So if you're not supposed to read this stuff... don't... otherwise, enjoy.

I guess I should start by describing myself. I've 5'4 about 140 pounds brown hair and eyes and I guess an average cock of 6 uncut oh & 30 years old this week. I live in the City of Sin and most of the story is based on truth and some is embellished to keep your dick a little harder. Now, usually on Tues or Wed when I can I'll go to Apollo or Hawks, the two gay sauna's in Vegas. Most of the time I'll end up topping but these particular stories are about me ending up on the bottom.

It was a Tuesday, dark night at Apollo and I was in the sauna, I eyed this Latino guy I'd say in his late 30's pretty good looking. Now usually the easiest way for me to get off is to have a guys cock down my throat and that's what I had originally intended when I bent down and took his 6 inch cock in my mouth. I was happily slurping away as he took control of the situation which is usually how I like it shoving his cock in & out when he suddenly decided to pull out. I figured like most guys he didn't want to nut and was finished. Instead, he slapped on a condom and positioned me doggie style and started to fuck. Now I'm not gonna lie, I wasn't ready for it and totally surprised so my unused ass was fucked pretty good. Once I did get used to it I like I always do started pushing myself backwards into his ass. But unfortunately like most encounters it quickly ended and I was left with blue balls.

Now the other encounter was in the steam room where again after giving a guy a blow job which I'm quite fond of doing we had a pretty heavy make out session. I am always inviting of a guy who will figure my ass and this older guy say in his 40's was fingering my ass pretty good and I was enjoying it. Well, this time without a condom, he decided he wanted entry, and he was granted access to my ass. He fucked me pretty good, until like most of the time the spray from the steam room kicked in and he decided he wanted out of my ass and out of the room. It was all in all a pretty good fuck though even though both times I was surprised by it.

Finnaly I'll end with a guy who I've had the pleasure of fucking at least twice at both places and it's pretty good. He's an average build I'd say in his 40's and not bad when it comes to fucking. So, the first time is always the odd encounter and you can tell by now I'm usually the one who sucks cock but this guy decided he wanted to go to town on my dick and who was I to refuse? But I'll be honest, the only way to get me off was through a piece of ass and I wanted it. So, while he was sucking I took the invitation and started to figure his ass. He seemed to like what I was doing and well, who am I to deprive someone of what they want? So, I had him stop giving me pretty decent head and bend over.

And without lube or condom, I slid into his ass pretty easy. It was easy to tell this guy was a professional bottom but he did his best to keep me interested and hard. But like most encounters at the sauna I wasn't interested in blowing my load just yet so I pulled out. The next encounter was just as good. After the usual blowjob I decided since I knew he liked to bottom and liked fingering I wanted to see how many fingers he would let in his ass. This being my first time fisting a guy I gotta say it was pretty exhilarating. I was able to get about 4 fingures into him and he didn't complain. However, he did want my dick too.

So that's it... if you wanna e-mail comments or anything else Hopefully they'll get better as the go on. Hope you shot a load.