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Greg Bowden


Some Guys

Chapter Three

In which two worlds are changed forever.

"Bad day, huh?"

"You don't even want to know," Bob said. "But how could you tell?"

"Easy. They're mostly bad these days. Were you waiting for me to have a drink?" Roger said, looking at the ice and gin already out on the little bar.

"Yes, and thank god you're home." He grinned. "Now everything will be okay."

Roger grinned back. The phrase was one of their codes; it meant `Nothing can really fix it but at least we're together.' He mixed the drinks and handed one to Bob. "You have a run in with Albo again?"

Bob sipped, sighed and nodded. "He's in this confrontational mode lately. Wants to yell about everything. If I didn't need it I'd tell him to go shove that job in a dark, tight place."

Roger sat on the couch next to him and put his arm around him. "Well, maybe you don't. I had some very interesting e-mail last week."

Bob perked up. "Oh? Who from?"

"Harry. You remember Harry?"

"From Palm Springs? The pretty one with all the fur?"

"The very one. Remember when we were leaving and Ed said that someday he was going to sell the place and go off and paint? Well, `someday' has evidentially arrived. He remembered your comment and asked Harry to let us know."

"That's sweet. Do you suppose he's going to Santa Fe, live with his brother?" Bob rattled the ice in his glass and Roger took it."

"That's exactly what he's going to do," he said over his shoulder. "And Harry added a sweet p.s."


Roger handed Bob his drink. "He asked if we bought the place could he please stay. I told him he could."

Bob smiled. "Of course. If we bought the place we'd need him to show us how to run it." He turned to face Roger. "Wouldn't that be wonderful if we could buy it?"

Roger got up and began to pace. "I'm not so sure we can't. If we really want to. The question to be answered is do we want to? It would mean moving to California you know and leaving our friends. It would mean being far away from Sam." He gestured around the room, taking it all in. "It would mean giving up all this."

Bob laughed. "Yeah, but it would also mean giving up the screaming Mr. Albo, those whiney intern accountants of yours and most importantly, snow. What do you suppose he wants for it?"

"Some Guys? He hasn't said but I've done a little investigation. I called the L.A. office and had them find an appraiser out in Palm Springs. Ed was perfectly happy to have the guy in, said it saved him the trouble."

Bob smiled, got up and hugged Roger. It always amazed him how, when presented with a situation, Roger quietly looked at the implications and took action. "What did it appraise at?"

Roger sipped at his drink. "A million and a half."

Bob laughed. "Great. I have a little over eighty dollars in my wallet. How much more is it we need?"

"Don't be too quick to dismiss it. You seem to have forgotten that this is not only our home but home to nine other families as well. And we own it."

Bob gave a sigh of exasperation. "Roger, we paid all of forty thousand dollars for this building. I know it's probably worth more now but..."

"Just a little more. I had it appraised too and I'm told we could get just shy of a million seven for it."

Bob was momentarily speechless. Finally, "How much?" It was more of a whisper than a statement.

Roger laughed. "You heard correctly the first time, one-point-seven million." He put his arms around Bob and kissed his cheek. "You know, sweetheart, once something's done you tend to forget abut it and simply take it for granted." He kissed him again, not on the cheek. "But that's okay. That's why you have me."

Bob sat. "Oh, my god. What do we do now?"

"Fly out to Palm Springs? See if we like the summer weather? See if we really like the place? See if we really want to do it?"

Bob gave a tentative nod.

"I'm glad you agree since we leave day after tomorrow."

Bob nodded again. It was so typical of Roger, to arrange everything. Then, in the back of his head he began to wonder what it would be like, being a naked innkeeper.


They had planned on having Sam, their son, to dinner the next night so they waited until then to tell him. Sam was actually Bob's son, the product of a young man's experimentation, and Sam's mother had threatened abortion if Bob wouldn't take the child. Sam was three when Bob met Roger and Sam had had two dads ever since--Bob who was `Dad' and Roger who was `Pop'.

Sam was right on time and came bearing flowers. His dads hugged him in turn and Bob said, "Well, where is she?"

"She? Who she?"

Roger shook his head. "We thought you were going to bring... Sheila is it? Your new girl friend."

"Oh, her. May I have a drink?"

"Help yourself," Roger said, pointing at the bar.

Sam poured himself some scotch. "Well, that  Sheila thing sort of didn't work out. She didn't like being with a guy who had to work and couldn't be at her service twenty four hours a day. She should have waited a few days." He laughed. "She could have had her way." He took a sip of the scotch and added, "for a while at least."

"What does that mean?" Roger asked. "The `waited a few days' part."

"Oh. Well, it seems that, when that stupid company I work for merged with Ameriprogram, which by the way does lousy programming, the powers that be decided to lay off all the programmers. This was to save money since all of Ameriprogram's engineering is done overseas. At less than half the cost. So... I was laid off."

Bob went to him and hugged him. "You poor kid. When..."

