Copyright 2008 by the auther.

The usual disclaimers apply. Too young, aren’t into gay sex (or stories involving any sort of sex), illegal where you live? Then you’d better move on.

This story is purly fantasy. If you are a size queen, you might enjoy it, and envy the narrator. And if you enjoyt it, please let me know

Size Queen

I like sucking cock, I like being fucked, and I like big dicks. Let me rephrase that. I LOVE big dicks. The challenge of having a long shlong shoved down my throat or sliding up my ass is one of my greatest pleasures.

At three years old I saw my first adult cock - my Dad’s. He took on the task of bathing me while Mom cooked dinner. I loved my bath; loved splashing water everywhere. After three or four times, Dad decided that it would be better for him to bathe with me. That was when I saw his dick. I was in awe. It was so big, nestling between his low hanging balls. I reached out to touch it. He let me.

After that, he always bathed with me. I never stopped marvelling at the size of him. On a few occasions he actually got a hardon, and I’d grab it and move it around like a stick shift in a car. It was so much fun. He never once attempted to do anything to me apart from washing me.

At six I saw my first adult cock that wasn’t Dad’s. I was at the mall with Mom and I had to pee. Mom took me to the men’s bathroom, and told me she’d wait outside for me. The door squeaked real loud as I pushed it open, and when I turned the corner inside there were two men standing at the trough, about six feet apart.

I stood between them, pulled down my elastic waisted shorts, dug my little dick out of my Scoobie Doo underpants and started to pee. I looked at one of the men. He wasn’t pissing and his cock was hard. He just stared at the wall, holding his dick. I looked at the other man and he was the same. Hard and staring at the wall, but not pissing. My head swivelled from one to the other while I peed. Then one of the men looked down at me and smiled. I smiled back, finished my pee and tucked my wienie away.

I went to the wash basin and washed my hands. I could see the men in the mirror, They had moved closer together, and were watching me. I could see their hard cocks in their hands, and it looked like they were stroking them. It excited me so much, my little dick felt hard in my unders,

From then on I always had to go to the men’s room every time we went to the mall. Sometimes there were other men or boys there, sometimes not, but when there were I always tried to see their dicks, and always got hard if I did. It was so exciting.

At eight I learned the joy of playing with my cock. Paul was my next door neighbor. He was one year older than me, and had a tree house in the back yard. It was there that he taught me about playing with dicks. We’d spend all afternoon in the tree house naked, playing with each other’s dicks.

At twelve I had my first real cum. My dick was about three inches long, and I used to jerk off at night, thinking about Paul. When it happened I couldn’t wait to tell him, and show him. He’d been cumming about six months already and I loved watching it spurting out of his dick.

About a week later I sucked my first cock - Paul’s, and got fucked for the first time, by Paul’s brother. They’d been playing together even before Paul and I started, and Rob had been fucking Paul for about six months. Rob was sixteen.

When he first put his dick in me it hurt like hell, but soon the pain went away and it felt wonderful. He told me to suck Paul’s dick while he fucked me, and I finished up swallowing Paul’s load and taking Rob’s load up my ass. I was in heaven!

From then on I’d take it from Rob any time he wanted - which was almost every day. Paul liked to fuck me too, but I preferred Rob. His cock was much bigger than Paul’s.

At fourteen I discovered glory holes. I was playing with my buddies in the park and I had to piss. I went into the restroom. One of the cubicles was closed, but the other one was open. As I stood at the urinal I could see into the open cubicle, and suddenly I saw a hard cock appear through the wall. I went to look and saw the hole that the cock was poking through.

The wall under the hole had stains running down it which I quickly realized was dried cum, and my cock got hard. It was about four inches by now. I started stroking it and heard a voice say,

“Suck it kid. Suck my dick.”

I tucked my hard dick back into my jeans, and raced out of there, but for the rest of the afternoon all I could think about was that hard dick sticking through the hole in the wall. That night I jerked off to the best cum of my life thinking about playing with a cock through a hole in the wall.

Needless to say, I went back to the restroom a few days later, but there was no one else there. I did go into the cubicle, and shoved my dick through the hole to see what it felt like, and read the graffiti on the walls. I was determined that I was going to suck a cock through the hole one day.

Sure enough, about a week later I scored. I was scared, but my dick was as hard as an iron bar. I was in the first cubicle when I heard someone come in. He went into the other cubicle and when I looked through the hole I saw his hard cock. It was over six inches - bigger than Rob’s and much bigger than Paul’s.

The guy bent over and must have seen me looking, so he shuffled towards the hole. I moved back and he shoved his dick through the hole. I took hold of it and stroked it a while, then got the courage to lick it.

I could taste his pre-cum, and heard him moan. Encouraged, I licked more, around the head and then took it into my mouth. He pushed foward but I was able to move back so he didn’t choke me. I started sliding up and down, sucking a bit, but mostly just slipping my mouth on the shaft.

