Sex in Public 9

This is a repost of the series formerly called Some Public Sex. I have cleaned it up a bit and changed some names and things so it can be posted again.

Well, I went back to the tearoom today, which is just 24 hours from the last time I was there with the flower guy, and nobody's cleaned it, and my cum is still on the floor, dry, of course, but the splashes are plainly visible, so (this might seem a little gross), I decided to measure how far I shot my load. So I did, just by counting the 12" floor tiles from where I was kneeling as I was jacking off with this guy's cock in my mouth. Wanna know how far? I'll get back to that.

But the subject of cumstains makes me think of how hot it is to see fresh cum in mensrooms, for instance, that maybe is still wet and obviously some cock was unloaded there recently. I don't lick up cum from floors and walls and stuff, but I've read about guys who like that kind of thing. I just like to fantasize about it, and of course it's a sort of advertising that the place might be cruisy, although I guess straight guys have to jack off, too, so that's no guarantee. One advantage of indoor sex, like tearooms, is that the cum isn't really lost into the bushes and weeds and stuff, but you can really see how much and how far it shoots and stuff, which is cool for cum junkies.

So I often cruise a college tearoom in my town that has a row of about 6 stalls opposite three urinals and some sinks, and the sinks are separated from the urinals by a partition, and there's a privacy wall just inside the door. So the first stall is a handicap one, and there's a little peephole in the wall of it, but that's really not very useful. Anyway, the corner of this stall next to the door is just fucking covered with dry cum. I mean it's on there in layers, like you could excavate it down to the Jurassic period or something. But the contact sex is mostly under the stall wall, and sometimes in the stall. So one day I'm in the second stall and there's the usual foot tapping going on and stuff, and the guy in the handicap stall kinda raises his hips off the stool and centers his cock in the peephole so I can watch him jacking it off, and man, through this hole it just looks fucking enormous, pretty nicely proportioned, and the guy didn't seem too old, so I figured, why not? So I kneel down facing the wall between us and so does he and it's like dueling cocks and knees. It really works better if one guy lets the other get his cock fully under the stall, then work on it. I mean you can suck it, jack it, whatever, but when both guys are doing the same thing, you just don't mesh very well. You have to interlace your knees and then your cocks don't line up, which is just aesthetically not good, plus you have this wall in the way so you really can't get your cock into the other guy's stall enough to get any serious sucking or jacking. But anyway, we really didn't have this planned out ahead of time, so there's a lot of maneuvering.

The guy has nice slim legs, but his cock is somehow not anywhere fucking near as big as it looked through the hole. Man there must be some kind of magnifying effect on those peepholes, cuz it looked like the real thing was a couple of inches shorter than as advertised. But it is one hard throbbing cock and it just looks like it could pop or something. So anyway, the guy starts lightly jacking me off with just his thumb and index finger in a circle. Man I can do better than that. I have this big hard cock staring him down and he just kinda brushes it. And he says Shoot your cum on my dick. So that's normally pretty cool, but his dick seems so small that I think it might miss it or something, I mean this isn't a target pistol, it's a fucking cock, and I can't really predict where things are headed. But all this is taking a really long time and my ankles are sore from the kneeling, so I just have to stand up and take a break, and he does too. But my cock is still pretty hot and really hard, and I had been using some KY Liquid (which I highly recommend) and I'm still stroking and getting ready to blow, so I get down on the floor fast and shove my knees under the wall so my cock is all on his side and jacking it tightly and squeezing down real hard and backing up the orgasm and I just know this is gonna blast a hole in the opposite wall. So the guy is trying to drop down off the stool to get back into position when the cum just ignites out of my fucking cock and does indeed rocket across the handicap stall and hit the wall, not once, but like three or four shots. And the guy is saying Oh my god and stuff and I just keep blasting the far wall. And it's like five feet away or something becuz it's a larger stall than normal.

So I calm down afterwards and get back and get ready to leave and I watch the guy who by now is kneeling under the wall drop his load on the floor, but it is one of the flowing types of orgasms, but there was a lot of it. Then he starts to clean up the mess he made (which I almost never do. I don't know what the rules of etiquette are on cleaning up cum. For some reason it really doesn't bother me), and I leave. Now get this. I go back a little bit later just before leaving the building and the room is empty so I go in to the handicap stall, and there's my cum all over the wall about two fucking feet above the floor. And there's a lot of it, too, with a couple of big splashes and lots of little drops and lines of it where it streamed down to the floor. So that was cool. It's still there, months later, and somebody drew a circle around it in pencil and wrote WOW. Wow. Fuckin A.

The flower guy cruises the same place quite a bit, so sometimes we see each other there by coincidence, and I don't always know it's him until I see that cock, and then it's like turning on a light, man, I just have to have that big dick shoved down my throat. But with him, we usually get in the same stall, not underneath or anything, and sometimes if others are there, we adjourn somewhere else to do it. I'd say a lot of the guys there are not students, but faculty or visitors or just cruisers. So I've had a lot of cock there, but there's three guys to tell about.

