Some Guys

by Greg Bowden

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Chapter Five

In which the boy finds the man and the man--what else?--finds the man.

"Can you take an extra day off?" Mike called.

Dave came into the little home office. "I guess. Sure. What for?"

Mike looked up from the computer. "Well, since we're going out to Los Angeles to see your dad anyway, I thought if we left on Friday instead of Sunday we could devote a couple of days to playing in the sun."

"Good thinking," Dave said, looking out the window. "Especially since it looks like snow here. Where'd you have in mind?"

"Here." Mike pointed to the computer screen.

Dave looked over his shoulder. "Some Guys? Where is it?"

"Palm Springs. Sunny Palm Springs."

"Is it gay? I guess with a name like that it has to be."

Mike laughed. "You bet your pretty little bottom! Not only is it gay, it's mostly naked. Get to show off our big ol' things!"

"Book it."

Friday morning, on the plane, they talked about their impending visit. They'd been together five years and Dave's father still didn't know about Mike which made Mike just a little nervous. Not that they purposely kept Mike a secret but somehow it'd never come up. Dave and his father had been very close when Dave was in his late teens and early twenties but when Dave's job moved him to New Jersey they had drifted apart. They wrote, e-mailed and talked on the phone but it just wasn't the same. This was his first trip out to Los Angeles and Dave wasn't just sure how he was going to handle it. He'd told his dad he was bringing a "friend" with him but didn't know how to tell him just how close a friend Mike was.

"You figured out how to tell your dad yet? About being gay I mean. Never mind about me."

Dave grimaced. "I don't know. Maybe I won't tell him. We can just pretend we're a couple of straight guys, you know, buddies." He warmed to the concept. "We could talk vaguely about girls but tell him we're both too busy at work to get involved. That sort of thing. Look at girls on the street, do double takes at pretty ones."

Mike laughed. "Honey, neither one of us could spot a pretty girl on the street if he had to. You'd do your double takes at the ones who look like drag queens and I'd be ogling the pretty boys' asses. No, this is not a plan."

"Then what? Just come right out and tell him? I can hear it now, `Hi Dad. Nice house you have here. This is Mike. He's my gay lover.' I don't think so."

"No, no. Not like that. We just act ourselves. If he wants to know he'll figure it out for himself. If he doesn't, he won't."

"I hope so. I really miss him sometimes."

Mike took Dave's hand. "You miss being honest with him. If he asks, don't lie but if he doesn't... well, if he doesn't don't force it on him. That's a sure way to lose him."

Dave squeezed Mike's hand. "God you're wise. No wonder I love you."

They landed at Ontario, which is half way between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. They collected their luggage, rented a car and were on the freeway by eleven o'clock. The hour's drive was pleasant and went by quickly. At a little after noon they were ringing the bell at Some Guys.

The door was opened by a trim older guy. "Hi, I'm Bob."

"Hi. I'm Mike and this is Dave." It wasn't until he was shaking Bob's hand that Mike realized Bob was naked. "I think we have a reservation?"

Bob went around the desk, pulled out a ledger and ran his finger down a column. "Oh yeah, here you are. Mike Long and Dave Davis. Welcome to Some Guys. You're staying until Sunday?"

Dave pulled out his MasterCard. "Right."

Bob took the card and ran it though the reader. "Checkout time is eleven but you can stay as long as you want, up `till five. You just have to be out of the room at eleven, okay? So the guys can clean it."

"Great," Dave said, "but we'll probably be gone by ten. Got to be in L.A. early in the afternoon."

Just then another naked man came into the office, kissed Bob and shook hands with Mike and Dave. "I'm Roger, the other naked innkeeper. You have luggage?"

"Hey, we can get it." Mike winked at Roger. "We're dressed for it."

Settled into their room Mike opened the chilled wine and poured. "What do you think so far?"

"Nice. New linins, a down comforter and the wine is a nice touch." He tasted it. "Good, too. Yeah, it looks like a first class operation. And did you catch all those guys at the pool?"

"I did," Mike said, touching his glass to Dave's. "I echo your impression. Nice. You want to go out and join them?"

"Sure. Let's go." He started to the door.

