Sex in Public 6

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

I just realized I forgot to say why Bern had the huge fucking wishbone. It wasn't a wishbone after all, it was the seat off his bike, which he carried around with him to discourage people from bothering to steal the bike. Well, I guess that would work. Easier than carrying the wheels around, but why not try a lock?

Ok, so anyway, another thing, how come guys write stories about how much cum is stored up in some guy's balls? That's not where it's stored. Testicles only make the sperm cells themselves. Just about all of the liquid part of cum comes from the prostate or something. So you really don't 'empty your balls' when you cum, but I guess it sounds hot to some guys, and what the fuck difference does it make to me? And 'precum.' It's not for lubrication. The cunt provides that. Its just fluid that usually precedes orgasm so the urethra is clear of urine and stuff that might kill those little swimming fuckers. So you can call me DOCTOR.

There's another park I used to go to a lot in Kansas City whenever I was there. I later heard it was one of those places the media targeted and filmed guys coming and going, I guess to embarrass them or something, and it must have worked, cuz guys don't seem to go there as much, but I've had fun there anyway. It's near the Liberty Memorial and there are lots of trails along the side of a steep rocky, tree covered hill. Marty was with me a few times there, and at the time he was really nervous about have sex out in the open, but he has such a big cock and cute fuckable ass and I suck his cock so sincerely that he can overcome that reluctance. We sucked each other at several places, finally finding one of those rock enclosed grotto type spots, where I started to fuck him, standing up. An extremely cute ass, slim waist, big dick. Marty was not really a fuckee, but he was a hustler, so I guess it was ok with him. Unfortunately, some asshole kept interrupting us like this was some kinda PUBLIC SHOW or something. Jesus, somebody oughta put out some Emily Post shit on this, I mean how come these guys have no manners? When I'm watching others guys doing each other, I don't BOTHER them and shit. But Marty didn't want an audience, so we quit without even cumming. Fucked again. Or else not fucked again, depending on your point of view.

But this place used to be hot. One evening right at dark some middle aged guy in really short shorts cruised me briefly and I followed him along the trail to a point where he just stopped, faced the bushes and wiggled his ass. I was a little bit drunk at the time and I just walked up behind him and he scooted his shorts just below his butt, so I got my cock out of my fly and put it between his legs. He really did the rest, catching my cockhead with his asshole and it slid right in. He blew his load into the bushes. Mine went quickly up his ass. No words were ever spoken. I guess this is like the definition of hot, quick, anonymous sex, huh? I don't know why I bothered, he wasn't really cute or anything. Just being a horndog, I guess. But I did like the way his hole kinda reached out and grabbed my cock all by itself. Guess I'm glad I didn't actually see it do that, but it felt good. Kinda like pussy: looks bad, feels good.

One day at noon I was supposed to be at a seminar luncheon, where I know from experience there is just about NO fucking cock to be had, so I ditched it and went to the park. I noticed a reasonably cute young black kid walking along the bushes. He was wearing black jeans and a shirt and tie, carrying some books. So I'm already in there just hanging and this kid comes along the path next to the bushes and just ducks in real fast, right in front of me. So he groped his crotch so I came up to him to be as helpful as I usually am in these circumstances. He didn't speak either, not a fucking word, just dropped down and pulled out my cock and started sucking. I tried to suck his cock too, and it was large, probably around 8", but he didn't seem to want that. So I say, Wanna blowjob? Nothing, like the Hispanic kid in Chicago. And I run my hands all over his flat tummy and around his butt and I'm kinda talking to him about really big cocks and pumping big cummy loads and other social graces, but he doesn't make a peep. Eventually, he turns around and drops his jeans to the ground, and bends over, so I figure he's more the body language kinda guy, and that kinda gave me a rather obvious idea, so I fucked him, standing up. It wasn't easy, though, since we didn't have any lube, and we disengaged to finish by jacking off. Still no sound, and I'm just a teeny bit annoyed at all this, since I'm certainly keeping up my side of the conversation, cumming pretty hard and loud and shit, but he just pours out his cream on the bushes. Period, nothing else, no commentary. So I asked if he needed a ride, which was when I found out he really was an actual mute, I mean he really couldn't fucking speak, at all. But he wrote a note on a scrap of paper and I felt just a little embarrassed that I was trying to get this kid to react and he couldn't. Oh well, fuck it, so I gave him a ride down to Crown Center. I noticed him later using one of the meeting room level phones with one of those computer things for the deaf and stuff hooked up. He followed me into the mens room where we jacked each other off again. He held my spurting cock against his pubes and I shot a surprisingly big load all over his cock, balls and pubes.

I had many other sucking encounters there, including several three ways. One time I came across three older guys, one sucking another and a third watching and stroking his dick. I walked up and pulled out my cock, with the usual steel cockring, and the guy doing the sucking immediately grabbed it and pulled me into his throat. For some reason, I was really into it, maybe watching the other two guys watching me get blown, although I really don't remember what any of their cocks looked like. When I got really close, in what might have been considered a breach of park etiquette, I said, Want to see me shoot it into his mouth? and the guy slid my cock out while jacking it rapidly, pointing it directly into his wide open mouth, and I pumped about 6 big ropes of cum into him. I almost always shoot a lot, usually in 5 to 8 spurts, and they can travel quite a distance. Anyway, it was pretty forceful. I was going Unh, unh, unh and the other guys were saying all sorts of crazy things, like they thought this was pretty cool. The guy licked my dick off and swirled the cum around in his open mouth so everyone could see it. The idea of that seemed hotter than actually watching it. I didn't stay around, but I think the other two guys shot their loads on the cocksucker as well.

