Some Guys

by Greg Bowden

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chapter Six

In which two men discover their true nature. Only one of them is surprised.

"Hey men, how's it going? You finished yet?" Bill Flint climbed out of the big red 350 pickup with Bill Flint—Specialty Contractor emblazoned in black on the doors. "I hope so `cause we need to get on finishing that exercise room tomorrow."

Dan, the smaller of the two workmen relaxing in the shade of a ficus tree, grinned at him. "Done and done. Your hopes have come to pass."

Tom, the other workman, nodded. "We were just waiting for you to come around and inspect."

Bill went into the store they had just finished and looked around. "Nice job, men. This really looks good." He walked the perimeter of the display room, examining the tile on the floor. When he was finished he looked up and smiled. "Not a drip or a dribble. Damn, you guys are good."

"Good enough for a little bonus?" That from Tom who always seemed a little short before—and sometimes after—payday.

"If the rest is as good as this, could be, could be."

When the inspection was finished Bill pulled a couple of envelopes out of his shirt pocket and handed one to each of the men. "A job well done is its own reward you know. However..."

The guys, to their credit, slid the envelopes into their back pockets without opening them.

"Okay, you got the rest of the afternoon off but don't forget—seven o'clock sharp tomorrow morning. I promised we'd get that exercise room finished by the end of next week. You know where it is?"

"Yeah," Tom said. "It's one of those queer places down along Warm Sands, right?"

"Uh, Tom?" Dan shook his head. "I don't think they'd appreciate us referring to it that way."

Bill jumped in. "Dan's right. Whatever you may think of those guys, they're paying your inflated wages so keep it to yourself."

Tom kind of hung his head. "Aw, I didn't mean anything by it. Queers don't bother me none."

"Gays, Tom, Gays," Bill said with a note of exasperation in his voice. "And remember, if you see anything that offends your sensibilities just ignore it and get on with your job."

Dan laughed. "Sensibilities? Tom's got sensibilities? I rather doubt that." He picked up his water bottle. "But he'll be okay, won't you Tom?"

"Yeah, I'll be okay." He brightened. "Hey, someone once told me that a que... a gay guy gives better head than anyone. Hell, maybe I'll try one of these dudes out and see, huh?"

Bill rolled his eyes. "You'll keep your dick in your jeans, at least between the hours of seven and three-thirty. What you do with it afterward is your own call." He shook hands with each of them. "Okay, see you tomorrow at seven. On time."


It was a quarter to seven when Roger wandered into the office and started the coffee. He yawned and idly tugged on his dick which was slowly deflating from his morning erection. Just before the coffee maker finished, he unlocked the office door and picked up the five copies of the L.A. Times they had delivered each day: one copy for him and Bob, one copy for Sam and Harry and three copies for the whoever of the guests who might want to see what was going on in the outside world.

At seven o'clock the door opened and Bill walked in, accompanied by a couple of—in Rogers opinion—very hunky workmen.

"Roger, this is Tom and Dan. They're going to be doing the finish work in the exercise room."

"Glad to meet you," Roger shook hands with each of them. When he caught Tom looking at his dick he said, "Oh, don't mind me. We're pretty informal around here, staff and guests."

Tom blushed and mumbled "Sorry."

Roger handed him a mug of coffee. "That's okay. You get used to it after a while."

Bill poured coffee for Dan and himself. "Don't worry men, you can keep your britches on while you work."

Roger laughed. "Yeah, it's not like you have to be naked around here. Well, except for the pool. If you're in the pool you have to be naked. We don't allow suits or anything there."

Dan looked up. "We could use the pool?"

"Not on my time you can't," Bill said. "Seven to three-thirty you're working!"

Roger nodded but added, "You play by Bill's rules but when you're off his clock you're welcome to swim or use any of the facilities."

"Cool," Tom said.

"Alright men, enough chit-chat. Let's get to work.

Dan had expected the work to be pretty routine finish work but it didn't turn out that way. For one thing, before they could put up the drywall they would have to remove all the lath and plaster that the electricians and A/C men hadn't. They also had to install a couple of fake columns to cover up the steel supports that had been put in when the center wall was removed.

