Straight Boy Cody for Cash

By Stephen Scott

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"STr8? Need cash? Fast money for first-timers."

Cody read the online ad, thought about it, and finally decided "What the hell."

He sure could use a little quick dough. With a week to go before payday, he was broke. An unexpected car repair had depleted his checking account and he needed whatever he could get.

Besides, he thought, clicking on the ad to reply, he bad can it be? He'd never done any queer stuff before, but he had to admit he was curious. And if some gay guy wanted to pay to suck him off, that was okay by Cody. Hey--getting' off is getting' off, right? And a blowjob's a blowjob!

By the time he hit "Send" Cody had a very rigid hard-on.

He received a reply via email a few minutes later from a guy named Jim. Was $50 okay, and when would Cody like to meet? Cody wrote back: Cool, and any time you say, man.

Two hours later, freshly shaved and showered, he was greeted at the door of a modest townhouse. Jim turned out to be about 30, friendly, a nice-enough looking dude.

"First things first, Cody," Jim said. He opened his wallet and took out a wad of bills. "Fifty bucks. But I have a request."

"Sure, dude," Cody said, trying to sound casual when what he was thinking was, what the hell's this guy want? He was a little scared by the whole set-up, and worried about what the dude might do.

"It's nothing big, Cody," Jim smiled. "Come here."

Cody moved closer. Jim lifted the front of the boy's shirt and pulled down on his belt at the same time, revealing Cody's flat belly and gray shorts. Then, while Cody looked on in amusement, Jim tucked the cash into the front of the boy's trousers.

It was a little like givin' a tip to a stripper.

It turned Cody on.

His heart was beating a little faster now, along with his cock.

"What do we do now, man?"

"Well," Jim grinned, "first let's get naked. I want to see that hot body of yours."

Feeling sheepish, but flattered, Cody nervously doffed his shirt and tee. Jim was pulling his own shirt over his head but paused to eye the straight boy's hairless, nicely defined chest.

"You're hot, man," Jim said softly.

"Uh ... thanks."

"Go ahead. Take off your pants."

"Oh. Uh ... sure," Cody stammered.

He quickly slipped his trousers down, followed by his briefs as Jim followed suit. Then he stood, acutely self-conscious, nervous, but curiously aroused. In fact, his cock was beginning to harden.

Jim stared at him, not in a threatening way, just coolly taking in the boy's splendid body.

Cody couldn't very well ignore an excited, naked guy right in front of him. He had to look, right?

He ran his eyes quickly over Jim's body. The guy had a nice build. No fat on him.

When he got to the guy's cock he gaped.

It was at least 6 inches long.

Hard. Throbbin'.

Cody's cock stood up.

Fuck! the boy thought, a mild panic building in his belly. I'm gettin' harder!

He felt queasy.

"Uh ... now what?" the kid managed at last, covering his own genitals and trying not to stare at Jim's 6-inch hard-on.

"That's up to you, Cody."


"Depends on how much you want to earn this afternoon."

"Um--You, uh, I mean, I--"

Cody was confused. The guy had said 50, he'd paid 50. What was this anyway?

Jim kept his tone casual.

"Look, Cody. Fifty bucks was for getting naked with me and letting me suck your cock. But you can make more. A lot more."

"W--whataya mean?"

"Here's the deal, kid. If you let me video tape us, I'll give you an extra 50. If you let me fuck you--"

"No way, man! I'm straight!"

"Let me finish, Cody. If you let me fuck you, I'll put 100 on top of that. Stop and think before you say no. You can walk out of here with 50 bucks, or you can leave with 200."

Cody's mind reeled. 200 bucks! God, he needed that money!

But ... let some guy stick his dick up my ass? Turn me into a faggot for cash?

What the boy would not admit to Jim--and barely even to himself--beyond the undeniable fact of his own growing erection, was that this wasn't the first time he'd considered the issue. Every once in a while during his jack-off sessions he touched the wrinkled pucker of his asshole. Sometimes he ran his forefinger across it, pushed against it, massaged his perineum, secretly enjoying the sensation as his butthole flexed in response. Once he'd even greased a finger and slid it up his hole. It felt odd but, he had to admit, not unpleasant.

Okay, so I've peeked at other guys in locker rooms and dorm showers. Hell, who hasn't? Doesn't make me queer!

A couple of times, though, while screwing a girlfriend, feeling his buttocks first clench and then fall open and his sphincter flex and relax, he'd fantasized ... And his fantasy was that he was being fucked at the same time he fed it to the girl. It made him experience an orgasm more intense than he'd ever had before, and left him both confused and, despite the mind-expanding explosion, somehow unsatisfied.

