Sex in Public 5

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again. Plus, I put the wrong email addy on that last part so nobody could contact me. What a dildo.

Man, I just can't type. Can't spell, either. I spelled weird about seventeen different ways, and it turns out there aren't that many ways to spell it. Then I read the Nifty submission guidelines, and see that I'm all fucked up. Haven't I ever heard of spell check, you dumb fuck? Oh well, maybe there's not that many PhD's reading this.

Ok, still in the park department, only this time it's in Washington, DC, in the Rock Creek area, not far from Dupont Circle. Another place I ALWAYS go when I'm in DC. Looking back on it, though, I haven't had all that much success there, there's too much cruising and not enough cocksucking. But maybe it's me.

The first cool thing was when I was headed to the city from Reston on the train and the thing you read in the literature but never believe, actually happened. The guy sitting across from me on the train hit on me. Well, I was a little bit drunk at the time, but no biggie, and this guy must have seemed cool, although all I really remember about him was that he was a young executive type black guy. I recall that he approached me, probably becuz I was staring at the meat hose inside the leg of his pants, and it was really late at night, and we both got off at the Metro Center stop. I was going to switch to go north up to Dupont, I don't know why he got off. But we were both standing there on an empty platform late at night and he was cruising me, so I responded. So he comes up rather assertively and kinda pushes/leads me over behind one of the floor advertising pillars and just fucking kisses me in the open air like I didn't want it. But I did. It wasn't as blatant and overt as it sounds, cuz we were both careful about bystanders, but we grope each other, and I am just drunk enough to be willing to go for it right there. But he was wiser than me that night, and asked for my number, but shit, I'm way out in Reston, so we really couldn't do that, and he had no place, either. So we were frustrated. So we kissed and groped and had a good time anyway, and I still have his number. Well, it seemed like a hot scene to me.

OK, now for the coolest thing that ever happened to me in DC. I'm cruising Rock Creek, and it's kinda tedious. There are dozens of guys all cruising, but it seems like that's all they do, and even though it's a very open environment, none of them want to go ahead and fucking DO IT. I've spent hours there on lots of different days, and maybe I should finally get it into my head that it's just not that productive. But, maybe it's me - these guys just aren't interested in me. But back to the coolness. The cruising side is actually along the creek for several hundred yards, all heavy trees and brush, but there are trails on the high side and down near the creek, and an intermittent one in between. So one afternoon, I'm on the high trail cruising, but watching the lower trail pretty carefully - it's maybe 20-40 yards away and 30 feet below - and I see this slim young black kid with long braided hair (I don't know shit about black hair, but maybe it was that dreadlock shit?) strutting along the lower trail holding an enormous, I mean fucking ENORMOUS, wishbone in his hand - it was 2 feet long. And he's walking along just confident in his young maleness and pushing his chest out with his tight butt jutting out and that head of enormous thick hair framing and swinging about his cute face. So I stop, of course, and I just follow him out of duty, I suppose, but we are still many feet of altitude apart. And I can't see why he would have a huge wishbone along for the ride.

Turns out he's cruising me at the same time! Hard to beat that! (wow, another useful expression). Now get this: we are kinda going in tandem back along the trails, me above and him below, and we can see each other once in a while through the trees and bushes and shit, so that means we're cruising, right? But it's going nowhere becuz we can't move towards each other becuz of the steep hillside. What to do, what to do? So I think he sees the same problem, cuz he slows down, pulls up to a big tree on my side of his lower trail, steps back on to my side of the tree, and unleashes this magnificent black cock that, I later saw, had to be seen to be believed. He is standing there facing me, but I'm maybe 40 yards away up the hill, and he's just holding his huge meat like he's pretending to take a leak. By this time I know I want this kid, even though he's far away, but I am a horndog and decide, fuck it, I'm going in. So I do, and I just make my way directly down the steep hill, holding on to limbs, bushes, whatever. And I emerge along the lower trail close to the tree where the kid is standing. Taking the direct approach, I go right up to him behind the tree and grab his cock and grab him around his cute waist and start jacking his cock and nuzzling him and kissing his face and just wanting to fucking HAVE this guy, and he acts like, what were you waiting for, dumbshit? And then we are just ON each other and I ask if I can suck his cock, and he says do it, and then I'm trying to stuff his meat down my throat. I know from these stories it sounds like I have some kind of black guy fetish, but I really don't. I'm not attracted to them anymore than anyone else, but I have no prejudice either. It's just that these guys were so fucking hot.

Back to RC Park. This guy is somebody I saw later (that was even better than this for me), and his name was Bern. Now he's standing there with at least 9" of 2" diameter cock. I've always been confused by thickness measurements and descriptions. Seems like some guys like to measure circumference, like wrapping a string around the cock, and other like to say how wide or thick it is from side to side or top to bottom, like putting a ruler to it across the top. I prefer diameter, becuz it really tells you the usefulness of the cock in stretching power. Like, I wear a 2" cock ring, and the thickest part of the shaft of my cock is 7" in circumference, so I can't close my thumb and forefinger around it. But I've taken my own finger measurements out against tailer's tapes, and I think the diameter is useful, but I'm waiting for someone to give a better measure.