They were working on the lath and plaster around nine when a naked guy poked his head in the doorway.

"Whoa there dude," Tom called out. "You come in here and you're covered with plaster dust in about two seconds."

The man came in anyway. "Don't let me interrupt the work guys, I just came to welcome you and see if there's anything you need. I'm Bob, by the way. Roger's partner."

Dan laid down his crowbar and stuck out his hand. "Glad to meet you, Bob."

"Yeah," Tom added, "nice to meet ya. I guess we met that Roger guy this morning."

"Right. I believe he mentioned that you could use the showers and pool when you finish but I don't think he invited you to our wine and cheese get together at five every afternoon. You're welcome to hang around and mingle with the guests."

"That's really good of you, Bob," Dan said. "I'm not sure we'll take you up on it but it was nice of you to ask us."

Bob grinned at him. "It's okay, you know. No one will bite you.."

"No, no. It's not that. It's just—we might feel a little out of place is all."

Bob laughed. "Not likely. If you're a man and you're naked, you're in the right place. Anyway, you're welcome to join us."

About eleven thirty they broke for lunch. Since it was such a mild day Tom suggested they eat in the little grove of trees just below where they were working. They found a couple of lounge chairs and settled in with their sandwiches and iced tea. After a few minutes Tom said, "Will you look at that?"


"Over there." He nodded his head. "Those guys are gonna get it on."

Dan looked and sure enough, one guy was on his knees in front of the other one, playing with his dick. He tried to tear his eyes away but he found himself fascinated. He'd never seen another guy get hard before, and this guy had nothing to be ashamed of.

"Uh oh. Busted," Tom said as both the guys looked over and saw them. The one on his knees grinned at them and then turned and slowly took the other man's dick in his mouth. "Shit, he's taking it all. That thing must be clear down in his throat."

As they watched, the guy getting blown put his hands on the other one's head and pulled it tight against him. Then he turned to Tom and Dan, grinned and began face fucking the man.

"Oh god, I wish he was doin' that to me."

Dan looked at him, knowing full well what Tom meant but he asked the question anyway. "Fucking you in the mouth? I didn't know..."

"No, dummy. Sucking my dick. Clear down to my balls. Shit that must feel good."

They ate their lunches and watched the show until the man getting blown arched his back and let out a moan that could only be from great pleasure. The other man held him in his mouth for a little longer and when he came off the dick he'd been sucking was nearly soft. He stood, both men nodded to Tom and Dan and they went off in the direction of the pool.

Later, as they were ripping out the last of the lath and plaster, Tom said, "You going to go for a swim when we finish?"

"I guess. I mean, they were nice enough to offer it to us and it has gotten pretty warm. You?"

"Oh, you bet. Maybe stay for the wine thing too, see if I can meet up with that guy, get me a blow job."

Dan laid down his crow bar and looked at Tom. "You'd really let a guy go down on you?"

Tom grinned. "I damn sure would. I hear tell guys give the best head there ever was. I mean, didn't you see that? He swallowed the guy's whole dick down and even when the guy came he wanted more. Oh yeah, I'd let him blow me in a flash."

Shaking his head, Dan picked up his crowbar and began tearing at the last of the lath and plaster. "I don't know about you Tom..."

"Hey, it's just a blow job, okay? It's not like I'm gonna marry the guy. He's just going to suck my dick, that's all."

"You wish!"

By three-thirty all the lath was down and they were sweeping up the last of the plaster. "I can't wait for that shower," Dan said, scratching at the coating of sweat and plaster dust on his chest.

"Yeah, you let that stuff stay on you too long and it turns back into plaster. Pulls all your hair out when you pull it off."

"Well, I guess that's more of a problem for you than me," Dan said with a grin.

With the last of the debris put in the waste bin, Tom looked around. "Hey, where is the shower anyway?"

Dan was already pulling off his boots. "Around there, outside."

"Outside? Oh, man, I'm gonna love this."


About that same time Sam walked into the office. "Hi Dad. Hi Pop."

