Sex in Public 8

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well I have been advised to go slower on this shit so it will last longer, which is probably good advice, but on the other hand, going slow kinda runs against the grain for public sex guys, where it's almost always pretty fast. When you gotta cum, man you fucking gotta cum, you know? Well, anyway, most of the stuff that's happened to me doesn't really follow any cohesive themes, but most of it was pretty fucking fun anyway.

Ok, I just came back from a little encounter with the flower guy. He told me he just could not get away from work, but when I went to the tearoom, presto, there he is kinda waiting for me, I guess. He forgot to bring his cockring, but I was so fucking horny I just inhaled his soft cock there in the stall and he starts giving me these encouraging little groans and stuff and I've got my hands all over and around his big cock and kinda pulling his big balls down and I put one hand on his butt and just slam him into my mouth, and the other hand is under his balls and kinda slips in between his legs just a little bit. But he reacts to this by turning his knees out a little and that opens up his crack, so I figure that's an invitation, right? And I move that hand to his asshole, but I don't push it in, just put steady pressure on it and little circular motions, and my other hand is spreading his cheeks from the back, and he really seems to be getting into this fucking blowjob. His cock has now hardened in my mouth, to repeat: one of my favorite things. And now it seems like getting this big motherfucker down my throat is a snap, hell there's nothing to it, man, it just slides down there. So I use my thumb on the asshole rubbing hand to press the back of his balls hard against my chin so we can really feel them slapping against my face. And we're both slamming that big cock into me and his asshole is getting rubbed pretty good and he holds my shoulders (HEY! GOTTA GRAB MY HEAD, DIPSHIT!) and is fucking my mouth, but I figure it's time to switch so I pull off to drag my own big cock into the picture, when he says, Oh shit, I'm cumming. Well, I can't very well just let his load fly out onto the floor like that, so I jam it back in my mouth about half way and really taste his load come pouring out. Kinda bitter, but there's not that much of it, and I just slide it on down while he's shooting, so most of it gets injected directly into my throat anyway and he's gasping now, so that's good. After all, this ain't no fucking airplane.

Some guys need you to stop sucking after they cum, sensitive, I guess, but this guy just keeps his cock in my mouth and I'm still sucking that motherfucker and jacking my own cock, and then I remember that IT WAS MY FUCKING TURN, so I get up and he gets down and starts a furious blow job, although not much suction, so I arch my back way back and hold on to the sides of the stall so I can watch my thick cock pumping into his mouth. Now this goes on for a while, but I didn't tell him that I had jacked off just about 10 minutes ago, so my cock is just not getting really hard. Then he's jacking me off real fast and hard, but that doesn't do much for me unless I'm on a blue steeler, so I think, fuck it, and I drop down to get his cock back and I tell him I'm going to get another load out of it. But with that meat in my mouth, I regain my hardon pretty fast and I'm jacking off fast, so I get off his dick just long enough to ask him if he wants to see my cock unload, and he says, Yeah, man! So I jack it a couple more times and reach up and pull his nuts down and shoot. Now this was a little weird, cuz the first shot was a little short of the target, like my cock thought, ooops, was that supposed to happen? It was almost a mistake or something, it just hops out about a foot, and I'm thinking, shit, I really should not have jacked off earlier, now I'm going to be embarrassed having this guy see me shoot cum like popping a zit or something. But I still have hope, I guess, cuz I'm still jacking my cock, and I guess I wasn't going to turn back now, anyway, and then there's a kinda big delay and I'm waiting for my orgasm muscles to kick back in, and the next two cumblasts finally arrive and they go fucking all the way down the stall and out under the door and maybe just kept on going down the hall and out the window, I couldn't really see past the door. Then there were some more, and I thought, Jesus, where did all that cum come from? Maybe I was wrong about that thing I said about being able to empty your balls or something. And the guy is gasping again and he just says, Big fucking load, over and over. I don't really know why my cock did that, but it turned out pretty cool. But now his cock is decidedly unhard, and he doesn't have time to try again, so it was over. But I'm kinda glad to know he likes his asshole rubbed. Maybe there a kind of future there.

Well, a couple of guys have written e-mails to me about these stories, and that's fun to hear from guys who like them, but like I told one guy, hell, it's all true shit, all I have to do is remember it and write it down. Several of these guys are from Chicago, or at least have also been to the Bijou at some point. So that reminded me of other stuff that happened there, like the time I went to the city with Bill, a straight friend who is nonetheless extremely fuckable. He is just drop dead fuckable, and I just cannot understand why he would put so much fucking energy into chasing pussy when he can unload his cock into me (or probably about 10 million other guys) any fucking time he gets a hardon. So one time he gets drunk over at my house and I'm actually just being a friend, and I put him down on the couch but he keeps getting up to drive home, which would not be good, and he is truly shitfaced, so I keep pleading with him to just go to bed. I swear that's exactly what I said, but I guess he thought I was asking him to come to bed with me. And so he did. Unbelievable. He flops down on my bed, fully clothed, opens his pants, pulls down the front of his briefs, and, presto, there's his cock. Well. This is where the cartoons show the little angel and the little devil sitting on your shoulders. My angel musta had another appointment, so I sucked his cock. Not too big, really, a little less than average, but cool anyway. So I'm doing him and kinda trying to wriggle out of my pants OH SHIT I JUST REALIZED THAT THIS IS NOT PUBLIC SEX! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH MY FUCKING MIND? Oh well, fuck it, I'll get back to Chicago in a minute.