“Suck man. Suck it properly,”

I started sucking and soon got up a good rhythm.. He tried to push more into me, but of course the wall stopped him. So I licked and sucked harder and faster, and finally he blasted a load into my mouth. I swallowed as best I could, but some still dribbled out. Finally I’d sucked a stranger through the hole. After the first time I managed to suck at least two cocks a week through the hole, and even got mine sucked once.

By this time I had started the growth spurt that accompanies puberty. I was getting taller and heavier and my dick and balls were also growing. I was measuring it every couple of weeks, and was really excited by the way it was growing.

. . . . . . . . .

I was fifteen, I was horny and I was frustrated. Rob had gone to college, and Paul’s dick wasn’t doing it for me. He was fucking me three or four times a week and he enjoyed it, but his dick was smaller than my six and a bit inches, and just didn’t do it.

I’d taken up running to help get rid of the hornies, and although it wasn’t entirely successful, I enjoyed it. I was running through the park when I noticed this guy sitting on a park bench. About twenty-five I guessed, and wearing denim cutoffs and sneakers. He smiled as I passed him, and I nodded. He was after what I wanted. I went into the restroom, into the end cubicle and took off my shorts and jock. About thirty seconds later the guy entered and went straight into the next cubicle. In a matter of seconds his cock was sticking through the hole. And what a cock!

It was bigger than any other cock I’d ever seen or had, with the possible exception of Dad’s, but I couldn’t even be sure of that. It was so long since I saw Dad’s. I bent forward and started licking it. It tasted great. A combination of precum and sweat. I sucked the head for a while,then took as much as I could in my mouth. It was so long and thick that I knew I would not be able to swallow it all, Then the idea hit me.

I slobbered as much as I could on the cock, then took my mouth off it. Holding it in my hand I stood up, turned round and rubbed it up and down my ass crack. My crack was wet and slippery with sweat, and when it reached my pucker, I pushed back. Fuck, it was big, I was tempted to forget it and go back to sucking, but I was so horny for cock that I was determined to get it in me.

One thing about getting fucked through a glory hole - the bottom can control the fuck. The top can fuck and possibly keep slipping out of the ass, or he can push hard against the wall and let the bottom fuck himself on his cock. And that’s what my fucker did. I slowly slid down his cock till my ass was flattened against the wall, then started bouncing back and forward on his meat.

I guess it was then that I became a size queen. His cock felt so much better than Rob’s. The feeling of having my hole stretched wide and long made my own dick drip precum like a faucet. The guy must have liked it too, as he was grunting and groaning when I squeezed my ass muscles round his shaft, trying to coax a big load out of him. I pounded his cock for about five minutes before I felt the tightening in my gut and knew I was going to cum any moment.

Just as I started shooting my load - right across the cubicle to coat the opposite wall. I felt his cock start twitching in my hole, and he shot his load into me. The contractions of my ass from my cum squeezed his shaft and milked all his juice - and there was plenty of it.

As he pulled out I heard him say “Stay there” and the next thing I felt was his tongue at my hole, licking the juice that was leaking out. So fucking nasty I almost came again. He licked and sucked for a minute or more then I felt his tongue leave my ass.

I straightened up and pulled my jock and shorts back on. By the time I’d gotten dressed he had left, but when I left the restroom he was sitting on the bench again. He beckoned me over.

“That was fuckin’ hot kid.”

“Fuck yeah. I’ve been so horny lately, I just had to have that monster up my ass.”

“You like ‘em big?”

“I’ve never had a really big one before, only my mate and his brother. And they’re not nearly as big as you. My mate’s not even as big as me.”

“And how big are you?”

“A bit over six.”

“Well kid, you just took eight - well probably about seven, allowing for the wall between us. But I wouldn’t mind doing it without a wall between us and let you feel what the whole eight feels like.”

“Mmmmmm I’d like that too.”

“How old are you, kid?”

“Just turned fifteen.”

“Shit - jail bait. I’m twenty four - name’s Hank.”

“I’m Dave. You wanna do it again?”

“Yeah. You want to come to my place?”

“Where is it?”

“Just a few blocks away.”

I met up with him the following week and he took me to his apartment, and we fucked. It became a regular thing. I was getting his eight inches a couple of times a week. It was enough to keep the hornies away.

. . . . . . . . .

I was sixteen, and had my first set of wheels - two wheels. I also got an after school job - pump boy at a gas station a few blocks from home. The owner, Ray, was a big guy, shaved head, beard and big belly. He rode a bike - a Harley. I lusted after the bike and the man. So I worked up the courage to ask for a weekend job, and got one.

He had two mechanics working for him in his workshop. They specialised in servicing bikes, and there were always guys in their leathers hanging out at the station. I was in heaven, seeing all these men and their bikes. I’d never been a real keen scholar. I was okay at school, but book learning wasn’t my bag. I preferred to work with my hands. Working at the station convinced me that I wanted to be a motor mechanic.

