Sex in Public 33

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Had a little ICQ chat with Rachel, the lesbian, the other night. I think it's cool that she is so into SPS. According to Rachel, who says she is very femme, chicks just don't have the kind of cruisy sex that guys do, which I guess really isn't a fucking surprise, but it is interesting. She thinks lesbians are into romance and stuff, which I think most guys who are into cruising just are not. Although sometimes some kissing is nice, and once in a while something might develop. But not between me and Rachel, of course. Anyway, we had fun chatting.

Then I finally realized how to actually get rich quick in the high tech industry (I mean wealthy, not some guy named Richard). Lots of guys who contact me seem to be computer tekkies for some reason, I dunno why. I'm not, really, I mean I had to ask some guy what 'lol' meant, and he asked me how the fuck long I've owned a computer. But anyway, I dunno if you've noticed, but this computer business is a big fucking business, and I had to get into it somehow and make Billions and Billions, so I identified a problem and found a solution. Now don't tell anyone about this, cuz it's a trade secret. See, the problem is that guys jack off at their computers (quite rightly, I think), and often cum will start jumping around out of control like it is wont (there's a word for you) to do, and it can be quite a mess to clean up off a keyboard. So I have designed a little plastic shield thingy that you put over your keyboard to protect it from big honkin' splashes of cum. It's called the 'Keyboard Kondom.' Catchy, eh? And then if you ever get caught without a spare Keyboard Kondom in your wallet and have unsafe cybersex, I am gonna sell some back up mopping up outfits I call 'Keyboard Kum Kleaning Kits.' So, Gates, get the fuck outta my way, cuz I am breaking into the computer world in a big fucking way.

OK. There was a little message on the stall wall the other day to meet at 7:45 in the evening. A strange time, but it turned out I had to be at the school for something else that day anyway, so it worked out, and I go into the tearoom and some guy is in the second stall. For some reason, I'm not too fond of the stalls on either side of that, so I just take the last one, which I know is kinda dumb if I wanna hook up with this guy, but, fuck it, that's what I did anyway. But I do have my little mirror with me and I can use it to just check things out down at No. 2, and every once in a while, that guy is bending over to check me out. So when it seems like he's looking, I give a couple of encouraging little taps. Eventually, he gets up and moves over next to me. Can't explain that any other way than cruising. The guy is wearing really bulky shoes of some kind, long baggy jeans, with a leather looking backpack on the floor. I stand up, turn to face the wall, kneel down and there's my cock, of course, not under the wall, but in pretty plain sight. New shiny chrome cockring still looks killer, even though my dick is only firm, not hard.

So the guy does the same. Stands up, faces my stall, kneels down and shoves his cock under the wall. BIG MOTHERFUCKING COCK. I am just not fucking offended at all by huge cocks. Easily 9+ inches, lots thicker than mine, which is saying something, cuz I'm thicker than most guys I've seen. The head is just a little small for that enormous shaft, but nothing to be embarrassed about. So this cock is a major piece and seems to be offered to me, I mean it is poking itself into my stall, so I take it and start stroking it with both hands. And it is one hard fucking cock. Hard. I mean REALLY hard. He really doesn't have it all under, so from my angle, it is not that easy to get to his balls, but I can tell his pubes are dark blond, mildly hairy legs are blond, and kinda built, but not too much, I guess what some guys would call buff. Nice. So I drop a little squirt of the KY Liquid on this magnificent cock and give it some two handed jacking, getting him worked up for a blowjob, cuz I intend to take however long it takes to work this gi-normous hard cock down my throat. And that might take a while on a long, thick superhard cock like this that just sticks straight out without any curves or anything to make it easy to fit my throat. Maybe two or three long double strokes on it, and I'm figuring out how I wanna position myself to suck, and FUCK! he's cumming already! GODDAMN IT! Big watery squirts of kinda thin cum shoot out and hit my knees and thighs, and the blowjob of course is not gonna happen, so, fuck it, I jack him off, with a little commentary, like, Cool. Huge cock, man. Shoot it, yeah, pump your cum on me man. Shoot that load. What a great cock. And he fires a few shots on me and the floor, maybe 5 or 6, quite a bit of volume there, really, but not much consistency, and I feel a little deflated that I don't get to taste it and feel it shooting into me. The guy gets up pretty quick, but just sits on his stool and seems to be in no big hurry to leave. Well, OK, so I stick my cock under while I'm jacking it with plenty of lube, and of course my killer cockring is plainly visible (I couldn't have taken it off anyway), but he makes no move to it, so I just keep on keeping on there, lean way back on my heels practically so my hips get up high under the wall and my knees and cock and right hand taking care of it are all in his stall, and I'm remembering watching that huge dick spurting on my legs and just start cumming. Cock is not real hard, but at least it's functioning properly, launching six or 7 wads into his stall. Maybe it got on his jeans or something, I dunno, but he didn't move or anything, just let it spray wherever, and this feels pretty good (duh) and I give a few little whimpering moans to accompany the cum, and the guy says nothing. So when I'm done, he's still sitting there, I pull back, whisper that I wanna suck his big meat next time, pack up and leave.