Sam smiled. "This afternoon. And I'm not that poor. For one thing I have a few bucks in the market and an almost paid for condo. For another, they're going to pay us full salary for the next six months, even if we find another job. And for a third, they're going to keep up our health insurance and pay into our 401(k)'s. It's sort of like being employed but not having to go to work."

"Wow. A six month vacation. Or six months of double salary if you find another job right away."

"Pop, you are so practical!" Sam laughed. "And, as usual, right. But I think I'm going to take a month or so off. I haven't had a vacation for long, long time." He pointed at their drinks. "Can I freshen those?"

At dinner Bob told Sam about the trip to Palm Springs and the possibility that they might even move there and become innkeepers. Sam was immediately enthusiastic. "Oh, man, that'd be great. I could come to see you and have a built in vacation. You have a place in mind or..."

Roger said yes, they had a place in mind and were, in fact, going out to California to visit it the next day.

"Oh, cool. Can I go with you?"

"I'm not so sure you'd want to," Roger said. "It's a gay place, men only."

"So? I know some gay people. You for instance."

Bob sighed. "Yes, Sam, but it's also sort of a nudist place. Well, clothing optional but nobody ever wears anything."

Sam rolled his eyes. "I've seen naked guys before. And you know what? I'll bet some of them were gay. Really. Why would that bother me?"

Bob and Roger looked at each other for a moment before Roger sighed and turned to Sam. Bob stood and began to clear the table.

"It's not just naked gay men, Sam. It's what happens sometimes at places like that."

Sam suddenly saw the point and laughed. Rather gleefully, Roger thought. "Oh you mean sex? These guys sometimes have sex? With each other I'll bet. Or maybe several each others, all at the same time. Maybe even out on the lawn or in the pool." He paused and looked quizzically at Roger. "So what's your point?"

"Sam, it's just..."

It was Sam's turn to sigh. "Look, Pop. When you grow up in a family with two dads it isn't long after you learn to read that you discover the gay parts of the library and the book stores. I've read all kinds of stuff about gays and the gay lifestyle. I've even watched gay porn. Not a lot but enough to know how it's done. So what's the big deal?"

Bob came out of the kitchen with coffee and pie. "The big deal, Sam, is twofold. First, how are you going to react when you stumble across me or your pop here having sex with some guy?" He held up his hand. "Hold on. Second, how are you going to react when some guy starts to hit on you? You're a good looking man you know."

To give Sam credit, he really did think about it. Finally, after eating half  the lemon pie his dad had put in front of him, he said, "The second one's easy. I say `no, thank you.' If that doesn't work I say `Id love to but my doctor won't allow it until this infection clears up.' The first one's harder because I don't know how you would want me to react. My first impulse is to stand up and cheer or applaud but that may not be what you have in mind so maybe I'd just walk the other way and find someone to have a beer with. The thing I wouldn't do is be shocked." He looked over at Roger and winked. "I know old guys still do it." He grinned at Bob. "They make fine lemon pie, too. Is there more?"

In the end Sam had his way and at five o'clock the next morning they were boarding a plane for Los Angeles. Coach.

Los Angeles was hot and smoggy. Palm Springs was just plain hot. Very hot. 103 degrees hot.

They rented a car, a closed sedan with air conditioning this time. When they got to Some Guys Ed greeted them in the office. As best Roger could tell, nothing had changed.

"So this is the young man," Ed said, holding his hand out to Sam. "Welcome to Some Guys. And you too." He kissed Roger and Bob and then went behind the desk where he rummaged through some papers. He found what he was looking for and said, "I've put you two in number one and the young man in number two. Best rooms in the house. You two are next to Harry," he said, handing Roger a couple of keys. "And you're next to them," he said as he handed Sam a key. At that point Harry walked in.

"Hi guys," he exclaimed, gathering them both into a hug. Good to see you back." He turned to Sam. "And this is the son?" He grabbed Sam's hand in a firm shake and looked carefully at him. "Based on your dads," he grinned, "you're a lot better looking than you have a right to be. Come on, let's get you situated."

They went down the path and turned left. "That's my place," Harry said, mostly to Sam. "The dads are here and you're next door. You get a free tour your first time here," he said to Sam, "so just you let me know when you're ready."

Sam looked around, taking in the naked men in and around the pool. "I'm ready now, or will be as soon as I get out of these clothes. Come on in," he said to Harry, "it'll only take a moment."

Once in their room Bob and Roger burst out laughing. "They certainly hit it off," Roger said. "There may be unplumbed depths to our son."

"I don't know about that," Bob said, "but at least he's taking the place well. I guess he won't have any problems after all."

"Except for Harry, maybe. I tell you, that man is smitten."

"Then so be it. Sam can take care of himself, of that I'm sure. Now, you want a shower? Get all that airplane dust off?"

Roger nodded. "You want to go first?"

Bob went into the bathroom and called, "Wait till you see this."

