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JUSTIN1980: hey


JUSTIN1980: how was your weekend?


JUSTIN1980: Is your buddy gone?

BSKTBALL8: Yeah, Zach flew out today.

JUSTIN1980: What did you guys do?

BSKTBALL8: The usual -- partying, hanging out catching up.

JUSTIN1980: Nice, where did you guys go?

BSKTBALL8: Friday night, we hung out at my place - just drank beers and talked. Saturday night we went to Lime.

JUSTIN1980: Lime?

BSKTBALL8: It's a new bar in the Castro. Pretty good crowd.

JUSTIN1980: Oh. I thought you bud was str8.

BSKTBALL8: Nah, he's a homo.

BSKTBALL8: He was my roommate in college. We go way back.

JUSTIN1980: Any hot guys at Lime?

BSKTBALL8: Yeah, lots. It's an kickin' crowd.

JUSTIN1980: Get lucky?

BSKTBALL8: Not Saturday. <G>

JUSTIN1980: Oh? What do you mean?

BSKTBALL8: He wanted to go to Steamworks, so I took him on Sunday.

JUSTIN1980: Haha...have a good time?

BSKTBALL8: Yeah it was pretty wild.

JUSTIN1980: I've heard it can be really wild.

JUSTIN1980: So what happened?

BSKTBALL8: long or short version, haha?

JUSTIN1980: Long please!

BSKTBALL8: <G> Swear you won't tell anyone Justin?

JUSTIN1980: Yeah of course. You know me man.

JUSTIN1980: and you know all the shit you have on me.

BSKTBALL8: True enough.

BSKTBALL8: Ok...well, we woke up Sunday and Zach wanted to check his email and stuff.

BSKTBALL8: well while he was online, his buddy out in Tampa said he should check out Steamworks because he'd heard its really busy on Sundays.

BSKTBALL8: So he begged me until I took him.

JUSTIN1980: Get to the good stuff man.

BSKTBALL8: I we get there and he wants a you know the drill, we get a room with a double bed. So we went to the room and stripped and stuff.

JUSTIN1980: Come on man...I know all that stuff....

BSKTBALL8: Ok so here's the crazy part...we got the room

JUSTIN1980: Why?

BSKTBALL8: because he wants to be one of those guys who just lay there face down and let anyone fuck them!

JUSTIN1980: Oh no shit! what did you do?

BSKTBALL8: Well, of course I let him...I went to go see who was all in the place and he just got on the bed and waited. I was actually quite surprised...there were some really hot guys there.

JUSTIN1980: so you just left him there?

BSKTBALL8: Yeah, but just wait...

JUSTIN1980: ok.

BSKTBALL8: so I went towards the back, you know where the maze is and the glory holes.

JUSTIN1980: Yeah

BSKTBALL8: There was this hot latino guy back there -- probably 5'11, 165lbs, big fat uncut cock.

BSKTBALL8: I followed him to that area where guy can stand up above you and you can suck them off through a glory hole.

JUSTIN1980: Hot

BSKTBALL8: He stopped at one of the holes and put his cock through.

BSKTBALL8: So I started sucking him...Damn did this guy was all over my face and shootin' small bursts down my throat.

JUSTIN1980: hehe

BSKTBALL8: Man I was going nuts.

BSKTBALL8: Well anyway, this crowd gathered around us and watched.

BSKTBALL8: when he got close, he pulled back and shot all over my face.

JUSTIN1980: Oh man, hot!

BSKTBALL8: Yeah, it was. Huge fuckin' load. Yum.


BSKTBALL8: well anyway, after that, I went back to the room to see how Zach was doing.

JUSTIN1980: Haha, good idea.

BSKTBALL8: When I got back to the door I could hear some sounds from inside -- moaning, smacking sounds, you know...fucking.

BSKTBALL8: Try the door -- I use my key to get in. :) I'm nosey that way.

JUSTIN1980: I would have too. <G>

BSKTBALL8: Well, guess what I see?

JUSTIN1980: what?