Now here he was, naked and aroused, and trembling at the possibility of experiencing the real thing at last. Could he do it? He wasn't sure.

Jim watched the boy's face, fascinated by the internal struggle reflected there.

He said nothing. He could afford to wait.

The wait was brief.

"Man, I don't know--"

"Afraid you might like it?" Jim grinned insinuatingly.

"Fuck, no!" he lied. "I'm not queer!"

"Fine," Jim shrugged. "Just let me suck you off and you can go."

In spite of his trepidation, Cody felt his cock throbbing harder under his hands.

"Well ..."

"Look, man--I haven't got all day."

Cody felt a chill sweat under his arms. What should I do? I need the money! He had to admit, he'd like to get blown, even by a man--a guy he'd never met before. Even if the guy was pretty hot. But fucked? He still wasn't sure about that. A fantasy was one thing; it was safe. No one had to know about it, there was no discomfort, and no possibility of pain.

No reality of a hard dick actually shoved up his twitchin' hole.

No worry he might enjoy it.

No, the easy way out was best.

"Okay, okay!" Cody blurted out. "You can suck my dick."

"And the other?"

Cody blushed deeply. It was as though Jim was reading his thoughts.

"I don't know yet."

"Okay. We'll see how you feel later."

Jim knelt on the floor near the boy, waiting.

"Shy?" he asked, smiling gently.

Cody nodded.

"Fine," Jim said softly. "Just leave it up to me."

He reached out, moved Cody's hands away and pressed his palm against the rising mound of cock. Cody gasped.

Jim wasted no time on preliminaries. He took the pulsing dick in his hand, and began to stroke, unhurriedly.

Cody's eyes were shut tight--partly out of embarrassment at having another guy touch his dick and partly because that touch was so smooth, so expert. The moment Jim took hold of it, his cock instantly got harder.

He moaned involuntarily.

As Jim slid his fingers up and down the boy's shaft, he casually murmured, "So, do I turn the video recorder on, or not?"

He slipped his index finger over the boy's cock-head, sliding the tip up and down the sensitive underside. He noted the droplet of pre-cum nestled in Cody's piss-slit.

He slid his finger over the natural lubricant and gently spread it over the boy's cock-head.

Cody shuddered.

Through clenched teeth he hissed, "Do it!"

As Jim suspected, a boy in heat is malleable. He'd seen it time and time again.

He pressed a button. The video recorder hummed softly.

He opened his mouth and drew the boy's cock inside.

Cody nearly screamed when the soft, warm mouth engulfed the head of his throbbing cock. He couldn't help it! It felt so damn good!

He gripped Jim's head and held on tightly as the expert cocksucker slid his tongue over the boy's fleshy helmet, under it, and down the shaft. His teeth glanced against the boy's cock.

Cody groaned.

He couldn't believe how turned on he was. Here he stood with his cock jammed into another guy's throat, and he couldn't get enough! He began humping a bit with his hips, drawing his cock-shaft in and out of the willing mouth

There was something else at work, though, besides his own, indiscriminate lust.

It was the camera.

Several times Cody had tried to persuade girls he came home with to let him tape their fuck-sessions, but they always said no. Now, finally, with the videotape running through the machine and the lens capturing the action, Cody felt more aroused than he'd ever felt before. It was a double-edged kind of exhibitionism: he was performing for the camera, yet the recorder itself made the scene more intense.

Jim was rubbing his own crotch as he expertly manipulated the boy's dick. He wanted to reach up and touch Cody's ass, but was afraid he'd really freak the kid out. He had a suspicion that Cody might be persuaded to go further, but he had to bide his time. He couldn't rush it or the boy would panic.

To his amused astonishment, the matter was decided by the boy himself.

As Cody pumped his cock in and out of Jim's mouth, he suddenly reached for Jim's free hand and moved it around, placing it squarely on his naked butt. He wasn't sure why he did this, except he thought it might feel good.

It did.

"Ohhh," Cody moaned. "Play with my ass, man. Play with my ass ..."

Jim needed no more encouragement. His hand cupped the shapely, firm and hairless young buns, caressed them, stroked and gripped them, and Cody's body reacted accordingly. The boy found himself pushing back with his hips, alternating with the pumping motions he was exerting to get his cock as far down Jim's throat as it would go.

Jim figured it was now or never.

He slid his index finger up toward the cleft of the boy's cheeks and tickled lightly. Meeting no resistance he let his finger creep slowly between the sweaty ass-cheeks.