Roger, half undressed, went to see. What he saw was a very large shower complete with multiple shower heads. Bob was already adjusting the water from one of them. Roger shucked the rest of his clothes and stepped in beside Bob. "This is wonderful," he said, adjusting his own shower stream. "I'll bet you could get four or five guys in here, assuming they were friendly with each other."

Bob laughed. "Well, we're pretty friendly, don't you think?" He moved close to Roger and began soaping him down. When he squatted at his crotch he ran his hands lovingly through Roger's pubic hair. "You have such pretty hair," he said, looking up at Roger. "It's so thick and dark, not at all like my mousy brown little patch."

Roger looked down at Bob's graying hair. It was still thick, cut fairly short and to Roger far prettier than his own wiry, unmanageable... He had trouble completing the thought because Bob was washing him under the foreskin and he was beginning to harden.

Bob finished with Rogers crotch, taking great satisfaction that he could still, after all these years, make Roger hard. He allowed the water to rinse the soap off and then turned him around and began on his ass. Roger sucked in his breath when Bob ran his soapy finger down his crack and paused, lightly rubbing the little bud hidden there. When Bob was satisfied that Roger was clean he allowed the water to clear out the soap and then gently spread Roger's buns and kissed the little bud, sending electric shocks up and down Roger's spine.

Roger's knees were getting weak and before he collapsed he turned and pulled Bob up and into a hug. "Keep that up and I'll be on the floor," he said. "But let's get you clean first."

He took the soap from Bob and worked up a lather in Bob's sparse chest hair. Bob was shaving it when they first met and Roger liked the smoothness of bare flesh under his hand. The trouble was that it began to grow back pretty quickly and the stubble was fairly uncomfortable for both of them. But the real pleasure was Bob's nipples. For him they often brought ecstasy and for Roger, well, he liked the feel of them in his mouth, like turgid little cocks begging to be sucked. He also liked the fact that Bob got so turned on when he played with them. He was taking advantage of that now.

By the time Roger got to Bob's dick it was rigid and standing up almost against his belly. Roger liked touching Bob's dick, feeling the smoothness of it and running his fingers just under the flair of the head. He liked his own foreskin well enough but found Bob's lack of it somehow exciting, like there was nothing between his fingers--or mouth--and the head of Bob's cock.

They excited each other but were careful not to push it too far. They each had other plans and each knew what the other's plans were. They found, as usual, that they meshed perfectly.

Dried from the shower they turned back the bed and Bob doubled over a pillow and put it in the center. Roger folded a clean towel and laid it over the pillow, then climbed into bed, settling his hips on the pillow and holding his arms out to Bob.

Bob came into his arms and kissed him, probing his mouth with his tongue. When they were both breathing hard he moved down Roger's body, kissing and licking as he went. He dug his tongue into Roger's belly button and made him laugh. Then he dug it into Roger's foreskin and made him moan. When he moved further down and dug it into Roger's little bud Roger sucked in his breath.

When he knew Roger was ready Bob spread some jell on his dick and placed it squarely on Roger's sphincter. Roger pushed back against it, welcoming it into himself. It went into him in a long, slow glide, stretching his muscle and filling him with it's bulk. When Bob felt the softness of Roger's balls against him he bent down and put his soft lips on Roger's. They stayed that way for a long moment and then Roger's tongue forced itself into Bob's mouth and dueled with his tongue.

Bob pulled back until just the head of his dick was inside Roger and moved himself around between Roger's legs until he was in exactly the right position. Then he slid himself slowly back in. Roger groaned when Bob's dick rubbed over that little knob every man has up inside him. He did it again and again, taking long, slow strokes, always pressing on that little knob.

He looked in Roger's eyes and reveled in the way they slowly glazed over and finally rolled up into his head. Roger's breathing became labored and Bob slowed his strokes, knowing they were both on that fine edge. Then he stopped, holding himself still inside Roger, letting the pleasure back off one last time. When he thought he was okay he change position again so that his next strokes didn't just rub on that little knob, they rammed it.

"Oh yes," Roger moaned as his orgasm started. "Oh yes love. Now." Bob felt Roger's dick bucking around between them. He kept stroking, hitting that knob until he felt Roger begin to relax. Then he pulled himself up, pulling out of Roger until just the head of his dick was trapped in Roger's sphincter. He took Roger's dick in his hand, slipped his finger under the foreskin and rubbed all around the head. Roger came again and his sphincter clenched at the head of Bob's dick, grabbing it in a grip of iron and then relaxing, doing it over and over again. Bob nearly went out of his mind with the pleasure of it. He came and came and came.

By the time they were spent Roger had had three orgasms and Bob had had one, lasting through Roger's second two. Bob's cum soaked the towel under Roger where it was leaking out of him. Both their bellies were coated with Roger's cum. They were messy but satisfied.

They mopped up, moved the pillow and allowed themselves to doze for a while. Then they showered again--being careful to keep their hands off of each other. When they were dried off Roger looked at his watch and observed that it was about time for wine and cheese out in the picnic area.