"Not that way, dummy. You have to take your clothes off first."

Dave stopped short. "Oh, yeah. Well, maybe in a little while."

"What're you afraid of? Someone will see your little dickey? Tell you what," he began to unbutton Dave's shirt, "I'll get you all naked," he undid Dave's buckle and opened his pants, "and give you a nice little blow-job." He pulled Dave's shoes off and then slid the jeans down and off. He took Dave's cock in his mouth and ran his tongue over it. When it started to harden he began to move on it, taking it into his throat and swallowing down on it, bringing Dave up fast.

"And then, when you're really big and hard," he stood up and gave Dave a light kiss, "I'll open the door and throw you out!" He jerked the door open and pushed Dave outside, closing the door before Dave could react.

Of course everyone around the pool saw and Dave knew it. Thinking fast, he simply arched his back, thrusting his dick out, and yelled, "Too big for you? I knew it would be!"

The door opened and Mike came out, naked and carrying a couple of towels. He tossed one over Dave's dick and for just a moment it hung there. "Shall we swim?"

In the meantime, Roger was meeting with a contractor while Bob, behind the counter, was attempting to organize the paperwork Ed had left them.

"Nice job on these plans," Bill, the contractor said. "Who done `em?"

"Guy named Harry. He sort of works here and he's good with computers."

"Tell `em I said good work. Now, let's go look at the building."

Roger, who had put his shorts on for the meeting, cleared his throat. "You do know that this is a nude place, don't you? It's a nice day and there's quite a few naked guys around the pool."

"Don't bother me none. Hell, if it gets any warmer I just might strip off and join `em"

They left the office and cut across the lawn toward the sundeck. "I guess pretty much everyone's naked here. You notice that your friend there, what's his name? Bob? Behind the counter, don't have no pants on?"

Roger laughed. "Typical. I don't think he's had his pants on since we bought the place. Except when he's going to the store. That bother you?"

"Hell no. Seen one naked guy, seen `em all, I guess. This the place?"

"Yeah. It used to be a couple of bedrooms. No one's quite sure why they were built out here, not attached to anything but what with the sundeck on top it gets pretty noisy so we can't rent them. Harry, the guy who did those plans thought we should turn the rooms into a gym for the guys." Roger unlocked the door to one of the rooms. "They've been used as storerooms for a long time."

Bill took a quick look around. "Other one a mirror image of this?"

"Yeah. How'd you know?"

"Way they built `em. Take the plans and turn `em over, you got the next room. Makes for fast construction. That's a weight bearing wall you know."

Roger looked at the wall between the rooms. "Is that going to be a problem?"

Bill shook his head. "Not really. Could just put in a couple of posts to hold the roof up. Or put in a beam. Your choice. Beam gonna cost you your balls though so I'd go with posts. We can cover `em with something, make `em look nice." He pointed at the ceiling, "Some sort of deck up there?"

"Yeah. Someone had the great idea to put a sundeck up there. They never thought about the noise factor but now we can't get rid of it. The guys use it a lot, all year. It gets pretty hot up there in summer though so we want to devise some sort of shade. But only for the hot months."

"Well, let's go look at it."

"Better let me go first, make sure no one's using it." Roger started out of the room.

The contractor put his hand on Roger's shoulder and stopped him. "Look, Mr. Carmichael, you got to quit pussyfooting around me or this'll never work."

"It's Roger. And what do you mean pussyfooting?"

Bill sighed. "You think I don't know what kind of place this is? What naked guys do? This is Palm Springs. If that sort of stuff bothered me I'd never do any work at the gay resorts. And I like working at the gay resorts. You guys want quality and you're willing to pay for it. So why would I let a little cock sucking bother me?"

Roger patted Bill's hand. "Okay, I see what you mean. Don't mind us, were just getting used to running this place and living in Palm Springs. Where we're from this wouldn't..." He stopped and thought. "Well, it just wouldn't be this easy. Come on, let's look at the deck."

Later, after Bill had gone and Roger had had a swim, Bob asked him how it went.

