Sex in Public 36

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Interested in the four-way at the college yesterday? It seemed to have had the attention of my cock, anyway. Seems that I might have caught the attention of a guy in a chat room who just happened to be at the college. It's a kid I have done before, but he is shy. He's reluctant to acknowledge me, but that's ok. Killer cock. Kinda tall and slim, short black hair, nice looking. Cock's very nice, maybe more than seven inches, smooth balls, and very attractive. This is the same guy I had to get to slide over once before cuz I just could not access his cock right by the fucking stool. Beautiful young dick, and he likes having it sucked (who the hell doesn't?), but he seems to wanna avoid eye contact. Well, nothing new there, I guess. I think I know who this kid is in the chat room, but it's like we are both keeping it a secret. Anyway, I let it be known that I am gonna be at the school in 15 minutes. He just laughs. He's wondering what the hell I am gonna do there if I don't have class. Uh huh.

So I motor on over, and I see this guy walking into the building, and he gets to the tearoom quite a bit ahead of me. I go in and he is in No. 2. I take No. 1, by the wall, get out the KY Liquid and start stroking my cock, already in its cockring, of course. The kid doesn't seem to be doing a whole lot, but of course he saw me come in. He reaches down and pushes his slacks way, way down to the floor, spreads his knees, and his belt his moving, so it's apparent that he's jacking off. Good, good. I give it some foot taps, but shit, I know and he knows. What's the problem, man, just gimme your cock and let's fucking cum, right? Still, a long delay. Goddamnit. He knows who I am, I have sucked his cock and swallowed his cum before, he's there to be sucked, put that big fucker under, man. So he does. Eventually. He's leaning way over every so often to look under at me, and I am perched right on the edge of the stool, practically on my tailbone, so my meat is way off the stool and my legs are spread and I am jacking my cock pointed down so he can see it easy under the wall. I give him a little hand motion during one of his reconnaissance missions, like, comon over, and he finally stands up, kneels down and shoves that great young boy cock under the wall. I'm already on my hands and knees to suck it, and once again, he is just rock hard. I squeeze it really hard a few times, but there is just no give in it at all. He's still too close to the fucking stool for me to get more than the head in my mouth, man why don't they give you some fucking leg room in a bathroom stall? Doesn't anyone take cocksucking into account when they design these things?

But anyway, I have my hands all over his dick and balls, and he seems to like it when I wrap my hand under his balls and around his cock and pull his equipment out away from his tummy and jack him off, cuz it gets him to thrust his hips out more, not just cuz I'm pulling, but it does tend to concentrate attention on his cockmeat. And it turns out he likes me to lick just under the head of his cock, at least he starts gasping when I do, so I think that inference is justified. So my hand is lubed up and pretty soon his cock is too, and even though I can't seem to get much in my mouth, the handjob part is going really well, and it would just be O fucking K with me if he'd just go ahead and pump his young cum into my mouth. I scoot him over and squirm around so I can suck deeper on his cock. Now I'm practically laying down on the floor, sucking in really long strokes and encircling his balls and rubbing behind them and stuff. Both hands working with my mouth, even though I still can't cram it all the way in cuz of the position. Man, I just want this kid to cum. I love having his slim young legs jerking his cock up into me, feeling his flat tummy above his cock, smooth young balls. Not a lot of body hair, neat pubes. Yes, this is a fine fucking blowjob.

And it goes on for a bit. He keeps scooting towards the door so I can get more cock inside me. Fine with me. But then the outside door makes its usual racket and someone comes in. The kid jumps up like a mongoose. I get up a little slower, but No. 1 is hidden by the wall a little, and is darker, also, so guys coming in can't see under its door as well and it gives you more time. Look out the door crack, and it's the computer kid I have done there before. He's certainly fuckable. He takes No. 3. Now I know he's probably cruising, or at least cruise friendly, cuz I have fucking done him myself, but I dunno if the kid knows that or not. We are all sitting there. The kid looks under a couple of times, and I show him my cock hanging off the front of the stool. I take a couple of low bend downs. Computer kid isn't moving. No response from my target, but then he might not know about the computer kid. Nothing is really happening. Then the computer kid gets up and leaves, so this is good. I can resume my blowjob. Nope. The kid also gets up and leaves. Shit. What happened? He was having a great time. So was I. Did he just get stolen by the computer guy? Hmmm. Maybe he did. I am gonna hafta go see. Man, I just do not like losing my guy on somebody else's hook.