"How do you suppose Sam is going to react, seeing us naked?" Bob asked.

"Probably just like we will, seeing him naked. Which I don't think we've done since he was nine or so and going through that modesty phase. We're all going to be making comparisons and I for one don't plan on making any bones about it."

"Well then," Bob said opening the door, "let's go see."

And see they did. There were nearly thirty naked men standing around sipping wine and helping themselves to cheese. Ed was playing the host, introducing people, keeping wine glasses full and generally enjoying himself. `He's going to miss this place when he sells it,' Roger thought to himself. Then he smiled at the thought of Bob playing host. He didn't know it yet but he would be a natural.

They accepted a glass of wine from Ed, were introduced to two very interesting guys and then allowed to mingle. It took a few minutes before they spotted Sam, talking animatedly with a handsome guy about his age. "Pretty gets pretty," Roger grumbled as they went over to him.

"Hey, Dad. Pop. Where've you been?" Without waiting for a response he turned to the other man and said, "These are the guys I told you about: my dad, Bob and my pop, Roger." He turned to them. "This is Brian. He's from L.A. and does pretty much what I do. Or did."

They shook hands all around. While they were talking Roger saw Harry pouring himself a glass of wine. He took it to a raised bench where he had a good view of them. Roger was pretty sure it was Sam he was looking at, not them. He mentally shrugged; as Bob had said, Sam could take care of himself. Harry developed a kind of crooked smile and sipped at his wine.

When Brian took his leave the three of them looked at each other somewhat shyly. Rather Bob and Roger were shy. Sam looked them up and down quite frankly. "You know you are two cool guys with no clothes on. I didn't know you were circumcised, Dad. No offence but I'm glad you left mine alone." He looked at Roger. "They left you alone. Bet you're happy about that."

Bob looked at Sam and said, "I wonder where you got that pubic hair. It certainly is red."

Sam grinned mischievously. "Maybe from my mother. But I don't suppose you'd know, never having seen her."

This was an old game they sometimes played. Years earlier Bob had explained to Sam how he came to be and how it was his only time with a woman. Sam decided they must have done it with the lights out in the back seat of a car. Actually it was in a park, on the grass, but, like Sam's image of the car, there weren't any lights.

"Now that we've done our comparisons, does anyone want to go to dinner? I, for one, am starved. Shall we go to that steak place that was so good last time?"

Bob and Sam agreed so they went to their rooms, dressed and went out to eat very rare steaks and French fries.

The next day Bob and Roger left Sam to his own devices and met with Ed. Roger asked him if he'd had the chance to look over the appraisal.

"Sure did," Ed said. "It took four guys most of a day snooping around here. One was kind of cute. When they asked if they could use the pool and I said sure but we don't allow bathing suits only the cute one went in. I think maybe he did some fooling around on the sundeck when he was up there, too."

"So what do you think?"

"Me? I think it's garbage." He looked from one to the other. "Look, those appraiser guys don't know anything about a gay resort. Maybe straight ones but not gay ones. Gay guys want nice and this place needs a lot of work, a lot of renovation and updating." He held up his hand and ticked off his points. "First, there's no gym. These guys, the sort of guys who come here, they want a gym with some weights and machines and stuff. Second, the so called TV room is a dump. It needs new everything. Third, there's no video players in the rooms. And no video library. Our guys would like a bit of porn in their rooms. Forth, the hot tub needs to be replaced. That thing was put in in 1979 and hasn't worked right since. Ask Harry. He's the one who has to keep it in repair. Fifth, the sundeck needs shade and misters and some sort of non-slip floor. We can't rent those rooms under it you know because the guys go up there at night and make a lot of noise. I could go on and on."

Roger combed his fingers through his hair. "So what..."

"Look, guys. Let's cut to the chase, okay? What I want for the place is one million dollars. I don't care what those monkeys said in their so called report. A million, okay?"

Bob started to say something but Roger stopped him. "Okay Ed. Can you give us a couple of days to think it over?"

Ed laughed. "Sure. Take as long as you want. Just remember, you're paying for two rooms all the time you think. If you decide to buy and we shake hands on it then it's yours and you don't have to pay anymore."

Back in their room Roger called the appraisal company. After a short conversation he made an appointment for late that morning. "Okay," he said to Bob, "let's go for a swim and then see the appraisers. After that let's go for one of those hamburger and martini lunches. Either way it'll be an occasion."

In the pool Bob asked, "What about Sam? We taking him along?"

"I don't think so." He grinned. "Let's see if Harry wants to take him to lunch instead."

Harry did.

The meeting with the appraisers didn't last very long. Three of the four were there and they stood by their appraisal. Roger listed the problems almost in Ed's words and the men listened attentively. When he was finished one of them said, "That's a pretty good list."

"Yeah," the cute one added. "I didn't pick up on the rooms under the sundeck. I figured from looking in that they were just storerooms."