"Good. He likes our plans, he says the building is structurally sound and he doesn't have a problem with cock sucking." He shrugged at Bob's raised eyebrow. "That's what he told me. What can I say? He's going to work up an estimate for doing the whole job and says it'll take maybe eight or ten weeks to do it."

Late that afternoon Mike and Dave were enjoying the wine and cheese that Bob and Roger had laid out and talking to a couple named Todd and Larry. The four of them seemed to have a lot in common so they decided to go to dinner together. After dinner they talked about taking a swim but decided the evening was just a little cool for that.

"You guys want to come to our room?" Todd asked. "We still haven't opened that bottle of wine that was there."

"Yeah," said Larry. "And maybe we can get some porn from that library in the office."

Dave and Mike both nodded. "Sounds like a winner," Dave said.

"I'll go see about some flicks," Mike said. "You guys got any preferences?"

"Sure," Todd grinned. "Get something with guys having sex."

A few minutes later they were lounging in Todd and Larry's room, wine glasses in hand and a very hot movie on the TV. Todd looked around and said, "You know, this is a nude resort. Shouldn't we be naked or something?"

Todd and Dave immediately stood and started stripping down.

Mike and Larry looked at each other and laughed. "I guess we better get with the program," Mike said, "or get left behind."

"And a pretty behind it is," Larry said, looking at Dave.

Once they were naked they all piled on the king sized bed to watch the movie. After a while Mike, who was stretched out between Todd and Larry, leaned over Todd to put his wine glass on the bedside table. As he did, Todd shifted and Mike ended up with his face almost in Todd's crotch. As long as he was down there, he ducked his head and sucked Todd's dick into his mouth.

Todd gave a little sound of satisfaction and watched Dave begin to play with Larry's dick and balls. Before long, as though by plan, the four of them were arranged in a sort of flattened circle on the bed, each with a new dick in his mouth and each with a new mouth on his dick. It was marvelous.

Dave loved Larry's dick because it was long and thick, like Mike's. Like Mike's it was uncut but had more foreskin, enough so that when Larry was fully hard the foreskin still covered the head. Dave found that by pulling the skin back, putting his tongue against the head and then rolling the skin forward he could actually roll it over his tongue. He really liked that and, if Larry's moans were any indication, Larry did too.

Mike, with Todd's dick in his mouth and Larry's mouth on his dick, was having trouble sorting out which felt better, Todd's flaring head pulling against his lips or Larry taking him into his throat.

Todd was enjoying the taste of Dave's copious pre-cum and being driven up the wall by Mike's constant tugging on the head of his dick. Somehow Mike knew the most sensitive places on Todd's dick and he wouldn't leave them alone.

For Larry it was the way he could push Mike's foreskin off the head as he took it in his throat. Mike was thick enough to be a mouthful but not so thick he couldn't get it well into his throat. The thing was, it was awfully hard to concentrate on Mike's dick when Dave was moving his tongue around between the head of his dick and his foreskin.

There was no coordination. Each man simply held off for as long as he wanted--or could. Mike was probably first although he was followed so closely by Dave that you couldn't tell. Todd was next, moaning around Dave's slowly softening cock. Larry went last but probably shot the most cum. Dave couldn't keep up with it and some of it ran out of his mouth and over Larry's big balls.

They stayed as they were for a bit, each holding a nearly soft dick in his mouth, savoring the taste and feel of it. After a while Dave began to doze and let Larry's dick slip out of his mouth. "I'm sorry guys but I'm falling asleep." He looked at the bedside clock and saw that it was eleven-ten. "It's after two where we're from and that means it's way past my bedtime."

Mike reluctantly let go of Todd, sat up and yawned. "Mine too. But this sure has been fun." He looked from Larry to Todd. "Maybe we can do it again?"

"Yeah," said Todd. "Up on the sundeck, where everyone can watch. I kind of like being watched."

"That's true," Larry laughed. "You'd do it in the middle of Sunset Boulevard if you thought you could get away with it."

Mike and Dave didn't bother to dress for their walk back to their room. After a warm shower they settled into bed, stretching out spoon fashion. Mike nestled his dick in between Dave's buns, cupped his balls in his hand and kissed him on the back of the neck. Dave murmured "Good night," but didn't quite get it all out before he was asleep.