I don't usually do this, but this time I sorta hung around outside the building to see if he came out so I could see what he looks like, but he never came out. Maybe he subleased the place or something, I dunno, but he never fucking came out of the mensroom, so finally I just left. Now this whole thing was fun, I mean it was a genuinely great cock swinging between this guy's legs, huge and hard and I would fucking swallow that meat and its boy juice any fucking time, but as far a tearoom scenes go, it was really just more of the same. Except for what happened the next week. Similar message, only the time is now for 4:30, so I arrive shortly after that, and the same guy is back in stall 2, and I can tell by those distinctive shoes. Stall 1 is occupied, but this time I take No.3, cuz I know it's my guy in No.2. And with my little mirror I can see he's wearing briefs (which I had not noticed the first time), pushed down about mid-calf, same baggy jeans pooled around his ankles, but the guy in No. 1 is cruising my guy! Hey! Leave that guy alone, fuckstain! But he's passing notes to him, you know, toilet paper you write something like "What do you like?" on, wrap it around a pen or pencil and pass it under the wall. And this is going on back and forth for a while, and I'm trying to get into the act by tapping and stuff, but then the No. 1 guy gets up and leaves. Ut oh. Means they have made a date to meet someplace where I'm not. And I look out when he leaves, and it's the fucking troll. Goddamn it. Then the guy I planned to suck also gets up and gets ready to leave, but real slow and deliberate. He walks out slowly, gets to the sinks and turns to face my stall. Jesus. He is a little stud. Fucking Killer. Young looking, not over 20 anyway, Not tall, dark blond short hair, cute fucking face, not stocky, but fit and a little built looking. And there is no way that cock could fit on this little guy. I mean that piece of meat I know he's got is just completely out of proportion on this kid.

But he doesn't stick around, just faces me, no smile or anything, then turns and moves to the door, which is hidden by a little blind wall. He is behind the wall, so I can't see him, but does not open the door for some reason. And the door makes a lot of fucking noise (which is one reason this tearoom is so cruisy), so I'm waiting, I dunno what the fuck he's doing, so I think, hmmm, maybe he's waiting for some signal from me, right? So I say Oh, shit, or something in a kinda stage whisper, stretch my legs out in front of me and give some loud slaps at my cock. The kid opens the door and leaves. Oh shit was right the first time.