"Bottom line," chimed in the third one, "we actually thought about that stuff and factored it into the appraisal. With all those improvements the place would probably appraise out at two million or a little more."

The martini lunch quickly became a martinis lunch. "Okay," Roger said, sipping his third, "the only question that has to be answered is do we want to do it."

Bob reached out and took Roger's hand. "Would I give up Mr. Albo, that damn warehouse and snow for Some Guys? In a heartbeat! But what about you? You're making very good money and have a real shot at being made a partner in the firm. That's a lot to give up for the life of a naked innkeeper."

Roger looked off into the middle distance. Finally, "Yeah, it is a lot to give up, especially those whining interns and the interminable partner's meetings I'll be expected to attend. No, I think the question is rather one of are we prepared for the long hours and being on call as it were twenty-four hours a day."

Bob's eyes began to sparkle, not all of it due to the gin. "One word. Yes. And you?"

Roger grinned. "Same." He waived over the waiter. "Another round for the naked innkeepers. Doubles this time."

In the end they took a cab back to Some Guys where they stripped off their clothes and jumped in the pool. Sam, who was sitting in the shade with Brian, jumped in after them.

"You okay?" he asked Bob.

"Sure," Roger slurred. "We're just sobering up a little so we can have another little drink." He lost his balance and slipped under the water. Bob reached down and grabbed him by the hair, pulling him up.

"See?" he said to Sam. "We're a team. We take care of each other." He kissed Roger. "Don't we?" Roger began to slip back under the water.

Harry came by, wondering what was going on. Sam explained that his dads perhaps needed a little help. He and Harry got Bob and Roger up on the deck and helped them to their room. There they dried the two men and helped them into bed. Both were asleep before Harry and Sam were out of the room.

That evening Ed found a couple of ice packs and Harry and Sam filled them and took them to Bob and Roger along with aspirin and Alka-Seltzer. The two men woke just long enough to take the aspirin and put the ice packs on their heads. Sam and Harry shrugged their shoulders and went to dinner together.

After dinner Harry and Sam sat by the pool drinking beer and talking. Harry was very interested in what it was like being raised by two gay dads. Sam said it was just like being brought up in any other family except as he got older he realized that there seemed to be more love expressed than in the families of the other kids he knew.

"But wasn't it a problem in, say school? Did you get teased or harassed by the other kids?" Harry asked.

"Oh, some I guess. Mostly by other kids' parents."

"What'd you do?"

"Nothing much. If it was really bad I talked to Pop about it and he always had some logical explanation for it. Sometimes he even made me feel sorry for the harasser."

"What about your dad, Bob?"

Sam laughed. "Well, I mostly didn't talk to him about what people said. Pop asked me not to after the time some lady at church told me I'd burn in hell because my dad was a homosexual. I told Dad about it, mostly to find out what a homosexual was. He told me to tell her that her daughter would burn right alongside me because her mother was a slut. The next Sunday I went right up to her and told her that."

"Oh, my god. What happened?"

"Well, she put on quite a show. Sputtered and stammered and cried. When the minister came over she told him what I'd said. He asked me why I'd said that and I told him. Then, as he was leading her away I said, in a very loud voice, `and I still don't know what a slut is.' Everyone turned and looked."

Harry chuckled. "And?"

"And not much. I guess the minister called and talked to Pop. He apologized and asked that I not receive advice like that in the future. So Pop explained to me what a homosexual is as well as what a slut is and said that I should bring this stuff only to him in the future. What would your dad have done?"

Harry shook his head. "Probably the same thing. He was a pretty cool guy but he died when I was twelve so I didn't really know him very well."

Sam put his hand on Harry's shoulder. "I'm sorry. What..."

"He and mom were killed in a car crash. A drunk in a big car. They didn't have a chance. So I was raised by my grandfather until I was almost sixteen."

"Then who raised you? You weren't out on your own were you?"

Harry turned to look at him. "You sure you want to hear all this, Sam?"

Sam nodded. "You sat through my slut story didn't you?"

"Well, just like you, I was different from the man who raised me. Only it was the opposite of you. When my grandfather found out I was sleeping--sexually--with my best friend, he very politely and very firmly asked me to leave and never come back. So I did."

"Where did you go? I can't imagine being what, fifteen? and out on the streets."

"It wasn't actually that bad. I went over to my best friend's house, the boy I was sleeping with, and kind of hung around. No one really noticed for a while because I was there a lot anyway and Dirk, that was my friend, and I often slept over with each other. Finally, of course, Dirk's mom figured it out, I think because she noticed I was always wearing Dirk's clothes. You want another beer?"

Sam nodded. He was appalled at what he was hearing. His life had always been so full of love and care that he couldn't even imagine the pain Harry must have felt then.

"Here you go." Harry handed him a bottle of Mexican beer. "It belongs to one of those guys over there," he pointed at a small knot of men at the other end of the pool. "He says it makes him horny so drink it at your own risk."