They slept late the next morning and lazily fooled around when they woke. They had a shower, dressed and went up to the office to ask for breakfast advice. Roger, who was obviously just out of bed, recommended a place called The Rock Garden. "Good food, lots of variety and you can sit outside in the sun."

After breakfast they wandered around town, ending up at Starbucks where there was a seemingly unending supply of handsome men lining up for coffee. They sat outside, almost on the sidewalk, and took in the view.

"Do you realize," Mike said, "it's probably snowing back home and all the cute guys are wearing three layers of clothes, boots, caps, gloves, scarves, and long underwear?"

Dave laughed. "Yeah, and here we have shorts, tee shirts and no underwear. I wonder which is better?"

Mike finished his coffee. "Nothing at all is better. Let's go back to Some Guys, get naked and see what sort of trouble we can get into."

Little did they know.

Back at the resort and properly naked they decided to see if anyone was making use of the sundeck. They passed the TV room on the way and Mike decided to check that out first. Dave went on to the sundeck.

There were three guys on the sundeck when he got there. One was getting his cock sucked and the third was watching. Dave stood and watched too, until the other watcher came up behind him, put his arms around him and began playing with his nipples. Dave felt the watcher's dick, which was pressed up against his buns, begin to grow. He pushed back against it and moaned a little.

The man ran one hand over Dave's belly and down to his crotch where he found a dick well on the way to being hard. His own dick was fully hard and he stepped back slightly so he could pull it up and lay it tightly in Dave's crack. "I want to fuck you," the man whispered in Dave's ear, taking hold of both his nipples again.

Dave arched his back, pressing his ass tighter against the man's dick. "Yes," he said in a low, horse voice. "Have you got..."

The man pointed to a bowl on the floor next to a lounge pad. The bowl was filled with condoms and little pouches of lubricating jell. "Come on," the man whispered. "Suck my dick for just a minute, get it wet and let me fuck you."

They crossed to the lounge pad and the man turned Dave around. "Oh, you are so pretty," the man said and kissed him. "Such pretty blue eyes." He kissed him again. Dave broke the kiss and sank to his knees.

The man's dick was a very nice one, maybe not as long as Mike's but as thick, maybe thicker at the base where it seemed to grow out of the man's crotch like a tree. His balls were very large and hung loosely in their sack. Dave took the dick into his mouth and ran his tongue around the head, pried at it's wide slit. He took the man's balls in his hand and felt their heat and their weight.

The man bent, pulling his cock out of Dave's mouth and kissing him on top of his head. Then he took a packet out of the bowl, ripped the packet open with his teeth and handed the condom to him. Dave unrolled it over the man's rigid cock, anticipating what was to come.

When the man was sheathed Dave turned and lay down on his belly, spreading his legs so his feet were on either side of the lounge pad. He felt the man's hands on his ass, caressing it and opening his buns, exposing his little flower. The man kneeled between his legs and applied a thick coating of jell and then worked it in, allowing his finger to work it's way slowly into Dave's ass. When he met no resistance he replaced his finger with his cock, pressing gently against Dave's little flower.

Dave took a deep breath, relaxed and welcomed the man into him. As the man pushed more and more of his dick into him Dave was nearly overwhelmed with a feeling of fullness. When the man was completely inside him he laid himself on Dave's back, putting his arms around him, protecting him and pressing him into the pad with his weight. Dave sighed and gave himself up to the man and his dick.

In the meantime, Mike went to see what was going on in the TV room. There were three TV's, each showing a different porn movie. As his eyes got used to the dimness of the room he saw that there was only one other man there, stretched out on a mattress on a raised platform. Mike drifted over to him and ran his hand lightly over his buns. The man shivered and spread his legs.

When Mike reached between the man's legs and fondled his balls the man sucked in his breath. The balls were good sized and the sack holding them was shaved. Shaved balls were a great turn-on for Mike and he bent down, spreading the man's legs further apart so he could take the balls in his mouth. The man let out a groan.

Mike then licked up, following the seam that ran from the back of the balls to the ass hole. When he licked the man's hole the man whispered, "Yeah, oh yeah."