BSKTBALL8: This enormous black guy pounding his ass from behind. They stopped when I walked in...I think the guy was worried I was his man or something.

JUSTIN1980: Haha.

BSKTBALL8: You should have seen him take that cock man!

JUSTIN1980: How big was the guy?

BSKTBALL8: like 9 inches and Zach just took the whole thing to the nuts!

JUSTIN1980: So what happened?

BSKTBALL8: Well once Zach got it cleared up that I wasn't Zach's boyfriend, the guy started up pounding him again while I watched.

JUSTIN1980: I love watching.

BSKTBALL8: Me too but after a while, I couldn't resist though and I went over to the bed and climbed in.

JUSTIN1980: no way!

BSKTBALL8: Yeah, I'm telling you, we had a WILD time.

JUSTIN1980: sounds like it. continue on....I'm rock hard man.

BSKTBALL8: Well, the guy started fucking me.

BSKTBALL8: but there was no way I could take it up to his nuts

BSKTBALL8: so after a while he switched back to Zach.

BSKTBALL8: then he started switching back and forth between Zach and I. We just stayed there doggie style and he cocked us as he wanted.

JUSTIN1980: that's nuts! nice...but nuts...

BSKTBALL8: Yeah it really was. Well, the third time I was getting nailed, I came.

BSKTBALL8: After I just laid there and watched Zach get pounded until they both shot.

JUSTIN1980: That's wild.

BSKTBALL8: That's just the start.

JUSTIN1980: Yeah?

BSKTBALL8: Yup, after those two came, we all went to the showers and showered off.

BSKTBALL8: There were tons of hot guys in the shower...I still can't get over how many hot guys were there. Its usually not so much fun.

JUSTIN1980: that time we went, it just sucked.

BSKTBALL8: exactly

JUSTIN1980: so anything else happen?

BSKTBALL8: Yeah, we got fucked by two guys back at the room

JUSTIN1980: what?

BSKTBALL8: haha, told you it was a wild day.

JUSTIN1980: what did you guys do, just go back to the room and wait?

BSKTBALL8: Yup, Zach laid on one side of the bed and I laid on the other.

JUSTIN1980: No shit!

BSKTBALL8: I know. I'd never have thought to do something like that but it was really fun.

JUSTIN1980: so what happened?

BSKTBALL8: well like usual, tons of gross trolls came by but Zach just turned them down.

JUSTIN1980: haha

BSKTBALL8: but this totally hot white guy came in and started playin' with Zach's ass and then walked over and played with mine.

BSKTBALL8: I could see his cock getting hard under his towel so I just reached over and pulled it off and started sucking his cock.

JUSTIN1980: Hell yeah!

BSKTBALL8: it was, he had a nice cock and no body fat...I mean none!

BSKTBALL8: He was so damned hot!

JUSTIN1980: you two got lucky with the guys I guess.

BSKTBALL8: Yup for real!

BSKTBALL8: well, while I was sucking him, another guy walked in the room and Zach started up with him.

JUSTIN1980: Alright!

BSKTBALL8: Yup...He closed the door and the four of us had a good time.

JUSTIN1980: what was the other guy like?

BSKTBALL8: He was nice looking, white guy -- black hair, green eyes, hairy pecs/abs

JUSTIN1980: nice!

BSKTBALL8: yup yup, they took turns fucking us.

BSKTBALL8: The first guy was really aggressive...pounding, talking dirty...just a wild man.

BSKTBALL8: the second guy - got so sweaty. it was running down his chest and dripping off his chin onto us.

JUSTIN1980: fuckin hot!

BSKTBALL8: yeah big time! We were all drenched by the time we all came.

BSKTBALL8: we went at it for at least an hour. I came two more times.

JUSTIN1980:Did you and Zach fool around?

BSKTBALL8: Nah, not really, just kissed a bit and jacked each other while we were getting fucked.

JUSTIN1980: shit, man I gotta go jack it.

BSKTBALL8: glad I could help. LOL