Sam tasted the beer. It was cold and slightly bitter. He smiled at Harry. "I'll chance it. Now go on. Dirk's mom found you out. What'd she do?"

"Not much, really. She told Dirk's father she thought I was living there and wondered if my grandfather was okay. Dirk's dad called and my grandfather told him what happened, who I was sleeping with and that I couldn't ever be in his house again. The next day, which I guess was Saturday because we weren't in school, Dirk's dad asked if we wanted to go for ice cream. While we were sitting and eating our ice cream--I still remember, I had vanilla with chocolate sprinkles--he told us what Grandfather and said and asked if any of it was true."

Sam almost choked on his beer. "That must have caused a ruckus."

"No, not really. See, Dirk's dad was this very cool guy and they had a pretty good relationship so Dirk just said yeah, we were sleeping together and I was sort of living in his room because my grandfather threw me out. His dad just said okay and asked me how I felt about all of it. I said liked living with Dirk in his room."

"And that was the end of it?"

"Not quite. See there was this trust fund set up by the insurance company when my folks were killed. I didn't know about it and I'm not entirely sure my grandfather meant to keep it but Dirk's dad was a lawyer and found it all out. The fund was supposed to be for my upkeep but Dirk's father said that was nonsense. I was living with them and they'd take care of me. So, all through high school, until we went away to college, Dirk and I were kind of like brothers, only brothers who loved each other a little differently and who had a lot of sex together."

Sam finished his beer. You want another?"

"Sure, why not?"

Sam threw the empties in the recycle bin and looked in the refrigerator. He wasn't sure which was Bob and Roger's but there was a lot of Mexican beer so he took a couple of bottles of that.

Harry laughed when he handed him the bottle. "You like that stuff that makes you horny, huh?"

Sam looked at the bottle and took a sip. It was cold and a little bitter, just like the one before. "Yeah, I guess I do. So what happened to Dirk and you when you went to college?"

"The usual thing that happens to high school sweethearts. We just sort of drifted apart. He was at Harvard and I was at UCLA, opposite ends of the country. I don't think we even intended it to last past high school. He's a physicist now, living with another physicist and raising dogs. We keep track of each other and of course his mom and dad are pretty much my mom and dad, too." He took a long swallow of his beer. "So that's my story."

"Did the trust fund put you through college?"

Harry laughed. "More. A lot more. It pays me a whole bunch of money every month and I guess it will until I die." He shrugged. "I give most of it away. I got to pee."

Sam patted his belly and looked around. "Me too."

Harry stood. "Let's go. My place."

Harry's room was a little larger than most of the others and had a desk with a computer on it, a couple of file cabinets and built in bookcases on two walls. "You want to go first, second or simultaneously?"

Sam shrugged. "Your choice."

"Come on."

They stood on either side of the toilet and let go. They began to play with their streams, crossing them and watching as each made the other change direction. When they were through they brought their eyes up and looked at each other. Even to his last living day Sam will never understand what made him do it but he leaned in and kissed Harry. On the lips.

Harry kissed back. After what seemed a long time Harry pulled away. "You drunk, Sam?"

Sam shook his head. "No." He looked down at his erection. "I can't do that when I'm drunk."

Harry shrugged. "You want a blow job, Sam?"

Sam didn't even hesitate. "Yeah."

Harry pulled back the spread and top sheet. When they got in they lay close to each other, touching from shoulder to hip. Harry lifted his head and looked at Sam. "Now?"

Sam shook his head. "In a minute." He put his hands on either side of Harry's head and brought it down until their lips were touching. When Harry's tongue slipped through Sam's lips, Sam groaned deep in his throat and arched his back.

When they broke the kiss Harry began touching Sam's body, running his hands over Sam's skin, feeling the soft smoothness against his hands. He kissed one of Sam's nipples and then took it between his lips, worrying it with his tongue. Sam's back arched again and he whispered, "Oh, yeah," over and over again.

Harry moved on, kissing Sam's belly button and licking down his abdomen to the beginning of his pubic hair. He thought how strange is was, Sam's skin was so soft and his pubic hair was so wiry. He reached between Sam's legs and took hold of his balls. Sam suddenly pushed up with his hips and twisted so he was lying in Harry's lap, his dick poking at Harry's crotch. "I hurt you?" Harry asked with alarm.

Sam's voice was muffled because he was face down on the pillow. "No. I was just... just startled I guess. My balls aren't... particularly sensitive. But it was like your hand was electric."

Harry began stroking Sam's back and then his buns, careful not to delve in between them. When Sam moved his legs apart Harry touched his balls again. Sam groaned and whispered, "They never felt like that before."

Harry bent down and took one of Sam's balls in his mouth. The sack was very soft and almost hairless. Harry wondered if he shaved them but then thought, no. They're just soft.