Mike played with the man's ass for a while, until the man reached back and took hold of his dick. Then he pulled Mike forward until he could get his mouth on Mike's dick. When mike was very hard the man backed off and said, "You going to fuck me with that thing?"

Mike nodded and took a condom from one of the bowls scattered around the room. He tore it open and watched the man's eyes as he rolled it on. The eyes seemed to be pleading with him.

Climbing onto the mattress Mike knelt between the man's legs. He carefully spread lube over the man's ass and then put a thick coating on his dick. When he pressed his dick against the man's entrance the man didn't push back. When he pressed harder the man seemed to tighten his sphincter. He had a sudden thought.

He gently rubbed the man's ass and the man began to shiver again. Mike then gave the ass a gentle slap. The man moaned and Mike felt the sphincter relax a little. He smiled to himself as he got the idea and slapped again, a little harder. This time the sphincter relaxed a lot and Mike felt his dick slide in just a little.

A harder slap and the head of his dick was inside the man. Another, harder one and a couple of inches went in. A couple more and Mike was in up to his balls and the man was breathing very hard. Mike laid against the man's back and let him rest until his breathing evened out.

When he started stroking, short ones at first but then longer and faster, the man moaned and began thrusting back to meet Mike, making a loud slapping sound. He was also clenching his sphincter around Mike's dick, increasing the sensations for both of them.

When he knew he was close Mike dug under the man, seeking his cock. When he found it it was hard as glass and began firing cum when he took it in his hand. That caused the man's sphincter to spasm and Mike knew he was done for.

They laid there for a while, Mike's dick still inside the man, resting his weight on the man's back. Mike found that to be their most intimate time.

Up on the sundeck Dave was nearly drowning in pleasurable sensations. The man on his back was stroking his dick in him, long, slow, gentle strokes. Dave's mental functions had long since shut down leaving him only the pleasure of the man's dick moving in him. He knew he couldn't last much longer but somehow the slow strokes went on and on.

Then the man kissed him on the neck and whispered, "I can't do it anymore. I'm going to come." And that's what he did, he came. For a long time. After a second or two Dave realized he wasn't feeling the man's pleasure but his own. Under him his cock was spraying hot cum between his belly and the lounge pad.

They lay together for a few moments before the man slowly pulled out of Dave and turned him over. Seeing the slick on Dave's belly and the pad he chuckled. "I was going to blow you, get you off but I see you've taken care of that.

Dave smiled up at him. "No, you took care of that for me. Thank you."

The man helped him up, kissed him and grinned. "You, my boy, are a very fine fuck. I hope we'll do it again some time." Another kiss and the man was gone, down the stairs.

Dave left the sundeck right after the man and found Mike just coming out of the TV room. Deciding a shower was in order they went back to their room.

Crowded together in the shower Dave kissed Mike and began rubbing soap over his body. "You watch any TV in the TV room?"

Mike laughed. "Nary a moment. I was, uh... sort of busy. You?"

"Watch TV? I don't think so. I was sort of busy too." He knelt down and carefully washed Mike's dick, making it about half hard in the process. "Had a very good time with a gentle, sweet guy." He kissed Mike's dick. "Almost as big as you."

Mike grasped him under the arms and pulled him to his feet. He hugged him and kissed him on the shoulder blade, on his tattoo. "Hey, tell me again about that tattoo."

Dave ran his hands down Mike's flanks giving him goose bumps. ""You don't remember? I must have told you ten times."

"Tell me again."

"As you'll remember from the other ten times, it was on my twenty-first birthday. To celebrate dad took me down to Long Beach, to some bars he knew from the navy. We were so close then," he said wistfully. "It'll be great to see him tomorrow."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. The story please."

"Anyway, since I was now legal we had a few drinks. Maybe more than a few, I don't remember. At one point dad put his arm around my shoulder and said how great is was, us being out together and what a momentous occasion it was, me now being legal and everything. We figured we had to mark the occasion so we went down the street and got tattooed."

Mike kissed the tattoo again. "Well, it's a funny thing to tattoo, '21-4-40.' What's it mean again?"