Bob looked him up and down. "Jeans and a tee shirt? You must be going out."

"I am. So are you so you'd better jump into some pants and shoes. Harry's going to watch the store for a few minutes."


He cut Roger off. "You'll see. It's just a short walk"

Just then Harry walked in. "Hi dads. I see our two workmen are fitting right in. They're both in the showers and at least one of them seems to be showing off a little. The cute one."

"Really?" Bob went to the window where he could just see the shower area. "So he is. When I talked to them this morning I got the impression they would both run like hell at quitting time."

"Come on, Bob. Our son here is anxious to take us somewhere." Roger tossed Bob a pair of shorts.

Dressed, they left the office and Sam led them down to the corner and turned left.

"You know, someone really should trim these hedges," Bob said, pulling some leaves off one of the trees. "Place looks abandoned."

"It sorta is," Sam said. "Nobody's lived here since the sixty's."

Roger nodded. "And you know that because..."

"Uh... I've been doing a little research."

Bob looked at him. "And..."

Sam produced a key. "Let me show you."

They went through a gate and discovered a house, built of adobe in the Mexican Revival style of the 1930's. "Be careful," Sam said as he led them up the three stairs to the porch. "They're kind of rickety but safe enough if you tread lightly."

Unlocking the door Sam said, "Mind you, you have to look beyond the dust and stuff." He wasn't kidding.

Bob and Roger looked around with some dismay at six inches of dust on the floor, cobwebs hanging everywhere and the few sticks of abandoned furniture standing against one wall.

Bob said, "Well, it could stand a bit of cleaning."

Roger suddenly saw the possibility. "Offices?"

Sam broke out into a grin. "Good for you, Pop."

Sam became more and more enthusiastic as he showed them around, explaining where walls would be changed and where the engineers' offices would be. "Brian thinks it's a good fit for the kind of guys we want to work with."

"Well, I think so, too. What'd you think, Bob?"

Bob looked a little skeptical. "It's going to be a lot of work. But it'll be a very special place to work if it's done right."

Roger nodded. "Probably hard to finance, though."

Sam grinned. "Uh, well, not really. It seems that I have my own built in finance company."


Sam nodded.

"Are you sure that's a good idea, son?" Bob asked.

Sam grinned again. "Yeah, I think it is. For a couple of reasons. First, I love him. Second, he won't allow me to do it any other way. Actually, it was his idea. So was the best part, which you haven't seen yet. Come on."

He led them out and around the side of the building and pointed out an overgrown gate in what was left of a fence. "Through there."

On the other side of the gate they found a small bungalow, built in the same Mexican Revival style as the larger house.

Roger smiled at Sam. "For you and Harry?"

"Yeah." Sam produced another key. "It's in better shape than the offices and won't need as many changes. He led them through the front door, into a living room.

"Splendid detail," Bob said, looking around.

"Yeah. Harry says it's practically a museum of the Mexican Revival style. It needs restoration of course and it'll be a lot of work but Harry says it'll be worth it. And the best part..."

He led them through a door and into what looked to Bob like a very primitive kitchen. "Harry will finally get his own kitchen. He's very excited about it."

Ever the practical one, Roger asked, "How much?"

"We don't know yet. William, the real estate guy, says he has no idea and the owner—well, actually the owner's estate—hasn't a clue. They just want to get it off their books. We'll have to get it appraised and see."

Bob turned to Roger. "What about that outfit that appraised Some Guys for us?"

"Yeah, they're good and seem to come up with a fair price." He turned to Sam. "You want their number?"

Sam nodded. "It would be a big help, Pop. We were just going to look in the phone book"


The next morning Tom and Dan started putting up the drywall.

"Did you end up staying for the wine?" Dan asked.

Tom got a silly grin on his face. "Yup, sure did."

There was a long pause. Finally Dan said, "And..."

"And I got lucky. Real lucky."

"You find that guy from lunch?"

"Yeah, but he was busy. Introduced me to another dude who about blew my brains out." He turned to Dan, "I mean it was, without a doubt, the best blow job I've ever had." He rubbed his crotch. "Jesus, just thinking about it makes me hard."