He turned Sam onto his back and crawled between his legs. For the first time he took hold of Sam's dick. He found it smooth and very rigid, like it was made of glass. When he ran his finger down the underside it flexed and tried to jump out of his hand. When he took it in his mouth, it came.

Sam thought he was going to die. All of his senses were overloaded and he could do nothing but  let it all wash over him. His nipples, his balls, his very skin, none of it had ever brought him this much pleasure, more pleasure than he could sort out. So he just let go and didn't try.

"Sam? You okay, Sam?"

He opened his eyes and found Harry looking quizzically at him. "Man, you sure were ready."

Sam nodded. Reality was beginning to reestablish itself.

"You want to sleep now?"

"I don't think so." He stretched and put his arms around Harry. "I think I want a kiss." They kissed for a long time, lying on their sides, their bodies pressed against each other. Then Sam pulled back and looked at Harry. "You know what?"

"Yeah," Harry grinned. "I like this."

"Me too," Sam said, "but there comes a time in every blow-job when turnaround is fair play." He pushed Harry onto his back and combed his fingers through Harry's fir, all the way to his dick which was standing straight up, like a sentinel. He held Harry's dick for a moment and wondered if he could possibly get it in his mouth. When he sucked it in he found that he could.

"Oh, Sam," Harry moaned. "Sam, you don't have to do this, man. I'm happy with..."

Sam carefully took more and more of Harry's dick into his mouth. He played around the head with his tongue, forcing it under Harry's foreskin and seeking out that sensitive place on the underside. When he sucked it in as hard as he could and then pulled the foreskin back, exposing the head. Harry sucked in his breath and said, "Oh, yeah, Sam. There. Like that."

It didn't take long and Harry didn't try to hold back. He warned Sam that he was going to come but Sam didn't seem to care. When he did come Sam gagged a little but didn't stop.

Harry saw stars.

When they were back, face to face, Harry grinned and said, "You know, with a little practice you could become very good at that."

Sam grinned back. "If I liked boys." He kissed Harry. "Now go to sleep."

Harry arranged himself against Sam's back and put his arm around him, his fingers splayed out on Sam's belly. He kissed Sam on the back of the neck and promptly went to sleep.

Three hours later they were both awake and needing to pee but neither wanted to disturb the other. Finally Sam couldn't stand it and tried to slip out of bed. He was startled when Harry said, "You got to pee too?"

Sam laughed. "Yeah but I didn't want to wake you. Sorry."

"You didn't wake me. My bladder did." He slipped out of bed and propelled Sam into the bathroom. They took up posts on either side of the toilet. "I hope that night light is enough for you to see. I don't want you peeing all over me." He paused a couple of beats. "Unless you want to."

Sam laughed. "Do guys really do that to each other?"

"Some. Especially in the showers out by the pool. After dark. Go watch sometime. You finished?"

They went back to bed, Sam pressed against Harry and Harry's arm around Sam. After a while Sam felt Harry's dick begin to go rigid. Harry's dick was big but it didn't get much bigger when it got hard, it just got rigid and maybe a little thicker. In high school Harry had been kidded a lot about having one for show but not for grow. Sam liked the feel of Harry's dick between his buns and pushed back a little making it move deeper into his crack.

"No, Sam. Go to sleep."

Sam moved a little more and Harry's dick slid over his sphincter, sending out little electric sparks. Sam began to wonder what it would be like, taking Harry's dick inside himself.

"Sam? No." Harry's hand moved down Sam's belly and encountered his dick, very hard and thrust tightly up against his belly. When he took hold of it Sam bucked back, driving Harry's dick tighter against his sphincter.

Harry's hand moving over his belly caused Sam's skin to tingle. He flexed his buns, making Harry groan.

"Sam? Have you ever done this? I mean, to a woman? What you seem to be pushing me to do?"


"Then listen to me. I'm a reasonably big man and even with small guys this can hurt something fierce. It can burn and ache and give you cramps. It can make you yell with pain; it can make you cry."

Sam twisted his head around and found Harry's mouth with his. He began breathing into Harry's mouth until they were breathing the same air, back and forth. They got dizzy, gasped for fresh air and then did it again. All the while Sam flexed and moved on Harry's dick. Then, at least from Harry's point of view, he pulled out his secret weapon.


Harry's resistance crumbled. He wanted to do this thing with all of his being but was very afraid of hurting Sam. And what the hell were they doing, anyway. Sam was straight. After a few days around Some Guys it was natural for him to maybe want a simple blow job, get his rocks off. But this was going too far and it would probably hurt him badly. And Harry wouldn't do that, not with the man he was falling...

The thought hit him hard. The man he was what? His powers of reason shut down and he gave in.

"Will you tell me when it hurts?"

Sam nodded.

Harry turned on his back, his dick, harder that he could ever remember it being, sticking straight into the air. He turned Sam around, leaned in and licked across his sphincter, making Sam suck his breath in. When he did it again Sam moaned and whispered, "Please, do that again." Harry worked on Sam's ass for a long time until the sphincter relaxed and Sam gave in to Harry, letting him have his way.

