Sex in Public 34

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Alright, step back and gimme some room here, cuz I decided to write version 34 of this piece of shit story and see what happens. Cuz a whole BUNCH of guys with nothing better to do than play with their cocks and read SPS have written me to tell me how they depend on this crap to get them off. Now if I was the one playing with their cocks, things might be more understandable.

So things have sorta developed over at the college. I have now done three more kids over there, and they have ALL been killer. I was sitting in No. 2, catching up on some literature, when in comes a young guy with just a little goatee wearing a baseball cap. He takes No. 3, but before he even sits down, he moves over to No. 1, the stall by the wall. OK. I dunno why, but I am ambidextrous (thank god for spell check), and I can tap either foot I want just by having my enormous brain send my feet a signal. But get this, I don't even hafta tap or anything. This kid I never saw before in my life, that I remember anyway, just drops immediately to his knees and shoves his cock under the wall. Hmmm. Not that I don't understand a big hard young cock shoved under a wall, but how did he know I would do it for him? I have no fucking idea. Maybe he recognized my shoes or something? But if I never did him before, how would the shoes have helped? I dunno. Actually, most of this pondering happened later. At the time, the aforementioned enormous brain sends a signal to my ass to get the fuck off the stool and suck that boy's cock. So I do. And it is killer. Nice pretty young meat. Hard and curving up about 7 inches or so, not really thick, but it's a great size cock to suck. Smooth balls, but I dunno if he shaved them or they were just smooth young balls. He's slim with beautiful long legs, and I give him some sideways pressure on them so he will scoot over towards the door a little and I can get his cock in my mouth better. He was kneeling just too close to the stool for me to get to it. So he scoots, and now I can suck. Man, this is my fucking deal. I just love sucking young cocks, and I know the guy is cute and I just fucking love it. I suck it all in, hard, then soft, then use the roof of my mouth to run his cockhead down to my throat. Give it some lips, scrape lightly with my teeth, push my tongue all the way out and lap at his balls with his meat buried in me. Tongue the slit, jack his cockshaft, pull his balls and squeeze them. Pop off of it long enough to tell him I want his to pump his cum into my throat, get back down on it and just suck the fucking life out of this boy. This is the A Game blowjob, and the kid seems to be having a pretty fucking good time, but so am I, man, my cock is back there between my legs somewhere and can't really sign up for this little scene, but it is pumped up against my cockring and maybe is just gonna start shooting even without an invitation, I dunno.

So the kid is whimpering. His knees spread apart, his hips rise up, his cock gets thrust into me and he's bucking and thrusting and fucking himself into my face, saying, God DAMN! and stuff like that and I get my hand circled all around the base of his cock and behind his balls, jam that fucker deep into me, start rubbing between his balls and his asshole, and the boy just fucking UNLOADS into me. He's gasping and cumming and his beautiful cock is pumping and swelling, and my tongue is out so I can feel the shots of cum being pumped up his shaft, and he just leaves it crammed into my mouth and the cockhead just plugged at the entrance of my throat, spraying jets of boyjuice into me. I pull back a little. Cum pools on the back of my tongue and I can taste it almost in my nose, sorta. Just this weird sensation of smelling and tasting all rolled into one. Then he's done cumming, but I'm not done with this great cock. I give it some more deep firm sucks all the way down, squeeze his nuts some more, pull all the little drops of cum still in his cock out, lick it all up and down the shaft and say, Man. Great fucking cum. He starts to pull his cock back into his stall, and I reach for it to keep it on my side, so he hesitates a little and lets it hang them for a bit, then he just packs up and leaves. My cock spurts a huge load on the second stroke. Just fires away, spraying the door all up and down with thick ropes and drops of cum. I think the first shot went over the top of the door. And I can taste that boy's load in my mouth.

I ran into him outside. Not on purpose, but when I left, he suddenly just opened a door there in the hallway and almost bumped into me, then moved on, so I had a very close look at him and he is an exceptionally good looking young guy. Anyway, I had fun. Haven't run into the cute blond with that ridiculously huge cock again, but I did encounter the e-mail guy, although nothing really happened. He recognized me and sorta cruised a bit, but would not follow through with me. I did get a much better look at him, good looking, very young, no more than 20.

So Rich kept telling me how he meets guys in chat rooms and then ends up fucking them. Can't blame him for that, of course, but I have just found chat rooms to be a real snore. I have met a few guys in one or two, but they never seem to actually wanna DO anything. And of course I am one charming motherfucker, so it can't possibly be ME. The last guy happened to be at the university, so we arranged to meet, and I get there and phone him and we are gonna meet in the library somewhere. Really all I know is that he's six foot four and 200 pounds and has black hair. And he wants to suck my cock. Sounds good. So I'm at the appointed place and time, just hanging around reading some old London Magazines from WWII that are there on the shelf, and no one shows up. Nothing. Not a fucking thing. Time passes. I read more about wartime London than any American is really interested in. I'm walking out when in comes a big guy with a backpack. We make eye contact and I smile a little, and he walks right past me and just keeps going. OK, so I guess once he got a look at me, maybe I'm not his type or something. Shit, I'm not even sure it's the right guy. He's tall enough, weight looks about right, hair is indeed black. Why the fuck didn't he just tell me that HE is black? Then I would have been sure and have followed this big kid and there would definitely have been some of my cum made available down there in there library, just hafta make sure it doesn't mess up the old magazines. Maybe he doesn't tell chat room guys he's black cuz he thinks they won't wanna meet. I dunno. Makes no fucking difference to me, and as I have said, lots of the hottest guys I have ever tricked with were black. But when we do meet, and I smile, that's not a sign of rejection or turn off or anything. So I hafta think he just didn't dig my chili or something. Oh well, fucked again.