As I said, Hank and I had been fucking regularly. His eight inches now slipped up my ass with ease. It always felt good, but I was thinking about finding a new challenge. I wanted something bigger.

Ray had a locker room off the office, where him and his mechanics could clean up after work, and I made it my business to have to take a piss when Ray was showering. He wasn’t modest and didn’t lock the door when he showered. His dick was average length, but real thick, and it looked like it would grow to a respectable size. He was uncut and his foreskin covered the whole of his knob, and then some. I daydreamed about feeling it stretching my ass. Never saw it hard, but could imagine it. His mechanics only worked Monday to Friday, so I didn’t see them.

School holidays and Ray asked if I could work some days during the week. I said I would - the extra money would be real handy. I worked three days and Sundays.

The first day I was there early, before the mechanics. I was in the office when they arrived. Lee arrived first. He was a big black guy, with that skin that always looked like he was lightly oiled, sorta shiny, which I found real sexy. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, and he went straight into the locker room, and came out a couple of minutes later in his coveralls. I knew I was gonna have to find out if what they said about black guys’ dicks was true.

Rick arrived a few minutes later. He was a short stocky Italian looking guy who always looked like he needed a shave, and appeared to be really hairy. He arrived on his bike, in jeans and leather jacket, and went straight in to change. When he came out I saw I was right. His coveralls were undone to the waist and his barrel chest was covered with black hair.

I spent that first day with a hardon, fantasizing about these two guys in their grease stained coveralls. I wasn’t sure, but it looked like they were both going commando.

Next day I “had” to go pee just after Lee arrived. I opened the door and stopped dead. He had taken off his shirt and undone his jeans and pushed them down, and was bent over with his foot on a bench undoing his boots. His bare ass was pointed at me, and the sight of it made me drool. High, tight and full, the sort of ass that I could eat forever. He heard the door open and straightened up and turned around. And I saw his cock! Wow! At least six inches long nestled between his low hangers. Fuck!

I managed to take my eyes off his dick and looked up. He was looking at me with a sort of smile on his face. Then he just turned around and continued to change, taking his boots off, then his jeans, and then pulling his coveralls out of his locker and stepping into them, before he turned round to face me again. He sat on the bench and put his boots back on, and left, smiling at me again.

I couldn’t piss; my dick was too hard, so I left the locker room. Lee had gone into the workshop, and Ray was behind the counter. He had a similar smile on his face. He showed me the ins and outs of the job, how to ring up sales on the cash register, where stock was kept, things like that. He would be spending most of the day working with Lee and Rick, so I was sorta in charge of the sales side of the business.

I caught on to the job pretty quickly, and didn’t have to call on Ray for help much. When the shop wasn’t busy I’d go into the workshop and watch the guys working on the bikes - especially Lee. My cock was more than half hard all day.

I’m not the most subtle guy, and it was soon obvious to them that I was scoping Lee out. On the weekend, Ray asked me if I would come in early on Monday as he had something he wanted done before he opened up. I said I would,

When I arrived on Monday, Ray handed me a parcel.

“If you’re gonna be part of the team, I thought it only fair that you had a pair of coveralls. It’s sort of a uniform. Go and change, There’s a locker with your name on it.”

I opened the door to the locker room, took one step in, and froze. Lee was sitting on the bench stark naked with his cock hard in his hand, smiling. I heard the door close behind me, and felt Ray’s hand on my shoulder. I looked around and Rick was standing behind me too, also stark naked and hard. I looked back at Lee and he was slowly jacking his meat. It was huge!


“That’s what I intend doing.”

“It’s enormous.”

“Nine and a half. All for you.”


“Get your clothes off, boy. Join the team.”

Ray was already half undressed. Rick came up to me and started pulling my shirt out from my jeans. In no time I was naked too.

“Come here boy. Taste it.”

I walked over to Lee and stood in front of him. He grabbed my hips and pushed down. I sank to my knees between his legs.

“You fuck, boy?”

“Oh yeah.”

“It’s big.”

“Yeah, but I wanna try.”

“Good, ‘cos I’m gonna fuck you whether you like it or not.”

“I’ll need some stretching.”

“Ray and Rick’ll do that, but then your ass is mine.”


I looked round at Ray and Rick. I was right about Ray’s dick. It was maybe a little longer than average - maybe about seven inches, but it was fucking thick. A real beer can dick. Rick’s was about the size of Hank’s, which looked slightly obscene on a guy as short as he was.

“Who’s gonna go first?”

“Can I start with Rick?”

“OK. Why don’t you chow down on mine while Rick fucks you.”

I bent over and took Lee’s monster in my mouth. Rick came up behing me, got down on his knees and started eating my hole out. His stubble felt so good, stimulating the skin round my hole, making it pulse in and out. His tongue was going hell for leather, licking and poking into my hole. I relaxed it, letting him find a way in.

“That’s it baby. Open that hole for me. I can tell this ain’t the first time.”