Dave kissed him. "Why this sudden interest in that silly tattoo?" Mike smacked him on the butt. "Okay, okay. I'm the 21. After all it was my birthday. And dad's the 40. It wasn't his birthday but close enough. So it's Dave for Dad. His, of course, is the other way. Dad for Dave." He took hold of Mike's soft dick. "Boring story, huh? Shrunk you right up. So tell me about the TV room."

They got out of the shower and Mike handed him a towel. "Not too much to tell, there was only one guy in there. A little older but very handsome. Reminded me a lot of you, blond hair, greenish eyes, lopsided smile, just like you.. He liked it the way you do sometimes too, on his belly and a little rough." Thinking about it made his dick begin to rise.

"Were you good? Make him happy?"

"Made him come if that's what you mean." His dick was almost hard and he took hold of it, squeezing it. "Oh, and did I mention that he was your father?"

Dave laughed. "Not likely. For one thing my dad is probably up in L.A. cleaning the house as we speak. For another, he's straight." He cupped Mike's balls in his hand, holding them gently.

Mike stroked his dick a couple of times, enjoying the feel of Dave's fingers on his balls. "How many blond, green eyed guys with a lopsided smile who like to get fucked on their belly do you suppose there are in the world who also have 40-4-21 tattooed on their right shoulder blade?"

In room Seven, on the other side of the pool, an essentially identical conversation was taking place.

"What do you mean you fucked my son?"

Eric handed him a glass of wine. "I guess I really can't say that, can I, never having met the man."

Ben sipped his wine and chuckled. "I guess not, especially seeing as how he's straight and as a general rule straight guys don't like to get fucked."

Smiling, Eric poured himself a glass of wine. "But the boy was sweet. Looked just like you with your blond hair, green eyes and lopsided smile. Had the same tattoo you do too, only backwards. You know, 40-4-21 only his said 21-4-40."

Ben put his wine glass down. "You sure?" he whispered. "21-4-40?"

Eric put his own wine glass on the table and crossed to Ben, taking him in his arms. "Yeah, I'm sure. And he was the spitting image of you Ben, only a younger version."

"My son? Dave? Gay? How could that be. I'd have known. I'm his dad for god's sake."

Erick kissed him. "He know you're gay?"

"Well, no, of course not. How would he know that?"

Another kiss. "My point exactly."

That afternoon was unseasonably warm, almost hot, and the lounges around the pool were filled with naked bodies soaking up the sun. Mike and Dave were on two of them, pretending to read but actually studying the men around them, Mike lustfully and Dave nervously.

"There he is," Mike said quietly. "To your right."

They had talked about this moment, Dave meeting his dad, until Dave was actually comfortable with it. After all, to be here they had to be looking for the same thing. Now that the moment was at hand, Dave found himself very nervous. "Oh my god!"

Mike put his book down, "Now what?"

"That man? The man he's with? He's the one who fucked me. Up on the sundeck." He suddenly wanted to run back to the room.

Reading his mind, Dave said, "Too late. They've seen us. Smile."

Ben and Eric walked up and stood side by side, next to Dave's lounge. There was a long silence before Ben grinned and said, "Hello son. Your plane get in early?"

Dave jumped up and his father pulled him into a tight hug.

"Don't worry about it," his dad whispered in Dave's ear. "We all have a secret or two." Ben put his hands on Dave's shoulders and held him at arm's length, looking at him. "You look damn good son and I'd say that even if you weren't naked."

Dave grinned. "And you. I never knew you were so well hung."

Eric stepped up. "Like father, like son. Am I going to be introduced or do I just stand here like the loyal valet?"

"No, I'll acknowledge you," Ben said putting an arm around him. "Son, this is Eric. He's my... I don't know, we never know what to call it. Partner I guess. Or spouse or lover or whatever. I, uh... I understand you've met?"

Dave surprised himself when he leaned into Eric and kissed him. "But not been introduced. Hi Eric." He stepped back a bit and held his hand out to Mike, pulling him into the group. "This is Mike. He's the guy I told you about, coming with me? He's my partner." He looked at his dad. "And I understand that you've met also."

Ben extended his hand. "Yes, we've met." He pulled Mike into a hug and a kiss.