Finally, when he thought Sam was as ready as he'd ever be he turned him around, facing him. He dug around in the bedside table and came up with a condom. "You ever put one of these on a guys dick?"

Sam took the packet and shook his head. "But I've put a lot of them on mine. How different can it be?" Then he tore the package open, very carefully pulled Harry's foreskin back and unrolled the condom on Harry's dick, being careful to leave a space at the top. Then, without instruction, he reached for the tube of jell, coating Harry's dick thickly with it.

"You still sure?"

Sam nodded, turned and positioned himself with Harry's dick pressing against his ass. Harry reached between them and applied more lube, both to himself and squeezing some into Sam.

"That's it, Sam." He reached up and ran his hands down Sam's flanks. The smooth flesh seemed to quiver under his touch. He tried one more time. "You don't want to do this, Sam. Just... just come here and let me blow you into oblivion.

Sam didn't say a thing. He very slowly and carefully lowered himself onto Harry's dick, his gaze never wavering from Harry's eyes. Harry cupped his buns in his hands, feeling the warm flesh and hoping he could hold Sam back if he had to.

Sam, for his part, waited for the pain. It did burn a little when Harry's dick first started in and now he felt a slight cramp. He stopped for a moment to let the cramp pass and then continued to lower himself. When he had it all in him, when he felt himself settle into Harry's lush pubic hair, he closed his eyes and concentrated on the feeling of Harry inside him, filling him with... With Harry.

"Sam? Are you okay?"

Sam nodded, unable to speak. There was a point, inside him, in the middle of his gut, that was beginning to expand. He looked in Harry's eyes and tried to tell him about it, about the point which he knew was going to consume him. He rocked forward a bit and the point became a bubble and expanded much faster so Sam stopped and just let it happen.

Harry looked in Sam's eyes and saw something. He didn't know what it was but he knew it wasn't pain. He also felt something inside himself, something that made his whole skin as sensitive as that on his dick and he knew he was going to come. Not yet, but very soon.

The bubble inside Sam filled him full and then burst. Sam let out a low cry and began spewing cum wildly, firing it without control. Inside he felt a great waive of pleasure flow through him like nothing he'd ever felt before. Then, when he felt Harry let go inside him, his pleasure doubled and he felt what Harry was feeling too.

Harry just let it happen, let himself come as his body wanted. And, it turned out, as Sam wanted. His dick was deep inside Sam and he smiled as he felt the rest of him flow in there too. There was a volcano of pleasure erupting inside him and yet he was more at peace than he could ever remember.

When it was over, although, as Sam observed later, it was never really over, but when they were breathing normally again they carefully disengaged and, without a word, put their arms around each other and went to sleep.

In the morning Roger and Bob felt remarkably well considering they'd been run over by an eighteen wheeler. They each took a few more aspirin, guzzled an Alka-Seltzer and went out to find some coffee.

They found the coffee and Ed at the same time. "Hey Ed. We need to find a lawyer who's not yours. Then we need to open as escrow account."

Ed broke out into a grin. "You've decided?"

Bob answered. "Yes, we're going to be naked innkeepers. If you'll show us how."

"Oh, I'll show you alright, "Ed chuckled. "First thing, make some more coffee, arrange the donuts and put out the juice and little cups. Then start tearing paper towels into napkins because someone forgot to put them on the list."

Bob started on the coffee while Roger rummaged in the refrigerator for the juice. "You do this yourself every morning?"

Ed put down the roll of paper towels he was tearing. "Sometimes but usually Harry does it because he gets up early. I don't know what happened to him this morning." Some of the guests wandered up and Bob and Roger began to learn that being naked innkeepers entailed a lot more than checking people in or pouring wine in the afternoon.

The next days went by very fast. They found an attorney; arranged, had and discussed a facilities inspection; ordered a title search and opened an escrow account. Then, with the help of Sam and Harry, did a complete inventory of the furnishings. Most of Ed's paintings stayed at Some Guys although there were two he wouldn't part with. They also agreed that if any of his paintings were sold he would get half the money.

When it was done they celebrated with a dinner grilled lamb steaks, radicchio done on the grill with the steaks, garlic potatoes and salad, all cooked by Harry. They drank martinis before and champagne with the meal and had a wonderful time together.

In the morning, leaving for the airport there were hugs and kisses all around. Both Bob and Roger noted that even Sam got a kiss from Harry.

Later, on the plane from L.A, Roger and Bob both turned to Sam, who was sitting between them with what Bob described as a `silly-ass grin' on his face. "Okay," Rodger said, "what's going on?"

Sam looked up. "What do you mean?"

Bob rolled his eyes. "Anything you want to tell us?"

Sam sighed. "Okay, so maybe, I don't know, maybe something did happen. And now I'm going home, getting out my address book and I'm going to fuck my brains out for a while." He shrugged. "You'll be the first to know."

To be continued

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