“MMmfffmmmfff.” My Mom taught me not to talk with my mouth full, and it was surely fucking full of Lee’s dark meat! It was hitting the back of my throat, and I was just over half way down the shaft. I was doing my best to relax it so I could take the lot, but doubted my ablility.

Rick ate me for about five minutes, getting my hole relaxed and wet enough for his dick. Then he stood up. A couple of spits onto his cock and he slid it into me. I took it with no problem. It felt almost exactly like Hank’s. Rick wasn’t a gentle fucker. He slammed his cock into me, and pulled it out with no finesse. He was just intent on shooting his load into me. I didn’t mind. Because I was used to a cock his size I enjoyed his “Wham, bam” style. And it didn’t take him long to reach bursting point and deliver a sizeable load into my gut.

After he pulled out Ray took his turn. My hole resisted for a minute - he was so thick. But once he got his knob in, my ass accommodated it and he slid his seven inches up me. I knew I was being stretched more than I had been to that time, and after the initial discomfort, I enjoyed the feeling. He fucked me a little more gently than Rick had and wasn’t in a hurry to cum. I didn’t have to work my ass muscles too hard for him to feel it. He moaned each time I squeezed his dick. We fucked for five minutes or so before I felt his strokes become erratic, and his cock swell to even greater proportions, then he blasted his batter in me.

Through both of these fucks I was nursing on Lee’s monster, but as soon as Ray pulled out, Lee pulled me off his dick and stood up.

“Brace yourself on the bench, boy. Here’s the main event.”

I bent over, spread my legs and put my weight on my hands on the bench. Lee picked up a tube of lube that was beside him on the bench, squirted a hefty dollop in his palm and coated his cock. I was already lubed with two decent loads. I felt his knob nudge my hole, and relaxed it. He started feeding me his fuck stick. At first it felt good, real good. Then he got to a point where I knew I had at least eight inches in me. There were parts of me that hadn’t felt cock before.

“Take it easy, please Lee.”

“You got enough?”

“No. I want it all, but you’re exploring new territory. I’ve never taken a cock as big as yours before.”

He laughed.

“Most guys haven’t. And most guys - size queens or not - don’t want to. They see it in all it’s glory and head for the hills. When I find an ass that’s willing to take it, I try to make it so good for the guy that he’ll come back for more. So don’t worry. I‘ll be gentle - till you tell me not to.”

He eased off and fucked me a while, before he made another attempt at getting the last inch and a half or so in me. Slowly he edged in. My hole was accepting it with just a bit of a protest, but I was determined to take it all. Sure enough, I managed. I felt his wiry pubes brushing against my ass cheeks. I let out a long breath. Another challenge met.

“Fuck baby, you’ve got it all. I don’t get many guys can take it all. You and me are gonna be great buddies.”

He held still inside me for a short time.

“OK Lee. I’m OK now. Let’s fuck.”

He was in no hurry. He began fucking, maybe about four or five inches to start with, and slowly. But he gradually picked up pace and length, until he was pulling out to his knob and pushing in to his balls. Given that his knob was about one and a half inches long, I was feeling about eight inches sliding through my sphincter. He was filling me, and I was beginning to enjoy it. For an instant I even thought “I’ve got to find a bigger dick now”. But I dismissed the thought almost immediately. Fuck. I had to get used to this one first.

Ray and Rick were watching closely. I guess they hadn’t seen many guys take all of Lee’s dick. They were both hard again. Rick was standing beside me, and Ray was behind him. I heard Rick sigh and bend over and turned my head to see Ray’s thick fuck tube sliding into Rick’s ass. I found out later that Rick was mostly bottom and loved taking thick dicks. Ray’s dick sent him into orbit, just as Lee’s was sending me. So the two of us were bent over the bench doing what we loved best - taking cock.

Although my ass was handling his meat OK, my legs and arms were starting to give way. I’d been standing, bent over legs spread for about twenty five minutes, and there’s only so much a guy can stand. I needed Lee to cum in my ass. I started working my muscles seriously, trying to get him off, and after another minute or two my efforts paid off. With a loud grunt, he slammed it in a last time and blasted his load into me. I expected to be able to taste it in my mouth!!

After he pulled out, I sank to my knees on the floor of the locker room.

“Welcome to the team, boy.”

From then on Rick and I were regularly fucked by the men. Often before work, at lunch and after work. Rick loved thick cocks, and I loved long cocks, so together we satisfied Ray and Lee. Occasionally they’d swap partners, and I’d get to feel Ray’s thickness in me, but Rick wasn’t comfortable with Lee’s big dick, so I got it more often. I was still getting it from Hank on occasions, but we were both cooling somwhat. He was always looking for new conquests, and of course I now had Lee’s big dick to satisfy me.

. . . . . . . . .

Summer break was over and I was back at school for my final year. Ray still wanted me to work weekends and I was always available to fill in after school when he needed me.

