Index to Sex in Public Series

Part 1: Introduction.

First Time Blowjob, Gloryholes.

John, Troy, Marty, The Flower Guy.

College Tearoom.

Mexican Cockring.

Bi 3-way in Arcade.

Part 2: Chicago and the Bijou.


Asian Kid.

Hispanic Kid.

Part 3: Park sex.


3-way With the Hunk.

Big Cock, Red Underwear.

Group Sex in the Park.

Naked Van Guy.

Part 4: Riverfront Park.

Trey Jackoff.

The Indian.

You Don't Smoke.

Getting a Tan.

Rough Tongue.

Part 5: Washington D.C.

On the Train.

Cruising Bern.

Bern's Place in NYC.


Part 6: Kansas City.

Fucking Marty in the Park.

Fucking a Stranger.

The Mute.

The 3-way.

$2 Hooker.

The Hustler.


Cruising Dangers.

Part 7: New York.

The Show Palace.

The Hustler.

J's and a Bent Dick..

The Airplane.

Part 8: College Tearoom & Chicago.

The Flower Guy.


Bill in Chicago.

The Bijou.

Beautiful Black Cock.

Part 9: College Tearoom.

Cum in the Tearoom.

Cruising the Tearoom.


Sucked Under the Wall.

The Computer Guy.

The Voyeur.

Lessons in Cruising.

Part 10: College Tearoom.

Cumming Hard.

Maurice, the Conehead.

Cumming First.

False Advertising.

Part 11: Road Sex.

Definition of Terms.




Flinging Cum.

Sucking the Passenger.

Part 12: Road Sex.

Cum Consistency.

Motel Connection.

Reststop Gloryhole.

Liking Big Cocks.

Part 13: Entertainers.

The Theater.

The Dancer.

Part 14: Omaha.

Getting Fucked.


The Waiter Stud.

Part 15: Hotel Cruise Central

Erotic Smells.

Hotel Cruise Central.

The Flower Guy.

The Asshole.

The Bearded Guy.

Young Exhibitionists.

Part 16: Hotel Cruise Central.

Impenetrable Pants.

Part 17: College Tearoom.

Freshman's First Blowjob.

Part 18: Getting caught.

Marty in the Poolhall.

Marty in the Arcade.


Part 19: College Tearoom.

Cruising the Tearoom.


Sucking 2 Cocks.

Fucking Marvin.

Iowa Rest Stops.

Buying Cockrings.

The Conehead and the Cockring.

Part 20: Cruising at Dulles.

The Tearoom.

Walking Cum.

Nebraska Student Union.

Part 21: Cruising.


The Pharmacy Guy.

Lavelle's Afraid of Cum.

Part 22: Train Stations & Tearooms.

Eating my Cum.

Union Station, St. Louis.

Open Fucking.

The Jock Adjuster.

Union Station, D.C.

Chick in the Stall.

Fucking Rick.

Part 23: College Tearooms.

Red Cock.

Earning His Grade.


Musical Mensrooms.


Condom Police.


Part 24: Arcade.

Booth Blowjob.

Part 25: Flower Shop.


Flower Guy 69.

It Don't Wash Off.

Part 26: Denver and Tony.


Denver Cruising.

Fucking Tony.

Part 27: College Tearoom.

Guys Lined Up.

Jacking Off.

Part 28: College Tearoom

Cruising Back & Forth.

Gary in the Arcade.

Gary at Home.

Black Kid.


Part 29: College & D.C.

96 Barrels of Cum.

Thick Hard Cock.

D.C. and La Cage.



Part 30: D.C.

P Street Beach.

Chinese Cruising.

The Liquor is Cumming.

Part 31: Arcade

Big Cock Cums Soft.

John at the Gloryhole.

Call me Drew.

Gloryhole Fucking.

Sucked by the Husband.

Part 32: College Tearoom

New Cockring.

Same Stall Suck.

Avoiding Getting Fucked.

Pete and Non-Pete.

John in the Tearoom.


Part 33: College Tearoom


Big Dick Blonde.

Big Dick Blonde 2.

Adult Vdeostore.

Mexican Fuck.

John in the Videostore.

Gloryhole Tape.

Part 34: College Tearoom

Goatee Blowjob.

Meet in the Library.

Video Store Big Cock.

The Strand.

First Porno.

Threatening Note.

Part 35: College Tearoom

Big Cock lessons.

Flower Guy Threesome.

Night at the Adonis.

Lawyer joke.

Part 36: College Tearoom

Student Suckoff.

Solo Jackoff.

Tearoom 4 Way.

Rimming Brad.

The Steamroom.

Tearoom 3 Way.

Sucking the Kid.

Cockring Gift.