Sex in Public 15

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

I was chatting with a reader today who has also been to the Strand in Kansas City, so we were talking about SPS 34 and the hairy kid with the gi-normous cock, and this guy thinks all the kids I meet have these cartoon cocks and I must be cock-lucky or something. No. Maybe I better set the record straight on this, cuz SPS is all true stuff and I don't wanna have guys (or my lesbian friend) think I am making stuff up for the story.

The vast majority of the time spent cruising is fruitless (hmmm, odd choice of words. I guess you could take that both ways, couldn't you? Yes, sir, you certainly could). First of all, I spend hours not encountering a fucking soul, and second, when I do meet guys, 99% of them have cocks that are average or below average in size. Like I said once before, this is just a sampling of guys who are willing to show you their stiff dicks, so it's not a scientific survey or something, but almost everyone I meet has a cock that is in the five to six inch range. And I think seven inches is a pretty fucking big cock, actually. Come to think of it, I have not really seen really small cocks while cruising. The smallest was probably on that heavy kid in the park I mentioned once before, when we were all standing around and he wanted to be my 'bitch.' His dick was about four inches, I'd say. Maybe that's why he wanted to be a bitch, I dunno. But anyway, I don't think it's real interesting to just tell about cock after cock after cock that are all pretty much the same. Just 'more of the same' stories are fun to experience, but kinda boring to tell about. So SPS is mostly about the encounters that were memorable for whatever reason, and huge cocks qualify as memorable, at least for me. So that's why there is a large proportion of king size cocks in the stories. They are common in SPS, but not in cruising.

Whew, glad I straightened out all you fuckers who had that little issue all fucked up. I certainly can't have my 50,000 readers all fucked up. Well. I dunno. Maybe they can be all fucked up. I am. Anyway, I had a fun time at the college today, so I am just gonna tell about that whether you are fucked up or not.

I go out at noon and cruise past the flower shop, and Flower Guy just happens to be unloading his truck right by the door, so we see each other and waive, and I just drive on over to the college and walk in. Ut oh, the troll passes me on the sidewalk going the other way. Well, at least it is the other way, but I know he recognizes me and is probably gonna be back. Shit. Well, anyway, I go in and take stall No. 1, by the wall. Before I can sit fucking down, another guy I have tricked with there arrives and takes No. 2. This is the guy I was kinda showing off with in another tearoom there for the benefit of the tall kid who would not come out of his stall. He would be acceptable. Nice cock in the 7 range. Before he can sit fucking down, the troll arrives and takes No. 3. Hmmm. Maybe those two guys will get together and leave me alone. Although I might hafta stand by with the fire hose in case they get stuck together. Anyway, I don't really have a lot of time to ponder that unfortunate mental image, when FG walks in and takes No. 4. Yes, yes, yes. I have not seen FG in quite a while, and his cock is one of my very favorites. Um. Ooops. Now what the fuck am I gonna do? The place is fucking full, and MY would be boyfriend is three stalls down next to the troll and the music has fucking stopped and there are no more fucking stalls left. Shit.

So, I might hafta move pretty fucking fast if I am gonna save this thing, cuz I know FG cannot usually stay very long away from his shop and stuff. I get up, pull my slacks up but leave my boxers hooked under my balls, and go out to the sinks, where everyone can see me, of course. Wash up and go to the dryer right next to FG and discreetly put a couple of fingers over the door. Nothing. So I leave. Then I hang around in the hallway, hoping FG is gonna come out, but he has obviously fallen in the stool or something (which reminds me of a comment I made once at a cross-country meet, when someone said a runner's face was flushed: Yes, but his broad shoulders saved him.). Anyway, FG is kinda pissing me off. I mean I know he came over there cuz he saw me earlier and knew where I was most likely gonna be, and all he fucking has to do is follow me out and reconvene at another venue. Fuck, fuck, fuck. OK. I have a pen but no paper. Nothing in the trash cans but cans. I go into the little computer room to steal some, and all the fucking paper is locked up in the printer feeder thing. Why do they do that? Jesus, are there that many guys who hafta steal paper to write cruising notes on? But my luck partially holds when I find a tiny little scrap in the wastebasket. So I write some detailed instructions to FG on it (like, 'get your fucking ass out here right fucking now'), fold it up and go back into the head with an elaborate plan to just lob my note into his stall like a hand grenade.

So I walk in and of course the fucking door makes its usual loud racket, which I actually favor in most circumstances cuz it gives you warning to get off the fucking floor in case a nun or somebody is coming in the room. I am expecting to hear a little commotion while one or more of those guys picks himself up. Nope. Not a sound. The doors to No. 2 and No. 3 are open. Oh, shit. Does not fucking look good. I advance cautiously, note grenade ready. Maybe the guys who are not FG are in No. 1. No, they are fucking not. Well. FUCK! They are not hiding under the sinks, sooooooo. Yes, they are indeed ALL IN FG'S FUCKING STALL. I am pissed. Man, FG's cock was supposed to be MY COCK TO SUCK. Jesus fucking christ. OK, assholes, I take No. 3 right next to this little menage-a-trois, and of course they all know who I am by now. Maybe I will be invited in or something. Then the troll just bolts. Jumps out of the fucking stall like I actually HAD lobbed a grenade over the wall, and just fucking runs out of the room. Hmmm. Maybe he DIDN'T know who I was. Maybe I'm a cop or his son-in-law or something and he just does not wanna get caught in a stall with two other guys. Can't blame him for that, I guess. Like I said before, I still have not thought of a good explanation for that. And if any of you guys have come up with one, send it on over, cuz I may need it someday. Jesus, what a bad fucking thought that one is.