Well, fuck it. He's not gonna have any fun with the troll. I let that guy do me the first time I ever encountered him, and I just did not have much fun. He is very aggressive cruising, but he does not know what to do with cock when he gets it. All he did to mine was kinda lightly finger it, like he's afraid he's gonna snag a fingernail on it or something, and I was presenting him with a pretty nice cock, if I do say so myself, and I think I ended up just jacking myself off on his hands. He didn't even take his cock out, if he has one. But anyway, I just know the kid is gonna be disappointed with that guy, and I am positive I can do him much more sincerely and hotter than the troll. So, fuck it, I'm losing this oppor-fucking-tunity pretty fucking fast. I get up and leave, brushing past an older Asian guy on the way out. No sign of either of those guys in the lobby or around anywhere. They didn't have time to go far. So I duck outside and zoom over to the science building, which is just a few steps away. Lots of students in the lobby there, but I get past them to the mensroom and go in. This is just a two holer with a couple of urinals and some sinks, all on one wall with the stalls at the back. I go over to piss, look under the empty stall next to me to the second one, and the troll's shoes are there. But not the kid. I make damn sure he's not in the same stall with that guy, then pack up and leave. I open the door and crash into the little stud coming in the door at the same time. And we both say sorry or something, I look in his eyes and he is just so cute I can't stand myself. He goes on in, and maybe I should follow, but there's all these students right there and it would look kinda strange for me to be coming out of the mensroom and just turn around and go back in, and besides, that same Asian guy suddenly shows up and pushes past me to get into the bathroom. Oh well, fucked again. Now I think, man, I am just being a jerk. The kid made a date, just leave him alone and wait for another day. Remember that it's not polite to BOTHER guys having sex. OK, fuck it then. I just leave. Gonna go back to the first tearoom and cruise someone else maybe, but just before I get to the door of that building, the kid emerges from the place we just left and starts walking away. Hmmm. Dunno what happened in there, but obviously he did not do anything with either the troll or the Asian. I follow. Ut oh, troll shows up at practically a trot, also following. Now I'm fed up, I am not gonna compete with the troll. So I let everyone get away. I watch the chase a little just out of curiosity, and the kid makes no effort to encourage the other guy, who eventually just breaks off and enters another building while the kid walks on. My cock is thick and firm in my jeans, I rub it a little, thinking I AM gonna suck that kid's enormous cock. I just hafta be patient. Somehow I am gonna hafta get some comparative advertising out on the troll guy. I mean I am MUCH better at taking care of huge young cocks than he is. These kids need some informational brochures or something about my cocksucking. Maybe a four color layout with a little ruler thing along one edge to kinda make it a little interactive, you know?

Well, that wasn't very interesting I guess, but at least I did get to see what the owner of that big cock looked like. Which is not always possible, or even desirable. But in this case, it was a killer cute little stud. Anyway, I had fun.

So there is an adult video rental store here that has a backroom full of video booths. As those places go, it's pretty nice, with modular cubicles that are pretty large, with built in benches, and some of them are obviously made for multiple gatherings, even thought the fucking signs all say you will be asked to leave (can you cum first, or do you hafta leave pre-orgasm?) if you ever have more than one person to a booth, but I dunno why some of them have two benches in them, then. Anyone, I don't think anyone pays attention to the signs. One thing about this place is that the cubicles are not really in a row, but set up in a sort of maze around in a large room, so you hafta cruise around it to see if there's any 'occupied' lights on in any of them. And the cubicle walls stop about two inches from the floor, so it is possible, although uncomfortable, to see if there are shoes, or say, pairs of shoes, or maybe knees, inside. And yours truly has had a number of adventures there.

Once I was entertaining myself in one of the large booths real early one morning, like 2:30 or something, after having a few drinks and just kinda kicking back. Sitting on the bench, jacking my really hard cock, watching some cute guys on the screen fucking, and I hear some footsteps outside. Ut oh, forgot to latch the door. Wonder what sorta punishment they have for that? Anyway, a cute Mexican kid just opens the door right under the 'occupied' sign and comes in. Uh. Well, OK, I guess. My jeans are around my ankles, I got my legs stretched out, thick big cock standing up pretty large from my crotch and cockring, lubed up and stroking, and I just keep on jacking it. and the kid latches the door behind him and just takes the other bench on the wall beside me and opens up his jeans, but does not take his cock out. In fact, I never saw his cock. He reaches over and assumes command of my cock. So far, no objections. A few really tight strokes and then he just floats down to his knees in front of me and is trying to suck my dick. Doing OK, nothing special, can't really get it very far into his mouth, but there is a lot of enthusiasm here, lots of slurping and sucking and head bobbing. I have to pull my feet back up under the bench so he can get to my cock, so I'm sitting there with my legs spread out as wide as possible with a cute young Hispanic kid sucking on my extremely stiff meat. I take his head and force it down farther on my cock and try to cram it into his throat down to the cockring. He gags and stuff and just cannot get it all in, but now I'm holding his head and fucking it down onto my cock, watching the kids on the screen fucking. I'm getting blown, the cocksucker is cute, the video is hot. Yes, this is good.

