Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between
consenting males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such
materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your
jurisdiction, then read no further.

These stories are true. Names are changed to protect the horny guys who gave it up to me.

I've read the stories in Nifty for a long time and thought I should finally lend mine to the archive. The stories won't be in chronological order. I just write them as I remember them. Most took place in the Northeast Ohio metro area unless otherwise mentioned.

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Squirt-Memories 6

During the Fall of my junior year in High school I got a part time job at a mall in a small retail store. The work was OK and getting to see a ton of hot guys at the mall was a fringe benefit. I used part of the money I earned to join a nearby gym. It wasn't a huge place but it had a good sized workout floor and a pool area. I was new at working out and the first couple weeks about killed me. I was sore all over. The wet area was like the icing on my workout cake. I loved melting into the hot tub after a good lifting session.

Most of the guys were older than me. A lot looked to be in college or in their twenties. I envied some of the beautiful bods these dudes had and it made me work harder when I was there. It also had the unintended and embarrassing effect of giving me a boner if I stared too long. Sometimes it popped up even if I wasn't staring.

I had only been going to the gym a couple weeks but I always went about the same time. In the middle of the afternoon after school before work. About the only person I knew at first was Anthony the guy who had signed me up when I came in to join the gym. He was working his way through college. Anthony was probably almost six foot of solid muscle. He was a dark complected black guy with wide shoulders and an amazingly tiny waist. Sometime he would be working out when I was there. He was extremely friendly to me. He always spoke and flashed a big toothy smile whenever he saw me. I in turn would get a swollen boner any time I was around him. It was like he had some kind of magical control over my dick. I had seen him in the pool area wearing a red Speedo racing suit. That suit looked strained trying to hold the oversized package inside. His body was cut with smooth dark muscles that shimmered with sweat when he came out of the steam room. My boner wouldn't let me get out of the hot tub whenever he was around.

One afternoon after he had left the wet area and I had time to get my cock to deflate I went into the shower room to rinse off. The showers at this gym were divided into side by side stalls with frosted plastic walls between each one. Each stall had its own door. There was no one in the room so I went into a stall and started the water. I had only been there a minute or two when someone entered the shower next to mine. The dark figure was Anthony. Naked, sexy as hell Anthony. He turned on the water and began washing as my cock rose to full mast while my heart pounded in my throat. Even though the partition between us was opaque I could still see the outline of every part of his gorgeous body. Including six inches of limp dick swinging between his hugely muscled thighs. He soaped himself thoroughly front and back and then worked over that big meat. Within a minute it had grown longer and thicker and was sticking straight out as he stood facing into the shower spray. He wasn't being shy about stroking his swelling cock. Red faced and nervous I turned off my shower and grabbed my towel hoping to make a quick escape before he saw how excited I was. His shower stopped and he stepped out in front of me reaching for his own towel.

"Hey buddy!" he smiled glancing down at my up-turned hardon.

"Hey Anthony" I grinned nervously. I tried not to look but my eyes dropped to the huge hard brown cock that was pointing at me.

"If you like what you see, meet me out front in the parking lot in ten minutes and I'll give you a close up of it" he grinned again toweling off as I looked up and walked by him.

I was still in shock and didn't know what to say. I dressed quickly and ducked outside. My car was parked near the entrance. I'd be able to see him when he came out.

In a few moments he came out of the gym and saw me in my car staring. He strolled over to my window which I rolled down right away.

"Hey man, want some company?" he asked running his hand over the lewd mound of his crotch which was at eye level with me.

"Sure Anthony, hop in", I said with a tremor in my voice but a smile on my face.

He was wearing a windbreaker and a pair of black sweat pants. "Pull around to the back lot, it's darker there" he said. I started the car and drove around the building and parked beside a dumpster at a fenceline.

"Dude I saw how you get hard whenever I'm around you", I just figured you'd like to play with this" he reached into his pants stretch waistband on both sides and shoved them down to his ankles.

He was already half aroused. His thick dick lay swollen over his hairless right thigh. He grabbed it and began stroking watching my reaction. His cock grew totally hard in seconds. It stood nearly ten inches straight up over a pair of golf ball sized nuts.

I was too nervous to say anything at this point so I just leaned over and ran my tongue up the underside and over the huge drooling head of his magnificent tool.

"Yeah buddy that's it. I know how bad you want to suck me off. Put it in your mouth and suck" he groaned quietly.

I did. His wetness tasted sweet and musky. I felt his cock throb stiffly in response as I sank down its length taking him as deeply into my face as I could. I was hungry for his dick. I gobbled and slurped and sucked as eagerly as a starving kid on a popsicle. He writhed hornily under me. Sometimes thrusting slightly sometimes guiding my head with his hands clasped over my ears.

"Oh my god dude, you suck so damn good!" he groaned throatily. "I bet you'd love to eat my load too wouldn't you. That's it dude suck it good man, I've got three days of cum loaded in there for you man and I want you to swallow every last drop."

I just moaned around his spit slicked boner and continued sliding my mouth up and down his pulsing prick. He spread his hairless legs and I found his balls were tucked tightly up under the thick shaft of his erection. I slid one hand under them and the other I wrapped around the base of his cock and slid up and down in rhythm with my mouth.

"Fuck yeah. You are one fantastic cocksucker dude. Keep that up I'm getting so fuckin' close to blowin' my wad in your mouth" he gasped.

His big loaded black balls were so excited that they were pulled up tightly on each side of the bottom of his boner.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK" he cried out. His cockhead flared larger in my mouth and a small squirt of juice shot onto my tongue. I slowed immediately and slid back so that the head was just inside my sucking lips. He exploded. A tidal wave of hot cum scalded over my tongue into my throat.

"FUCK YEAH EAT MY CUM!" he groaned thrusting deeper into my face. His cock spewed like a firehose filling my mouth as quickly as I could gulp it down. I was in heaven. Slurping down this hunk's load squirt by squirt had me on the edge of orgasm. He pulsed seven huge wads of cum into me before he slowed giving me a few smaller shots.

"God damn dude! That was fuckin amazing. You got to do this for me again!" he moaned slumping back in the seat while I fondled his loosening smooth ball sack. "I ain't NEVER had head half as good as that."

"My pleasure, anytime." I grinned up at him hoping it would be true.

"Let's just keep this our secret OK? he asked. "I'm no fag but I loved you sucking me off. My girls don't have a clue how to do that right. And swallow? Shhhhhheeeeiiit man. They wouldn't even think of it. I think you swallowin' my nut juice is sooo fuckin hot!"

"They don't know what their missing" I said wiping my mouth. "Man I'll swallow your load anytime you got one for me."

"Hey bro I gotta scoot for now. See you later in the week I hope man." Anthony flashed a big toothy grin at me and got out of the car. He waved quickly and trotted off around the building.

My cock was throbbing painfully begging for attention. I knew just where to go to get that.

To be continued...