Pump up a nice load by just taking lots of long slow strokes way up past the head and even off the end of my hot hard meat, hold it back hard, let it build, coil up like the kid, and blast some holes in the cinderblock wall. This time the cum sprays out wildly kinda whipping around like a loose garden hose. Couple of big irregular splashes on the wall, and the rest just drops to the floor. OK, maybe time to go. Then the computer kid from one of the earlier SPS stories arrives and parks next to me. I can do him too. Give a few taps. Nothing. Time passes. He's still just sitting there when a known troll comes in and takes the next stall over. Now the computer kid and I both suddenly have other appointments. He leaves. I leave. The troll follows us out to see if we have made a date or something, I guess. We all go away separately. Oh well, fucked again.

But this particular tearoom has seen plenty of my cock and (in the words of Carl Sagan) Billions and Billions of my sperm. One time I was in the second stall in later afternoon and the place just fills up. Another guy my age or so takes the first stall, two students take stalls three and four. So the student guy next to me is tapping both feet, leaving no stone unturned, I guess, so I respond, and the other guy next to me is leaning way down to look under the wall, and it just seems like there is one hell of a lot of activity here. Suddenly the student on my right stands up, kneels down, and presto, there's his cock intruding into my stall. Well, I wasn't gonna call security or anything, so I get down and start sucking. Nice. Big cock. I'm on my hands and knees trying to deep throat this young meat and my bare ass is stuck in the face of the guy behind my. At least I think it's his face, I really couldn't see behind, but I do know that's all he could see from there. So I'm sucking pretty sincerely on a beautiful young cock and then I feel this guy's hands on my butt. Ok, no problem yet. He reaches down and strokes my cock and pulls my nuts and stuff, which is OK. But then he starts poking my asshole, which I really don't care for that much, so I reach back and swat his hand away from there and continue sucking. And I had to do that three or four more fucking times, I mean that guy just would not take a hint, and besides, patrolling my asshole like that is distracting me from the main event in my mouth. But finally he stops poking me and then I don't feel anything back there for a bit, until his cock starts sliding up and down my crack. Well, that alone would be OK, I guess, but I AM NOT having this guy fuck me. And he is trying to do just that, which really pisses me off, cuz I have not invited him in there AT ALL. And I am trying to concentrate on getting the kid's big cock professionally sucked, which is not easy to do in this position anyway, not to mention having to fight that rear guard action. So I think, fuck it, and I just flop my ass sideways on the floor and put my legs back by the stool, so the guy really cannot get to my asshole anymore, but now I 'm practically laying down on the floor of the stall, which would be very bad if some parson or somebody happened to come into the room suddenly.

What, we may wonder, is the other student guy doing? Dunno, really, at least for most of this ass swatting I'm having to contend with. The suddenly I notice him looking in through the door crack at me blowing this cock, so he has left his stall and is roaming around outside. And then he starts a commentary on the proceedings, like, Suck that big motherfucker. Yeah, shove it down his throat, Pete, cream that guy's mouth. You like sucking that big cock? Suck it, man. Well, it's nice to have some encouragement, but obviously the two young guys know each other, which is kinda interesting, I guess. Hell, I'd do both of them if I could, but non-Pete (never did hear his name) is just staying out in the room watching. And he kinda moves over and checks out the attempted fuckmeister behind me, but comes back to watch the blowjob. I know how to blow big young cocks, and the kid is getting pretty hot about the whole thing and starts bucking his hips up into me while he's gripping the bottom of the stall wall, sorta bouncing on his knees to get more cock thrust inside me, which is perfectly acceptable behavior as far as I'm concerned. And then non-Pete thinks Pete is about to cum, I guess, cuz he says something like, Pull it out and lemme see him cum on your face. Then Pete, speaking for the first time in all this, vetoes that idea, Shit no, man! Suck that big cock and drink my cum. Hmmm. Either way would be just O fucking K with me, and I guess Pete is the one to listen to here, so I just stay down on it and he is indeed cumming and shooting a very nice, mildly flavored load into me, with his hips banged up against the bottom of the wall and his cock just thrust out as far as he can get it, just holding it out there while he's pumping his cum into me and flexing and throbbing his cock. Yes, this is perfectly acceptable. Then non-Pete is actually cumming through the door crack, shooting his load down onto me and Pete's cock and the stall wall. I never really even saw his cock, he just has the head of it jammed against the crack, letting his cum fly into the stall. Big sprays of tiny little drops all over the place. So when I tell about that now, it seems just a little bit rude or something, just spraying your cum all over a guy you have not been properly introduced to, but at the time, I actually thought it was pretty fucking hot, sucking a big cock and having cum sprayed on my head and face while feeling and tasting a big load being pumped into me. Maybe non-Pete was disappointed that Pete wouldn't pull out, so he just decided to cover that point by himself. So I kinda ended up getting it both ways, sorta.