Cody's body offered encouragement. His butt-cheeks relaxed and parted. Jim's fingertip touched the warm, wrinkled pucker.

Cody gasped.

"Oh, fuck, man! Fuck!"

No one outside his doctor had ever touched him there. And it felt good. Good, fuck--it felt great!

Cody had never realized how sensitive his asshole was until this moment, with Jim's finger prodding gently and without insistence against it. The boy bent over a bit, allowing his butt-cheeks to part further.

Should I let him--?

No! A finger was one thing. A cock? That was a whole different matter--one he wasn't ready to discuss yet.

Still, the boy had never been more aware of his ass before, and the finger against his backdoor electrified him.

Well, maybe he'd just let the guy ... finger his hole a little. That wouldn't be so bad, would it?

With an effort, Cody pulled his cock out of Jim's loving mouth, leaving the man surprised.

"What is it? You want to quit? You haven't cum yet."

Cody's own words shocked him.

"I--I want you to play with my butt some more."

"Oh. Okay, kid. Here," Jim said, placing a pillow on the floor, "let me lay my head on this."

He lay down and looked up at the sweat-bathed straight-boy stud above him, who looked puzzled.

"What do you want me to do now?"

Jim smiled.

"Sit on my face, baby."


"Turned around and put your hot ass down here where I can get at it."

Jim adjusted the camera lens by manipulating the remote-control button of the cord near his head and watched as the uninitiated boy turned, revealing an ass that made Jim's heart beat faster. Round, firm, hairless. Perfect.

As the uncertain young man lowered himself down, Jim used his hands to guide his progress.

"Kneel down. That's it."

The kid's butt descended toward his face. Jim stared up at the winking little pucker of flesh as it neared him. Then he gripped Cody's butt with both hands and pulled it down.

The cheeks spread wide and covered his mouth. His tongue began working, licking upward, tickling the pliant, silky asshole.

Cody nearly hit the ceiling when the guy started licking his hole. God damn but it felt good!

"Oh, my God!" he groaned. "Unnngghh! Yeah! Stick that hot tongue up my butt, man!" the boy raved, reaching for his hard-on.

Cody stroked his dick, eyes closed in delirium as Jim's tongue pressed urgently against his asshole. When it had relaxed sufficiently the tip of the man's tongue slid up into the warm, enfolding hole.

"Unnnnnnnngggggghhhhhh!" Cody moaned, pushing his widespread ass-cheeks down on Jim's face. He couldn't get enough of the guy's expert tonguing.

Jim loved rimming. It was the most intimate, exciting thing he could do to another man, and pushing his tongue in and out of a hot, pliant hole always made him rock-hard. He pressed in as deeply as he could manage, delighting in the boy's fervent pleasure.

When he'd gotten Cody's hole good and slick with spit, he withdrew his tongue and immediately replaced it with the tip of his index finger, slipping it in easily. He took his time, using his fingertip to swathe the outer rim, deliberately teasing the relaxed sphincter.

The boy quivered with erotic delight, emitting little gasps of pleasure.

Jim slid his finger up, deeply, searching for the knot of the boy's prostate.


Cody's cry and the clamping down of his asshole told Jim he'd reached the spot, and he began methodically rubbing it, slipping his finger in and out of the straight boy's slicked-up man-cunt.

The boy responded, moving his butt up and down in time to the rhythm of Jim's finger-fucking.

"Feel good, Cody?" he asked softly.

"Oh, Christ, yeah!" the boy blurted out.

"You want another?"

"Yeah, man! Fuck my hole with your fingers! God! It's so fuckin' hot!"

Jim smiled to himself. The boy was almost there. A few more minutes of this ...

He slid two fingers inside Cody's wet, clenching boi-pussy and moved them in and out, in and out, slowly at first, then faster, then slowly again.

Cody was utterly in the thrall of his own heat. He wanted those fingers! Oh, man! His cock was so hard! A driblet of cum burbled from his piss-hole. He was fuckin' turned-on!

It burst out of him before he could think to stop it.

"Do it, Jim. Do it. Fuck my butt. I want your cock. Fuck me!"

Jim smiled to himself, reached for the lube and condom he'd placed under his pillow, and sat up.

Cody stayed where he was, his buttocks trembling with desire and fear in equal parts.

Okay, so now what? Am I a fag? Maybe I'm bi. Oh, shit, who cares? I want it! I'm so fuckin' turned-on if he doesn't fuck me I'm gonna ... gonna ...

He was startled out of his erotic agonies by the sound of Jim ripping open the package. He gulped. This was it.

