You must be 18 or older to read this story. There's sex between guys in it.
These stories are true. Names are changed to protect the horny guys who gave it up to me.

These are my first attempts at putting my experiences in writing so go easy on me. I've read the stories in Nifty for a long time and thought I should finally lend mine to the archive. The stories won't be in chronological order. My age during these stories ranges from thirteen to my current thirty-seven. I just write them as I remember them. Most took place in the Northeast Ohio metro area unless otherwise mentioned.

Enjoy, I sure did!


Squirt-Memories 5

Having a dudes mouth suck me to orgasm in a park restroom had opened up a whole new world for me. The physical intensity of that experience haunted me for days. I couldn't stop thinking about a horny guy making me spew in his mouth. The next weekend I found myself biking around the park paths leading back to that hallowed spot. It was early morning about eight when I arrived near the outdoor restroom. I parked my bike and sat on a picnic table about fifty yards from the entrance. I was curious to see what kind of traffic there was going in and out of the place. My visits had been short jack-off sessions and then the surprise first blowjob.

I hadn't been sitting more than ten minutes when I saw a sedan park in the lot opposite the restroom. It was my BJ man, a middle aged average looking guy with the hot mouth that strolled into the little stone building. I began to realize that my blowjob man must be here a lot. I would turn fourteen in the Fall so anyone over college age was going to look pretty old to me. I was 5' 9" and about 145 of solid lean muscle with reddish blond hair and a good tan from being out most of the summer. My cock looked even bigger than it's seven and a half thick inches because I was so thin and narrow hipped.

Well it was obvious now after ten minutes that this guy was either constipated or looking for cock again. He hadn't come out. My dick wasn't hard so I really wasn't interested in going in at that moment. Then I saw a gorgeous dude running through the field to the left of the restroom. He was wearing a pair of cross country running shorts that were my high school colors but I didn't recognize him. There were several thousand kids in my school so that wasn't unusual. He was shirtless and his smooth muscular body was tan and shining with sweat. He was dark haired and had great runner legs. The tiny dark nylon shorts barely covered the twin mounds of his fabulously shaped butt cheeks. He slowed at the building and stopped at the water fountain outside the doors. Taking a long drink then standing and stretching and then taking another long drink gave my dick time to start swelling while I watched. He stood up and glanced around. I'm sure he looked in my direction, then went inside. I wasn't sure what to do. My heart was racing with excitement. Maybe he was just going to piss. But maybe....and if that 'maybe' was correct then middle aged man was going to get some mighty fine boy meat. At the very least maybe I would get to see some action if I went in.

I waited a good three minutes then bounded off that table and headed over to the restroom. I couldn't stay outside anymore. I approached the restroom as quietly as I could and slipped inside. The urinals were unoccupied. That meant runner kid must be in a stall. I didn't have to wait long before my thinking was confirmed.

"Stick that big thing through the hole and I'll suck it for you" I heard BJ man whisper. I walked past the first two loosely fitted stall doors glancing through the cracks. BJ man was staring through the hole into stall two where runner boy sat with a huge boner pointing to the ceiling. I went into the last stall and shucked off my shorts to free my woody and sat down. I could see that I had scared runner boy. He sat red faced and hunched over his arousal. Furtively he checked me out through the hole. I leaned back and exposed my big stiff cock for him to see. It worked. He leaned back and let his manhood stand up proudly between his muscular thighs. When I began to lightly stroke mine he stroked his.

"C'mom kid lemee' suck that beautiful cock" BJ man said desperately, "I'll swallow your cum, you'll love it, I give the best blowjobs"

BJ man must have know he was in a losing battle for that kid's magnificent sex stick. Runner boy surprised me. He was staring really hard at my dripping boner. After a few minutes he leaned over close to the hole. He looked mesmerized by my aroused prick. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue around his lips then wiggled it at me. I know an invite when I see one so I stood and presented my cock to his open lips.

Getting a blowjob from just any guy is one thing. Getting a blowjob from a gorgeous humpy athlete near my age was totally another.

He knew what he was doing. He slipped off his toilet and knelt at that hole making slow delicious love to my throbbing cock. His mouth was perfect. He tongued and licked and sucked slowly at first lapping up my pre-cum. I looked down and saw that his naked legs were under my side of the hole on each side of my feet. The end of his long cock was there too as he stroked it while blowing me.

I tried not to shoot too quickly because the feeling was so wonderful. At my age though that was nearly impossible. What seemed like an hour of getting sucked off by a beautiful dude was really only a minute or two. My nuts quickly pulled up tight under my spit slicked shaft and then cut loose a torrent of hot cum. Runner dude moaned with a muffle as I gushed into his sucking mouth. I was shooting so hard and shaking so badly I had to grab on to the top of the divider as I blasted spunk deep into his face. He rode me like a cowboy on a bucking bronco not missing a drop. I gasped and slowly relaxed off the top of the wall as my spasms slowed. Then I felt runner boy tighten down on my pulsing cock. He groaned quietly on me as I felt a wet spray of cum across my lower legs. He was shooting long jets of hot white jizzm over my calves and ankles while he nursed on my big boner.

I stood at that wall until he finally released my still steel hard cock. He stood and pulled up his nylon shorts without even wiping his dripping piss hole. Before I realized what was happening he had left the stall and trotted out of the restroom.

I sat catching my breath on the toilet. His cum was cooling and slowly dripping down into my shoes. I wiped the ball juice off with toilet paper.

"Leave that paper on the floor for me" BJ man hissed.

It was the least I could do after taking his trick's wad on my legs. I threw the wads of sperm soaked paper into the next stall and dressed.

Outside I saw no sign of runner boy. He had made a fast and complete exit. What a shame I thought. Maybe I would see him at school.

To be continued...