Well, back to the head. OK, troll has bolted, so that is actually a positive development. So now I have time to check things out under the wall to FG's stall. Those guys are moving around quite a bit, and it is just difficult to figure out what the fuck is going on. But there are no pants down around their ankles, whatever that means. So there does seem to be some heavy breathing, like FG usually starts when he is getting blown, and I am considering just peeking over the top of the wall to give them a cordial whatsup or something, when ANOTHER guy comes in. Door sounds loud, and the shoes in No. 4 move apart pretty far, like one of them moved to the corner (No. 4 is the handicap stall, set into a little ell in the room, and its door is actually at right angles to the other three doors). So, my plans are temporarily foiled. But it turns out the new guy just pisses and washes and leaves, not bothering to investigate the big cocks jutting out of three pairs of pants in there. But when he has left, I check under again and the other guy has fucking disappeared. Only FG's shoes are visible. Uh. Huh? OK. My enormous brain finally figures that one out and sends another signal to my ass to get the fuck up and go next door and see if FG remembers me. So I do. Pull my slacks up again, leave my cock and balls out, and slide the latch on the door. Just as soon as I do that, FG slides the latch on his door. So this is pretty fucking obvious, and I go on in.

As I surmised, FG is standing by the stool with his pants open, cock out, shirt up behind his neck, and the other guy is standing on the stool with his jeans down and his cock wedged pretty fucking far into FG's mouth. Actually, this is perfect. I was afraid I was gonna hafta wrestle FG's cock away from that guy so I can get it into me, but I don't. I drop my slacks and shorts and drop myself in front of FG and his beautiful cock while he continues to do the other guy. FG has this great fucking cock I have told about before. Big, big cock of about eight inches, shaved balls, and he wears the cockring I gave him months ago. FG is about 35, maybe, and if he's not real toned, he's not at all flabby or anything, and that big cock just arcs out and down and looks like maybe it was molded from an impression of my throat. I just fucking love sucking FG's cock. So I do. Reach around behind and remind him to drive it into me by pulling his ass to my mouth. I'm using the other hand to rub up behind his nuts and finger his hole. And he starts face fucking me immediately. We have tricked quite a few times, and by now I think we sorta know what each other likes. He is loudly sucking the guys's cock, and I keep my eyes open to watch me suck cock, watch him suck cock, and watch the guy drive his cock into my boy. He also has a very respectable dick, very similar to mine in size and thickness, but it curves down where mine curves up. He's holding FG's head and has his left hand on his own ass, and he has a running commentary on FG's blowjob. Pretty standard 'suck me, suck that cock, take that cock in deep,' sorta stuff, but that's OK. Then he throws in a few remarks about my cock, my cockring, FG's cockring, the blowjob I'm doing, etc. And I am doing great. I have been sucking this fantastic cock long enough and often enough that I can easily swallow the whole thing, slam my teeth into the steel, make my throat swallow several times on the cockhead buried down in there, pull back and let him slam down inside me over and over. FG doesn't seem to be getting his guy's meat all that far inside his mouth, but he's moaning a lot and breathing heavy, and jacking the cockshaft furiously.

This does not last long. Everyone wants to cum fast and get out of the flagrante delicto in case somebody's mother walks in, so these blowjobs are deep and tight and fast and hard. Cum as fast as you can. FG is getting one of the best suckoffs in town (I think, anyway), and he tells me he's gonna 'pop' (not my favorite term, but still I know what he means). I, of course, like to swallow cum, so I keep down on it vigorously, shove my tongue out to feel his cum pumping up the shaft, and he pulls off the cock in his mouth and is gasping and panting and moaning and going Oh, oh, oh, oh shit, and stuff and blasting jets of cum at the back of my mouth, then just goes right back down on the guy's thick cock. Jacking him off, but FG just stays hard. Big and flexed up and stiff. I pull off and lick the head and squeeze his nuts and push his cockring up against his body and twist it from side to side and his big cock waives around in my face. Maybe I can get another load, his cock seems to be hard and FG is still sucking very enthusiastically on the guy standing over us both, so I keep at it. He is still thrusting into me, I am still rubbing his butt and his asshole and his smooth balls, chugging his cock back all the way into me, looking up to see him taking the guys's thick cockhead and jacking off the shaft. FG still seems pretty hot. Let's not forget that I have a Y chromosome, too, and that means my cock is out there just as big as a house and pressing itself out of its cockring and receiving some nice support from the guy up above. OK. I just gave FG a great blowjob, took his load and still have his cock in me, watching another cock preparing to cum, I wanna cum.