When they broke, Eric put his arm around Mike's shoulder and said, "You guys like a beer? We brought some really good German stuff, over in the refrigerator."

They spent the rest of the afternoon talking and catching up. Ben and Eric told how they'd met nearly five years ago, at Some Guys. "We each came here to play and spent most of the weekend sitting by the pool and flirting with each other," Eric said.

Ben cut in. "Until Saturday night. Two guys ganged up on us in the hot tub." He laughed. "Their motto was `Up, up and away!' and boy, they could really do that to a guy."

Eric grinned. "We figured that if they could do that to us we could do it to each other. Better."

"Much better. We spent the next two days in Eric's bed. I think we did eat some food, too, but I don't remember it." He turned to Dave. "Are you okay with this? Talking about such personal things? Sex? We never did much of that when you were young."

"Yeah, I'm okay with it, Dad. It's not what I expected though. I mean, I've worried a lot, off and on, how I'd tell you I was gay. I had all these scenarios worked out but meeting you at a nude gay resort never entered my mind."

Ben laughed. "Nor mine. See? The best laid plans... Now, how did you and Mike meet?"

Mike answered. "Well, as long as we're telling all our secrets, we met in an adult book store. Through a glory hole."

"Yeah. I'd been keeping an eye on him for a couple of hours and when he went into a booth that had an empty one next to it, I grabbed it." Dave's eyes were shining. "When that beautiful dick came through the hole I took hold of it and made it my own."

Mike nodded. "It was so romantic, sticking your cock through a hole in the wall to see what would happen. But he made a man of me that night, first through the glory hole and then in his bed. Haven't slept alone since."

"Well, I'm not sure who made a man of whom but he's right. We haven't had a night apart since." Dave turned to his dad. "So I guess you won't mind if we sleep together at your house? I really worried about how we were going to pull that off."

"Not if you don't mind that Eric and I sleep together."

Mike looked back at the picnic area. "Ah, looks like it's time for the wine and cheese." He paused a moment, then, "And look what's setting out the cheese."

They all turned to look. "Oh, that's just Harry," Eric said. "That's his boyfriend pouring the wine. At least I think it's his boyfriend."

"Maybe not," Ben said. "A guy I was talking to yesterday said he's straight."

"Well, straight or gay, those two are sure stirring up the crowd. Shall we have some wine?"

The next day, as they were checking out, Ben said to Bob, "It's been quite a weekend. Quite a weekend!"

"How so?"

"Well, I met up with my son here," he put an arm around Dave's shoulders, "and I didn't even know he was gay."

"That's because you never gave me a hint that you were," Dave said, hugging his father.

Bob laughed. "Makes life interesting doesn't it, when your kid hands you a surprise like that." He went to the window and pointed. "You see that guy out there, the hunk cleaning the pool? That's my son."

Ben grinned. "So we both got gay sons. How'd you find out he was gay?"

Bob shrugged his shoulders. "I didn't. He says he's straight."

"Now that's weird," Eric chimed in. "I thought he and Harry were kind of a pair."

"They are," Bob said, shrugging again. "Sam, that's my son, he says there's no reason a straight man can't love a gay guy. It's all just a matter of labels and semantics he says."

Roger, who had just walked in added, "You know, it just might be. Anyway, they seem to make each other damn happy and that's all that really counts. You men have a good time with us?"

They all nodded. "Hey," said Eric, "how about we stay here a couple more days? We could go home Wednesday morning, just in time for Christmas Eve. After all, we're just going home to meet up with these boys." He looked at Bob. "You got a vacancy?"

Bob glanced at his reservations book. "Sure, I think so. You can probably stay right where you are unless you want to save some money and move over to room four. That's a two bedroom suite. Cheaper than two rooms."

"Sounds great, Dad. And if anyone gets a trick we can all share him."

"Look," said Roger. Why don't you stay an extra day and go back Christmas morning? We have a little Christmas Eve celebration planned for our guests and we'd like to include you four. Harry's cooking so it will be something very special."

"A great idea," Ben said. Three more days in the sun."

Eric nodded. "Not to mention three more days on the sundeck. Let's do it!"


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