Dan smiled. "So I see. It was really that good, huh?"

Tom blushed a little and tried to hide the bulge in his crotch with his hand. "Better. I'm not kidding; it was the best I've ever had and I've had my share."

When Tom picked up his hammer Dan gave a low whistle. "Based on what I can see I imagine you made him pretty happy too. He really take all that?"

Tom blushed again. "It's not all that big. But yeah, he took it all, right down to my balls." He looked Dan in the eye. "You know, Dan, you gotta try it. Let some dude blow you and you'll come back for more. I guarantee it."

Dan shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not, we'll see how it goes."

Tom kept it up for the rest of the day, telling Dan how good a blow job was, given by another guy and how he had to try it. Finally, towards quitting time, Dan agreed just to get him off his back.

A little after three-thirty they showered and got in the pool. As soon as they did three or four guys sitting around the pool decided it was time for a swim, too. Dan kept pretty much to himself and swam laps while Tom and the others engaged in some friendly horseplay. When he was tired of the laps Dan swam over to Tom.

"I'm getting out." He said. "You coming with me?"

Tom hesitated. "Well, I can't just yet." Dan gave him an inquiring look. "See, those guys have been kind of playing with me and I'm, uh, well, I'm kind of hard. You go ahead."

Dan climbed out and lay down on one of the lounges to dry in the sun. It wasn't long before a guy came and sat on the lounge beside him

"You're one of the workmen, aren't you? Dan?"

"Yeah. How'd you know my name?"

The guy shrugged. "Your buddy, in the pool. He said you might want... uh, you might want to get your rocks off." He grinned, showing white, even teeth. "He said to tell you that he recommended me." There was a long pause in which Dan saw that the man was staring at his dick and getting hard. He began to fill out himself. "You interested?"

Dan gave a mental shrug. "Sure. Why not? Right here?"

"If you want. But I thought, seeing as it's your first time with a guy you might not want to be so public about it. Tell you what, let's go to my room where you can stretch out on the bed and have a bit of privacy."

Dan sat up. "He tell you that? That I've never had a guy go down on me before?"


"What else did he tell you uh," he paused, looking at the man. "What's your name?"

The man stuck out his hand. "Will. Glad to meet you."

Dan shook the offered hand and stood. "Well, Will, I guess we better get to it before that thing in front of you throws you off balance."

Will looked down at his dick which was obviously puffed up and on the verge of lifting away from his balls. "Sorry. I'm kind of excited about... Come on."

An hour later Tom was enjoying a glass of wine with the guests of Some Guys. He was surprised at how comfortable he felt, being naked in a group of naked men. He idly wondered what had happened to Dan, who had gone off with that guy who had blown him the afternoon before. He smiled, thinking what a great time Dan must be having.

"Hey guy. Having a good time?" It was the man they'd seen at lunch their first day.

Tom shrugged. "Could be better."

The man looked pointedly at Tom's dick. "You want me to make it that way? Better?"


The man took Tom's wineglass and set it on a table. "Come on." He took Tom's hand and led him out to the building where they'd been working. Around the side was a stairway. "Up here."

At the top of the stairs was a large sundeck with a few benches and large cushions scattered here and there. The man pulled Tom into a hug and kissed him on the lips. Tom was too surprised to react, especially when the man started fondling his balls. "I'm Jim," he said and slowly sank to his knees, running his tongue the length of Tom's body as he did so.

Tom moaned quietly as Jim took his dick into his mouth and ran his tongue around the flare of the head. When Tom's dick was fully hard he pulled Tom to him, taking in his dick until he had every inch of it in his mouth and throat. He held it there for a long moment and then slowly slid it out, until just the head was in his mouth. He looked up at Tom and winked before taking all of him in again.

It was wonderful and then it was made more wonderful when someone stood close behind and hugged him. Sensory overload set in when the man hugging him began to play with his nipples, squeezing them gently but firmly.

"You have the prettiest ass," the man whispered, licking Tom's ear and pressing into him. "Can I have it?"

