Sex in Public 4

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well, that was fun. I was just looking at some art pictures on the web. How cum there are almost no real life pictures of GH action? Just wondering. Anyway, back to the parks.

OK. Down the road about 20 miles is a riverfront park where it's almost always worthwhile to stop for a suck or five. Naturally there's lots of older guys, but I guess they're everywhere. This is kinda the usual park setup, with trails through the bushes, etc., but they are right by the river, so that's kinda cool, but you have to be a little careful, too.

So some college age guy with a pretty big cock who had sucked me off in the other park told me about this place, and I've seen him there a time or two, too. He's just ok to look at, but he can get down on my cock with a lot of, uh, enthusiasm. So I go there one afternoon and there's this adorable really young looking college kid just sorta leaning against a fallen tree, but I know he's legal cuz I've seen him before on the campus. So I'm cruising him and I guess that's pretty obvious (I don't know how to cruise subtly) and this kid, whose name is Trey (but I don't know how he spells that, I can't figure out that name), is wearing a black tee and cutoffs but he got a fucking backpack on like he's in a big fucking hurry. Well he widens his stance a lot while I'm walking real slowly up to him, and it's right in the middle of the fucking trail where anybody could come up around just about any goddamn bush in the state. But, what the hell, he's really cute and then he's taking his cock out of his zipper fly (that's really not big enough for all this equipment), where he had it stashed with his cute little white briefs hooked under his balls, so the whole package now looks like it's stuck on the front of his shorts like a suction cup dildo on your headboard.

Well, I don't care, it's really not like it's a fashion show runway or anything, but even showing me his cock like that just had something about it that still wasn't an open invitation, like he was going to be pretending to piss or something if I did something wrong. What to do, what to do? And what's with that fucking backpack? Fuck it, I thought, so I closed fast on the target and had practically the whole set, cock, balls too, in my mouth before he could really pretend to be doing anything. So his cock kinda makes the decision for him I guess, cuz it's getting hard in my mouth. Yes! Man I love that feeling, I just go fucking crazy over sucking cocks to hardon! Gotta let go of the nuts, though, there's not that much room even in my mouth. And this kid is just so fucking cute I'm really going sincere with this blowjob, but he acts like trade and just doesn't grab me and face fuck me like he really ought to, but he's having a good time, I think, even though his choice of location is about 200% more dangerous than even a public sex guy like me thinks is normal, but maybe he's got an Uzi or something in the backpack and he's standing guard over me blowing him on my knees. What about that? It could happen.

But if it did then he stowed the Uzi cuz he hooks his index finger under my chin and pulls my face up and he says he needs to cum, which of course I'm for, but he CAN'T CUM LIKE THIS! What! Hey, kid, this is called a blowjob. I suck, you cum in my throat. Get it, got it, good. So I look up at him and he kinda pushes me back and just jacks off. Hmmm. Then when he shoots his wad, I'm like a couple of feet in front of him so I'm ready to lean in and pick off the stragglers, and he slams his spurting cock over against his left thigh against his shorts, but he doesn't even turn his body at all, and just sorta shoots sideways. Hmmm. Never saw that before. But it was pretty hot, I guess. Missed my face, but I got a good profile of him spraying his load. I never had my cock out at all, didn't want to scare him off or anything, but I really thought I could teach him to CUM LIKE THAT after all if I could get another chance or fifty, so I said something about it and he said, Maybe. My name is Trey. See ya. Well, that was polite.

One of the first times I was there I got a little voyeur action when two other guys were sucking each other off, and I was trying to get a closer look, of course, but was too polite to just ruin their privacy, so I'm crawling around like an idiot (but I did get to see the tall black haired kid spray his load on the other guy's face), when I got sorta lost off the trail and I just had to stand up and see where the fuck I was, and it turns out I'm right in front of an Indian. Yeah, an Indian. And he's standing there like fucking Sitting Bull or something and he looks like the Indian on the nickel only younger, with really long absolutely gorgeous jet black hair and his arms are crossed and he's just staring at me. I'm sorta out of cruising mode now cuz you don't look good crawling around on your hands and fucking knees, but he didn't seem to care, he just pulls his running shorts aside and lets his cock fall out. But it was kinda small and uncut, and even though Indian would have been a little novel for me, I just wasn't that turned on by it all. So I turn away, and this guy says, You got the time? The worst turn off cruising line of all time, for me at least, so I say, Sorry, no watch, which I think is supposed to put an end to the cruising, but the Indian won't take no for an answer, and he says, Can I suck your cock? Now that's better. So I let him suck my big cock, and he did OK, and I came in his mouth, which is always good, but it wasn't very hot, except for his hair. I did get to run that through my hands and grab it and let it fall all around his face and my cock and stuff. So that was cool, but I don't think he liked having his hair all over the cock he was sucking.