So I get up and leave. Check around a little, but nothing suggests itself. Take a little stroll down the hall past the computer room, and my kid is in there using a computer. OK. No sign of the other guy. The kid sees me, and I head back to the mensroom, take No. 1 and wait. I'm waiting quite a while. My telepathy is exercising itself pretty hard, but the kid does not show up. So I just decide to jack off and leave. And I am working my cock up pretty well, remembering some old Lee Ryder porno I saw, stretching my legs out in front, lean way back and watch my thick cock jumping out from my steel cockring, stroking with the KY, big and hard and hot. I tense up my legs, raise my hips up a bit, pull down hard at the base of my cock and the head swells up big and I am gonna just let cum fly wherever it wants. The first shot take off for the ceiling somewhere, and then the troll comes in and takes No. 2. No. No, no, no. This is NOT what I had in mind. I stuff my cock down into the bowl and fire the rest of my load into the water. It's not nice to interrupt an orgasm like that. The cum seems to smell a lot for some reason, and it crosses my mind that the other guy could smell it, but then I think, who gives a shit? This is the guy who wants to see your cock, but really doesn't seem to do anything with it. No sucking, just light fingertip stroking and worthless shit. I clean up and leave. Pass by the computer room, and the kid I want is still there. Fuck. I walk outside for some air.

So I'm standing out there breathing (thank god), glance back through the door window, and the troll is walking down the hall the other way. He's about to leave out the opposite door, when the kid I want comes out and heads into the mensroom. That part is good, but the troll sees him, turns around, and follows him in. Jesus christ. You know how I always say you shouldn't BOTHER guys having sex, but I have dibs on that kid's cock. So I go back in too. Door makes its loud noise, and there's some scrambling sounds. Hell, it sure didn't take long for the kid to drop, did it? Troll in No. 1, kid in No. 2, I take No. 3. And we are only in there a minute or so when the computer guy comes in and takes No. 4. So. Four guys in musical stalls. What now?

Well, this could turn into a stall of a different kind. I mean sometimes a row of guys just sits there until someone just gets fed up and leaves. But not this time. In just a few minutes, the kid drops to his knees facing away from me, so the troll is jacking him off in that horrible method of his, but at least I can see the kids cute butt resting on his heels. I dunno why he wanted that terrible handjob instead of my mouth, but there you have it. This activity is impossible to keep quiet, with all the movement and clothing and stuff, and the computer guy is bending way over to see the kids butt, too, so I give him a little waive with my hand, and he also drops down and shoves his cock under the wall into my stall. This is good. His cock is average in size and really hairy as I remembered it from prior encounters, but computer guy has a new cock. What! Well, I dunno if it is really a completely new dick, but it sure looks different. He has shaved it and his balls, mowed down some of the foliage around the base, and trimmed things up considerably down there. So it looks bigger anyway, but the main thing is his new cockring. This contraption looks like a defense contractor designed it. It is a studded leather ring around the base of his cock and under his balls, then it has ball separators that look like black rubber "O" rings that meet between his nuts, so his balls are pushed out to the sides of his cock by these rings. Then there is yet another ring around the base of his shaft, above his balls. I can't think of anywhere else to put rings on a cock. Must be doing something for him, though, cuz he is fucking hard. Hard. I mean really hard. This meets with my approval, and I lube him up and start jacking his cock.

I don't think I can suck him in the position I am in, but I get down on my knees anyway and give this young hard cock a good slippery jacking, with long, tight strokes all the way up and down his shaft, rub his cockhead in the palm of my hand at the end, then back down, spread my fingers to catch his nuts that are flung out to the side by those rings, keep on sliding down under his balls towards his hole, give that a friendly light touch, then back. Can't really use both hands on this one, cuz I am supporting myself with my left hand. The guy is thrusting his cock into my hand quite a bit, grunting, leaning back and sliding his crotch further into my stall with his knees spread widely. Lots of commotion behind me, but I can't see what's going on. But it is a hell of a lot of fun stroking this hard cock, knowing that all four guys are in this fucking mensroom about to shoot sperm all over each other. There's some whispering. I tell the kid to shoot his load on me and he goes oh, oh for a while, and I suddenly look up and a guy is looking in the crack by the door into my stall.

So this is a little startling at first, but then I recognize his shoes, and it's the troll. Hmmm. Done with the kid already? Why else would he come out of the stall? Well, I thought later it was probably cuz the kid was tired of the troll's bad technique, cuz the kid does not leave. Neither does the troll, in fact, and he's watching while the computer guy's cock starts shooting. I am still jacking him with pretty much the same stroke, but when the first rope of cum jets out onto my knee, I wrap my other hand around the base of his shaft and use real short tight pumps on it. So a few more wads pump out and hit me, then some runs out onto my hands, not a huge load or traveling very far, but pretty nice anyway, very white and fluid. So I squeeze out the last of it and he withdraws quickly and leaves the stall, where the troll takes his place before the stall door closes.