I stand up, basically giving up on a second cummy load from my boy. I pull my shirt up so everyone can see my cockring, kinda hoping FG might just swoop down on my meat, but he doesn't, just stays with the other guy. So I'm standing there jacking my cock, facing the stool, and FG, with the cock in his mouth, leans way over towards me, and pulls the dick out and offers it to me. I take this thick cockhead in my mouth, but can't do much more cuz FG still has his hand on the thick shaft. So now I am jacking off my meat with a cock in my mouth and FG is jacking it off at the same time. Cool. The guy gets jacked off and cums into my mouth, right? Pretty hot, seems to me anyway. I dunno if I can wait for him to cum, though, cuz my cock has just about had it with all the delay. So I lean way back with my hips thrust out and my cock sticking out in the ether, stroking it tightly and sorta slow, back off the first urge to cum, jack some more, then shoot. This is not one of those spectacular loads that drill holes in the wall, but it is a lot of cum that jumps out three or four feet to the far wall in seven or eight big wads. Both guys are giving me encouragement, Big load, big fucking load, yeah shoot that cum, pump that cock. Again, standard stuff, but it's still hot when you are cumming. FG takes the cock out of my mouth and shoves it back into his, still beating him off fast. I face the guys and flip my cock down hard to force the cum off the head, flick my hand back to throw cum off of it, and kneel back down to suck FG's softening but still hard cock. Then the guy tells us he's gonna cum. FG does not swallow, so he disengages his mouth and beats the guy's meat hard. He loses it and pumps out a big wad that hits the handrail on the wall and slops down all over the floor. Not many shots, but fairly thick cum. One big drop gets on FG's shirt sleeve somehow and he says, Oh, shit, and I am pulling up my pants now, just watching the cum finish while I hold the door latch to get out quickly. Suddenly it seems like we have pushed our luck pretty far, and I still don't wanna get caught in there, so I exit at the earliest opportunity that seems prudent. So I do. Give FG's beautiful cock a few squeezes (fairly deflated now, but still hanging out long), leave the stall, leave the room. FG catches up to me and I say, Man, don't ever let anyone else have your cock when I'm around, OK? I want that fucking dick. He laughs and says sure, then we are gone.

So I was thinking about the Strand, and it reminded me of the Adonis in New York, where I went a few times when I was in town. Real fucking dark, with lots of guys just standing around in suits, or overalls, or jeans, or just whatever the fuck they were wearing that day at work when they decided they had to come in and fine tune their cum technique. I just stood at the back the first time, and watched two guys in suits jack each other off, not really trying to hide it or anything, but standing close together and stroking. The first guy turns sideways quickly and cums on the carpet (if you can call it carpet when it's practically entirely crusted over with, uh, something). The second guy just walks away. Looking for more fresh cock, I guess. I eventually sat down in an aisle seat, and they are all pretty crusty, too, and this is really not that pleasant, but the guy in front and to the right of me leans over to look at me and see if I have my cock out (not yet), shows me his by lifting his hips up off the seat, and stroking it, smiles. Um. He's not unattractive. I dunno. There's a lot of light from the theater screen in these seats. I sorta think I'll just wait a bit. Then some 30 something guy goes down to the front fucking row, drops his jeans and just starts jacking off, looking back to see who's watching. Two guys get up and move down there to help. Where is the fucking usher when you need him? Eventually, the first guy is getting fucked standing up and is sucking the second cock right in front of the whole theater. This seems pretty hot at the time, so I get my cock out and the guy in front of me takes that as an invitation. He gets up and comes over to sit beside me, swoops down on my cock and just sucks me off. I really don't remember the blowjob now, just the setting, but I do remember that all of this, I mean all of it, was bareback. And I did cum in this guy's mouth. Well, I had fun, anyway.

OK, so a rabbi and a swami and a lawyer are traveling together and stop at a farmhouse for the night (for some reason. farmhouses are not fucking motels. but I guess it happens in jokes a lot). So anyway, the farmer says he only has two extra beds and one of them is gonna haft sleep in the barn. The rabbi volunteers and goes out to the barn. Soon there is a knock on the door, and the rabbi is there and he says there's a pig in the barn and he can't sleep with pig for religious reasons, so the swami volunteers. Soon there's another knock and the swami is back and says there's a cow in the barn and he cannot sleep with cows out of respect. So the lawyer goes out. Soon there's another knock. It's the cow and the pig.

Now, only a couple of guys responded to SPS 34, outside of the usual adoring crowd, so I just hafta assume everyone is overnighting their loads to the CCC (cum collecting center). And I have not received any more ransom notes (yet) so I guess whoever is pissed off at me is probably seething somewhere plotting some dire acts of fellatio interruptus. Well, fuck him. I am gonna get 49,999 of you guys to help me get rid of this pestilence. OK? ICQ 28871283