One is this Hispanic guy who's early 20's and a little heavy, and he wears a goatee, which doesn't do that much for me, but it turns out he's one of the best cocksuckers I have ever met. He sucks cock like I think I do, like he just fucking loves it and wants to fucking OWN the cock he's swallowing and he deep throats it pretty easily and puts just the right suction on it (man I hate guys who don't SUCK, you can't just lick it), and his tongue is all fucking over it and he knows how to hold your balls and stroke your tummy and make lots of very happy noises. Ok. So this guy is sucking my big cock under the wall one day, and the guy in the stall behind me is leaning way under, watching me get blown (but that view can't really be very good, I mean, I didn't mind it, but what can he really see except my ass?). But I am getting this primo blowjob and the guy is like laying on the floor or something becuz he's practically got his entire head under the wall just consuming my dick. Now I am into this blowjob in a major way and I just absolutely go nuts over watching my thick cock forcing its way into some guy's hole, mouth, whatever, and this is a perfect view. I'm just looking down and the guy's head is between my knees, which are about at a 180, and he's pulling my balls toward him while he slams his mouth down my shaft and hits his teeth on my cockring. And the other guy finally gets tired of my ass, I guess, cuz he leaves his stall and comes around outside and kneels down to watch under my door. So I'm giving this guy lots of encouragement while he's sucking, and it's all genuine. I'm like, Oh shit, man, take that big cock, take it, man, all the way, yeah suck it down your throat man, oh Jesus that feels good, want my load, hey man do you want to swallow my fucking load, want me to blast that big thick load into your mouth? You know, happy thoughts. And he's agreeing, and nodding and going Uh huh around my cock. So I felt the cum trigger and I say, Ok man, put this big cock where you want it cuz it's cumming. So he opens just as wide as he possibly can and I pull out to the end so the other guy can see the first shot or two go into his mouth, which it does, and of course I'm like Christ man, eat this fucking load, and shit like that and I slide my cock down slowly into his throat, still shooting my load, and his lips close around the thick shaft and he starts working on swallowing my cum, which is like jacking my cock off with his throat, and then he's real eager like, and sucking hard and fast and kinda chewing on me. And I fall back on my arms with my dick just fucking buried in this guy's throat and the other guy outside sprays his load under the door all fucking over me! HEY, ASSHOLE! If I wanted your load I'd be sucking your cock! But I guess it was just that I forgot about him for a second, hell, it's just cum for Christ sake, and I guess he must have thought watching all this was hot, but I didn't even see his cock, just looked up to see wads of white cum jumping out all over me.

So I'm resting there leaning back on my elbows, watching this guy finish with my cock and wondering how best to clean up from the cum shower I got from the other guy, and I tell this guy he gives fantastic head, and he says thanks, man, and I say my new line I stole from the hunk, The pleasure was all mine.

OK, there was another kid who's some kind of computer nerd or something, cute, glasses, but a little too gay acting for my permanent tastes. But he's bending over looking under the stall walls one day, and so am I, and there's no reason to do that unless you're cruising, so we get up to move closer together, I guess, but we do it at the same time, so now we're outside by the urinals kinda by accident, and I just give a little shrug and sorta nod toward them and he moves over behind the little partition and starts to unbuckle. So I do, too. He hauls out a nice cock, nothing really memorable, but it's young meat and it's hard and of course suckable, so I drop and do it, and he says, I just love to share my cock with people. Share? Ok, let me have my share then. So I take his load, which seems to surprise him. He needs to shave that thing, though, man he's got pubic hair half way up his shaft and his balls and crotch is just fucking matted with the stuff. I mean, I guess it's just a personal preference of mine, but I'm more into smooth young guys and I really like shaved balls, but I can get over that issue, I guess, when I can share.

The last guy in that tearoom was a young guy who was watching me and another guy at the urinals jacking our cocks. Except he was in a stall and just looking over the top at us, and we both were making it obvious that he was welcome to join in. So the other guy drops down and turns me sideways to the stalls so the kid can really see him suck my cock, and he's just making it fucking lewd with this theatrical cocksucking just for the kid's benefit, and I'm like FUCK HIM AND PAY ATTENTION TO MY COCK! Man I just did not care whether the kid liked it, I wanted this guy to get serious about my load. So he's making these loud slurping noises and taking real long strokes of my cock into his mouth, but he keeps looking over at the kid, and he's not sucking, just more of that dreadful spit and blow crap, and I've got my hips thrust out and kinda leaning back and turned just right so the kid can see, and I'm providing a pretty big hard cock to watch, so I'm fucking doing my part, but this shit has to get better. So I finally straighten up and just grab this guy by the back of the head and fucking skull fuck him. And I am forcing my cock into his throat, and he's gagging pretty hard and acting like he's going to puke or something, so I make a few adjustments, but I'm still going to facefuck him whether the kid likes it or not. So I do. Now the kid cracks open the door to the stall and he's staring at us like we've got a gun or him or something, but his arm is moving in a familiar way, and even though I can't see his dick, I know something's going to get wet in there. This time I just blew my wad into the guy's mouth, and I didn't even warn him or make any effort to let the kid see me cum. I just did it. I'm usually not trying to be dominant or anything, instead I'm mostly polite, but this scene was kinda fun for a mild dominance scene, and cumming of course felt good. The kid did get to see me slide that thick fucker out of the guy's mouth and I let it hang there in front for a bit before I stuffed it back in my jeans, and then I left. Kid still in the stall, but I could hear him slapping away at his cock. The other guy had stood up by then and was jacking off into the urinal, but he had an uninteresting cock, so I did not stay to watch. Even though I could not see the kid very well, I'm pretty sure it was the same young guy of 18 or so I jacked off in another mensroom nearby a few months earlier. He responded to my foot tapping by tapping back, but just would not get his cock down where I could make any use of it, so I'm giving him lots of hand signals and motioning and stuff, and finally he says, What do you want me to do? Like he's asking for instructions. Yes! A freshman! So I whisper to him to get on his knees and just stick his cock under the wall, which he does. It was nice, but again just another young cock, and the stall was way too small for me to get down to suck it, so I put some of the KY Liquid on it and jacked out a very nice splashy young load which I caught in my hand and got to lick it off. Lots of gasping that time too, but he got up and scurried out like a flushed quail after the last shot. Oh well, it was fun. I'm pretty sure it was the same kid. So he's learning about cruising, maybe, although I never thought of myself as a teacher. But that's cool. And those cum splashes on the floor from yesterday went seven feet across the tiles.