Back at school we had a new teacher, Mr Masterson. He taught Math, and was assistant coach on the track team. Tall, thin but muscular, big hands and feet. I was determined to find out if the old saying was true.

Third week of school I got my chance. He’d set a gruelling practice after school and I was saturated from head to toe by the end. I collared him in the locker room after practice asking him about different strategies between sprint, middle distance and long distance running. I was doing long distance, which he ran for his college.

We talked till everyone else had showered and left. then I “remembered” an appointment that I was going to be late for. I stripped off leaving my sweaty clothes and jock on the bench and raced for the shower. Turned it on, wet myself, waited thirty seconds then went back to the locker to get my towel which I had “forgotten.”

Mr Masterson had my sweaty jock over his face and was sucking on it where the straps meet the pouch. He dropped it as soon as he saw me.

“It’s OK sir. I love the smell too. In fact I’d love to smell yours. Wanna swap jocks?”

“Ummm . . . it’s not what you think. . .”

“It’s cool with me Sir. I get turned on by the stink, and by the look of the bulge in your sweats, you do to. Why don’t you take your jock off and let me have a sniff.”

I turned round and bent over to pick up my shoes, making sure he could see my hole, and I pushed it out so he could see it pulse. I turned back round.

“I think you’ve got a big dick, Sir. And if I’m right, I’d like it shoved up my ass.”

“I can’t do that. I’m your teacher.”

“And I’m horny, Sir. And I think you are too. There’s no one here, and I’m certainly not going to tell anyone I like having cock up my ass. So your secret’s safe with me. C’mon Sir. Let me see it and maybe suck it, and maybe get fucked by it.”

I picked up my jock and handed it back to him. He buried his nose back in it. I reached out and grabbed his sweat pants, and slowly slid them down. The top of his jock came into view, and it looked as grimy and grungy as mine. I leaned forward to sniff it as I let his pants fall to puddle round his ankles.

His legs were runner’s legs, long and sinewy, not bulky but extremely muscled. His jock was straining to keep his cock in. It was sorta pushed down and must’ve been hurting, as it looked as big as I hoped, and was scrunched up in his pouch. I licked the mesh and tasted his sweat, piss and cum. I was getting from his jock what he was getting from mine. But I wanted more.

Hooking my thumbs under the elastic, I pulled his jock down. It caught on his cock and dragged it down before it escaped and bounced up to hit his abs, before coming to a stand still jutting out from his trimmed pubes.

“Wow. How big is it, Sir?”

“Ten. . . and a bit.”

Yes! It was true - at least in this case. Big hands, big feet, BIG cock. And mine for the moment! I licked the purple head, tasting his precum, then slid my tongue down the shaft, tasting all of him. I licked him for a while, before taking it into my mouth. Although it was longer than Lee’s, it wasn’t as thick. Like it’s owner, it was long and slender, and my ass was itching to feel it deep in me.

I turned round to reach into my locker and grab my tube of lube. Without turning back, I uncapped it, squeezed some onto my fingers and rubbed it around and into my ass hole. Then I spread my legs and bent over, bracing myself on the bench. I turned my head to look at him.

“Fuck me sir. My hole needs to feel that meat filling me.”

“You think you can take it all?”

“Don’t know sir. But I’m keen to try.”

He shuffled up behind me, grabbed my butt cheeks and fed his ten plus inches into me slowly. I felt a slight twinge as he slid the last inch or so in, but that soon passed, and was immediately followed by the sheer thrill of having successfully taken his ramrod. It felt so good!

He groaned as he slid to his balls in me, then started fucking slowly. Slowly gaining momentum, he grabbed my shoulders to pull me further on to him. My hands were now free, so I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart to give him freer entry to my hole. Then he started ramming his ten plus into me. I guess my hole must have turned him on. For someone who was afraid he might hurt me, he was doing a good job of filling me as deep as he could.

It was a quickie. I felt his cock become more rigid in me and swell slightly, just be for he grunted and shot five or six bursts into me. I reckon they went deeper than any load of baby batter had ever done before. I was expecting to taste it in my mouth, he blasted to hard.

Exhausted he slumped over my back. I managed to get my hands back to support us before he could push us over onto the bench. It was then I realised that I hod blown my load all over the bench and floor, without touching myself. To me that’s always a sign of a good fuck. Apparently he thought so too, ‘cos he wasn’t keen on pulling out.

Finally he did soften enough that it fell out. I clenched hard to keep his juice in me as we straightened up. He took my hand and we headed for the shower, to clean up. Then we dressed and he drove me home.

For the next couple of months I was getting him regularly, like almost every school day. I’d get up early to go for my run, meet him outside his place and we’d do five or six miles, always coming through the park on the way home. There we’d turn down one of the trails through the trees and find a secluded spot. We’d drop our shorts, I’d bend over, holding on to one of the trees, and take his cock and his load. Always a quickie.