Then the kid pulls off my cock, stands up, turns around and drops his jeans. No underwear. He bends over to show me his butt, pulls his cheeks apart, but it's too dark to actually see his hole. Since this was before I started rimming, that thought does not even enter my mind. I just stand up and in doing so, my cock just rises up to meet this beautiful slim toned ass, and the kid's hand is there between his legs, and just guides my cock right into his ass. So I hold his hips and just have my big cock poised there at his asshole where he is holding it. He pushes the head of it slightly into his hole and wiggles it around so it is almost screwing itself into his body, like he's feeling it around the outside edges of his asshole. He's already plenty lubed up somehow, I guess he came in that way, I dunno. But I hold still and let him use my cock against his young hole, then he shoves back against me suddenly and my cock is instantly buried inside this boy and crammed deep to my cockring, and I'm flexing it up hard and he is moaning and stuff, and I do know he needed fucking (shit, I didn't think it was any accident that my cock is suddenly inside his asshole, I mean how would you explain that to the insurance company? Following too close?), but I am not sure how he wants it, so I just let him do the work for a bit before I take over. So the kid just rams his hole back against me pretty hard a couple of times, then I take his hips and start fucking him as hard and fast as I can. Loud slapping sounds of his ass hitting my legs as he is bent over from the waist and I'm yanking his lower body onto my thick cock in long fast thrusts. I kinda lean back to watch my dick forcing itself into his tight hole with every thrust. Steel cockring hits his hole again and again and my balls are big and tight below the ring. The boy is grunting a lot as I keep slamming into him. Hot fucking fuck. I reach up and throw his shirttail up by his neck so I can see his young back clear up and down to his asshole. Look up and the kids on the screen are shooting cum into each other's mouth while they 69. Wide open mouths with huge spurts of thick cum pumping into them. The Mexican boy reaches between his legs again and starts pulling my balls. That always does it. I mean I admit I can't last very long inside a tight young bubblebutt anyway, but when he pulls my nuts as my cock is slamming into him, that just automatically means I hafta cum RIGHT FUCKING NOW. So I do. I have a few gasps and oh shits and things like that, then just force that thick fucker hard inside the boy, cram it deep, flex it up, swell up and start pumping my load in his ass. He's holding and squeezing my balls with my cock buried up in him, we're both groaning and gasping and shit, he sways his ass from side to side, I'm firing hard shots into him, trying to hold back my cum on each one, and this is just one intense motherfucking fuck. And I say Fuck! Hot ass. Hot tight fucking ass. Feel that hard cock cumming deep in your tight little ass. And he says something like, Yeah, fuck me, cum, man shoot your load in my ass. So that helps.

And I leave my cock in him for a while after I finish delivering my load, and he's gripping it with his asshole, flexing that around the base of my shaft, while I'm running my hands all over his back and butt, the kids on the screen are kissing now with their mouths full of cum and it's running out all over their chins and faces. The Mexican boy disengages from my dick, pulls up his jeans, says, Thanks man. Hot fuck. And just leaves. Never did see his cock. This all happened pretty quickly. I'm standing there in the booth with my jeans on the floor, my wet cock just hanging out there in the open, nothing to clean up with, tokens run out and the screen goes dark. Well, guess it's time to go. I stuff my still firm cock into my jeans after wiping it a little on my shirttail, leave the booth and go to the toilet to wash up some. The kid is gone. I didn't see anyone else around, but if there had been anyone, they could not have missed the fact that we were fucking. We were way too loud to hide it. But the chick at the front counter acted like nothing was interesting to her, at least. I did buy a Stroke magazine before I left. Then it was over.