I've had a couple of black guys want to sell it, but I never pay for something that's so easy to get for free, although one of them had another one of the absolute biggest dicks I've ever seen. And it was quite obvious inside his baggy, dirty sweats, and he just comes up to me and says, Want it? And he just fucking looks like a hustler so I tell him right away that I never pay for it, and he says, How 'bout I show ya? Well,. . . OK. So he starts shoveling out this meat, hand over hand like he's paying out a boat tether or something, and it was truly one big honkin cock. So, musing over the situation I found myself in (or should that be 'in which I found myself'?), I say something like, Well what would you need? And he says, Two bucks. $2! Can you believe that shit, an actual $2 hooker! I never met one of those outside of jokes. But really, this guy's cock was his best feature by a long shot, and I was just not turned on, so I said, No, thanks, and he says, Aw, cummon, man, I just need enough for a hamburger, man. Well, I went ahead and gave him my pocket change (man, I do not like to carry cash into cruising areas), but I just let him crank his cock back into its housing and I left it alone.

One of the first times I was there, I followed two guys, one of which was obviously a hustler, young, good looking in a tough sort of way, dirty, some tattoos, good sized dick showing in gym shorts. They went to a fairly secluded spot down the hill and didn't seem to mind that I followed them. By the time I got there, though, the kid was already sucking the other guy (don't even remember what he looked like). Since I assumed he was paying, I really wasn't sure that I should intrude (where's that fucking Emily Post again?), and I wasn't going to contribute any funds, but the kid reached out for my cock and pulled me into the circle, so I guess it was ok. Either he had all the money he needed that day, or was just having a sport fuck. Maybe he was just taking his mind off being fucked, which the other guy was then doing. Hey, hustlers have needs, too. Anyway, I think maybe another guy also joined us, but what I mainly remember was getting blown by that kid while he was getting fucked. I remember shooting my load on his face, and he looked really cute licking cum off his chin.

The last one I'll tell about now was when I picked up a killer cute hustler on the side of the road by the ball diamond. It was rainy and rather cold. His name was Steve, and he turned out to be a doper, but he was young and trim, almost skinny, very, very cute. He bragged a lot about his 'regulars' and being able to get hard quickly and often. He really didn't seem to know much about pricing, though. I might have been willing to break my rule about paying for it with this kid, but it turned out I didn't have to. We drove around for a while talking about the price, and he got his cock out (for advertising, I guess. I guess it's not bragging if you really do have a huge cock), and it was big, longer than mine, but a lot thinner and uncut. He asked me if that was a 'problem.' Well, I do prefer cut cocks (I don't know why, I buy real Christmas trees and drink caffeinated coffee and stuff, I'm just not that much into natural cock meat). But what the fuck difference does it really make when you got the dick in hand and it's pretty big and it seems to be attached to this kid with a killer bod? I eventually got him some smokes (maybe I did pay for it after all?), and we drove across to a quarry type place, where he agreed to suck my cock in the car. But he was terrible at it, like he'd never done it before. He actually wiped the end of it off on his shirt before he put it in his mouth, like you'd sterilize a thermometer or something. And he just kinda kissed it a lot and maybe get a couple of inches in, but no real suction. Maybe he just was being real respectful. He seemed a little stoned, and it wasn't really going very well, although I did play with his very cute ass while his head was in my lap. We quit without cumming, and I drove him back. I told him he needed to suck cock much fucking better than that if he was going to earn a living this way, and he argued and said he did a good job. Then how come I didn't cum, huh? I had another one of those blue steel hardons for this guy, my very most sincere erections, and his shitty blowjob just did not meet the occasion. Well, maybe I got what I paid for, but I wasn't mean to him. You never know. I saw him again several weeks later in the same park, and he came all the way down to $10, but I still wouldn't pay, so he moved on. Really cute guy. I'd like to see him again, maybe even spring for it if I could get his ass.

Even though I sometimes go back, you have to be really careful, it's one of those AYOR labeled places. One time I'm sitting on the grass up by the Pioneer Mother statute reading some 'literature' kinda getting myself tuned up, and this fucking police car comes rolling along the fucking jogging path right along the tree line! Christ, don't those guys have anything better to do? Well, it didn't threaten me at the moment, but shit, a few minutes earlier or later I would maybe have been in there and it would have definitely been a bad case of fellatio interruptus. In all the cruising I've done, that and the time the naked kid jumped out of the van in front of the cop, were the only times I've ever even seen cops hassle cruisers. But I've had a spot or two of trouble from cocksuckers, and that really pisses me off. Man it's like a breach of trust or something. Nothing violent or physical or anything (although I've heard those stories too), just like, a couple of times guys sucking my cock turn out to have their hand in my pocket, and they are pretty careful about it, so they don't actually take your wallet or money and stuff until you are actually blowing your load down their throat, which I admit does tend to be distracting. But I managed to stop them both times, and then I learned just don't carry that shit with you at all. If I have to, I put my d.l. or just a few bucks into my sock or something. I never take a wallet or credit cards, or any valuable watch or anything. Cruising should be centered on one side of a cock or the other, not your non-dick assets. Well, enough for now. Write me.