As it got too cold for the early morning run, we’d meet at the school gym, work out for about an hour then I’d get my fuck over the bench. On the very odd occasion, when we could both organise our schedules, I’d meet him at his place. It happened maybe three or four times in the year. But there I found that he was not only a long distance runner, he had the stamina to fuck for hours on end. I remember one night we started about eight o’clock, and he was still fucking at three. In every room of his house. Man that was a night!

Throughout this time I was still working weekends at the gas station, and calling in there two or three times a week, getting my fill of Lee’s weapon, and occasionally Joe’s as well, so I was getting plenty.

. . . . . . .

I was seventeen by the time I finished high school. I was five feet eleven, and weighed one hundred seventy. My dick was still growing too, now about seven and a half inches. I’d been accepted into night school to learn about motor mechanics, and after graduating I started working full time at Ray’s gas station, which was a necessary part of my course.

Coach had gone away for the summer vacation - back to his home town, but I still had Lee and Ray, and sometimes Rick to keep me satisfied. I even fucked Rick on a few occasions, and soon found out that, although topping was alright, I was a confirmed bottom. Nothing beat having my hole filled with big dick.

. . . . . . .

School was back and so was Coach. We resumed our morning runs, and our fucks in the woods after our run. So I was getting his ten plus in the morning and Lee’s nine and a half at least once a day. The first time Lee fucked me after Coach came back he remarked on the fact that I was loaded. I told him about Coach and our morning fucks, and he made me promise I wouldn’t clean it out before he had his first fuck of the day. Apparently sliding into a cum soaked hole turned him on no end, and I got some of the best fucks from him as a result.

Night school was great. There were sixteen in the class, including three girls. We were paired off, and I got the short straw - the third girl. Before I had a chance to say anything to her she told me not to get any ideas - she was not interested in boys. I told her that was fine because I wasn’t interested in girls. After that we got on like a house on fire. She was a good worker and really bright, and at the end of the first year we topped the class.

There was one other guy who I discovered was gay. I found out when I was in the men’s room and he came in. He picked the urinal next to mine, and spent the whole time looking at my dick while he was pissing. Talk about subtle! Anyway, we became friends, but there was no sex - he didn’t turn me on that way, and my dick was bigger than his.

With my classes and work, I didn’t have time to look for any dick. I had Lee’s and Coach’s dicks to keep me satisfied, and, let’s face it, finding a dick bigger than Coach’s ten plus inches isn’t easy - there are a lot more eight inch cocks around than there are eleven inches. Not that I didn’t look when I had a chance, but there weren’t too many chances, and I was content with what I was getting.

. . . . . . . . .

I turned eighteen. I was just under six feet, and one hundred eighty. My dick had just passed the eight inch mark, thick enough not to look like a long skinny one. I guess you’d say it was in proportion in width to it’s length. I was proud of it, even though I didn’t use it to fuck very often.

My eighteenth birthday, Mom and Dad took me out for a dinner at a really nice restaurant. No big deal, but it was nice to be with them on my special night. During the dinner I made a decision, and when we got home I came out to my parents. I was very nervous. I wasn’t sure how they would react. Mom went really quiet, and Dad just sorta smiled at me. We sat in the living room for a while not watching the TV; it was a little uncomfortable, and then I went up to bed.

I’d just got undressed and climbed into bed when there was a knock at the door, and Dad came in. He sat on the end of the bed.

“I was wondering when you’d tell us.”

“You knew?”

“I was pretty sure.”

“Since when?”

“Since you were very small. Your interest in my dick was a little more than is usual in a young boy. And you’ve never mentioned girls or brought one home, or even gone on dates. It seemed pretty conclusive.”

“Did Mom know.”

“We talked about it. She wanted to believe it wasn’t so, but I think deep down she knew too. At the moment all she’s thinking about is that she won’t be a grand mother.”

“I’m sorry, Dad.”

“Don’t be. It’s a part of the you that we love. You’re still the same boy you were a few hours ago, and there’s no reason why we should behave any differently, or feel any different. You were gay yesterday and this time last year, and you’ll be gay this time next year. The only difference is that we know now.”

“Thanks, Dad. I love you - and Mom.”

“Happy Birthday, son.”

He left and I rolled over and went to sleep.

Saturday after my birthday the guys took me to their club to celebrate. I arranged to meet them at the service station at eight o’clock. I wore my levis and t-shirt, my bike jacket and boots, going commando as I usually did. When I got there their bikes were outside, but no lights were on. I unlocked the door and went in. I could see a light under the door to the locker room, so I went in.

The guys were waiting for me. I felt over dressed. They were all wearing chaps and leather jockstraps. Rick was wearing a leather vest, Ray had his bike jacket on and Lee was wearing a harness. They all looked so hot. Ray handed me a present. I opened it and got a shock. They had bought me a pair of chaps!

“Put them on man. You’ve gotta wear them tonight.”

I started to undress, then realised I didn’t have anything on under my levis.

“Um. . . . .”

Lee laughed.

“Thought so. Here.”

He handed me another present. A black jock.