Just a little more about the video place. One night I'm hanging around acting hetero but willing to make allowances, and there's a couple of cowboys in there. Nothing against cowboys, I have actually done a few of them, and sometimes I have been forced to notice that they have gigantic cocks, like those times when they got stuck in my throat. But I don't think these guys are really cowboys, they just like to wear those fucking boots. I mean they are kinda duded up for real shitkicking cowboys, and it's not really a good idea to wear fancy c'boy boots in a video arcade, man, they just make one hell of a noise on the tile floor. I just think they don't fit in at places like that, like a turd in the punchbowl, you know? Anyway, these fucking boots are clacking around all over the fucking place, and I just take one of the large booths to avoid those fuckers. So I'm in there watching some pretty bad porno (I mean it was so bad I switched to the tuna channel just for something to do). Pants open, but my fucking dick is just not interested in the atmosphere in there at all, and is really kinda pissing me off with its indifferent attitude. The KY doesn't seem to get my cock's attention much, and shit, my cockring could actually fall off if this keeps up (or down, depending on one's point of view). The Wranglers are still stomping around out there. Man, I should just go fucking home. As soon as the tokens run out, I am outta here. Hell, I might fall asleep if it wasn't for the fucking cowpokes making all that noise. Then the door to my booth opens.

Ooops, forgot to lock, but the fucking light is on outside. At first I can't see who it is cuz the way the cubicle is made the door is hidden just a cunt hair by a little wall, which I am leaning against. So I put my misbehaving cock away quickly, look up and there's this guy. Short, glasses, skinny, lots of fuzzy hair and a short but unruly beard, but a fairly young looking guy, maybe 23 or so. He's wearing corduroy jeans, which I have not fucking seen on a living person for quite a long time. Loose untucked shirt and Converse sneakers. Looks just unkempt (man, it's a good thing I read the Reader's Digest in the doctor's office. How else would I get all these great words?). Frankly, not an attractive specimen, but at least his footwear isn't cluttering things up with a lot of sound pollution. He says nothing. I am not sure whether I like this or not, so I play it cagy and just wait. He slides over to me and takes my cock out. Um. Well, hmmm. Then he is suddenly on his knees and my cock is about a foot and a half down his throat and all that earlier misunderstanding my cock and I were having is just fucking forgotten. I hafta say, this kid is blowing me with one of the best blowjobs I have ever had, and I am not really even attracted to him at all. He just fucking inhales my cock, no gagging, choking, just sucks it down. Easy. I guess. Course I wasn't rocked up hard at first, but his mouth is so warm and wet and sucking tightly and his teeth are scraping my cockring, and shit, my cock is just laughing at me, like it's telling me, Hey, that jackoff stuff you do is just not cutting it anymore. Get one of these from now on, OK?

So this guy has these pants from a really bad tailor and he does not take his cock out at all. My dick is in this boy pretty sincerely and just having a great fucking time (while I mainly shut my eyes to avoid seeing the tuna sandwich on the screen), and this is going way past my ability to control it. He has just taken fucking over my cock and it's gonna shoot some sauce into his mouth pretty fucking soon. He is mainly just taking long deep firm hard sucks on it, using his tongue and just cramming it down into him deeply every time. Very regular sucking and I'm thrusting into him and flexing my cock up hard when I get all the way in. So I pull out.

Why, is the question on everyone's mind. I dunno. I think I wanted to see his cock. The goddamn pussy on the screen is just not helping and I want some fucking cock. So I pull out. Bend down and feel around the front of his silly pants and there's a stiff dick in there somewhere. He stands up, then sits on the bench and pulls his pants down. Briefs. Pulls them down too. His dick pops out when his briefs release it.