Tom heard him but he was so close to the edge of his orgasm that he couldn't process what the man had said. Jim, on his knees in front of him, stopped moving on his dick and gently played with his balls. The man behind him moved away just a little bit and then Tom felt something press against his asshole. When he realized what was happening he pushed forward, trying to get away from the hardness pushing into him. Then it all happened at once.

Jim moved his tongue, finding and teasing that sensitive wad of skin just under the head of Tom's dick. The man behind him squeezed down hard on his nipples and pushed. Tom let out a strangled yell and had the orgasm of his life.

Neither man stopped. Jim took his dick back into his throat and began swallowing on it while the man behind set up a nice rhythm stroking into him. Every time he pushed into Tom he hit something which sent electric shocks through to his dick and up to his nipples. The pleasure built and built until he couldn't hold it any more and he came again. The man behind him followed suit and so did Jim who hadn't even touched himself.

They were silent while they disengaged, Jim relinquishing Tom's dick and the man behind him slowly easing out of Tom's ass. Then Jim stood, kissed each of them and said, "Wow. That was something else." He looked at his watch, "Dinner time. See you guys later." He kissed Tom on the mouth again. "Man, you are some stud." Then he was gone, down the stairs.

Tom stood facing the man who had just fucked him. "He's right, you know," the man said. "You are some stud. And one with an awfully pretty ass." He held out his hand, "I'm Blake,"

"Tom." He shook the man's hand and couldn't think of anything to say. He really couldn't think at all.

"Come on," Blake said, taking him by the hand. "We both need a shower."

Instead of going to the showers by the pool Blake led him across the resort, to his room. Inside, in the bathroom, he led him into a shower big enough for two; only then did he let go of Tom's hand.

He let go of Tom's hand so he could put his arms around him. Then he kissed him, working his tongue into Tom's mouth. Tom tried to tell him he was straight, that he didn't kiss guys, but all that came out was a moan and he gave up. He just let things happen.

Blake washed him from head to toe, touching him everywhere. When he was done Tom returned the favor, even to the point of taking the head of Blake's dick into his mouth. He didn't know why; it just seemed the thing to do.

They dried each other and Blake led him to the bed. Stretched out, touching from shoulder to toe, Blake asked him if he was all right.

Tom tried to think about it but nothing he thought made any sense. Finally he just said, "Yeah." Then he kissed Blake, just to see if it felt as good as before. It was better.

He kept kissing him and it wasn't long before he found Blake's legs wrapped around him and himself inside Blake, making love to him.

Later they ordered a pizza and took a swim. After that they made love again and then slept, wrapped in each other's arms. When they woke it seemed the most natural thing in the world to suck each other's dicks.

After, still in the glow of love making Blake pulled Tom into his arms and nuzzled his ear. "Another hour's sleep, okay?"

Tom looked over at the bedside clock. It was only 6:45. He began to drift off and then the numbers worked through his brain. "Six-forty-five! I'm gonna be late." He jumped out of bed and began looking for his clothes.

Blake sat up and yawned. "What?"

"I'm late," Tom said, "and I can't find my clothes. We start work at seven and Dan's gonna have my ass if I'm late."

Blake broke into a sudden grin. "You're one of the guys building the gym, aren't you? I thought I recognized you from somewhere."

"Yeah, and I'm gonna..."

"No you're not. It'll take you twenty-seven seconds to get to work and your clothes are probably over there anyway. You go on over and I'll bring you some coffee." He got out of bed and kissed him. "Now go."

His clothes were right where he'd left them, folded up in a corner of the room. He was just pulling his boots on when Blake came in carrying two large cups of coffee.

"Brought one for your buddy, too." Blake leaned in and kissed him.

Tom took the coffee. "That was good of you." There was a pause. "Look, uh..."

"I know, I know. Don't annoy the workmen." He went to the doorway and turned. "This afternoon? After work? Maybe dinner?"

Tom nodded, not knowing what else to do. Almost immediately after Blake left Dan walked in. "Hey Tom. You early?"

Tom gave him a weak grin. "Yeah, I can do it if I put my mind to it. One of the guys brought us coffee." He handed Dan a cup and looked around the room. "I guess we put up the columns today."