OK, really back to RC park. Bern and I are groping and he's so cute and all the signals are there, and this big black log is hanging out, so I ask if I can suck his cock. He grabs it and holds it out so I get down on it out in the open and I am giving it my A game blow, which it does. He's got these slim hips and the top of his cutoffs is open and he pulls out of my throat and jacks his fantastic meat kinda slow while his head rolls back against the tree and big, copious watery ropes of absolutely white cum come pouring out of that amazing cock. He shoots it pretty far into the shrubs but not as far as me, cuz my cum just rockets out and the first couple of shots are headed up to the upper trail, but they didn't get there, of course, so it wasn't really a danger to anyone. And I say, Cool. So Bern is watching his own cock cum, which I admit is worth watching, and he sees me blasting cum all over the fucking hillside, and he gives me this happy smile and says, How come you picked me? Huh? Turns out he's some kind of sociology major or something and he's fascinated about why white guys cruise black guys, and he tells me the white guys usually wait to be hit on, but I was obviously not from around there cuz I didn't know this and I made the first move to him. Well. I sure didn't see the rules posted along the trail anywhere. So he says, Let's go. Yes! There's that let's go again! So we do, and we walk up P street to some gay bar he knows about and have a lot to drink, then I take him into the bathroom for some more cum, and was sucking him off in the stall, but I was really too drunk, so it didn't work. But I ended up with his phone number in New York. New York? Huh? What the fuck am I going to do with a New York number, you ask.

Well, I went to New York on business many months later, so I'm in these fucking meetings and I think about Bern's number, which I fucking left at my work, so I called work and had someone get me the number and I called it. Bern did answer but he didn't seem to remember me until I happened to say cool again, and then it comes back to him so we arrange to meet at his apartment later, which I do, and it's way up by St. John the Divine, and the fucking subway gets stopped on the way when some asshole jumps in front of it, so I have to get out and fucking WALK clear up there and it is hotter than a festered snatch outside, and I'm not sure where the place is, but when I get there, later, there's no one home. Fuck. Fucked again. So I go down to the corner of the block to maybe call him or something and here he fucking comes from across the street and he is just amazing. Man he's got all that hair up in braids or whatever they call them, and ivory beads and shit and it looks like some kinda royal African headdress or something and his graceful little body just flows across the street, and he's calling my name like we were fucking cousins. Then we walk up five fucking flights in the heat, and he doesn't have a/c, but we get some ice water and talk, and then he says, Want to get more comfortable? Are you fucking kidding? And he's got his pants off already and he's got some kind of strange tight underwear on, but his slender tight body is just fucking incredible. So we eventually get to his bed and 69 and shit and I finally get to spend all the time I need to actually get that huge cock completely swallowed. And I did, too, clear down to the fucking base. All off it down my throat. Man I was proud of that, and Bern seems pretty happy about it too and asks if I want him to cum in my mouth. Are you fucking kidding? So I just stay down on that cock and his hips start swiveling around and bucking and he's holding my head down on it (Fucking Cool), and I can feel all over that little bod of his and his fabulous hair is fanned out across the bed and it's hot and sweaty and he unloads down my throat. Lots of cum, it's like shooting a beer or something, you just take it becuz it's so forceful and there's so much of it. So we did it again.

He is a great guy and I want to suck his cock again, and we called each other a couple of times, and he moved to DC, I think. But maybe I can find him and he'll let me get as much of his sperm as he can make. So next time I'm in DC, I'll try.

While I'm on DC, one more thing. I go down to Wet, which is a long fucking way away by the goddamn navy yard, and it's dark and the area is not really a place a white guy should be alone at night, but I didn't have any trouble, really. So I get there before the show and have a few drinks and I get up to piss and come back and some big ugly guy has my barstool, and my drink and maybe some tip money and stuff is still there, so he knew it was taken and I ask him to move but this asshole just ignores me and finally he physically shoves me away. Well, shit, I didn't come for a fight which I would have lost anyway, and the bartender buys me a drink, so I gave up. Then these naked kids are dancing on the bar. All they are wearing is shoes, and most of their cocks are semi-hard and they let the patrons touch and rub them anywhere except their assholes, and they always pull back before they cum. One really killer blonde kid named Derrick has a great cock and I ask him to join me when he get's off work, and he fucking does! So I figured he does some hustling or escorting or something and he's willing to come to my hotel. So we talk and have a drink and even a little kissing and groping and stuff, but then he won't go with me after all, so I took a cab back and not a fucking thing happened. Oh well, fucked again. More park stuff next time.