So I get up kinda awkwardly after finishing the blowjob, and my cock is big and hard and throbbing, and non-Pete can see it, of course, and he says something about how hot my cockring looks on this thick motherfucker, and asks if he can suck it. Why yes, I believe I can live with that, so I slide the little latch on the door and non-Pete, who turns out to be a tall, slim young guy with an average cock, moves back over to the urinals. Does not wanna join me in the stall, I guess, so I pull up my jeans and go out there by him, while Pete is busy packing up and the other guy, I dunno what the fuck he's doing. But non-Pete just hits the floor and starts sucking my dick right out in the open by the urinals. Nothing better than watching a good looking kid with his lips stretched around my thick cock, and I start face fucking him, put my hands behind his head and pull him onto my cock and just try to cram it into him. Pete comes out and watches me getting blown and he gets his face REAL close to non-Pete's mouth and is just staring at this blow job up close, and starts licking non-Pete's face and ear and shit, and then he puts one hand on my ass and the other on the back of non-Pete's head and pushes them both together, and is sorta helping both of us with the blow job, which was very thoughtful of him, I thought. And having both of these guys involved with my suck off is a major meat event for me, so I tell non-Pete (and I guess Pete too, if he's listening) that I am gonna cum, then I do and pump some very hard shots into his mouth and he's moaning and I'm gasping and Pete is going, Yeah, shoot that load. Suck that cum. Take his load, man. So I got that goin for me. Which is nice.

Then I'm eventually done cumming, even though it seemed like a really long time later, and suddenly we all just button up and leave. No farewell speeches or anything. Never did see what the other guy did for fun. But I didn't feel like helping him, really. I mean there was nothing to stop him from joining the show out there in the midway, but he didn't come out, so, well, fuck him, you know? Anyway, I had fun.

Once I met John in the same tearoom. And he was already there when I went in, so I didn't know it was him, but of course he could see me come in and take the stall next to him. But he just sat there for a long time and did nothing. Finally, after we both wait there for fucking ever, he just suddenly drops down on his knees and shoves his huge cock under. As I've said, it is one of the finest and largest white cocks in town, and I instantly recognize it and just blurt out, What a huge fucking cock! And I lean over and start jacking it with both hands, long strokes clear up and down, grab the base real hard and make the rest of it swell up and seem even bigger. Take my KY Liquid out and slick that enormous motherfucker up and take long slow strokes on it, then some light fast ones, then just some little short jerks lightly around the base, pull his big balls, all the time going, Big beautiful cock. Huge dick. Man this is one big cock, man. And John just starts shooting. No sound or gasping or anything, just pumps a smallish load out onto the floor, not really flying it very far, just pours out in three or four wads, and I'm saying, Oh shoot it man, cummon, pour that cum out, big fucking cock, cum man, shoot your load. And similar encouraging but fairly standard comments. Slick big cock pumping cum while I'm stroking it. Acceptable. Would have been nice to suck it, which maybe I would have got around to doing if he hadn't cum so fast, but the jack off was nice, too. He reaches down and squeezes his own cock and milks it and shakes the cum drops off the end, pulls back, packs up and leaves. Well, I wish he would have done me, but maybe he had an appointment or something. I ended up jacking off by myself. But it was fun to run into that big fucking dick again.

So. SPS 31 was a dismal failure, I guess, judging by the NO FUCKING RESPONSES, and I have not actually had any recent success cruising the last couple of weeks, so that is certainly a bummer, but my new cockring is pretty fucking awesome, but I'm not gonna send you any pics of me wearing it, cuz you fuckers won't write me or anything, so I'm feeling a bit peckish about that anyway. And we are organizing an orgy for the kid in Montreal for next summer somewhere, but I'm not gonna tell you where that is either, and even if you find out, it's actually gonna start a day earlier than I say it will, just so I can be the first one to fuck the Canadian kid without a whole bunch of you impolite bastards interfering. Which I might not have done if you had just sent me a fucking note or something. But I decided to tell a couple limericks, just to change the fucking subject, so here:

There was a young man named McBride
Who could fart whenever he tried.
In a contest he blew
Two thousand and two,
Then shit and was disqualified.
There was a young lady named Heather
Whose pussy was made of shoe leather.
She made a loud noise
That attracted the boys
When she pounded the edges together.

Cute. You could tell those to your grandma. Anyway, I had fun. So send me a fucking note or something. ICQ 28871283