They worked hard all morning uncrating the column pieces and wrestling them into place. Around eleven Bob wandered in with a large paper bag. "I hope you guys haven't had lunch yet. One of the guests over-ordered and we thought you'd like a fresh made sandwich for a change. Here," he thrust the bag out to Dan. "Help yourselves."

Tom was pretty sure he knew who the guest was that over-ordered but didn't say anything.

They took their sandwiches and water outside and settled in a couple of well shaded chairs. Tom looked at Dan and laughed. "Well I guess you win,"


"You're going to wait and make me ask about last evening. How it went. Didn't he just blow your mind away?"

Dan blushed a little. "Oh, that. Yeah, it was okay."


"Well, it wasn't exactly the best sex I've ever had, but it was... okay."

"Just okay?"

Dan shrugged. "What can I tell you. It was like a really good jack-off session and I can do that by myself. I mean, it felt good, him going down on me, but, like when I jack-off, there wasn't... I don't know. There wasn't any connection. There wasn't any emotion. It was just a good, competent blow job."

Tom shrugged. "I can't believe I'm hearing this. He was so good!"

Dan shrugged. "Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess."

Later, as they were finishing the installation of the columns, Tom quietly said, "I know who sent those sandwiches."

Dan looked over at him. "What? Who?"

Tom kind of ducked his head. "His name's Blake. I... I spent the night with him."

"You..." Dan stopped wiping his hands with solvent and looked at Tom. "You spent the night getting blown?"

"No, not... We did a lot of stuff."

"Tom? Are you trying to tell me something here?"

Tom was silent for a long moment, staring off into a place Dan couldn't see. Finally: "I guess I'm telling both of us something. See, I made the connection you didn't. There was... I guess there was emotion." He paused and ran his fingers through his hair. "I don't know. Maybe it wasn't emotion but," he looked up, looking Dan in the eye, "there was very definitely a connection. Big time."

Dan suddenly grinned and stuck out his hand. "Well, then. I guess congratulations are in order, right? I mean, finding yourself..."

Tom shook the offered hand. "I truly don't know, Dan. I'm going to have to think about it. A lot. But thanks." He picked up the rag and the can of solvent. "You gonna shower?"

"Yeah, but I've got to hurry." He grinned. "I've got a dinner date and I need some flowers and candy."

After their shower Tom went over to the pool area and sat on a lounge, next to Blake.

"That your buddy in the shower with you?"

"Yeah. That's Dan."

"Nice looking." He leaned in and gave Tom a light kiss. "But not as nice as you." He looked Tom over. "You look tired babe. Come on, dinner's not until seven-thirty so we've got time for a little nap." He took note of Tom's penis, filling out, threatening to rise. "A nap nap." He leaned in and kissed him again. "Well, maybe time for that too, but after some sleep!"

Later, after salad and steaks at the Uptown Grill, waiting for their dessert, Blake said thoughtfully, "You know, after all we've talked about I get the distinct impression you might not be as experienced as I thought. With guys I mean. Am I right?"

Tom took a deep breath. "You know something Blake? Before last night I never in my life kissed a guy. Hell, I'd never even hugged a guy except for my dad and my brother. That other stuff... I've never even thought about it.. Never."

The waiter came with their ice cream and served it. When he left Blake stood, leaned over the table and kissed Tom. "Eat your ice cream so we can go to bed and figure out some other new things to do."


Three days later, on Monday morning, Tom walked in to the work site ten minutes late but carrying his lunch cooler.

"I see you're late as usual," Dan said, "but you brought your lunch. You go home?"

"Yeah. Late last night. Sorry about being late."

Dan shook his head. "Doesn't matter. You're always late. That guy, Blake, what..."

"Oh he went home. Somewhere in Illinois, I think. Had a morning plane yesterday."

"Morning plane? And you got home late last night? What..."

Tom grinned. "Okay so I just stayed around here for the day." His grin got a little goofy looking. "Had a lot of fun, too. Now, where's that paint we're supposed to use in here?"


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