Then another guy rolled in one afternoon wearing black jeans and black tee (Christ, does everybody wear black in this fucking park? Maybe there's a dress code or something) and he looked a lot like Brad Pitt or one of those guys. I mean he had such good looks that he looked too good, like, why in the fuck would a guy like this come to a park for sex. Jesus, he could just stand on the street corner and be able to fuck anything that ambled past. But he's there, and he must have been there before, cuz he headed straight to the bushes and leans against a log, so I follow him. Well, I just about had to, didn't I? And when I get there he's smoking, which I don't, but I kinda circle around and this guy is so straight looking and so handsome, I just didn't know what to say, so I asked him for a cigarette. What the hell did I say that for? And he kinda nods and starts fishing for the pack somewhere, and then I notice it. His black tee shirt was untucked and it rose up just a bit and I could see his balls. Just his balls. Hmmm. So I had to think about that for a minute. Where's his dick? I guess looking back on it there were several possibilities, but I guess his face made me stupid cuz I had to stand there for a while and try to look like I know how to smoke while I figure this out. And he's just watching me and finally he says, in this really low, smooth voice, You don't smoke, do you? So I start laughing and say, No, would you like the cig back? He says, No, that's not what I'd like, and I say, What would you like then? And he gives this little shrug that flashes his balls again and whispers in that syrupy voice, A blow job? Like it's a fucking question, as if he didn't know what the fuck I was doing with this idiotic cig in my mouth. So I step right up (I'm past the not knowing what to do stage), and take his balls in just the tips of my fingers, and I'm like, where am I going to find his cock? Like maybe he wears it around his neck or something, but it turned out to be in the usual place, just sticking up against his tummy under the tee where he had arranged it sticking out of his fly, but it wasn't hard, and actually not all that big, but I am in suck mode, in knee position, balls on tongue, when he stops the show and fishes out a rubber. A rubber! Hey, I don't suck insulated cocks! I tried one once in a tearoom, and that asshole had a nonox rubber on and it truly tasted like shit (although I never actually tasted shit) and made my mouth numb. Coulda killed that guy. But this guy was destined to be sucked off by me I guess, cuz I got past the rubber issue and I licked it a little just to see if it had that numb shit on it. After that it was jammed into my throat hard. I mean really hard, like he learned to fuck by cutting holes in watermelons or something. And he is holding my head and face fucking me (which of course is very, very good), but the goddamn rubber kinda stays down my throat when he pulls back. It didn't come off or anything, but it didn't give me any time to breathe and to me, that is not pleasant. So he eventually cums and pulls out, packs up, says Thanks man, and leaves.

Well, I decided that he must have been straight, cuz he really didn't know how to GET a blowjob. He just jammed it in really hard and fast and came. He could have had a better time just jacking off. And that rubber thing. Man, you gotta lose that habit. I'm not gonna get into the whole health debate, I just don't like it and I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore.