Oh, man--what am I doin'?

A moment later the boy's ears fastened on the slurp/squish of K-Y being applied to Jim's raging hard-on.

He gulped.

Do I want this? Do I really? he asked himself.

And this time he had to answer back: Yeah. I do. I want it. I want it bad.

Jim finished lubing his sheathed cock and squirted another dollop of liquid onto his fingers. Cody jerked at the wet touch on his virgin pucker as Jim massaged the boy's hole and slowly pushed in, greasing the entryway. He lay back again.

"Stay in the same position, Cody, but turn around," he instructed gently. The boy did so, his ass hovering above Jim's groin.

Cody's cock was sticking out a mile from his crotch.

"Since this is your first time it'll be easiest for you if you sit on my cock. That way you control the speed. If it's too much you can stop and start over. Just relax and it won't hurt. Okay?"

Cody nodded, his breathing raspy, his chest heaving, his eyes shining and a thin sheen of perspiration covering his taut young swimmer's body.

Reaching behind him, the boy gripped Jim's cock and maneuvered it between his butt-cheeks. He let the wet, rubber-covered tip kiss his asshole, relaxed his sphincter, and slowly pushed the shaft in his hand upward.

The head began to slip inside him. Cody was amazed--there really wasn't any pain. His asshole was alive to the gentle pressure of the hard, foreign object slowly entering. It felt weird, but it didn't feel bad. Not bad at all. With the use of his expert tongue and fingers Jim had gotten Cody's ass so eroticized, so attuned to this unusual pleasure, the boy was shocked to realize how good the invading cock-head felt as it worked its way inside him.

When the crown pushed past his sphincter, he exhaled deeply. It was in.

"Hardest part's over, Cody," Jim purred.

Cody nodded and let his haunches fall back gradually, feeding the shaft slide up his butt little by little until, finally, he felt Jim's pubic bush between his ass-cheeks and realized the goddamn thing was all the way in.

It felt great.

He had a cock up his butt and he loved it.

Cody rocked slowly, back and forth, feeling the foreign object inside him shift from side to side, gently pressing against his ass-walls. He sighed, moaned softly, and began to lift his body up, feeling the hard snake slip slowly out, pushing his ass back down again before it could escape and luxuriating in the sensual feel of it rising back up inside his bowels.

"That`s it, Cody," Jim managed through his excitement. "Just take your time. Up and down. Oh yeah, baby! Fuck yourself on my cock. Oh!"

Cody's dick, which had lost some of its tumescence while he was inserting Jim's dick, was throbbing back to life. He stroked it gently, moaning as he moved up and down in the saddle of Jim's lap, the guy's big cock rising and falling with him.

After a bit Jim asked if the boy was comfortable. Cody nodded, eyes closed in ecstasy.

"Good," Jim smiled. "I wanna change positions. That all right with you?"

Cody grunted his assent.

"Stand up, okay?" Jim instructed. Cody obeyed, relishing the squishy sound and feel of Jim's cock as it slid from his ass. When it was out his sphincter clamped shut, a sensual, stimulating sensation of wetness and muscle spasm.

But Cody suddenly felt empty. His asshole wanted that cock!

"Good," Jim urged him. "Now get down on your knees."

The boy complied, kneeling. He spread his hands on the rug for balance and arched his back. He raised up his butt, relaxing his glutes to allow the space between his cheeks to widen.

The man loved the sight of the straight kid before him, surrendering totally to Jim's will and to his own unexpected desire. The boy's ass was to die for. He could stare at it all day.

If he didn't already have something much better to do ...

He squatted behind Cody, positioned his cock and, placing one hand on the boy's back for leverage, fed his greasy cock into the waiting, relaxed and willing asshole.

When it was fully embedded once more, Jim asked the boy how he was doing.

"Like it, Cody? Do you like my cock in your ass?"

"Ohhhh Christ, it feels good," the boy murmured, pushing backward to get more of the man's dick into his slick hole. "Fuck me!"

Jim did as he was told.

It was a good position: not only was Jim able to delve deeply into the boy's warm pussy, but he also had a perfect view of Cody's incredibly sexy ass as his cock worked its way in and out.

Cody was beyond caring whether or not what he was doing was queer. The butt-fuck Jim was throwing him felt better than anything he'd ever experienced. And the guy was good; he knew just when to pump hard, dive deep, and when to back off, moving slowly and languidly inside Cody's wet, willing hole.

The boy was moaning and pushing back, unaware of anything except the intense feel of the hard invader pile-driving his asshole.

After a bit, Jim placed both hands on the boy's hips.