This is not my favorite development, but my cock is actually reacting pretty solidly to things going on here, and I look over and the kid now has HIS cock shoved under the wall into my stall. Jesus Christ! This is what I have been trying to get his ass to do all along. Maybe my theory about the troll's handjob was correct. The kid is waiting for something better to attack his beautiful young cock. And it IS beautiful. Seven, I'd say, somewhat slender, cut, well proportioned, with smooth balls and a small but really thick little bush sprouting out of a flat hard tummy. Long smooth legs spread, and I can see his cute white briefs stretched across his ankles behind. Yes yes yes! YES! Kewlio. I spin around for that meat so fast I almost over rotated right into the toilet. Uncool little development that would have been, but I stop myself in time, center the cock in my hands, and just adore that hard young fuckstick. I have my hands all lubed up and am just all over this superstiff piece, both hands stroking, squeezing, cupping, ringing, reaching under, pulling balls. Just give that cock more attention than it can possibly receive anywhere that it's light enough to see, and the kids responds quickly. He stifles some high pitched moans, a few bitten off grunts, and he is spraying me down with his load. Nice. Very nice. At the first shot, I grip it around the shaft by the head with one hand and lay my other hand flat and tight above the base with my thumb hooked under his balls, jack it fast with short hard strokes, and just help him pump sperm into my stall and on me as much as possible. Mission Fucking Accomplished.

The kids cleans up and leaves fast. He is not into after dinner conversation. While I am jacking him off, the troll is reaching in to play with my ass. Which is not what I like, but he is doing such a bad job of it, oddly it doesn't really bother me that much, and I do not wanna let go of the kid's fantastic young meat. But when the kid leaves, I center myself again towards the door and jack my cock, which is not real hard, but I am wearing my wide chrome cockring and I am all slicked up, so it probably looks pretty good anyway, and the troll keeps motioning me over and reaching for my cock. So I think maybe I will let him have it briefly and see if he can suck me. Face him and shove my dick under. I feel him take it in that ridiculous fingertip style of his, and I shove it farther and thrust my hips up so he will get the message to suck, and then suddenly there are big splashes of cum pouring out under the wall into my side. Fucker. I just reach under and jack off my own cock into his stall. Not especially hard, and I really don't care what it looks like or whether is shoots very far or anything. Just wanna cum and get out. So I do.

So I ended up cumming twice myself and getting all three of the other loads, and I guess I would call that a success under almost any circumstances. Maybe would have been nice to have one of the young guys do me a little more aggressively, but I had fun, anyway.

OK. I went over to Kansas City to meet my friend Brad, and we go out to dinner and hit a couple of bars and stuff, and some pretty fucking funny things happened along the way. Like when we almost got thrown out of a gay bar cuz the flash accidentally went off on his digital camera. Ooops, not good. Did you know there are actually guys in gay bars who do not want their pictures taken? Well, there are, take my word for it. But anyway, we get that resolved without any damage and decide to head out from there, and we end up in the same park where I picked up Steve and Lavelle and we park. Brad pulls his hard cock out, and of course I certainly don't need to be asked twice, and it is dark, even though there are street lights, so I get on my knees in the driver's side and lean over the console and start sucking his cock. Brad's cock is not long, but thick and very sturdy and a lot of fun to suck, so I do. Fun. But it is not gonna be your standard front seat fun. Brad pulls his slacks down all the way, lays his seat way, way back, and pulls his feet up over his head and plants them on the ceiling. Hmmm. Interesting. There is nothing in front of my fucking face but Brad's asshole. Well, as they say, it's like mining coal. A dark and dirty job, but someone's gotta do it. So I do.

And this turns out to be a fucking trip, man. I am rimming Brad in the front fucking seat of my car in a parking lot in a city park with his feet on the ceiling where any passersby could plainly see. Plus, his hole actually is pretty cool and tastes like sweat, but it's clean and I am having no fucking problem here at all. I have not done this a lot before, just a few times, so I don't pretend to have great technique, but I give it lots of tongue pressure and some penetration and use my fingers too, run up and lick under his balls and stuff, and this goes on for a short time until he announces that he is cumming. Fine. Put your fucking legs down and let me take your load. Brad likes to watch his cum shooting into my mouth, so he jacks off onto my tongue and groans a lot while he pumps a nice tasting load into my mouth, then I swallow his spent cock deeply a few times, and we are done. I dunno why I am still in possession of my cum, but I am and we decide to go to get a drink.