OK, a couple more stories about that place. I'm walking down the main trail one day, broad daylight, and right on the side of the trail, not in the bushes or anything, two guys are laying on their sides totally naked, I mean TOTALLY NAKED, and this huge fat guy is fucking this young slim kid, spooning. And they both look up, but they just keep on fucking, and I can't see the fat guy's cock, cuz it's in the kid's ass for one thing, and hidden mostly by the guy's belly for another, but the kid is fucking HUNG. Not really hard, just laying out over his thigh and on down to the ground and like trailing out away from him. And the big guy resumes fucking and neither of them act like it's any big deal that I'm standing there watching them and the kid just looks up at me. No smile or anything inviting, just looks, and he's kinda propped up on his elbow, right leg drawn up so his asshole is accessible, getting fucked. Getting a tan, too, I guess. Big cock laying on the dirt. Is there an opportunity here for me? Well, I would have cast someone else in the Greek active role (like me, maybe), but with the stage set, there's only part of this that I like, and fat exhibitionists aren't it, so I move on. They're apparently all tanned by the time I get back, cuz the trail is clear. BUT, happy ending, I met the kid the next time I was there, and his name was Tom, and thank god, he STILL has this huge cock, and he's not only into fat guys, so I will try to put that part of it out of my memory. But he's really sweet, kinda vulnerable like, or maybe just submissive, hell, I don't know. Just let me stuff that cock down my throat, maybe get mine down yours, and the scenario guys can think what they want. And this cock, it's kinda like a little child down there, there's just so much of it, and it keeps flopping around, like when you grab one part, the rest of it tries to get away. If you grab the base, it must get some leverage or something, cuz the end of it starts flailing around like a runaway garden hose. So we take turns sucking and I can get this cock under control much better when it's stuffed in my mouth. He came kinda quietly, just a big release of breath and starts another release down my throat, but it's more of a stream of cum than a lot of separate shots. He seemed to like taking my load too, and that's always good. I saw this kid later working in a shop where I sometimes buy my 'literature,' and I would have done him under the counter if he smiled, but he never acted like he knew me. So, fucked again.

Ok, last chapter about that place is about a black guy whose a regular there, and I've also pumped a good number of loads into his mouth in local tearooms. But he likes to hang out in the park, and he is just a slut. Cool. He just comes up, opens your pants, and assumes control of your cock and your sperm. A coupe of times I've approached his car in the fucking parking lot while he's sitting in the driver's seat and he's sucked my cock through the window. Like me, he swallows and seems to really get off on that. One teeny tiny complaint: his tongue is really rough. Huh? How can a guy's tongue be rough? Is that a problem or something? It's like it's dry maybe, or maybe his tastebuds are just enormous, I don't know, but he sucks really hard, and this rough stuff (hey! that's a useful expression) is not helpful to a gentleman's hardon. OK, so he's taken a lot, I mean a lot, of my cum, but I've never sucked his cock, and truthfully I can't remember even seeing it. I don't think he ever takes it out of his pants. I'm pretty sure he has one. Now I do remember seeing him jacking it off while he was sucking the cock that I was about to tell about.

Again in the same park, same trail, kinda down toward the end, I just about bump into this black guy on his knees in front of a very large, very mature but very fit black man with a shaved head and he's fully clothed except that this weird big squirrel or some kind of large life form has attached itself to the front of his pants and my black guy is trying to swallow it. Believe it or not, I actually staggered backwards at the sight of this blowjob. I'm sure God made no cocks bigger than any useful purpose, but He was pushing the envelope here. And my guy is sucking this weapon like it's another day at the office. Now the big guy is reading a book. A book! Can you believe this shit? Could I make this shit up? He's standing on a trail in a park about two feet from the river reading a book with this 88 stuffed into some guy's mouth and he doesn't even look over at me. I'm kinda weirded out by this, but it is MY cocksucker he's got working that artillery piece, so I regroup, approach cautiously (man, I'm telling you, this was a big motherfucker), unbutton, haul out and stroke. So I keep getting a little bit closer all the time, and I'm really taking a kind of scientific interest in how my guy gets this thing in, like can he unhinge his jaw like a snake or something? Scary. I realize I'm maybe too close when he unreels that meat from his throat, grabs mine and stuffs it down all the way to the cockring. That jerks me almost off my feet toward him and I have to put my arms out to catch myself and I accidentally grab both my cocksucker and the big guy (on the arm, not the cock). Ohhhh, shit. Still reading. No reaction. Cock, or whatever that thing is, just waiving around in the breeze by the river. Man, this is just too freaky. Rough tongue. This should be one of the hottest scenes I've ever made, but I can't stay hard. I put my hand around my sucker's head and push in hard and leave my entire cock there for just a second, and slowly pull it all the way out and back up. Nothing. He just lumbers the squirrel back into his throat, and I slowly leave them, sucking and reading. Weird. Well, enough for now, but there's a lot more to tell. Write me.