"Think you can get up on your feet and keep me inside you?"

Cody didn't know but he was willing to try.

Jim placed his hands under the boy's armpits and lifted. Concentrating, Cody managed to keep the guy's dick embedded as they stood. Then Jim put his arms around Cody's waist and they duck-walked over Jim's desk. When they got there, Jim pushed the boy forward. Cody leaned over, his elbows on the desktop, his cock rubbing sensuously against the cool side of the metal furnishing.

He thrust back his hips and impaled himself more deeply on the rigid prong. He still couldn't quite believe he was letting a guy fuck his ass, but he no longer cared. It felt too fuckin' good.

His butt thrust out, begging for cock, Cody was in the perfect position for fucking.

And Jim was taking full advantage of the situation.

He fucked the boy deep, and hard. He slowed his pace, feeding the boy his cock with agonizing slowness, then pulling back to start the process again. But Jim had to stoop a little in this position, and it was slightly awkward.

He withdrew.

"Raise up a bit, Cody."

The boy complied, arching his back and lowering his head and raising his buttocks at the same time. It gave Jim a better angle for penetration, and he rammed his cock home forcefully, causing the kid to gasp, his face contorted by a grimace.

"Am I hurting you, Cody?"

"No, man--it feels great! Fuck me, man!"

Jim complied.

His cock pistoned upward and back, in and out of the slick, willing asshole. With each new thrust Cody moaned, urging him on. He pushed back with his hips, forcing more of Jim's dick inside himself, groaning and vocalizing his newfound desire.

"Oh, fuck, Jim! Oh, man! Ohhhh--fuck my ass!"

The boy had gone quickly from proclaiming his heterosexuality, protecting his sacred anus, to begging for the cock up his round, perfect butt. But Jim could give that avenue of thought little attention; he was too busy ramming Cody's asshole, the tight wetness and the unrestrained need of the kid obliterating all other considerations from his glazed-over mind.

He pushed Cody down onto the table, his active hips slamming his crotch forward, plunging deep up the kid's asshole. Cody yelped, groaned, and pushed back as his right hand snaked under his belly to grasp his own dick, masturbating it furiously as Jim plowed his no-longer-virgin boy-cunt.

The man was close. Jim put his hands on Cody's thighs and, with a supreme effort, his cock still embedded up the boy's hot fuck-hole, lifted the boy off the floor, holding him at waist-height.

Cody reached his arms back around the man's shoulders and held tight to his arms as Jim slid him up and down on his fat man-cock. The boy's cock was hard, stimulated by the wild eroticism of his first butt-fuck, and as his balls drew up, he cried, "I'm cummin', man! I'm cummin'! Awwwwwwwww fuck!"

Jim abruptly lowered the boy to the floor, ass up, still attached cock-to-butt and ramming home his last, fervent thrusts as Cody began to shoot.

Hot jism spewed from the boy's aching cock. His ass muscles clamped and released spasmodically, and that sent Jim over the top. Grunting and straining, he came, filling the condom's reservoir with a series of seminal eruptions as he clung to the boy for dear life.

Spent, Jim fell on top of Cody. Both were bathed in perspiration, panting, completely sated.

Jim, still embedded in Cody's hole, gently caressed the boy's sweaty butt.

"That was hot, man."

Cody wriggled his hips a bit, enjoying the sensation of the softening dick up his ass.


Jim let his cock slip out. He reached under the boy's arms and lifted him to his knees, kissing his back and shoulders.

"Worth every penny, Cody. You're a great fuck."

"That was ... incredible, man. I never came that hard before. Whew!"

"Maybe you'll come back again some time. When you need money, I mean."

Cody turned around and enjoyed the feel of Jim's body against his. His cock was already beginning to harden again.

"Fuck the money, man. I'll come back next time for free."

They kissed briefly, then got up and, grabbing their clothes, dressed.

When Cody was ready to leave, Jim stopped him at the door.

"You want a copy?"


"The video, Cody. Should I make you a copy?"

"Yeah. Yeah, please. I'd like to see it. Y'know? See what you were doin' to me that was drivin' me wild."

"You got it. Call me in a week."

"Okay. Cool."

Cody opened the door and Jim swatted him playfully on the butt. The boy turned, grinned, and left.

Jim, still breathing in the magic after-glow, smiled to himself. He walked over to the camera and switched it off. This was going to be a great j.o. tape, no question. Cody'd get off on it. In fact, he thought to himself, that little fucker's gonna be dreaming of dick from now on. He laughed.

"Straight" boys.

Yeah. Right.