Warning: the following story contains graphic descriptions of sex between
consenting males. If you are underage or do not wish to read such
materials, or if reading this sort of material is illegal in your
jurisdiction, then read no further.

These stories are true. Names are changed to protect the horny guys who gave it up to me. The stories won't be in chronological order. I just write them as I remember them. Most took place in the Northeast Ohio metro area unless otherwise mentioned.

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Squirt-Memories 9

The next week went far too slow for me. Jeff had slipped a note into my school locker telling me to meet him at the park in the same restroom I had discovered. I had no idea the place was that popular. He wanted me to suck his cock. On Sunday morning I was headed back to the park to meet him at the time he had written. It was about the same time that I had been there the week before.

What a day that had been. Three hot sexy guys had dropped their loads with me. I was in heaven. I locked my bike to a nearby picnic table and walked to the low building. The same red sports car that was there the week before was back. The College boy must be inside I realized. My heart was pounding with excitement as I strolled inside. I heard a moan come from the john stalls then it was quiet. Too quiet. I knew that I had interrupted something and I had a pretty good idea what. I walked past the first stall and could see the naked ass of someone. I went into the next stall and quickly unzipped sitting down so I could peek through the large glory hole. Beautiful Runner boy was bent over the toilet legs spread with his shorts laying on the floor. College boy was standing behind him with his jeans bunched down over his shoes and his thick hard dick buried halfway up Runner boys butt. Runner boy was looking at me when I caught his eye.

"He's cool, keep fucking me" he gasped to College boy.

The cute stud at his ass began sliding deeply in and out of the hot tan muscle buns at his crotch. The sound of their flesh slapping fuck got louder. My cock was throbbing wetly now, totally erect and hungry. I knew College Boy was having a great ride. I loved being in that hole the week before. It was my first taste of butt fucking. His asshole had gripped and sucked at my cock until I spewed a huge load into it.

A sound from outside stopped their fucking again. Footsteps across the restroom floor. Someone stopped at the first stall. The he stepped over to mine and peeked through the door gap. It was my hot muscle stud Jeff. I quickly unlocked the door and he stepped inside. Shirtless wearing tight cut off jeans and running shoes. His perfectly muscled torso was tan and smooth. The bulge of his sex basket looked so beautiful. A huge ridge across the thin faded denim marked where his boner lay throbbing ready for me. The dudes in the next stall began their wet fucking noises again knowing it was OK.

"Great place huh? Jeff laughed pulling his zipper down. There was no underwear and his boner flipped stiffly up and out of the shorts. I nodded in happy agreement staring at his perfectly shaped erection.

"Suck it Dude".

I pulled it down from its upward bend and wrapped my lips over the dripping head of his big cock.

"Oh God that feels so good" he gasped.

I was so horned up that I voraciously sucked at his his hard prick noisily slurping up and down its smooth surface.

"Damn you're hungry today aren't you?" he rasped quietly, "well that's good 'cause I got a big load for you, haven't shot in three days man. Suck it good."

I released his hard cock and it sprang upwards as I sucked on one then the other big smooth nut in his hairless ball sack. They were already pulled up tight in their cocked ready-to-fire position. I sucked and licked at them and went back to his dickhead and found a fresh batch of pre-cum.

College boy groaned, " I'm gonna shoot!"

"Yeah cum in me" Runner boy groaned.

The sound of the dude in the next stall groaning and squirting into hot butt sent Jeff over the edge. His cock pulsed intensely sending a mini cum squirt as a warning shot into my throat. I pulled back sucking at the head of his cock. Then it fired again. A huge gush of boy cum flooded my mouth.

"OH MY GAWD" he moaned. "EAT MY CUM!" His boner was squirting continuously at first. I greedily gulped down his sweet ball juice as it pumped over my tongue. His climaxing cock then began to squirt in pulses. Each hard flex gave me another spray of hot salty jizz. His legs were shaking with spent lust as he squirted the final drops of his huge load. I kept sucking his boner and he didn't stop me.

I heard College boy buttoning up and mumble a weak thanks to his bare ass stall partner. We heard him leave the room. Jeff was panting above me. His taut six pack abs were coated in a thin layer of shiny sweat.

"I can't believe how good that felt" he grinned down at me as I wiped my lips. I was savoring the slimy taste of his man juice.

"You dudes wanna fuck me?" Runner boy spoke quietly through the glory hole.

"Hell yeah" Jeff said, "C'mon over here."

The dark haired beauty stepped into our stall and Jeff got behind him.

