Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between
consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such
materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your
jurisdiction, then read no further.

These stories are true. Names are changed to protect the horny guys who gave it up to me.

These are my first attempts at putting my experiences in writing so go easy on me. I've read the stories in Nifty for a long time and thought I should finally lend mine to the archive. The stories won't be in chronological order. I just write them as I remember them. Most took place in the Northeast Ohio metro area unless otherwise mentioned.



Squirt-Memories 7


I could still taste Anthony's jizz in my mouth. My teeth felt squeaky and slick from the cum load he fed me a few minutes before. I was headed for the interstate entrance ramp. The rest stop a few miles north always had some dude in a john stall that wanted to guzzle a load and I had a huge one churning in my nuts.

In ten minutes I was pulling into the rest stop. I parked next to a couple of cars that were there. It was only four in the afternoon and the place looked pretty quiet. This was on old style rest stop. A low brick building that was probably put up in the early sixties. Not one of those new squeaky clean tourist stops that they put up now. The outer door squeaked as I yanked it open. The inner door was just as noisy. I had found out that squeaky restroom doors are good alarms for the guys inside that someone was coming in.

It was a cloudy day out and the small windows near the ceiling let in little light. The incandescent bulbs weren't bright at all. Shuffling noises in the stalls clued me that the boys were going at it when I came in. This john had no stall doors. They were probably taken off years before to discourage sex. Laughable.

I wandered back past the two stalls acting like I was looking to use one. I was. Just not for taking a crap. In the first stall was a guy who was dressed like he was coming from a golf course. In his thirties, average looking hunched over to obviously hide a boner. He had a wedding band on his hand. He glanced up at me sheepishly with a red face. In the stall by the wall was a tan, totally humpy college kid with light brown hair. He was wearing a white tank top that showed off an athletic muscular bod. His jeans were around his ankles. He wasn't trying to hide the beautiful boner that was pointing up towards his perfect pecs. I smiled at him. My heart started pounding almost as hard as my cock. I was shameless. I just reached down and pulled my zipper down and yanked my big cock out right then and there.

Both guys got the message that I was OK with whatever they were doing. Tank boy grinned at me. He signaled at the glory hole to Golf man who stood up and shoved his hard prick through the hole. Tank boy stood and turned his ass toward it grabbing the hard dick. He quickly aimed it and then sank his beautiful muscle butt down over the hard cock that was offered to him. Golf man groaned and started humping at the partition fucking Tank boys ass urgently. My cock was dripping pre-cum as I stroked watching this beautiful dude taking it up the ass. His dick was sticking straight out toward the wall rock hard. It was too perfect to pass up. I scooted in between the wall and the john that he was bent over. Kneeling I sucked his hard boner into my mouth. His dripping cock fit perfectly in my mouth. Golfer guy was banging at his ass furiously now and let out a groan. As he shot his cum Tank boy suddenly squirted into my mouth without warning. He gushed heavily into me emptying his balls in wave after wave of delicious sperm. Both dudes slowed and were gasping for breath. I got the last of Tank Boy's oozing prick wad. Gofer man was shuffling around and then I heard him leave as I stood up.

"I want to suck you dry", Tank Boy said sitting down on the john. I obliged and stepped around to his handsome face and presented my rock hard meat to him. He sucked hungrily then lapped his tongue down over my tightly loaded nut sack groaning as he went.

"Damn dude this is a fuckin gorgeous cock" he hissed staring at it "Fuck my face and shoot your load in my mouth" He went back down on me and I grabbed his ears and began stroking in and out of his wet lips. The deeper I went in his face the more he groaned with lust. I jammed it in as far as I could and he gagged and I felt his stomach try to heave. It's not easy taking a fat headed eight inch cock in one shove.

"Like that ?" I gasped thrusting back into his throat. He gurgled a yes and continued blowing me. "Yeah man suck my big hard cock"

I felt my cum shooting up my prick shaft and I stopped thrusting just as my load burst into his mouth. He groaned and sucked greedily taking every drop of my lust. I fucked his face slowly spraying my cum hard into him.

"That's it dude suck it all down" I groaned relishing his talented worshiping mouth. He finished gulping my slimy white load and then grinned up at me.

"Thanks man that was fucking GREAT!"

We both laughed and got ready to leave. He said his name was Tim and gave me his number

"You ever need to drop a quick load, call me. I'll suck that beauty anytime you need it man."

"I'm gonna take you up on that" I promised.