Spit Bubble and Snot

by Larkin


Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006


Spit Bubble and Snot

by Larkin

I didn't even ask him his name. It had happened that fast. He was sitting on his bike in Tompkins Square Park.

"What's up." is always the opening line. We talked about pot.

He was young and not especially pretty. He was a dirty boy with his long hair parted in the middle and a shark tooth earring dangling from one ear. I was fascinated, watching him make spit bubbles and trying to blow them off his tongue. When he stood up, he looked off in the distance. I watched while he scratched his ass. It took no time to lure him to Eddie's apartment. He knew exactly what was up and it didn't seem bother him in the least.

He sat on the couch, opened his pants and pushed them down. He lifted his legs to pull them off over his Nikes. When he did, I looked. His asshole was dark and hairless. After he pulled off his shirt, he was naked except for his shoes and socks.

He lay back on the couch and carelessly spread his legs. He had a nice set of big round balls and a long uncut cock topped by early growth of sparse pubic hair. I got down on my hands and knees between his teenage legs. I handled his cock and sucked on it until got good and stiff. When I was licking his nuts I could smell his ass. It was ripe and slightly untidy. When I was sucking his cock I looked into his impassive eyes. He stared back at me like he couldn't give a shit.

While I sucked, the kid dug his finger up his nose. He looked away from me just long enough to study the snot on the end of his finger. Then he rubbed off it on the arm of the couch. Casually, he looked back at me sucking on his stiff bone.

The blow job good for both of us and was getting better. The kid lifted one leg and pinned it way back with his arm, exposing his ass to me. I just couldn't pass it up. I figured it was a valuable part of the experience. I started by giving his scrotum a good lick, both sides and underneath. Then I moved lower. His cocky untidiness was so fucking thrilling. It was tempting me to cum in my pants. I licked all around his hole and then probed its interior with my tongue. The kid started jacking off. He was grooving. He pulled up his other leg so that it spread his ass open and wide. His asshole was expanding and contracting. I studied all of its details, over and over with my tongue. Licking out his ass was giving me this sick and twisted feeling. It was something like the worshipping an evil demon. I pushed a spit covered finger up his dirty hole.

Suddenly both his legs landed back on the floor. He was standing over me. I looked up and gob and goblets of white cum rained down on my face. I opened my mouth. It was uncomplicated, rude and nasty. Definitely worth it

A few days later I ran into him again. It turns his name was Phil. I thought Phil was a stupid name for such and hot nasty punk. Phil never smiled or changed his expression so it was hard to figure him out. I suggested that we might be able to find some pot and, by the way, did he want to go somewhere and fuck around.

He frowned and said, "Look, I'm not no fag and I don't get fucked up the ass, ok, so fuck off?"

I laughed, but Phil looked serious.
I thought of saying, "Shit, if you like your asshole licked out so much, then maybe you should try it."

But I didn't. "No, no, you know, what we did last time and I don't mind if you want to fuck me."

He thought for a minute and it looked like he was checking me out. I'd like to think that he figured that if he was going to fuck around with a guy, he could do a lot worse.

"Oh ok, that's cool, I can get into that....

He looked quizzically at me. "You like getting fucked up the ass?"

"Yeah, it feels real good, and if it's the right person, it's awesome." Phil shrugged his shoulders.

We ended up back at Eddie's. Eddie had been gone for weeks. I supposed that he could show up at anytime. I like to imagine Eddie walking in when some guy was in the middle of fucking my ass fast and hard. I really wanted that to happen. I wanted to see the look on his face. I needed Eddie to know that I am desirable even if it means that he would kick my ass for being a whore.

Phil stood in the middle of the room, hand down his pants, adjusting his cock.. This time, I sat on the couch and Phil dropped his pants and climbed up on me. He fucked me in my mouth.
It seemed like he wasn't interested in me at all, he was just interested in shooting his load.
You know what? I really like it that way just fine.

Standing over me, he pulled off his shirt and threw it on the floor. I managed to kick off my shoes and slide my pants down and off with Phil still straddled me. He got off me long enough for me slid down low in the couch and raise my legs up high. Phil moved forward and let two huge gobs of spit drop into his cupped hand. He applied the spit to his hard dick and pushed my legs back further, then holding his cock in one hand, he pushed it up my asshole. Then he leaned forward to begin the real fuck. He had no choice, but to become intimate with me. I looked straight into his animal eyes. I wrapped my arms around him and breathed in the scent from under his arms. In no time, he was fucking me very hard. He was grunting and growling and going for the deepest. We were face to face. When he gasped, I could smell his breath. It sure made my cock hard and I wanted more. Finally, Phil started huffing in sync with long strokes in and out of my ass. He pushed my legs back further so that my ass rose up and he dropped in even deeper. Then I felt his cum flooding me. His stiff cock had become suddenly slippery. This was followed by a series of gratifying grunts and short thrusts that eventually petered out.

He lay on me and was still for a moment. When his cock slipped out of my ass, he stood up and swayed there almost out of balance. I rolled forward and began sucking his cock.
This surprised Phil, but I thought, fuck it.

In less that a few minutes, he was gone.

I thought I could love Phil, because Phil would never love me, or anyone for that matter.

The next time he saw him. He was in the park with a short overweight girl who looked pregnant. She had him by the arm and wouldn't let him stray. He had the same impassive look on his face.