Ok, you can just fucking skip this paragraph cuz it's about Bill, not public sex, but I am just going to fucking tell about it anyway. Ok, so I finally get my cock out and this guy is just so hot that I am just rock hard again, stroking it a little, and Bill reaches for my dick! And then he sucks it! Unbelievable. And I say, Man, you don't have to do that. And he just does it anyway. But after a little while of this 69, he pulls back and says, This is just not going to work. I say, Why not, it's fun, just drop your load, man. He says, You don't have tits. Which is not technically true, but I think I knew what he meant. So he snapped his briefs back up and slept on the couch. Fucked again. So Bill and I are in Chicago and he's getting us into all kinds of places cuz he acts like he knows everyone, and maybe he does, I don't know. Like this Eastern European cabbie (no habba anglaze, man, like I asked him what one of the places we passed was and he doesn't even look, just says Eez gaybar) is taking us to some very popular bar/dance place (I don't remember the name) and he fucking runs a light and a car barely misses us and he wheels over hard and we take the corner on two fucking wheels, but it's right in front of this place, so we kinda just LAND on the sidewalk right in front of this long line of maybe 100 people waiting to get in. So Bill jumps out while I'm still protecting my balls, and gasping (but for a different reason) and they're all staring at this cab that nearly killed them and he goes right up to the bouncers and tells them we're in a big hurry, and they fucking let us in ahead of all those people! Bill never had sex with me again, but he didn't mind that I lusted for him, and when we went on trips he'd let me kiss him and hold his hand, and even sleep with him, and he'd make jokes about my hardon pressing against his ass and stuff.

OK YOU CAN START READING AGAIN, I'M BACK TO THE SUBJECT. Ok, so downstairs at the Bijou is just a movie theater with all male fuck films on a fairly large screen and the ususal theater seating, so you can take a break from gloryholes if you want and just watch. So I sit down there one night, and I guess it's not surprising that most of the guys there seem to have their dicks out, jacking off, naturally, but there's not much interaction and they are all separated by empty seats. Then I'm sitting on the aisle and a guy comes in and sits down right beside me and of course he has to get past my legs first, so this is not a particularly subtle observation, but he's WEARING A FUCKING YELLOW RAINCOAT! Like the kind you used to wear in kindergarten. With big black buckles. It's not raining outside. Weird, but then I thought, maybe some of these guys cum like I do. Hey, this guy might have a pretty fucking good idea. Maybe I should have brought an umbrella or something. But I just could not sit next to a guy in a yellow slicker, and if you sit in the back row, you don't need an umbrella either, so I moved. And I went upstairs, where I met yet another black guy.

Now this guy was handsome, not cute. And he was well dressed, trim, very hot looking. Young, maybe 25? And he cruises me for about 17 seconds, and comes over and, believe it or not, says, Let's go. Is this some kind of Chicago slang or something? Or maybe it's a black thing, I don't know. Shit that's what they all say, but it turns me fucking on, so I do. So he goes to the very same little room the cute black kid and I were in, but I don't think it was reserved for either them or for me, it just kinda happened. And this guy is not wild like the kid, but more intense, like, and we kiss a lot first and he takes only his pants off, with me pretty much doing what he does, and he's wearing boxers, but I'm not, cuz I never wear underwear when I'm cruising and wearing jeans, so my cock is out there but his is still in the shorts, and he says Beautiful, man, or something like that, which was nice, so I'm about to return the compliment, but I have to see his cock first to know if it's true, but before I can do anything he's on his knees sucking my cock, which is almost always good. But eventually I get him up and he doesn't want to take his boxers off, but pulls his cock out the fly, and it truly is one of the most beautiful cocks in the fucking universe. No, it IS the most beautiful cock in the fucking universe. It is perfect, absolutely perfect. Perfect proportions, like the head just exactly fits the length and diameter of the shaft, and flares out from it just right, and it's maybe 9" long and probably 2" in diameter, uniform light brown color, no visible foreskin but no cut mark either, and absolutely solidly hard. It's like some kind of model or something, like you'd draw on your picture of the perfect boyfriend. It curves up gently, but still just radiates strength and just fucking power, with it's kinda underslung shaft and sticking up and out from those balls that are hanging down just the right amount. I would just fucking kill for a cock like that, even though my cock is nice.

So I just stare at this breathtaking meat. Just sucking it doesn't seem like enough, like it deserves to be worshiped or something. But maybe I'm better at sucking than worshiping, so I give it a try and I am truly honored to be having this meat all to myself. It is just so awesome and impressive and hard and thick and hot, and I have to give it my sincerest fellatio (blowjob is just not a big enough word for this). So I do. I'm like all hands and warm mouth and just exuding love of this black cock. And he gets pretty hot himself and just presses his cum into my throat without making an big deal of it. And I get to shoot my wad into his hand, and I am just dazed by that fucking cock and this guy is so classy (but Christ, we're in a fucking gloryhole maze, so I guess classy is a relative term). So we leave, and he gives me a ride to the Marriott in some kind of expensive looking sports car, and I invite him to my room, but he says he has to meet his boyfriend at home for dinner or something, so I ask him to call me the next day. And I make arrangements to take another flight so I can see him again, but when he did call, it was to cancel. Fucked again.

Well, write me something and I'll see whether I should keep this up or you had enough. I mean, how interesting can one guy's sex fucking life possibly be? I mean except to me, hell it's fucking VITAL to me. But I had fun, anyway.