“It’s not leather but at least it’s color coordinated.”

I stripped down then put the jock on and then the chaps.
They fit perfectly.

“How’d you know how big to get?”

“Checked out your levis while you were working. Dan, who made them came in one day just to make sure. and took it from there. Good job, hey?”


I went over to the wall mirror and checked them out. My running and weight training had given me a pretty good figure, and a hard solid ass. It looked great framed in the black leather. Just looking at it got me half hard. Although I say it myself, I looked as hot as the guys in them.

“Good look man. Especially that ass. Well, let’s get this show on the road.”

We put t-shirts on to cover our butts, and our bike jackets and headed off. Sitting on my bike bareass got me hot and horny, and my cock was starting to fill out the pouch of the jock.

The club was in the warehouse area of town, an area fairly deserted at night. As we reached it, a roller door opened and we rode in, parked the bikes and headed back out. Ray took a remote from his pocket and closed the door. We went to the entrance where Lee introduced me to the door man - Matt.

“No jokes about door mat OK?”

“Yes sir.”

Inside there were about thirty guys, a few in denim but most in leather. Everything from just leather jocks to full bike gear. The look and smell of the leather was intoxicating.

I’m not a big drinker, never was, and the guys knew it, and they weren’t out to get me shitfaced, but just to have a good time. We’d been there about an hour - I was still on my first beer - and the place was slowly filling. There would have been about fifty guys by now. I was leaning on the bar and Lee was beside me. I noticed him look up and wave. I turned my head to see who it was and saw this guy walking over towards us.

He looked like Lee, but a bit bigger; wearing leather jeans and black t-shirt. His biceps were almost bursting the sleeves, and his pecs were stretching the shirt to the max. But what got my interest was what looked to be a gigantic cock snaking down the right leg of his pants. Even in the dim light of the bar I could see that it reached quite a way down his leg.

Lee introduced the guy as his Uncle Joe, and they both laughed. Apparently his uncle was only six months older than Lee. Lee’s father was the first child of twelve and Joe was the last. They were more like brothers than uncle and nephew, and grew up playing together; went through school in the same class, discovered sex together, and had even considered being lovers, but decided that as they both topped, it wouldn’t work.

“So this is the birthday boy.”


“Well happy birthday. Let me buy you a beer.”

“OK, but I haven’t finished this one yet.”

“No worries. Drink it down and have a cold one.”

I drank the remaining mouthfuls and Joe handed me another. We stood at the bar chatting. Ray and Ric had wandered off, probably looking for some trade. Joe stood to my side while we were talking, and it wasn’t long before I felt his hand rubbing my naked butt. I started boning. He leaned towards me and whispered.

“Lee tells me you like length.”

I juat nodded and murmured a quiet “yeah.” He grabbed my free hand and drew it back to feel his cock. It was snaking down his right leg. I gulped at the length I could feel.

“It’s just over eleven inches. Wanna try it.”

That did it for me. I was rock hard, and it was really obvious in my new jock. It was jutting out, and I was glad it was black ‘cos it was harder to see the wet spot that was forming.


“Come with me. Stan, hold these beers for us OK?”

“Sure Joe.” Stan took the beers and put them behind the bar. Joe led me to a doorway that had a black curtain over it. It didn’t even see the doorway before. He pulled the curtain aside and ushered me inside.

Behind the doorway was a play room of sorts. It was painted black and had dim red lights, just enough to see what was going on. And what was going on was sex - af all sorts. Guys were kissing, sucking, fucking and in a sling in the corner a guy was being fisted. I’ve never seen fisting before and I stared with a sort of wonder and admiration. Wonder at how it felt to have a hand up my ass, and admiration that the guy in the sling could do it!

Joe led me over to a sort of vaulting horse with a padded top covered in leather. I stood there and watched as he undid his belt and pushed his pants down to his knees. His cock was hard, but because of its size and weight it didn’t rise more than thirty degrees from vertical. He lifted it up to horizontal, so I could have a good look at “what I was about to receive”. It looked huge! That made me want to try even harder to take it.

I turned back to the vaulting horse, spread my legs and leaned forward, resting my chest againt the side of the horse, and my head on the padded top. I realised one advantage of my outfit. I didn’t need to drop any gear. My ass was ready and available.

Joe started playing with my hole. He reached across the horse and squirted some lube from a dispenser on the wall, into his hand, then rubbed it around and into my hole. I arched my back, making my ass more available and Joe took advantage of it, sliding a couple of fingers in me, coating my ass walls with the lube.

Apparently Joe was well known and had quite a reputation in the club, and some guys followed us into the room, not to play but to watch him in action - with “the new kid in town.” and a young one at that. I’d never been fucked in public before, and I was nervous, especially since I knew I was going to try to take the biggest cock in my life.

Joe lubed my ass well, as well as his cock, then I felt it nudging at my hole.

“Ready, babe?”

“Yeah. but go easy hey. I don’t know if I can take it. I want to but. . . .”