"Get down on the floor and suck his cock while I fuck his butt" Jeff ordered me. His cock was still rock hard. I slid down in front of the toilet while Runner boy bent over me and leaned against the toilet wall. His cock was swollen and half hard. A long strand of clear cock syrup was hanging from the piss slit of his dick. I let it drop onto my tongue and engulfed his sex tool with my mouth. Jeff stepped up and spit onto his boner then slid easily all the way into the juicy asshole.

"Oh yeah, that feels sooooo good" the dude above me groaned. His cock was swelling rapidly back to a full raging hardon as I sucked gently.

"Fuck dude your hole is loaded with cum" Jeff said.

I could see his glistening boner sliding in and out of the hot asshole. Reaching up I squeezed the slimy fuck shaft as it moved. Jeff's cock was bigger than the one that had been there before and it felt great. The loaded cock in my mouth was dribbling pre-cum with every thrust from Jeff's buried rod. He settled into a rhythmic grinding pump, fucking perfect ass with lust. Runner boy was groaning and humping back into the steel hard prick thrusting his drooling boner in and out of my tight lips.

After five minutes Jeff's pumping became more urgent and sped up. I could see that his ball sack was tightening, getting ready to unleash it's liquid prize. I reached up and grabbed his balls and massaged urging them on.

"Oh fuck man I'm gonna shoot" Jeff gasped. He froze deep in the hot ass and squirted hard.

After the first huge wave of cum he began pumping like a fuck machine slamming his spraying dick in and out of the willing hungry hole. Runner boy was gasping and moaning. He could feel the hot boy jizz creaming into his clenching butthole. Jeff fucked him slowly now until his deflating cock popped out of the jizzy asshole.

"Nice!" we heard a voice from outside the open stall door.

Every one looked to see thin, long haired Randy leaning against the wall. His hand was stroking that huge cock of his. His balls and boner were sticking out of his jeans zipper and he licked his lips.

"I want some of that hot faggot ass too man" he grinned.

"Come and get it", Jeff smiled in return stepping away, "it's all cum lubed and ready."

Randy stepped inside stroking his massive rod. It was easily over nine inches and proportionately thick.

"Oh man that's huge!" Runner boy said anxiously

"Just what your juicy fag ass needs" he smirked.

Randy stepped up and positioned it between those perfect muscular ass cheeks then cruelly drove it's full length into the beautiful boy's butt.

"Take it all bitch!" Randy growled shoving his hard monster pole in up to his open zipper.

Runner boy gasped out a small scream of pain. Cum was oozing out of his overstuffed ass as Randy began fucking him deeply. It ran in white globs down the back of his nuts. The air around me was filled with the earthy smell of cum, sweat and sex. His cock had gone half soft when Randy began fucking him but was now coming back to life throbbing heavily in my mouth.

"Oh man your fuckin' HUGE" the tan brown eyed boy groaned above me, "YEAH fuck me dude, that feels so good!".

Randy fucked and pumped and screwed the hell out of the boy bent over for him.

Sucking sounds came from the stretched red hole as Randy repeatedly withdrew and then slammed back in with a wet squish.

The cock in my mouth was vibrating with hardness and suddenly began spewing hot cum over my teeth and gums.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" he gasped with surprise emptying his pent up sex wad down my gulping throat.

Randy's thrusting slowed as his thighs tensed up. He began to unload his balls deep in Runner boy's sperm filled butt.

"Fuck yeah bitch, take my load up your cum hole", Randy gasped pumping in short cum squirting thrusts. Thick white cream was streaming out around his thick fuck pole. He was breathing hard and quickly finished emptying out his big balls. Pulling out his long hard slimed cock, he pushed it down under Runners balls.

"Suck it off and clean my cock fag boy" he said to me.

I took his dripping cum coated dick in my mouth and sucked. My dick went rigid and sprayed cum everywhere. I was cumming and sucking his huge cock like a starving person.

"Thanks cocksucker" he grinned pulling his freshly cleaned dick out of my mouth. He pushed cock and balls back into his jeans and left the restroom.

"That was fucking HOT," my spent buddy smiled straightening up. My cum was dripping down his left leg while my cock stayed totally hard.

"That was great man" I replied wiping at my cum coated lips smiling back at him.

We cleaned up a little and got our clothes on. He told me his name was Tony. He was seventeen and a junior at the high school where he was on the track and swim teams. He could see that my cock was still hard in my shorts as we chatted on the picnic table outside.

"You have a perfect cock dude" he grinned hornily at me, "It's just the right size for me. Shorter than that donkey dick but bigger than your buddy's and your cum tastes incredible!"

I laughed and turned red. He was so hot looking. His grandparents were from Sicily. That explained his curly black hair and big brown almond shaped eyes. He caught me looking at his crotch and got a big evil grin on his face.

"Let's go for a little hike in the woods man, it'll be fun" he said hopping off the table.

To be continued...