Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between
consenting adult males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such
materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your
jurisdiction, then read no further.

These stories are true. Names are changed to protect the horny guys who gave it up to me.

These are my first attempts at putting my experiences in writing so go easy on me. I've read the stories in Nifty for a long time and thought I should finally lend mine to the archive. The stories won't be in chronological order. I just write them as I remember them. Most took place in the Northeast Ohio metro area unless otherwise mentioned.




Squirt-Memories 8

Continued from Memories 5

The memory of Runner Boy blowing me in the park restroom kept my masturbation sessions fed with imaginative sex material for the next few weeks. School started and I enjoyed my new eighth grade junior high classes. After school I found my self watching the guys leaving the high school nearby hoping to spot Runner Boy in the crowds of kids leaving the building. The next Saturday I was in that john stall just after the sun rose waiting and hoping he would come by. He wasn't there. The place was deserted. I read the graffiti scrawled over the partition walls. The crude drawings of hard cocks and blow jobs gave me a hardon. I jacked off and squirted my cum onto the wall and left.

That night I went to a party and sucked my first cock. (Memories 1)

I woke early Sunday with a big boner. I smiled, again thinking about sucking Jeff's beautiful cock until it shot hot sperm into my mouth. I wanted to do it again. I thought about the beautiful dark haired runner who had sucked me dry at the park. I wondered what his ball juice tasted like. Now I understood why dudes got into sucking guys off. I had shot my jizz in my pants while sucking Jeff. It was that exciting.

I jumped out of bed and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt. The sun was coming up as I pedaled to the park. It was warm and looked to be a beautiful day. I locked my bike to a picnic table 50 yards from the outdoor restroom. There was a cute red sports car parked in the lot across the little road. I noticed it walking into the low building. No one was at the urinal when I rounded the corner into the room but I saw a face quickly disappear from the hole in the stall partition right next to them.

My heart began thumping as quickly as my cock. I passed the first stall glancing into the door cracks before entering the middle stall. Someone was in there but I couldn't tell much else. I dropped my shorts and sat down with my hard prick pointing straight up. The dude in the other stall didn't try to look into mine from what I could see. I waited and listened. I heard a quiet rhythmic rustling. Finally I leaned over and looked through the fist sized hole.

A cute guy with brown medium length hair was leaned back on the toilet slowly stoking his erection. He looked like he was college age. His cock was curved and had a clear drop of liquid oozing out the slit at the tip. I saw him looking at me as I stared. He stood up and immediately slid that beauty through the hole at me. I reached up and touched it. It twitched with lust. The clear glob at the end started to drip off. I leaned over and sucked the head of the college boys dick into my mouth catching that wetness. He gasped as I tasted the sweet pre-cum of his boner. I wanted more. I wanted him to shoot all of his juice into my mouth. I slid slowly down the hard shaft trying to keep my teeth away from the skin. I had learned I didn't like teeth on my prick when guy's blew me. It throbbed again as I felt it hit the back of my mouth. It was long enough to get my fist wrapped around the base while I had it all the way inside my face. I slid my my mouth back up its length bringing my fist with it. I kept my fist at my lips and went back down on him. He was groaning quietly now. I kept face fucking his cock getting more comfortable with it. I went faster. I was milking his hot cock. The wall squeaked as he strained to make sure I had all of his cock on my side of the partition.

I was sucking 'glory hole' cock for the first time. My dick was rock hard with lust. Suddenly his cum gushed into my mouth. He was shooting his load into me.

"Oh FUCK eat it!" he groaned.

His cock throbbed and squirted again and again. Hot guy jizz pooled in my sucking mouth and I swallowed it to keep from losing any. It was hot and a little salty. I loved it. The shots of cum slowed and he gasped pulling his still hard dick out of my grip and back through the hole. I watched as he wiped off the end with toilet paper. He pulled up his underwear and jeans. Without saying another word he left.

I sat with the sweet musky taste of dude cum in my mouth and a boner throbbing between my legs. I closed my eyes and began to slowly jack myself. As I got closer to my orgasm I heard the gravel outside the restroom crunch as someone approached. I stopped and waited. It must have been a woman because no one came into the men's room

I realized that if a guy did come in and just use the urinal that I'd be able to watch if I went into the other stall. Without dressing I hobbled over into the stall next to the pissers. I looked and found that I had a great view of the three urinals right at peeing height. I could also see the doorway entrance.

The sound of a bike being dropped in the gravel and someone approach kept me looking through the opening. I saw his eyes were focused on the hole as he strolled over to the center pisser and yanked down the zipper of his faded jeans. I recognized him from school. I had seen him in my study hall. He was a ninth grader named Randy. He was kind of a loner and always seemed to be wearing clothes that were too tight as if he knew how hot his lean body was and how people stared at it. His jeans crotch always looked like it was packed with an oversized set of sex organs. I couldn't believe my luck.