“Yeah. Let’s just take it slow. You don’t mind an audience?”

“Never done it in front of an audience, but I guess I don’t have much option.”

“Not really. These guys wanna see how you go. If you don’t get there you won’t be the first.”

He applied some pressure on my hole and it opened up and accepted his cock. It wasn’t quite as thick as Lee’s, but it was thick enough. And I was guessing the extra almost two inches was gonna make up for it. He started easing into me, pumping slowly and increasing the depth, and I was feeling really good. I’d been taking Coach’s ten plus for quite a while, and Joe’s extra width was stretching my hole real good.

He was sliding in and I could feel he was geting to the part where Coach’s cock reached. It reached the point and pressed on. I gasped and tensed.

“You OK?”

“Yeah, I think you’re exploring uncharted territory.”

“OK. Let me take it slow, and see if I can break the barrier.”

I took a few deep breaths, and willed myself to relax. Very slowly, I could feel his cock inching forward. There was a small twinge of pain, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. Suddenly I felt his wiry pubes brushing my ass cheeks. I reached back, not to push him away, but to grab his butt and hold him deep in me.

It was then I realised there was no other noise in the room. I turned my head to see we had quite an audience. Guys had stopped mid-fuck to see if I could take it all. and I did.

“You’ve got it babe. All of it. How’s it feel.”

“Great Joe. Just fuck easy for a while huh?”

“Sure man. Don’t wanna ruin a great ass”

He eased back a bit and slid back in. Once again the twinge, but not as noticable. A few more pumps and my ass was feeling like it had gotten used to Joe’s dick.

“You wanna speed it up a little?”

“Sure man. You’re callin’ the shots.”

He started increasing the speed of his thrusts. My ass had gotten used to the width and was getting used to the length. It felt good.

“OK, do it man.”

He was going faster and longer pulling out till just his head was in me, then plowing back in.

“Man, that’s a great hole. Lee said I’d like it. He wasn’t wrong.”

The crowd was watching avidly, I guess we were the star attraction, and I felt a sort of pride in knowing that I could take a cock that a lot of them either couldn’t or didn’t dare to try. And I was loving it.

Joe fucked for about five minutes, then whispered in my ear.

“I’m close. You want it in your ass?”

“Mmmmmm, please.”

A few more hard thrusts and I felt his cock throb in me as he dumped his load deeper in my ass than any one had ever done. So deep I couldn’t feel it, but knew from the throbbing that I was getting a big load. Finally he finished shooting, and began to draw his cock out of me slowly. It seemed to take for ever. I clamped my ass around his cock to increase the feeling, and from Joe’s moans it increased the feeling for him to.

With an audible “pop” the head exited my hole. I did my best to close, keeping his load in me, and mostly succeeded, only a small amount of cum seeping out. Joe pulled me up straight and turned me around. With his big beefy arms wrapped around me he planted his lips on mine and kissed.

“I hope we can do that again.”

“So do I Joe. I definitely want more of that dick.”

Joe pulled his pants up, tucked his still tumescent cock back down his right leg, buttoned up and we headed out of the back room. As we passed some guys patted me on the shoulder and ass, congratulating me on the show. Thank god for the red light, because I think I was blushing.

Back at the bar, Stan brought us fresh beers.

“From what I heard, you two deserve a beer. It seems to have been quite a show.”

“Just doin’ what came naturally.”

The rest of the night Joe, and the guys and I chatted. Most of the time Joe’s hand was on my ass, rubbing it and fingering the crease and my hole. He maed it obvious he did want more. And I sure did.

. . . o o o 0 0 0 o o o . . .

I’m now twenty. still working with Ray Nick and Lee. Still getting it from Lee and Coach almost every day. And once or twice a month from Joe. And still loving it. I’ve stopped growing at six feet one, one hundred eighty five pounds, and a tad over nine inches. Not quite as long as Lee’s, and not nearly as thick, but not a skinny one either. It seems to satisfy - I’ve got a few buddies I fuck, not often, but regularly. But I still prefer to have a big one deep up me.

I haven’t looked for any bigger than Joe. Maybe one day if a foot long dong comes my way I’ll try it. After all once a size queen, always a size queen. Until that happens (if it does) I’m quite content with the cocks that fuck me.

. . . o o o 0 0 0 o o o . . .

Once last thing. A couple of weeks ago I woke up with a raging piss hard. I needed to go bad. I raced into the bathroom before I realised that Dad was in there naked and shaving. He turned and saw my hard dick. Then turned back to face the mirror. I stood beside the commode, bend my legs to lower my body, and pushed my hard cock down to piss.

I looked at Dad and saw he was watching me in the mirror. I finished my piss and my hardon went down.

“Nice piece of meat, son. You ever measured it?”

“Yeah Dad. Just over nine inches.”

“Mmm. Beat me by about an inch.”

And he went back to finishing his shave.

I left the bathroom thinking “I’ve got such a cool Dad.”