Holy Mary Mother of God, his cock is 11 inches long and wrist thick and so fucking hard a cat can't scratch it and I am just fucking stunned. I feel like crying or something. What a motherfucking cock. It's one of those power cocks that just look mean and thick and looks like a club or a lethal weapon or something. Now the kid would not have attracted me in another situation, but you know how I have admitted to being a size queen (not a queen, really, but I guess that's the expression), and so I am on my knees sucking this cock while he sits on the bench. It is too thick and hard for me to deep throat it, but it's not like I don't try. I am all over this piece of superhard meat, balls, tummy, ass, everything. Kid has lots of pubic hair, lots around his slim butt, just lots of hair to negotiate down there. Man, I love sucking huge cocks. How did I get lucky this time? I never even saw this guy outside the booth, he comes in uninvited, sucks my cock with a blowjob for the diary, doesn't even fucking tell me he even has a cock, and then suddenly he's got a world class dick of his own. My dick is nothing compared to this. Now I'm in suck mode and just want it in me as deep as I can get it. He lets me have his cock for about 20 seconds, then stands up and kneels down to suck me again. Well, now what? Sure, I wanna blow a load into his throat, but I also wanna suck his cock. But I guess he's a bottom or something, even with that enormous boy cock, and with that thing sticking out between both his legs and mine, he's jacking that long fucker, sucking me, I'm watching him sucking me down to the ring with no trouble at all, I just take his head in my hands and slowly force my cock one more time down deep, all flexed up, and cum. He sucks it, swallows it all, no problems. I am just allowing it to happen. Standing there with my head thrown back, hissing in air through my teeth, holding this guy's head with my thick cock shoved into him and unloading cum. Cool.

Alas, he has jacked off and shot his load while taking mine. I do not get to suck his horse cock anymore. It's all over soon. He just leaves. I pack up and leave. I did not try to get his number or anything. Great cock. Not so great looking kid. Um, well, I guess my prejudice is showing. I'd do that cock anytime, but it just seemed like it would be a great cock to meet through a glory hole, you know, where cock is basically all you have to deal with. I guess this makes uncle me look a little selfish. Oh well, fucked again. But I had fun, anyway.

Before I forget about it, I better tell about the Strand Theater in Kansas City. This is where I saw my very first all male fuck flick. You go to this really pretty shitty part of town (and if you live there and get all fucking offended by that, then clean that fucking place up, man), and this place has a theater downstairs by the video sales and rentals and another one upstairs. The first one is hetero, according to the signs, so I never even went in there, but upstairs it is just gay flicks. Standard theater seating in just a few long stepped rows of fold down seats. And I dunno where the rules are printed, but they must just say something like Free Open Sex of All Kinds Available at All Hours of the Fucking Day. Cuz I have never been there when there weren't several guys fucking openly, sometimes fully nude. Usually some blowjobs in progress, and of course jacking off. The first time I was there, some teenage kid had a thirty something guy bent over the chair in front of him, just butt fucking like a locomotive, both guys with their pants down to the floor, and the older guy was propped up on his arms resting on the seat in front. So the stairs going up creak very loudly, and it's easy to cover up or something when they do, but I'm not sure anyone but me ever bothered. Cuz when I get upstairs, both those guys look over at me arriving and just keep on fucking. The boy is holding the guy's hips and slamming him hard, just making one hell of a racket that would have been quite a distraction from the movie, if anyone was watching the movie. A couple of other rather unattractive guys are trading blowjobs farther on down the row. I sit in the back row about 8 seats down from the fucking and watch the festivities. The boy keeps looking over at me and sorta turns his hips more open to me so I can see him entering the guy's ass, and from where I am, seems like a pretty fucking large pickle to be forcing itself in there. So I hafta get my cock out, the boy grins at me and gives his head a little toss, like, Comon over, but I don't. I dunno. This is my first time at the dance, and I don't even know how to dance really. And at the time, I didn't see how I was really gonna be much help to those guys. Man, was I ever brain dead or what. Anyway, they fuck, the other guys suck, I jack, I guess everybody cums eventually. The only cum I saw was my own and the guy getting fucked, who jacked his own cock off on the back of the seat he was leaning over. The other loads musta been delivered to the intended targets, though, cuz they all pack up after a bit. The unattractive guys slide over and sit RIGHT BESIDE me, which is not satisfactory, so I get up and move. Then they move over by me again and one of them asks me if I want a blowjob. Um. . . . no. I am suddenly engrossed in the movie, where some boy forgot to lube his cock and can't get it inside the other boy's ass. Actually it was kinda funny the way these two kids are struggling trying to get the boy's cock inside. Someone from off camera finally hands him a bottle of lube and he puts just a little blob of it right on the top of his shaft. Here is a guy in a porno movie and he doesn't even know how to lube his cock. He keeps putting little blobs of lube at different spots on his dick. I felt like laughing, but the guy wanting to blow me has this stupid grin on his face and I just didn't wanna give him any encouragement, so I get up and leave. I did get blown there a few times by various different types of guys, but just as often there were nothing but trolls or really heavy guys I would have a hard time being hard for. Never fucked anyone there. I never got a copy of the rules.

OK. So. Lots of my cruising is just not that fucking interesting to anyone else. And I guess it turns out that the author himself is not that interesting to anyone else. And some guy sent me a threatening note, and that was really weird, I mean have I done something to offend someone? Christ, I hope not. I just thought this stuff was between consenting adults. Shit, maybe I need to go undercover or something. Hmmm. Does this mean my Witness Protection Program isn't working anymore? Shit.

Write me a fucking note or something (but don't threaten to tell my family secret stuff Isn't there some kinda law or rule or letter of intent or something against that?). I am gonna see if I can talk David at Nifty into limiting the distribution of this fucking series to guys that like it. Fuck the rest of you guys. Just send your loads to the cum collecting center so we can get the barrels of cum filled up. See ya. ICQ 28871283