My heart was in my throat with excited anticipation as he dragged out his cock. It looked like a big thick snake. It was as oversized as I had imagined. He pissed heavily. He peed for a long time but finally shook off the last few drops. He stood there slowly stretching that long dark meat. It grew. It quickly rose and lengthened. He had to take a step back because it became too long to stay in the urinal. I was hypnotized with lust. The he did something I thought odd. He reached in and yanked out his big smooth balls. Pulled them right out the zipper hole. It dawned on me that he was putting on a little show for me. He turned toward the hole and slowly fondled his huge boner. I remembered something from my first blowjob. I reached up and ran a finger over the bottom of the hole so he could see it. He took the bait and stepped over and presented his huge cock right through the hole. I took it in my mouth eagerly sucking on him.

"That's it faggot suck that big hard cock!" he said quietly.

I did. I sucked that big boner with every ounce of energy I had. I slobbered over it, I sucked and fisted it. His ball sack came through that big hole next and I leaned down and sucked on his smooth tight balls.

"Suck it man I'm going to shoot" he gasped.

I backed off his nuts and quickly engulfed his oversized cock. The sound of my mouth slurping noisily up and down that long boy cock echoed around the brick walled room. Then it throbbed a huge glob of cum out the end. He squirted and gushed onto my tongue. His watery cum tasted almost sweet. I happily gulped down his sperm milking that huge pretty cock with my hand and mouth.

He pulled his dick back as soon as it stopped ejaculating and tucked it away with his nuts.

"Thanks fag" he said over his shoulder as he walked out. I grinned and wiped my face checking for stray boy juice. I needed to cum bad. My balls hurt with the huge load that needed to be emptied out of them. I started yanking myself to a cum shot when the gravel crunching got my attention again.

I looked through the glory hole and saw beautiful Runner Boy stroll into view. I couldn't believe it. What incredible timing! He was wearing a pair of black nylon running shorts, socks and shoes. That was it. His taught tan torso was shiny with sweat. He went right into the center stall and pulled off those little shorts and sat down. We caught each others eyes peering through the hole at each other. I leaned back and showed him my huge hard boner.

"Damn dude stick through and let me suck you again!" he whispered enthusiastically.. I did. His mouth was hot and wet and fucking perfect. He was so hot and now he was sucking my dripping cock. I was in heaven. I remembered how he had shot his sperm all over my legs the first time he blew me. I wanted to taste that.. I pulled out of the hole.

"Stick yours through for a second" I said kneeling at the hole. He stood and gave me his cock. It wasn't huge but it was so fucking hot to get to suck on him. He tasted great. His balls came through the hole and I grabbed them and massaged while sucking him voraciously.

"Oh god dude that is so hot, if you don't stop I'm going to shoot" he gasped.

Music to my ears. I sucked harder and faster. His prick went totally hard and then the head swelled on my tongue. He shot off in a huge gush of sperm. It went clear to the back of my throat. I was groaning on his pulsating spewing penis. I sucked him until it began to soften slightly. He took it back and sat down with a plop.

"DAMN dude!" he grinned at me. "You suck cock like a pro. How old are you?"

"Just turned fourteen" I responded noticing his dick was still hard.

"Well I just turned seventeen. You're so fuckin sexy man! You have a GREAT cock!" he said earnestly, "Stick through again."

I stood and gave him his wish. His hot mouth enveloped me. He was fisting my cock while sucking it, working it over hungrily. I felt the cool air of the room when he pulled his mouth off for a moment.. There was movement in his stall and then I felt his smooth lips on the head of my dick again. It felt like he was keeping his mouth closed on purpose to make the friction tighter around the head of my cock. I was impatient and shoved through his tight lips and felt his hot juicy mouth sink slowly down my throbbing shaft. I got my rock hard boner into him and realized that I couldn't feel the back of his throat this time. I began fucking his hot tight mouth harder.

"Oh my god, YEAH man!" I heard him groan.

I stopped. How could he talk with my cock shoved down his throat?! I pulled partly out and looked down at the hole. Leaning back I saw that my cock was buried between the two smooth inner globes of his perfect butt. My cock was buried up Runner Boys asshole! At first I was appalled. Then I felt him squeeze down on my prick and he began fucking himself up and down my rod.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me stud boy, fuck me with that big cock of yours!" he groaned louder.

That was all and my vibrating cock needed to hear. I thrust at his ass like a dog in heat. The wall was shaking as I banged his perfect butt deeply.

I'm gonna shoot" I warned. He sank down on my cock and held it firmly as my huge prick head exploded a wild wave of cum into his hungry willing hole. I continued thrusting and blasting off in his hot butt for what seemed like forever. It was so wild. I loved it. Runner boy had given me his butt hole and now I was loading it up with my pent up ball juice.

"Oh god yeah" he gasped, "I'm shooting again!"

I felt his butt gripping me in pulses as he shot his wad on the wall and the floor in front of him. His ass milked me until I shot my last few drops of jizz into his full slippery hole.

I slid out and stumbled back sitting back down on the john to rest. My cock was covered with a slick coating of my sperm. I wiped it off. I had fucked my first butt. A perfectly shaped one belonging to really sexy hot dude. It was wonderful.

I giggled with satisfaction.

To be contined...