Lots more stuff happened there, but for now, I'll just tell about the time I met John there. Same guy I have mentioned before, tall skinny guy with the biggest cock in town. He was cruising and so was I, but he acted like he was not interested in me that night. I mean we actually chatted for a bit and stuff, but he would not follow me to a booth. He just waited around by the entrance where they have the video box covers showing what's playing. So I just went back to the large booth alone and popped a few tokens, sit down and jack off. Then John shows up at my booth, opens the door, and his big hose is already sticking out of his fly when he comes in. No accident there either. I drop to my knees and inhale that wonderful meat. Pop the top button on his fly, spread his jeans and pull them down so I can get his balls out. No underwear, and his equipment is just there for me. Again, for some reason I don't have much trouble with this big cock. I dunno why, but I can usually deepthroat it easily. It just goes on down as I kinda chug it back inch by inch until I'm grinding my lips in his pubes. He grabs the back of my head, which as you know is a fucking turn on for me, fucks that huge meat into my throat, swiveling his hips and cocking his ass up and down and just reaming my mouth from all directions, taking me, using his cock in me, getting everything he can out of the blowjob. Fuckin A. I just love this. Just fucking love it. He pulls out and slaps my face with this enormous dick, then pulls me up and bends over to suck my cock. He jacks me and sucks and is as good a cocksucker as I think I am. We are just having hot fucking sex and it is a fucking trip, man. He stands up again, I drop and he unloads quickly into my throat with his cock really firm but not superhard, it is just sliding into me while he's shooting, and I can feel the separate shots of cum pumping up his shaft and flowing into me. Hot. Hot, hot, hot. My cock shoots hard wads of cum clear across the booth and hits the door. I'm whimpering and moaning around this big meat, he's holding my head and driving his horsecock into me, we are both cumming and he's gasping and I'm squeezing his big balls and feeling his muscles contracting hard at the base of his dick while I fire just an enormous load all over the booth floor. Course it always takes longer to tell than to do, and he's done quickly, and I look up at him and say, Man, I will suck your cock anytime. He says, Thanks, you too. What a great cock.

Some of you guys (and at least one chick as we have learned) actually contacted me after SPS 32 was posted, so that was cool. I guess those barrels of cum are still getting stacked up somewhere. I know I have contributed quite a bit to them myself. Got some new porno in the other day, and one tape is just a guy sucking like 25 of the biggest dicks I have ever seen through gloryholes. Jesus. And they all shoot cum in his open mouth and on his face and stuff. My interest suddenly peaked after the fourth load blasting into his mouth. Then I recovered and it peaked again about 4 more times that afternoon watching this stuff. I guess I hafta admit that I think gloryholes are pretty fucking hot. And this guy deepthroated some cocks that were just pretty scary. I am gonna enroll in his correspondence course and see if I can learn something.

But once again, things guys tell me they have done seem one hell of a lot hotter than anything I've done. Some killer cute kid at Notre Dame sent me some pics and stuff and told me some stuff he does. Christ, how much time did I waste not getting started sucking cocks at age 21? Even younger guys than that tell me stuff that just amazes me. The my friend in Chicago keeps telling me about hot places there, and San Fran Brian keeps getting a hundred and one kinds of cock in the No Sex hot tub at his gym (that's what it says on the sign, No Sex in Hot Tub. I think it is meant to be a question). Man, I am just gonna hafta take a fucking road trip or something and meet some of these guys. I am going through Keyboard Kondoms by the case sitting around here.

So write me a fucking note or something. Maybe I will put you on my Christmas card list. Maybe I will take some pics of my new killer cockring, possibly even while I am wearing it. Some guys started sending me limericks, so I just decided not to tell any more of those. We don't wanna encourage that sorta thing. ICQ 28871283