Then we have some sushi and some sake (of course) and walk over to the hotel nearby and sneak into the sauna/steam room. Now this is fun. We leave our stuff in some empty lockers (except my money and stuff, which I put in my sock) and go in the steam room naked. It is really small, and all steamy and it is a hot motherfucker in there. Then we go into the sauna for a bit, and back to the steam room. We are sitting there playing with each other's cock when a guy comes in. He is older, but handsome and looks pretty fit. Turns out he is 62, but has a body of about a 40 year old guy. So he sits opposite us, we are all wearing towels now, but after a bit of smiling back and forth, I think, Fuck It, and reach over under Brad's towel and start jacking him off. The other guy undrapes his towel to show us his cock. Long and thick, in the 8-9 range, smooth and cut. Very nice. I get down and suck Brad and the guy comes over. Brad and I both suck his cock. He's never seen rimming before, so I show him what I think it means, using Brad's ass as a convenient demonstrative device. He's jacking off watching us and wants us to fuck. Um. No. No condoms, and Brad is not really into that anyway. So the guy eventually cums on the floor, I cum on the floor. Brad just relaxes. We go take showers and get dressed and leave. Guess what the guy does for a living. He is a Baptist minister. Um.

Now guess what else. Today is the first day of classes at the college, so naturally I saunter on over to see if everyone's education is proceeding on pace, and by golly, there I am in the mensroom. at 5:30. So the first guy who comes in is the guy I did with FG last time in No. 4. He has a nice dick, But somehow I just don't wanna do him right now, so we sit there, and I read some literature and just kinda kick back. This goes on for 15 minutes or so, and I get a note from him, but don't respond. Guess who comes in. The kid. He takes No. 3, and my enormous brain is telling me there is no fucking way I can have sex with this kid while I am in 1 and he is in 3. And I am NOT taking any fucking chances this time of losing him to the other guy. So I get up and just move over to No. 4. Give a few taps, and I am pretty sure he knows it's me, cuz I passed in front of his door to get there. I look under a few times. Soon there is some rustling, I look under again, and the kid is jacking off the other guy under the wall. Well, I don't mind that. It's better than the other way around. But he is still sitting on his stool, just reaching down to stroke this sizeable cock under the wall. My cock seems interested in joining this encounter somehow. I take out my little bottle of lube and just offer it under the wall. The kid takes it, lubes up the big cock he is jacking off for the other guy, and I guess this pretty much does it for him, cuz he cums and leaves pretty soon after that. A couple of guys come in and piss and stuff. Then I hear the kid getting ready to get up, you know, toilet paper and stuff. So I write a fast note to him that says please don't leave, I want your cock.

But he gets up and pulls his slacks up anyway. And the Oh fuck just jumps out of my mouth before I can stop it. He flushes, opens the door and walks out. Right over to No. 1, where he drops his pants and sits down. Hmmm. This could mean either of two things. He wants to get away from me, or else he prefers the relative privacy of No.1 cuz of the little wall in front of it and the darker stall. You have more time to get up if someone comes in the room. While the aforementioned enormous brain is working on this, my cock is already taking me over to No. 2. I sit down and one tap and there's his cock. Still fucking beautiful, man. I give it the same treatment as last time. Slick hands just all over this stiff boy, just pulling the orgasm out of him. I still don't have enough room to suck him off, but I can get the head in, so I am working my mouth on his cock also. Doesn't take long for him to start cumming. But by now I know the sounds he makes just before he shoots, so I get about two inches of cock into my mouth while he pumps his load. It's not far enough down for me to feel the pulsing up and down his shaft, but I can feel and taste the young cum pouring out into my sucking mouth, and my hands are still doing a major number on all the rest of the equipment that's not in my mouth. He finishes, shudders a few times, his legs do that fast little tremble thing you sometimes get during or after cumming, and he pulls back. I am so fucking happy about this blowjob I can't fucking stand myself. I reach into my pocket and get my spare cockring, wrap it up in t.p., and hand it under. He takes it and asks what it is. So I whisper back that it's a cockring, keep it. He gets up and leaves. Yes yes yes. Fuckin A. I just lose my load on the wall and clean up and leave. If I ever see that killer cute boy with the fantastic young cock and he's wearing that cockring, Janet Reno could not stop me from sucking his cock. Just the thought of that cute bush and flat tummy over a steel-ringed long young cock is making me crazy right now. Man, I hate it when that happens.

Well, you know it's been a while since I posted anything. And the stories had to be removed for a bit, and changed around, which I still haven't figured how to do, so I am kinda just cruising here for a while. Maybe something good will happen later on. Dunno. Anyway, if anyone wants to contact me, ICQ 28871283 Later.